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Prodigy Sportive Attestations is a podcast that encourages personal growth and a shift in perspectives through creativity, sound research, and satire. You'll learn to be accepting of views different than your own if even you don't necessarily agree!

Prodigy Sportive Attestations is a podcast that encourages personal growth and a shift in perspectives through creativity, sound research, and satire. You'll learn to be accepting of views different than your own if even you don't necessarily agree!
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Prodigy Sportive Attestations is a podcast that encourages personal growth and a shift in perspectives through creativity, sound research, and satire. You'll learn to be accepting of views different than your own if even you don't necessarily agree!






Holiday Heart

The 50th episode of P.S.A celebrates by discussing the topic of addictions. When most people think of addictions they tend to think of alcohol and drugs. In reality, a person can be addicted to any and everything (including a person). This episode makes references to the movie "Holiday Heart", the television series "Strange Addictions", and even a brief discussion of the classic video game "Max Payne".


Solid as Ice

Episode 14 dives deep into everybody's favorite topic...loyalty. The episode features @ lewis_theelite, who brings up several great points on loyalty. The two reminisce on past experiences where they questioned the loyalty of others, and even give their take on what being "solid" actually is.


The Double Standard Episode

Cream of the Krop Podcast and P.S.A podcast join together for their first ever joint episode as well as visual. The two podcasts disucss the different double standards between men and women that plague society. The topic journeys from the double standards in the music industry, sports, and even in the work force. The camera crew @ presidentquan_ & @ ChelseyDaniels. Youtube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3vnDd_7zzA&t=219s



The last and final part of the #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth saga based off of a meme about song association concludes with the discussion of Schizophrenia. This is a mental disorder that isn't talked about as much as others however, it still affects society today. The host utilizes creativity, and makes this not so easy topic, somewhat easier to digest.


So Anxious

The second part of the #MentalHealthAwareness saga continues with the discussion of anxiety. There are several facts and tips given from personal experience that will help the audience overcome anxiety. There are also several references to pop culture that include R&B legend Ginuwine, and Winnie The Pooh's Piglet. R.I.P Maya Angelou and Kobe the Chinese Sharpei.


Flashback Friday

The first part of a 3 part #MentalHealthAwarnessMonth series that discusses PTSD. This episode breaks down this mental disorder and shows how relatable it can be. *I don't own any clips used*.


New Me, Who Dis?

This episode (feat @ Arinoire) discusses how a person can change, and how they are not obligated to be the same person they were 10 years ago, let alone 10 minutes ago. Episode 10 is the first ever episode to have a live studio audience, in which a member of the audience joins the discussion live (@ ItsCeeAllen). The three tie in personal experiences while touching on Nipsey Hussle's use of sage, Kamela Harris' past, and Kevin Hart's Oscar fiasco.


Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

This extremely episode opinionated discusses the importance of speaking up. Don't be the person who makes sour faces and sucks their teeth when someone brings up something you don't like or don't agree with, speak your mind. Episode 9 is probably one of the most informative episodes in P.S.A history.


Finesse the Plug

Episode 8 dives into the topic of manipulation. The episode discusses the different types of manipulation as well as reveals the careers in which manipulation is a key element. There is also a discussion about R.Kelly, and other R&B stars.


The "B" in Accountability

Episode 7 featuring Boobie, is very relate-able. Being held accountable, or holding someone accountable is discussed in several ways. This episode serves as a huge intervention for the audience. Izzy even tests Boobie to see how accountable he really is.


Issa Joke

In episode 6, Izzy and his two co hosts Jam (@J_quiett) and Kyle (@RonicaImDown) give their perspectives on how jokes work. The three disclose personal experiences, discuss how jokes affect them, and even address how sensitive society has become.


Remote Island

Today's society has used isolation to cope with a lot of their problems. Isolation can be a cry for help, but it can also be used as a time to refocus and get somethings in order. Episode 5 attacks both sides of isolation with co host @ dieselgas. The two also jokingly create a playlist catered to those in isolation. *I do not own copyrights to movie clips used*



If you believed in yourself as much as you believed in everyone else imagine where you'd be right now. Episode 4 (based off the movie Glass), helps the audience to digest why having high self confidence is needed. Prepare to take notes as this episode is heavily detailed and if you don't want any spoilers about the movie "Glass" then this may not be the episode for you.


The Hate is Real

The third episode reveals the difference between a person who hates you and a hater. Most don't know the difference however, hate is real in today's society. Both Izzy and his co-host (Trehitz) dive into this topic explaining different experiences where they both have encountered hate and make light of this negative topic with music references, joking about Atlantiens, and promo codes from FashionNova


Government Shutdown

Season 3 coming right back at you with another triggering episode that attacks people who lack effective communication skills. This episode identifies this as stonewalling, and reveals the dangers of not talking about things that needed to be talked about.


Level Up

In the season 3 opener Izzy and his co-host (Chello)discuss how getting your feelings hurt truly forces you to boss up. The two bring up past experiences as well as give their sides on times where they have hurt others based on things they said. After making jokes about 21 Savage, making jokes about Calvin Cambridge, and even making jokes about being homeless, somehow the two still find a way to communicate the message of the episode. Using the negative comments of others can benefit in your...


Showtime at the Apollo (Part 2)

Being talented/gifted is one thing, but actually showcasing it to the world is another. In the season 2 finale, Izzy and his co-host/manager (Nick Diddy) discuss the importance of taking that leap of faith, or jumping off the porch. Both Izzy and Nick Diddy give books suggestions for the audience to help them to stay on track also. The episode explains that your gifts aren't even for you and if a person doesn't show their talents they will go to waste!


Showtime at the Apollo (Part 1)

In the first part of a two part series, Izzy and his co-host (713-E) discuss the ins and outs of living in your passion. From the struggles of working a 9-5, even the battling with the struggling of people believing in your dreams. Perspectives are tested, and even broadened for both parties.


Premature Burial

Episode 18 calls out the individuals who claim to move in silence, or claim to be so private, yet everyone knows all of their business and all of their plans. Izzy reiterates several times why it is best to make moves out of the public eye. Everyone is pregnant with purpose, but it is up to you to keep that vision alive until its due date! *P.S.A does not own copyrights to clip used*


Reverse the Curse

When a person's paradigm is established, it can seem almost impossible to change it. This is especially the case when their paradigm is a negative one. Episode 17 (featuring T Hooks) dives into the importance having a mind full of healthy and positive thoughts. Both share personal experiences from their pasts, while still crackin' jokes.