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Erin Heisel - "Flow States and Play Spheres" - Soprano, Researcher, Teacher of Movement, Music and Voice

Erin Heisel is a podcast listener who reached out to J after hearing him talk about ‘flow states” which led to this conversation about her research into play and its relevance to yoga and beyond. First, Erin lays out a theoretical framework for play and then they discuss whether flow requires physical challenge, the elements that bring about flow or play spheres, the effects of entering those kinds of mind states, and the relevance to how we practice yoga and engage ourselves in life. This...


Joe Simek - "Small Yoga, Big Impact" - Yoga Therapist/Teacher, co-owner Dragonfly Yoga, co-founder The Filaria Project

Joe Simek, co-owner of Dragonfly Yoga and co-founder of The Filaria Project, reached out to J after hearing he was moving to PA and invited him to his studio where they started a conversation that continues in this talk. They discuss their common history in music, how Joe let go of his corporate life and focused on health and family, his experience of becoming a foster parent and starting a non-profit to help others who do the same, and the realities of keeping things small and still making...


Cheryl Urbanczyk - "Female Muslim Hijab-Wearing Yogi" - Yoga Teacher Trainee, founder of Silver Flow Yoga

Cheryl Urbanczyk, yoga-teacher-in-training and regular podcast listener, sent J an email that caught his attention and prompted this talk about her faith and yoga. They discuss Cheryl’s conversion from Catholicism to Islam, misconceptions about Muslims, how she came to yoga, and some of the unique obstacles that the Muslim community face getting exposed to yoga. They also discuss her plan to create women's only yoga classes and mindful movement for women and girls. This episode is brought to...


Andrea Ferretti - "Editorial Transparency" - Creative Director for Jason Crandell Yoga Method, host of Yogaland Podcast

Andrea Ferretti, creative director for Jason Crandall Yoga Method and host of Yogaland Podcast, joins J to talk about their common experience of being both parents and podcast hosts in the yoga world. They discuss Andrea’s early avenues into yoga and publishing, her many years as an editor at Yoga Journal Magazine, how her relationship to Jason Crandall went from professional to personal, what it means to be a yoga family, and the mind-expanding challenge, and joy, of producing podcasts....


Prabha Sinha - "Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival" - Yoga Teacher, Founder and President of Pratyush Sinha Foundation

Prabha Sinha, founder of the Pratyush Sinha Foundation and Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival, sits down with J to talk about her journey from India to America and the story behind the foundation and festival she has dedicated her life to. They discuss misconceptions about yoga in the west, cultural differences and universal truths, the death of her son and how it led to her yoga, insights after overcoming a brain tumor, and the heart and soul that goes into making it all happen. This episode is...


Matthew Remski - "From Somatic Dominance to Trauma Awareness" - Writer, Cult Survivor, Yoga Activist

Matthew Remski and J have a long-standing friendship and dialogue which carries into this talk about the rapid paradigm shift taking place in the yoga world around consent and authority. They discuss Matthew’s recent article profiling victims of sexual assault by Pattabhi Jois, the process that transformed WAWADIA into a consideration of somatic dominance, pitfalls when asking tough questions, the line between cult-like and cult, and how we navigate new and unchartered paths. This episode...


Sarai Harvey-Smith - "Mysore and Beyond" - Senior Yoga Teacher and Mentor, KPJAYI Authorized Level 2

Sarai Harvey-Smith talks with J about becoming part of the Ashtanga Yoga community and how she is navigating her way in light of the revelations surrounding abuse by Pattabhi Jois. They discuss Sarai’s process of getting into yoga and becoming authorized at KPJAYI, her love of the practice and teaching, the reasons for her gradual transition away from the system, and her clear position statement and suggestions for the AY community to heal and move forward. This episode is brought to you...


Scott Johnson - "Stillpoint" - Husband, Dad, Yoga Teacher, Founder/Director of Stillpoint Yoga London

Scott Johnson, founder of Stillpoint Yoga London, joins J for a continuation of the friendship and conversation that started between them when they met in London a few months earlier. They discuss Scott’s former life as an electrician, the importance of family, the motivations for his yoga and center, his relationship to the Astanga Yoga Tradition and feelings about the current crisis the community is facing. They also talk about low-overhead business models and finding shared or...


Kino MacGregor - "Conflicts and Confluences" - International Yoga Teacher, founder of Miami Life Center and OMstars

J interviews Kino MacGregor, founder of Miami Life Center and OMstars, about a few of the hot button topics at the forefront of yogaland. In this difficult conversation, they discuss the current situation in the Ashtanga Yoga Community regarding revelations of sexual abuse by Patabhi Jois, recent contract disputes and related issues resulting from the sale of Cody video app to Alo Yoga clothing company, and Kino’s individual perspective on the business and soul of the mainstream yoga...


Tara Stiles - "Yoga Rebel circa 2011" - Teacher, Author, Fashion Designer, Social-Media Maven, founder of Strala Yoga

Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga, helps J get over some of his personal baggage regarding the Industrial Yoga Complex by giving him insight into her trajectory and teaching. Tara shares the story of her humble beginnings in a small town, the happenstance that led to a modeling career, the process of coming into yoga as a profession, and the trials and tribulations of having a high profile career. They also explore the relative nature of status, and misperceptions we have about money....


Peter Blackaby - "Intelligent Yoga" - Asana Yoga Teacher, author of Intelligent Yoga, dispeller of mereological fallacy

Peter Blackaby, author of Intelligent Yoga, talks with J about the newly revised second edition of his book and the implications it has on our ideas about yoga and ways in which we teach it. They discuss the fundamental premise that no living thing exists in isolation, how addressing pain is more about life than muscles, and the importance of developing attentive discernment and fashioning a healthy context for practice. Peter also assuages some of J's concerns on standardization and...


Schuyler Grant - "Kula and Wanderlust" - Teacher, Founder of Kula Yoga Project, Co-creator of Wanderlust Festival

Schuyler Grant, founder of Kula Yoga Project and co-creator of Wanderlust Festival, communes with J on their shared past in the early NY scene and on all that has happened since. Schuyler tells the story of her unusual trajectory into becoming a teacher, the circumstances and motivations behind becoming a center owner, and the inspiration that led to creating a yoga festival that completely changed the game. They also candidly address the financial realities of the profession and industry....


Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco - "Fierce Medicine" - Pioneer in Yoga, Partner and Producer, Spirit of Ceremony

Ana Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga, and her partner Jose Calarco, join J for a discussion on their current work and some of the roads that brought them there. Jose fills J in on his role and the current incarnation of the ceremonies they are producing. Ana talks about her early jump into death and back into life, and the progression of her renowned practice from its early origins, through yoga's transition from underground to mainstream, the present day, and tracking right into the...


Gernot Huber - "Disrupting the Stress Response" - Thailand-based Yoga Teacher, Ecologist, Evolutionary Biologist

Gernot Huber, founder of Yoga Mind Yoga Body, happened to take a few of J’s live stream classes via a mutual friend and had some constructive feedback and criticism. In this talk, they discuss Gernot’s background in silicon valley, his studies in ecology and evolutionary biology, how he ended up being a yoga teacher, and his ideas on learning to disrupt the stress response. Ultimately, they engage in a spirited and friendly debate on the pros and cons of periodically engaging your edge...


Danny Paradise - "Evolution of Ashtanga" - International Yoga Teacher, Musician/Songwriter, early-adopter circa 1976

Danny Paradise, renowned teacher and writer/co-producer of Love Will Rescue You, joins J to talk about how things have evolved from his first experiences in 1976 until the present day. They discuss the influences that have informed his teaching, including shamanism and the Egyptian roots, and how his practices are designed to show the interrelatedness of different cultures and disciplines. They also touch on the commodification of yoga, celebrity clients, and the Pattabhi Jois scandal....


Theo Wildcroft - "Post-Lineage Yoga" - Yoga Teacher, Doctoral Researcher, advocate for safe, diverse and inclusive yoga

Theo Wildcroft was kind enough to let J stay with her during a recent trip to England. On their last day together, they sat down to have this conversation about different yoga cultures. They discuss how yoga happens in alternative spaces, distinctions in philosophy that shape a persons teaching, and the challenges we face when trying to forge uncharted paths. They also discuss the thesis she is working on regarding ‘Post-Lineage Yoga', examining the intersection between lineage traditions...


Andrew Tanner - "Standards Review"- Yoga Alliance Chief Ambassador, Standards Review Project Survey

Andrew Tanner, chief ambassador for Yoga Alliance, joins J to discuss the Standards Review Project and the recently released survey. The conversation gets a bit heated as J grapples with his YA status and what he sees as fundamental flaws with both the survey and the organization. Andrew does his best to reassure J that the process YA has embarked on will be open, democratic and transparent. In the end, the spirit of friendship holds in this passionate exchange tackling the many difficult...


Jonathan Sattin - "triyoga" - Lawyer, Meditator/Practitioner, founder of triyoga London

Jonathan Sattin, founder of triyoga, sits down with J at the head offices in London to talk about how he went from holding yoga classes in his living room to creating one of the premier destinations for yoga in the UK. They discuss what it takes to build an operational structure that can survive and grow for eighteen years, amassing five locations, 200+ teachers, and the inherent challenges that come when you get that big. They also touch on the financial realities at work, current trends,...


Roseanne Harvey - "its all yoga, baby" - Writer, co-editor 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice

Roseanne Harvey, founder of its all yoga, baby and co-editor of 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice, is an old friend of J’s from the blogosphere days who has been away from the yoga world for a time but has recently emerged once again. In this conversation, they talk about the heyday of the internet, that time Roseanne slept in J’s bed, and what is behind her sort-of departure and semi-return to yogaland. They also tackle debt, money, and the yoga of getting our financial...


Richard Freeman - "Still Looking" - Legendary Yoga Teacher, synthesizer of contemplative traditions

Richard Freeman was the person J most wanted to speak with when starting the podcast and his dream is finally realized in this conversation celebrating the 100th episode. They discuss what yoga was like in the late 60’s, how Richard came to study with BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois, universal threads that run through the many different contemplative traditions he has inquired into, trends that have emerged with the progression of yoga into the mainstream, and the importance of remaining...