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We try to coerce people into believing the truth.

We try to coerce people into believing the truth.


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We try to coerce people into believing the truth.




Savio: Our First Protagonist

Savio and I only met in person very shortly once or twice— but the small interaction I had with him made a lasting impression on me that I could never entirely articulate. Largely, it’s because he made me think about the reality of the dairy industry and thus helped move me towards veganism. Specifically, he […]


Chris vs. Veganism: The Moral High Ground

Chris is the co-founder of a successful and powerful musical non-profit called Found Sound Nation, which brings people from around the world together to create positivity and compassion for each other through music. Really, he’s one of the nicest people I know that pays to have animals tortured and/or slaughtered at the hands of cold […]


Ronak vs. Veganism: Existential Defeat

Ronak is an old friend. He’s a talented artist and one of the most intelligent and rational people I know– especially among those who consume slaughtered innocents out of convenience or boredom. In this episode, we discuss the challenges of taking reality seriously. Ronak feebly attempts to battle the truth through appeals to normalcy, futility, […]


Miles vs. Veganism: Food Deserts and Barbecue Social Pressure

In this episode, we force our views down the throat of our lovely guest, Miles Bridges. Miles is a musical artist and web developer. He’s an intelligent, honest, and compassionate person. Despite all that, he pays for animals to be slaughtered so that he can experience chunks of their corpse’s flesh in his mouth. We […]


Jeremy vs. Veganism: Deer Overpopulation

Jeremy is an old friend and one of my favorite people in the world. He has a huge breadth of nuanced knowledge across a variety of topics as abstract as spirituality and concrete as history. He’s an extremely kind and compassionate person outside of paying to create real-life animal nightmares. He’s also an exceptional musician. […]


Chris vs. Veganism: Earthling Ed and Ethical Livestock

On this episode, we force our opinions onto one of my best friends, Chris. I’ve known Chris for many, many years. He is largely the reason that in high school I won a national speech championship and $5,000 scholarship I never used. Musically, Chris has always been a great inspiration, to me. I think he […]


Nathan vs. Veganism: The Consciousness Hierarchy

My brother Nathan was easily my greatest inspiration as a young kid. I always thought he was the coolest, smartest, funniest person I knew. I would often mimic his actions completely– I’d play the same video games, make the same jokes, and wear the same Halloween costumes. I still think he’s one of the most […]