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Damn the Absolute! is a show about our relationship to ideas. Doing our damnedest to not block the path of inquiry. Produced by Erraticus.

Damn the Absolute! is a show about our relationship to ideas. Doing our damnedest to not block the path of inquiry. Produced by Erraticus.


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Damn the Absolute! is a show about our relationship to ideas. Doing our damnedest to not block the path of inquiry. Produced by Erraticus.




Ep. 7 Charles Peirce and Inquiry as an Act of Love with David O'Hara

Many Western philosophers have approached questions of knowledge conceiving of truth as something that is “out there,” unchangeable, abstract, and universal. There is an inherent structure in the universe and we must discover what exactly it is. One merely needs to uncover a segment of the structure of the universe and the rest of truth will reveal itself. In this tradition, truth is viewed as foundational and essential. Truth can be reasoned to from the solitude of one’s desk. Experience...


Ep. 6 Levinas and James: A Pragmatic Phenomenology with Megan Craig

Early in life we learn rules for moral conduct. We are taught which actions are right and which ones are wrong. Eventually we’re able to grasp principles and closed systems that allege to hold in place the reasons for why any particular action has moral value. In philosophical terms, this might look like John Stuart Mill’s utilitarian happiness principle: an action is right insofar as it maximizes utility or pleasure for the greatest number of people. It might resemble Immanuel Kant’s...


Ep. 5 An Expansive and Democratic View of Physical Education with Nate Babcock

Theorists and activists argue that education is the bedrock of a democratic society. Having a well-educated citizenry is necessary for people to meet the demands required for democracies to thrive. In the United States, schooling is conceived of as one of the primary vehicles for educating these democratic citizens. For many who have gone through traditional schooling, physical education seems like an interruption in the school day, for better or for worse, a distraction from the rest of...


Ep. 4 Religious Disagreement and Whether Religious Expertise Exists with Helen De Cruz

We want to be in proper relationship with the world. In other words, we want to have as many true beliefs as possible, or, at least, fewer false beliefs. We hope the ideas we hold will suit us well for adapting to the demands of our social, moral, and physical environments. This is also true when it comes to religious beliefs, but how do we discern which ones are justified true beliefs and which ones are wrongheaded? The numberless instances of religious disagreements should cause us to...


Ep. 3 Placemaking and the Benefits of Local Scale with Jaime Izurieta

There is a strong tension between localism or place and the overwhelming forces of globalism. We might say that in addition to living in the information age, that we find ourselves in the age of mass scale. We see it in pop culture, mass media, globalizing economies, and even in expanding bureaucratic governments. There are certainly advantages that come with scaling up, including efficiency and tapping into previously unknown capabilities, but there are also cultural and social costs that...


Ep. 2 Toward a Politics of Uncertainty with Daniel Wortel-London

In the process of creating political worldviews, there are a variety of values we integrate and use as foundational. Liberty, equality, fraternity, and solidarity are commonly held political values in both the United States and Europe. But what might it look like for one to create a political worldview informed by uncertainty, not just as a reality of life to be accepted, but even as a central guiding principle in one’s politics? In this episode of Damn the Absolute!, Jeffrey Howard talks...


Ep. 1 Richard Rorty and Achieving Our Country with Adrian Rutt

What has happened to the political left since the 1960s? What distinguishes the reformist left from the cultural left? What does it mean for a leftist to have "national pride"? Are metaphysicians more prone to violence? In the very first episode of Damn the Absolute!, Jeffrey Howard speaks with Adrian Rutt, a philosophy professor in Cleveland, Ohio. He is president of the Western Reserve Philosophical Society, a local group that engages the larger community in important conversations across...