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Learning life wisdom from one another and enjoying a good conversation at the same time.

Learning life wisdom from one another and enjoying a good conversation at the same time.
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Learning life wisdom from one another and enjoying a good conversation at the same time.






Bob Stergos – Mentoring Young Adults By Taking Them In To Live With Family

Bob and his wife Chrissy have raised their 4 adult sons by birth and taken in an additional 5 young men to live with their family for periods of 3 to 10 years each. They both have first-hand experience with welcoming, resourcing and championing at-risk and under resourced young people into their home and family. They started an organization called "A Seat At The Table" that helps other families to mentor young adults in similar ways. We also talk about Bob's life and why he does what he...


More Talk About Relationships – Another Conversation With My Sister, Cindy

My sister, Cindy, and I talk about why relationships are important, vulnerability, dealing with resentment, and the difficulty of relating to people when experiencing depression or physical pain. Cindy is an author and speaker. Cindy's book, "Reflections from the Pit"


Your Intrinsic Value and Being Genuine, with Jeff Koziatek, aka Juggling Jeff

Jeff Koziatek is author, speaker, and artist. He strives to be a genuine and honest person. That honest authenticity is what I enjoyed the most while spending time with Jeff. Jeff talks about his life and growth and about the importance of understanding your personal worth. Jeff's book, "Blueprint For Value, 52 Habits to Discover and Strengthen Your Personal Worth" Jeff's website,


Helping People With Drug Addiction – CR Kersten of Adult & Teen Challenge St. Louis

CR and I talk about the residential program at Adult & Teen Challenge St. Louis, and we talk about how we should respond to friends and family who have drug addiction. We also talk about what the Christian faith looks like in his life.


Getting To Know Klint Oldham

Klint has been living in Jefferson County his entire life. He sold firewood door-to-door in our neighborhood when he was a kid. I met Klint through our lawn business. He gave some encouragement to my son, Eddie, and I think it was well received. The beginning of this season has been a little rough. I thought I'd reach out to Klint and see if he would like to be a guests on Conversations About Life. I enjoyed this.


Dave Powell – Providence and Grace

I catch up with an old friend who works with Bott Radio Network. We talk about events in his life, God's providence that weren't a part of his plans, and thoughts about grace.


Brian and Jenni – Training Children and Discipline

Brian and Jenni have 9 children that range in age from around 1 to 17. I've been impressed with the character of their children. I share my thoughts about disciplining young children to obey their parents, and then we talk about other things that are important in training up children as well.


John Weaver – Experiencing God’s Faithfulness Through The Sufferings Of Life

John talks about miscarriages, missionary service, health failings, pastoring, and God's faithfulness through it all to work good out of it and uphold John and his wife, Pamela. John talks about the confidence in God that he has now because of the things he and Pamela have gone through.


Sue Chapman – Trying To Stay Above The Fray

Sue lives in a full house with adult children and grandchildren. She retired a few years ago and now watches over her grandchild, Audrey, who you will hear a little in the background. I get the impression that life's been rough for Sue, but she's still hopeful. Sue talks about her marriages, church experience, what she would do differently, and what she hopes for the future.


My Mom Talks About Her Parents And Grandparents

My mom comes from a family of preachers in the Landmark Baptist church. She talks her dad's Christian conversion while working in a field and also her own conversion experience. This podcast episode is sponsored by Good Value Shoes.


Future Authoring

My daughter, Ellie, and I talk about Jordan Peterson's Future Authoring project. It's a program that leads a person through some journaling in response to various questions. Then, in light of the journaling, a person should be able to list some goals they would like to set based on their values. The next part of the programs leads the participant in making plans to reach those goals. It's a good program that I enjoyed quite a bit. It's a part of the Self Authoring suite. Self Authoring This...


A Conversation About Discerning God’s Will and Christian Service As Broadcast Engineer – with Tom Van Gorkom

I had the privilege of talking with Tom Van Gorkom who is the media director at Rio Grande Bible Institute as well as the broadcast engineer of their radio station, Radio Esperanza. We talk about Tom's life of christian service, discerning God's will, and the current obstacles that Tom is facing.


A Conversation About The Christian Life from Ecuador To The US

From when I first met them, I was impressed by the loving hospitality and gracious personality of Betty and her daughter, Lilly. We talk about the Christian life, coming to US from Ecuador, and life at the Rio Grande Bible Institute.


Serving God As The Unique Persons We Are – with John LaFara

John LaFara works in maintenance on the Rio Grande Bible Institute campus. He also mentors young people and serves as a chaplain at a nearby hospital. His story is encouraging in how God has worked in his life, and how God works through him for other people. I hope you enjoy it.


The Spiritual Life From Which a Fruitful One Grows with John and Louisa Lotzgesell

John and Louisa Lotzgesell serve at the Rio Grand Bible Institute along the border of Texas and Mexico. We talk about the spiritual life behind a fruitful one. John and Louisa are both very warm communicators, each in their own way, and have knowledge and wisdom about the spiritual life. It was a privilege to spend time with them.


A Conversation About Learning A New Language

I have a conversation with Billy and Sarah Jackson, and Gracie Jackson, about learning Spanish. We are at the Rio Grande Bible Institute.


My Daughter Talks About Her Mission Trip In Mexico

I talk with my daughter Gracie about her recent mission trip to Mexico. She went with the Psalm 67 Missions Network. Psalm 67 Facebook Page


Getting To Know Brian O’Shea

I met Brian at the gym. Even though we enjoyed some conversations together, I don't think I even knew his name at that point. But I asked him if he would like to be on my podcast. Brian is a Christian, and he's also Roman Catholic, so that was interesting to me. I was interested in what Christianity is like for a fellow Christian who is of a different church tradition from me. Near the end I talk about a discipleship group I'm interested in. If you are interested in joining me or doing...


A Conversation With My Dad About His Parents And Grandparents

My dad spent time during the summers with his grandmother in Annapolis, Missouri. His grandma and grandpa on his dad's side lived in Reynolds County, and his own parents settled down in Black, Missouri. If you would like to suggest a guest for Conversations About Life, I'd love to here about it. You can submit your suggestion here. This podcast episode is sponsored by Good Value Shoes.


My Dad And Mom Talk About Growing Up

My dad and mom grew up in rural Missouri and then moved to St. Louis as young adults. We start by talking about how they met each other and got married. Then we back up and talk about their home life as children. I think there's a lot more we could talk about, so stay tuned for more episodes.Note: As I explain in the beginning, we had some technical problems, and the audio quality is not very good. I'm hoping these conversations will be sounding better in future episodes.