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Helping men reclaim their manhood and find true happiness and success in their careers, families, faith, fitness, and friendships. Fulfillment in these areas is THE way to a life well lived. As a man, it is possible to find purpose and happiness in this life. Let us and our guests show you how...

Helping men reclaim their manhood and find true happiness and success in their careers, families, faith, fitness, and friendships. Fulfillment in these areas is THE way to a life well lived. As a man, it is possible to find purpose and happiness in this life. Let us and our guests show you how...
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Helping men reclaim their manhood and find true happiness and success in their careers, families, faith, fitness, and friendships. Fulfillment in these areas is THE way to a life well lived. As a man, it is possible to find purpose and happiness in this life. Let us and our guests show you how...




Episode 37 - Is sending your kids to college still the right choice?

One of our greatest desires as men is for our children to grow up and be strong, capable, and accomplished adults. As they grow older, we get presented with more and more opportunities and decisions. One of the big ones is what we can do to help guide them towards a career path and on this episode we discuss a controversial subject these days... Should we even be TRYING to send our kids to college? Some of the highlights include: -Debating the pros and cons of college -Do big schools or...


Episode 36 - "We make some very (not so) important decisions"

Our lives are filled with decisions. Big ones, small ones, and everything in-between! Justin and Jason have some fun with today's episode and discuss two potentially life altering decisions. As you take a listen, try to do a couple things... Number 1: Play along and try to decide what choices YOU would make. One decision may be easier than the other but let us know if you come to the same conclusions or disagree TOTALLY! (No hard feelings, obviously) Number 2: Take a moment to see what...


Episode 35 - Why you need a coach to win big

The most successful people in the world all have something in common and it's something far too many men don't take advantage of. A COACH. We see incredible athletes like Michael Jordan and Roger Federer benefit from incredible coaches and never bat an eye...but ask a married man with 3 kids and a small business to run who his "coach" is and you'll get nothing but a blank stare most of the time. In this episode Jason and Justin answer the questions men have about why to have a coach in...


Episode 34 - Why Men Need Challenges for a Life Worth Living

There is something missing in many men today and it leaves them frustrated without even knowing why. It affects our careers, our relationships, our confidence, and even our mental health. In this episode we talk about how important it is for men to have CHALLENGES in their lives. We are both right in the middle of really busy times in our lives and while it can feel crazy at moment, we wouldn't trade it for the world. Too many men are unwilling to put themselves in positions where they...


Episode 33 - If you're lonely at the top you are doing it wrong with Dr. Randy Ross

Whether you are leading your organization or your household there are certain principles that need to be followed to be the most effective leader you can be. Lack of trust, lack of authenticity, lack of genuine relationships, lack of communication, and lack of know how are keeping us from being great leaders. Dr. Randy Ross, former pastor, author, speaker to fortune 500 companies, and coach on leadership joins us on the show today to discuss how we can overcome these limitations to excel...


Episode 32 - Beer, Business, and Values with Spencer Nix

Spencer Nix is an incredibly successful guy who accidentally went from pastor to brewer and has built an incredibly fast growing brewery in Georgia. Spencer’s brewery, Reformation, is built on strong personal and business values. That is one of the reasons for it’s impressive growth. He is using his business to bring people together in community and fellowship. We, as men, need community. We need a tribe. Spencer is helping people accomplish that through beer. In today’s episode we...


Episode 31 - Men have an obligation to be strong

Being strong is a part of our job as men. In order for us to execute our jobs as we are meant to, physical strength must be a part of the package. Society looks to men to be strong and capable. To protect when called upon. Doing so effectively will often require a baseline level of strength. The question is, when your name is called will you have the strength required to come through? To step up to the challenge? This is an important question to be considered by all men. Is strength...


Episode 30 -“Are you making decisions out of desire or fear?” with Robert Kandell

You are being led by fear. There, I said it. Maybe not in every circumstance but I guarantee it plays a large role in some of your major life decisions. You may not always recognize it as fear or you may excuse it away as something else but make no mistake…fear is leading you more often than it should. The sad part is, this will lead to major regret later in life. One day you’ll look back and wonder why: -You were never as happy as you would have liked -You were never as fulfilled as...


Episode 29 - “Bridging the gap between knowing and actually doing” with Ryan Michler

We typically don’t lack for information on what to do to improve our lives. There are countless books, websites, blogs, seminars, etc on how to better yourself. Here’s the problem… Too many men are failing to take ACTION on what they know and what they have learned. Knowing is great. But taking action is the only thing that will actually initiate change in your life. So… Why aren't more men taking action? Why are so many men NOT actively bettering themselves? Why are so many men just...


Episode 28 - How to attack your financial struggles

Many households battle financial struggles. It’s not always a comfortable thing to talk about but that doesn’t make it less true. So many families scramble to make ends meet, Most families have $0 in savings. Most families are way too far in debt. Far too many families live paycheck to paycheck. This is a very stressful place to be. It can actually break apart marriages. But you don't have to stay in that place. There are ways to overcome it. In today’s episode, Justin and Jason talk...


Episode 27 - The "Happy Wife, Happy Life" Myth

Happy wife, happy life… When said in it’s purest form it is a beautiful thought. It’s great to try and make your wife happy…and her you. But when this phrase is uttered it’s rarely meant in a pure sense. It typically means a man has to do whatever he can to keep peace in the house or else… There will be hell to pay. After all, if the wife isn’t happy, nobody is happy. When a relationship is set up that way it usually leads a man to lose himself. He becomes subservient, submissive,...


Episode 26 - 5 Common Fitness and Weight Loss Myths Exposed

In this episode, Justin and Jason use their 30+ years of combined experience in the fitness industry to blow up 5 of the biggest myths when it comes to fat loss. The myths and untruths in the fitness world are incredibly pervasive. Unfortunately, there are too many trainers, coaches, nutritionists, etc who are misinformed and under educated when it comes to fat loss. Very few take the time to do the actual research. This results in them becoming stagnant in their thinking and teaching...


Episode 25 - How to surround yourself with the RIGHT people for success with Antonio Centeno

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around. It may be a cliche at this point but there is still a ton of truth in that statement. If you want to become an exceptional man in all areas of life, analyzing who you spend your time with is a big part of that process. Few people encapsulate this more than today’s guest, Antonio Centeno. Antonio is the owner of Real Men, Real Style and the organizer of the annual Menfluential Conference which brings together...


Episode 24 - Why Faith is the Foundation of Manhood

Do you want to be a man? A real man? Then faith must be your foundation…the thing all other aspect of your life are built upon. The awesome part is, the Bible teaches us how to be real men. It is the definitive blueprint to manhood. But are we living up to it? Are we living life the way God intended? Most of us aren’t. But as men we must give our all trying. We must be putting full effort into being the man God wants us to be. THAT is the definition of manhood. But how do we go about...


Episode 23 - How to create your vision, goals, and plans for a great 2019

Creating a vision, a plan, and setting goals is essential if you are going to make 2019 better than 2018. As men, we must do what we can to thrive in the 5 key areas of life (faith, family, fitness, finances, and friendships). But to thrive in those areas we have to have a vision for what we want them to look like , goals we need to accomplish to get us there, and plan to make it happen. I think a lot of men know this but fail to do it because they simply don’t know how. They don’t have...


Episode 22 - Jason and Justin's Top Comedies of All Time

If you are a man you most likely love good comedy… Justin and I definitely do. And since it’s the holidays we decided to do a fun, light-hearted episode. In today’s episode we rank our top 8 comedies of all-time. Justin gives his top 8 and I give mine. Spoiler alert…Justin’s number 8 movie is absurd. (of course he feels this same about my number 6 comedy) This was a really fun episode to record…of course prepping and narrowing our top comedies down to 8 was brutal. There are so many...


Episode 21 - Leaving a family legacy for your kids and future generations with David McAlvany

As a father, leaving a legacy for our kids and for future generations should be one of our top priorities. But legacy doesn’t just apply to money. Leaving a relational, emotional, physical, and spiritual legacy is equally important. What family rituals and customs are you either carrying on from a prior generation or creating new in your home? How are you cultivating the relationships with your wife and kids? What examples are you setting for your kids when it comes to grace? Are you...


Episode 20 - Choosing Gratitude in the Face of Tough Times with Pastor Beau Adams

Being grateful in our darkest times? Is that even possible? With God it truly is. We just have to have the right tools, skills, and mindset to make it happen. Using gratitude during tough times is a complete mental shift away from the complaining and self-pity we often turn to. Here’s the thing… Complaining and self-pity don’t help the problems. In fact, they make our problems worse. Gratitude and trust in God, on the other hand, can radically help us get through our roughest...


Episode 19-A Fat Loss Strategy that Actually Works with Jason Goggans

The New Year is coming and resolutions will be beginning soon after… Seems like we all have the same resolution every year…to lose weight. The reason we have the same resolution is because our resolve to lose weight is usually gone by the end of January. Why is this? It’s usually one of two reasons… Either we aren't seeing the results we wanted or the effort and time it’s taking is too much and we get overwhelmed and quit. We blame: Our schedule Our will power Our genetics But none...


Episode 18 - Increasing your testosterone levels the natural and healthy way with Robert Clark

Every man, at some point in life, will suffer from low testosterone. This is a fact. For many men, lowering testosterone levels can begin as young as 30 years old. And suffering from low testosterone can have DRAMATIC effects on your health and quality of life. Low testosterone can lead to: In today’s episode Justin and Jason talk with Robert Clark on this topic and explore what can be done about lowering testosterone levels naturally and without drugs and supplements. Robert is a...