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Life with Rachel Hanfling

This week on the Poetic Resurrection Podcast we have Emmy nominated producer and motivational speaker, Rachel Hanfling. We had a great conversation about her life and career journey. I learned so much from Rachel. We laughed and had a great time discussing the art of giving speeches. Rachel is an inspirational media coach and communications coach who has helped countless individuals reach their goals in the world of media. With her vast experience in the industry, she has developed a unique...


Life - World Poetry Day

In celebration of World Poetry Day held every March 21st. I'll be reading some of my poetry and since it's an international event, I will also read them in English and in Spanish. "Arranged in words, coloured with images, struck with the right meter, the power of poetry has no match. As an intimate form of expression that opens doors to others, poetry enriches the dialogue that catalyses all human progress, and is more necessary than ever in turbulent times." Audrey Azoulay – Director...


Life with Barbara Ann Briggs

Barbara Ann Briggs is this week's guest on the Poetic Resurrection Podcast where she discussed her journey into meditation and how it has helped her with her writing. She also shared a reading of her poem Alone which reflects the power of spirituality in helping to create meaningful content. She also graced us with a reading from her book: Pilgrimage on the Path of Love chapter 11. She’s currently working on her book: The Secret of Creative Abundance: Alignment with Your Spiritual...


Life - A Poem and Prayer for the Grieving

Life - A Poem and Prayer for the Grieving I recently lost my mother and even though we knew it was coming, it was still a very difficult loss to accept. This poem and affirmation prayer is for those who are grieving. I've had many suggestions, but one of the most helpful that I have received is to set aside time to grieve. Pick a time and review the experiences, videos, notes, and other communications from the past loved one. May you find healing in this process. Bound Sorrow sweeps...


Life with William Mackenzie-Smith

In this episode of the Poetic Resurrection Podcast, we have William Mackenzie-Smith. We discuss the various medicinal properties of CBD, CBDA, and THC for healing purposes. We laugh about youth mishaps with cannabis and how everything is dosage. His journey with shamanism, ayahuasca and soul retrieval. A really interesting, informative and enjoyable episode. Tune in! William Mackenzie-Smith Bio Described as an alchemist by LA Weekly, William Mackenzie-Smith was a photographer and...


Life - In Loving Memory of Martina Aviles

In Loving Memory of Martina Aviles Welcome to the January episode. As, many of you might know, I have slowed down the podcast over the holidays. I thought I would get a head start and work on creating new episodes and possibly have more episodes during the month. Well, that didn't happen. On January 3rd I lost my mother and I dedicate this episode to her. She had had dementia for several years but after several falls which lead to brain bleeds, which she bounced back from and we thought it...


Happy New Year! 2022 Yearend episode

It's that time of the year where most of us reflect on what we did or didn't do in 2022. Looking forward to an upward emotion in 2023. I'm hopeful. Even though, like many others, I've had a challenging year in various aspects of my life. I feel hopeful and excited about the new year. It might be a dream, but I'm okay with it. We need to flourish with possibilities. As many know from my podcasts and blogs, I love comedies, enjoying a quiet evening with family and friends and...


Life, Grief & the Holidays with Adriana Avila

Life, grief and the holidays. During this time of the year is when many of us reflect on those we love who have passed and other changes in our lives where there’s a loss. Be it a family member, friend, pet, or a career. We all grieve in various ways. In this episode, Adriana Avila M.S., LMFT explains what we feel and what we can do to help ourselves during challenging times. A must listen. Grief, what describes your grief? Grief is unique to each and one of us. There is no wrong or right...


Life with Jeanette Yoffe

Jeanette Yoffe is the guest this month on Poetic Resurrection. We discuss her life as an adoptee, her solo show, we laugh and get emotional in this episode. Tune in to hear this amazing woman enlighten us about adoption. November is adoption month. Jeanette Yoffe, M.A., M.F.T. earned her Master's in Clinical Psychology, specializing in children, from Antioch University in June 2002. She treats children with serious psychological problems secondary to histories of abuse, neglect, and/or...


Life and Helplessness

Why do we feel helpless? What causes helplessness? I'm usually independent but currently what makes me feel helpless is the state of the world. I know I can't change the world by myself. But I can do something big or small to help the community. So, how can I give back? One way I give back is with this podcast. I search for topics that can help the listener ask introspective questions. The only one that has the answers to those questions would be the person asking them. I sometimes get those...


Life with Leon Conrad

Our guest is Leon Conrad, an author, educator, and story structure consultant and author of the recently released book Story and Structure: A Complete Guide. In this episode, we discuss harmony and how it relates to writing. We review different styles of writing with an emphasis on poetry. I was listening and learning at the same time. He’s entertaining and if you want to know about story structure, this episode is for you. Story and Structure: A complete guide is about story—as a dynamic...


Life: Season 5 Intro

As I start season five, I give much thought to what this season is. I’ll call it life, because that is what happens when we are making plans. Life sometimes defies us, challenges us, yet what I have learned is that it teaches us to move forward and when we refuse to move forward is when we see and feel the challenges. I’ve learned to stop and ask why. Why am I going through this? What am I to learn? What is my lesson? I find life can be challenging when I want it to go in one direction, but...


Awakening Dreams - Season Recap

This has been my longest season and mainly to be honest I just didn’t know what theme I wanted for the next season. I feel it should be about life. It’s been challenging for many and myself so I figured let just discuss life’s journeys. I’ll be having more guest and as you probably have notice I’ve changed Poetic Resurrection Podcast to every two weeks with one guest per month and releases on either of these days: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We discussed the following topics in this...


Awakening Dreams - Emotional & Mental Exhaustion

The last couple of weeks have been emotionally and mentally challenging. Not physically, even though I know that's something I should pay more attention to. Why are enjoyable moments in our lives fatiguing? I did a list. I was wondering why I felt mentally and emotionally exhausted. Emotionally because my parents are elderly and I want to make sure I'm there for them. Is there more I can do? How do I make their lives easier? I guess all I could do is to be there for them. I send them...


Awakening Dreams - Prioritizing and Promises

Prioritizing and Promises. This past weekend, I had everything planned. I was going to organize my guest/craft room by taking everything out and only keep what I will actually use and need. I woke up early on Saturday and then realized that I had an audition self-tape. On Friday, I remember replying to my agent that I will look at the sides for this TV show. Something was nagging at me to look at the sides in the morning. I figured I would clean the room then spend the rest of the day...


Awakening Dreams - Self-Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself means letting go of the feelings and emotions associated with what went wrong. You let go of any resentment or anger. It may be easier to do this when forgiving others, but many find it hard to do this for themselves. Betterhelp.com. What causes us to prolong self-forgiveness? Why is it easier to forgive another–and yet, difficult to forgive ourselves? Can we find joy in the chaos? Is it our own anger, bitterness, and stubbornness? When these feelings are felt, it's a...


Awakening Dreams - Doreen Calderon

This week on the Poetic Resurrection Podcast we have Doreen Calderon a friend, fellow actor, and transformation coach. We discuss acting experiences and how they led her to assist actors in recognizing their talents with self-awareness and acceptance. Stay tuned for a must-listen episode for performing artists. The Recognized Actor Doreen Calderon coaches experienced actors and artists who work in the industry, but crave more. She reliably helps professional artists wake up to the deepest...


Awakening Dreams - Thierry Kehou

In this week's episode, we speak with the multifaceted Thierry Kehou. We discuss publishing and his journey in translating to English literature from the black Francophone diaspora. We discuss Lampblack, a non-profit organization and magazine publishing Black writers globally that helped create. He's the Director of Programs & Partnerships for Poets & Writers where they offer Mapping the Maze, a professional development workshop for writers who are ready to make a concrete plan to get their...


Awakening Dreams - Expectations

This week on Poetic Resurrection we're going to discuss expectations. Why do we expect? What do we expect? I believe it depends on the circumstances. If I pay a vendor for a service or a product, I expect it to work. I also expect that this vendor has more knowledge than I do. For example, I expected I would do an episode last week. Well, I also expected to have the internet I pay for but that was not the case. It took me three days to get back online. It's good to be aware of expectations....


Awakening Dreams - Evelyn Eccard

This week on Awakening Dreams our return guest is Evelyn Eccard from Bravo Leadership Int'l (BLI). In this episode, we discuss what is important to us when it comes to employment, leadership, and what makes us truly happy with ourselves and others. Mentorship and coaching are reviewed (see link below for the previous episode). We discussed the Great Resignation and how employment expectations have changed. Tune in to this informative episode. It might be that AHA moment that is needed in...