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What role do philosophy and religion play in modern economies? How can the financial sector be used as a force for positive change? Explore these topics and more with Omelas, the podcast shining a light in the dark corners of economics, philosophy, religion and justice.


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What role do philosophy and religion play in modern economies? How can the financial sector be used as a force for positive change? Explore these topics and more with Omelas, the podcast shining a light in the dark corners of economics, philosophy, religion and justice.




Yale University Prof. Thomas Pogge on Global Justice

Join us as we delve into the complex world of global ethics and justice with renowned philosopher Thomas Pogge - The Director of the Global Justice Program and Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University.


Elevating Horizons: The Alsama Project’s Journey of Empowerment and Education

Join us as we delve into the transformative work of the Alsama Project with Richard Verity, uncovering how they're changing lives through education and empowerment in Lebanon.


Princeton University Prof. Philip N. Pettit on The State, Freedom, and Justice

Dive into a captivating discussion on liberty, ethics and the state with esteemed philosopher Philip N. Pettit - the L.S. Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and Human Values at Princeton University.


Betsy Atkins on Boardroom Wisdom

Join us for an enlightening conversation with renowned businesswoman and author Betsy Atkins who has served on 39 - yes, you read that correctly -public boards!


Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP on Ethics, Politics, and Leadership

Today, former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and past Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Sajid Javid, shares his profound insights on the intersection of ethics and public policy.


King & Spalding Lawyer Peter Hood

Join us in this episode as Peter Hood, a distinguished counsel at King & Spalding's London office, shares invaluable insights into the critical intersection of legal frameworks, ethical business practices, and human rights responsibilities.


Shravin Mittal - CEO and Founder of Unbound and Managing Director of Bharti Global Ltd

Join us as we speak with Shravin Mittal, the visionary Founder and CEO of Unbound, and Managing Director of Bharti Global Ltd, to explore the dynamic interplay between innovation, connectivity, and ethical responsibility in an ever-evolving world of technology!


OakNorth Bank CEO and Co-founder Rishi Khosla

Join us as we speak with Rishi Khosla, CEO and Co-founder of OakNorth Bank, to explore the innovative strides and transformative impact his digital bank is making in empowering small and medium-sized enterprises in the ever-evolving world of finance.


French Philosophy with Dr Erick Poul

Explore the hauntingly pessimistic landscapes of Michel Houellebecq's novels with our guest Dr Erick Poul, as we dissect the themes, controversies, and enduring influence of this enigmatic contemporary author.


Law with King’s Counsel Satvik Varma

Join us as we dive into the profound musings of a seasoned legal mind, KC Satvik Varma, who dissects the complex intersections of policy, ethics, and the legal landscape.


Languages and Mental Health with Dr Tim Beard

In this episode, we delve into the powerful connections between foreign languages, sportsmanship, and the art of poetry with Dr Tim Beard who reveals how these elements coalesce to foster a healthy and resilient mind.


Mythos Unraveled with Author Amish Tripathi

Join us as we embark on a captivating journey through the realms of myth and imagination with highly acclaimed author Amish Tripathi.


Holistic Health with Reeva Misra

Join us as we explore the transformative world of holistic health and education with the visionary founder behind a groundbreaking company, empowering individuals to lead joyful and informed lives.


Vedanta Philosophy with Prof. Bhaskar Ramachandran

Join us in this episode as we delve into the profound teachings of Vedanta Philosophy, a timeless tradition that explores the nature of reality, self, and the ultimate purpose of existence. Insights and practical applications from Prof. Bhaskar Ramachandran (Vedanta Institute London) await, offering listeners a fresh perspective on their spiritual journey!


Rev’d Mark Jones on Justice with Liberation Theology

In this episode, we delve into the transformative world of liberation theology, exploring how this dynamic theological approach interweaves faith and social justice.


The Problem of Evil with the Head of Divinity at Eton College: Laura Miller

In this episode we will be discussing the intriguing and thought-provoking topic of the Problem of Evil. The Problem of Evil is one of the oldest and most perplexing philosophical issues, and it has challenged thinkers for centuries. It is a problem that raises profound questions about the nature of God, the meaning of human existence, and the relationship between good and evil.


Business Ethics with Dr Arthur Keefer

In this episode of Omelas, we delve into the world of business ethics and the importance of ethical decision-making in the corporate world. Our guest, Dr Reverend Dr Arthur Keefer, will share his insights and experiences on navigating ethical dilemmas in the workplace, balancing profitability and responsibility, and creating a culture of integrity within an organization. We'll also discuss the consequences of unethical behavior and the impact it has on both the company and its stakeholders. Join us for a thought-provoking and informative discussion on the role of ethics in the business world!


Practical Christianity with the Conduct of Eton College: Rev’d. Stephen Gray

If you've ever closed the Bible and said to yourself, "How do I apply this to my life", this episode is for you! In this episode, Reverend Stephen Gray, the Conduct of Eton College, explains how the Bible and more generally Christianity, can make a practical change to your life.