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The raving and ranting podcast where two dimwitted Zoomers try to figure out the modern world.

The raving and ranting podcast where two dimwitted Zoomers try to figure out the modern world.
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The raving and ranting podcast where two dimwitted Zoomers try to figure out the modern world.




EP-7 Hunting Season for Student Loans

Do you want a new way to boost your masculinity?? Well, how about you go back to your human roots and go hunting! There is nothing more masculine than getting out into nature, and killing something with your bare hands-er rifle. Doing so will prove to all of your friends, and the ladies that you mean business and are an apex predator. You can make fun of all of the lowly men who pursue wimpy hobbies, like improv comedy! Now you might be thinking, “Improv comedy is bad?” Yes, and it is not...


EP-6 Homework Media, Censorship & Retards

Do you feel pressured to do homework on the movie you are about to see? Feel fucked by foreign interference? Have you met someone that appears to have zero brain activity? You should say yes to all of these because it's all going down. Today, we rant about the idea of mass media being a currency to purchase friends. We create some hot police fan-fiction and mention the thick beef we have with foreign interference. Lastly we discuss that there are too many humans in this world that are...


EP-5 Kettlebells & Lightsabers

The Dimwits discuss Crossfit! Any cons and “pros” of this fitness fad that many seem to adore. Also Josh talks about some nerdy lightsaber club he is in or something. Modern life is hard, eating right is hard, making friends is hard, and getting fit is really hard! That is why you need cross fit. This workout craze will fix all of the above problems by plugging you into a family, who will help you with all of your goals. This cult--I mean, family teaches you how to workout in a rapid,...


EP-4 Wantrepreneurs Destroy Social Media

While sailing the sea of social media, one comes across a type of siren luring in the unsuspecting. These sirens promise riches beyond our most fanciful dreams. This menace is more commonly called a wantrepreneur, and they are ruining all of entertainment. These assholes go around posting videos and pictures all day, espousing positive and motivating messages. They show off their awesome life, and make you think you can have it too. Well, that is a bunch of nonsense, don’t quit your day...


EP-3 The VSCO Virus

Have you noticed that more and more females are carrying around Hydro Flasks, own a copious number of scrunchies or won’t shut up about how straws are bad for the environment? Maybe you have noticed more and more pussyboys are actually scoring despite the fact that they seem very adept at avoiding anything masculine? These are subcultures that are gaining momentum, and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. These individuals are known as VSCO girls and Eboys respectively and are destroying...


EP-2 Hygiene Hijinks

Our society does not contain many black and white issues, but one that has kept us all sane with its stability now seems to be degrading. An issue vital to all aspects of our relationships, work, and society. Now as the walls of gender collapse, this rule of life is coming down with those walls. Men are now taking longer than women to get ready. *THE FOLLOWING IS FOR MEN, THOSE IDIOTS NEED THIS* If you are one of these man-lets that is allowing the pendulum to swing into the favors of...


EP-1 The Plague on Modern Transportation

Is your daily commute a horrible damper on your life? Is your therapist telling you that you should up your depression treatment? Well now there is a culture that will turn your entire life around! Cycling is a *BRAND NEW* way to spice up your way to work! All that you have to do is invest money, time, and your dignity in order to turn your entire life around. You can now complain to everyone that has the misfortune of being in a conversation with you about how much you love cycling and...