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True Tales of Enlightenment

True Tales of Enlightenment
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True Tales of Enlightenment




Out of the Blue

In the last podcast of 2018, I talk in more detail about synchronicity and the nature of real spiritual experiences. Many people believe they can be willed forth through devotion to a Guru, or by following rigorous spiritual exercises; this is the psychology of the seeker based on a desire for enlightenment. However, spirit cares nothing for our human framework of cause and effect, which is why genuine spiritual experiences come out the blue. Visit the Resources page for direct links to more...


Broken Spells

In this week's podcast I talk about the power of hypnosis and the psychology of the group. We are all subject to the power of certain people and ideas, that act like spells on our consciousness. Whether these spells are cast by organisations, or our nearest and dearest, we need to become aware of how to break them and assert our own will by connecting to our personal guidance.


Still Waters

Through my own experience with archetypal forces, I explain how these conscious symbols interact and heal us and how they were created through the perceptions of ancient humans and augmented by people throughout the ages. The collective unconscious is the store house for these symbols and can be accessed, as we would access the internet based "Cloud" today. The password is our intention, interest and readiness to explore the unknown of the universal mind.


The Father

In this week's podcast I talk about traditions, values and institutions that have been brought into disrepute in our western culture. I discuss the modern idea of marriage and how it differs from the traditional ideal, which leads on to a discussion of spiritual values, which have largely been lost in favour of a more materialistic focus. All resources mentioned in the podcast can be found on the Resources page.



In this week's podcast I talk about the importance of cultivating a direct relationship with your own spiritual consciousness through communion, which involves listening and waiting for personal revelations, large and small. This communication is often lost when we perform rituals and mantras, or follow specific spiritual programs that fulfill our egos' need for attainment, yet lead the seeker away from what lies within. All resources mentioned in the podcast can be found on the Resources...


Eye of the Needle

In this week's podcast I talk about the impediments to moving through the eye of the needle in order to reach the "kingdom of heaven". In the biblical passage it's said to be riches that block our entry, but anything that we are attached to, including dogmatic belief systems, will slow down our spiritual progress. I speak about our attachment to information and the irony that the more information we have access to the less enlightened we become. All resources mentioned in the podcast can be...


Irrational Tides

In this week's podcast I talk about the tides of seemingly irrational thoughts and emotions that we can experience and how we can develop an inner community of characters to help process them. If we become too logical, we lock ourselves in a mental prison that seeks to know the ultimate truth, which is often only a fraction of the mystery that life presents us. If we allow our irrational thoughts to possess us, we invite another kind of madness that rips us from the fabric of reality and...


Inner Oracle

In this week's podcast I talk about the Ancient Greek myth of Cassandra and the importance of consulting the archetypal stories that many modern thinkers believe are now obsolete. The story of Cassandra offers us insight into the relationship we have with our inner oracle; our intuition. Many turn their heads away from their inner knowing for fear of where it may guide them. But turning away does not remove the insight, it only distorts it and creates a black mirror through which to view...


Over the Rainbow

When our ideals don't match our reality we become impatient with our slow rate of progress and try to find someone to blame. But real progress comes from assessing our own part in the problems and solutions, which means we all need to face our guilty conscience. As Krishnamuti said, "The moment you understand something, you are free of it." All resources mentioned in the podcast can be found on the Resources page.


Naked Truth

In this week's podcast I talk about spiritual nakedness. The process of stripping yourself down to your core, without any need to cling to beliefs, opinions, teachings, people or plans. A place where you can begin to rebuild your true self without fear. All resources mentioned in the podcast can be found on the Resources page.


The Mirror

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to change his ways." In this week's podcast I talk about the internal emotional states that cause us to continually act out the victim/oppressor dynamic and how internal reflection helps to change the external world. Can we ever feel empowered and live without fear while clinging for dear life to our right to be victims? Are we prepared to stand out from the crowd and start telling a new story? All resources mentioned in the podcast...


The Middle Way

In lieu of an actual reality, we rush to create our own reality. So often, what we want to happen in life is upended by actual events; it’s no wonder we project our truth onto situations that counter our internal narrative. It’s easier than accepting disappointment or acknowledging we may be wrong.


The Crucible

In this week's podcast, I talk about how we discern fact from fiction and why we need to balance our emotional reactions with critical thinking. Often we trust our feelings as a substitute for using our intuition, which comes from a neutral space rather than a reactionary state of consciousness. Whatever our opinion on any issue, the only way to have clarity is to delve into our own psyche and start from a position of uncertainty, or at least open-mindedness. All resources mentioned in the...


Sentience is Futile

In this week's podcast I talk about nihilism and the futility of existence. Why do things matter to us, or not? Is it worth living a life that we feel is empty and meaningless, or does that attitude set us free? A lack of meaning can lead to depression, which is in itself comforting on some level as we perceive ourselves as victims. Wish fulfillment and magical thinking can seem like an easy way to combat depressive states of consciousness, but often leave us feeling unfulfilled. Wishing for...


Artificial Evolution

In this week's podcast I talk about our desire to speed up our natural evolution through technology and the potential problems this can cause. Elon Musk has spoken at length on the dangers of creating advanced artificial intelligence before we have understood the worst case scenarios. Our shortsightedness and failure to think through the consequences of our actions has caused us untold suffering in the past. So how can we develop the wisdom needed to evolve naturally? All resources mentioned...


Consequence of Desire

The consequence of craving is suffering. This is one of the main teachings in Buddhism, yet it's mostly ignored by modern spiritual seekers in favour of the pursuit of inner peace. We meditate, do yoga and practice mindfulness, while turning away from the key to finding liberation; becoming free from strong desires, or attachments. All resources mentioned in the podcast can be found on the Resources page.


The Logos

There are many definitions of The Logos; the word, discourse, plan, truth, spirit and the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning. Yet the words we listen to today are often far from truthful and we have come to rely upon rhetoric rather than facts. We have a new lexicon of terms that have been rinsed of all meaning and act as a safety blanket to shield us from the fallout of a crumbling system. But we have the tools to deal with our fear through the...


Presence is your Power

Part podcast, part meditation; this week I speak about love. Not romantic or familial love, but the unconditional love that forms our inner presence. Our presence is not the same as our energy field, which can be affected by the outer reality. Our presence is the core of unconditional love that we all carry within. This is where our power lies. Our presence is our power; our presence is our protection. All resources mentioned in the podcast can be found on the Resources page.



In this week's podcast I talk about the alchemy of change and how understanding our inner duality helps us turn lead into gold. Before we embark on examining our psyche, our view of life and ourselves is clouded by the past. This inner distortion actually blocks the natural process of change that we all undergo by virtue of being born. Mental illness can be seen as a reaction to these inner blocks and the world of denial that many of us live in. All resources mentioned in the podcast can be...


Sleeping Giants

Following on from last week's podcast on injustice and corruption within our society, I ask why we find it necessary and even preferable, to fall into denial. This state of being thwarts change and allows the darkness to spread like a cancer within us and the collective. Presently, everything we have covered up, buried and denied will begin to awaken, so we need to decide whether to run from, or befriend, these sleeping giants in our unconscious. All resources mentioned in the podcast can be...