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Where culture matters and selling out doesn’t.

Where culture matters and selling out doesn’t.
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Where culture matters and selling out doesn’t.






#34 – We Killed This Guy for His Art

Jenny has visited many, many museums dedicated to popular music, from the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame and Graceland to Muscle Shoals. And she has opinions… about the good, the bad and the downright creepy. Paul, on the other hand, can only remember visiting about two such museums. Nevertheless, they compare notes and refine … Continue reading "#34 – We Killed This Guy for His Art"


#33 – You’re Watching Some Randoms in their House

Jenny and Paul have many opinions about YouTube. SHOW NOTES YouTube Channels Poppy Vlogbrothers Lonelygirl15 Do You Want To See a Dead Body? Casey Neistat Democracy, Now! The Young Turks Logan Paul/Casey Neistat Mystery Boxes Lazy Game Reviews got too many gifts to handle VWestlife keeps it very old school Simon & Martina 8 … Continue reading "#33 – You’re Watching Some Randoms in their House"


#32 – Selling Out Harder than Ever

Nearly three years later, we’re back. SHOW NOTES Paul middle manages at Midroll Media and Jenny’s at Etsy What to say and not say when someone’s loved one dies Paul likes carbon steel pans, Milk Street, & Ginger seltzer Jenny likes pandan, cotton candy ice cream burrito, White Claw Hard Seltzer, That Poppy


Episode 31: Bankruptcy

Paul confesses a shocking secret to Jenny live and in person in the Portland Podcastatorium. Jenny replies skeptically with a lot of Pacific Northwestern allergies. SHOW NOTES Reply All Culture How to Raise an Adult is the book about helicopter parenting that Paul mentions Back to Work is a podcast Paul used to listen to Reply All is … Continue reading "Episode 31: Bankruptcy"


Episode 30: We Sold Out

After a hiatus and an insane amount of time in post-production, we reveal a new episode that’s had 5 months of aging. But it’s worth it when you learn why and how Jenny and Paul actually sold out by getting real jobs. SHOW NOTES: Paul sold out to Big Podcasting to sell advertising at Midroll … Continue reading "Episode 30: We Sold Out"


EPISODE 29: Book Club & Coffee Tawk

This is the first edition of the Sellout’s Book Club. But, unlike Oprah, we’re not endorsing anyone or anything (that would make us real sellouts), just discussing a book that we both read: So Good They Can’t Ignore You, by Cal Newport. It requires lots of coffee. SHOW NOTES Jenny is an obsessive fan of … Continue reading "EPISODE 29: Book Club & Coffee Tawk"


EPISODE 28: You’re Going to Fail

Fear and trepidation stop us from doing new things. Sure, you might fail. But if you don’t start, you’ll never succeed, either. We talk about how you get yourself ready to try something new, failure or not. SHOW NOTES Tay Zondayis our hero. The Light Saber Kid is the best Jenny could not fully watch … Continue reading "EPISODE 28: You’re Going to Fail"


EPISODE #27: Jay’s Metal Makeover

It’s our first metal makeover! Jay likes noise and experimental music, and we try to find him metal that makes him feel how he wants to feel when he listens to metal. SHOW NOTES: Larks’ Tongues in Aspic is a King Crimson album Jay came to us loving Godflesh, Skinny Puppy, & Throbbing Gristle Jenny … Continue reading "EPISODE #27: Jay’s Metal Makeover"


EPISODE #26: A Utopia of Porn & Opinions

In which we do our first video hangout over Google Hangouts. Are you sick of all this Paul & Jenny agreement and harmony? Well then this show is FOR YOU! Jenny thinks you’re a sucker if you’re not skeptical of The Man, and it’s your responsibility to figure out if your ideal gig will likely … Continue reading "EPISODE #26: A Utopia of Porn & Opinions"


EPISODE #25: Insert Your Cult Here

Are you in a cult? Now of course you’re going to say no, but we’re talking Paleo, Crossfit, P90X, or other exxxxxtreme “health” and diet resolutions that force you to change your life completely. Small changes incrimentally have been shown time and time again to be more effective, and they SEEM easier but why aren’t … Continue reading "EPISODE #25: Insert Your Cult Here"


Episode #24: Kill Yr Heroes

It turns out Paul thinks having heroes and idols is ruining America. SHOW NOTES: Future of Music Summit Jill Sobule kissed a girl. The Official Accountant of JPSO Lizz Winstead created The Daily Show WFMU is a good radio station. And they podcast! Paul’s report on RadioVision Taxonomy Boot Camp is the “big” conference for … Continue reading "Episode #24: Kill Yr Heroes"


Episode #23: Artisanal Hot Sauce Man

With so many new, independent publishing platforms out there, from YouTube to podcasting, blogging to tumblr, why are people still so consumed with the standards of old media? Do some podcasters just want to get a TV series? Bloggers just want to get a book deal? It’s not about selling out, it’s about controlling your … Continue reading "Episode #23: Artisanal Hot Sauce Man"


Episode #22 – Everything south of Joliet

What does it mean to be from the midwest? And, where the hell is it anyway? Does Southern Indiana count? Is Chicago the same as Missouri? These are just some of the penetrating questions we tackle in this episode, joined again by Ellen Knutson, PhD., recorded from a bar in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. SHOW NOTES … Continue reading "Episode #22 – Everything south of Joliet"


Episode #21 – Is this the show?

After an inadvertant 2 month hiatus, we get heavy meta. The topic: podcasts. We talk about why we like podcasts and the podcasts we like. Lots of recommendations here, all linked below for your convenience. PODCASTS RECOMMENDED: Sound Opinions (J&P)–music This American Life (J&P) WTF with Marc Maron (P)–Interview Jordan, Jesse, GO! (J)–comedy/2 guys joking on … Continue reading "Episode #21 – Is this the show?"


EPISODE #20 Funemployment

It’s Paul’s turn to quit his job, so he did. Then Paul and Jenny discuss why he quit, and why it’s important to have a plan, but also not be too scared to make the jump. And, of course, Rollins. SHOW NOTES: “It’s your show!” is a joke from Back to Work Paul writes for … Continue reading "EPISODE #20 Funemployment"


EPISODE #19: Let’s Get Physical (Media)

We went to see Anthrax & Exodus & Yngwie, OH MY Ripper Owens' life story has been made into a movie with Marky Mark


Episode #18: Hipster Tampons

Kyle Riismandel joins again for this episode, where we get heavy meta and discuss podcasting, sort of, but also kvetch about internet nerd celebrities, and how subcultures get insular then turn into markets full of fans who are more interested in earning merit badges and cred than enjoyment. SHOW NOTES Jonathan Coulton is on Ask … Continue reading "Episode #18: Hipster Tampons"


Episode #17: It’s got some tang to it

Jenny just quit her job, but she didn’t tell anyone to take it, nor shove it. Her’s was a decision made as part of a methodical plan, even if other people think she’s crazy for doing it. Paul and Jenny discuss why she chose to leave her job rather than phone it in, and how … Continue reading "Episode #17: It’s got some tang to it"


Episode #16: Whimsy reeducation hut

Storytelling nights, Instagrams of everything you did last week, tweeting bowel movements; from these things it’s easy to get the impression that everyone is a special, precious flower. But if we’re all special, then really, nobody is special. The topic of this episode is specialness, and how the need to be special and treat every … Continue reading "Episode #16: Whimsy reeducation hut"


Episode #15: In Defense of the Manchild

Adulthood. Why do some people avoid it? Why do some people say they can’t handle it? What does it mean? Show Notes: Urban Libraries Council Jenny suggests Bouchon Neon Museum Pinball Hall of Fame Pompano Donkey Sauce Guy Fieri restaurant review BXL Millennial Women at Work index card come on Jenny owns several Roombas Men’s … Continue reading "Episode #15: In Defense of the Manchild"