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A Combat Vet and his B.A.B.E. problem solve and conversate with other creative thinkers and doers.

A Combat Vet and his B.A.B.E. problem solve and conversate with other creative thinkers and doers.
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A Combat Vet and his B.A.B.E. problem solve and conversate with other creative thinkers and doers.






Ep. #13: Chitty Talk with Erickson- Rv Life, Army Stories, Drunk Stories, Guns & PTSD

This week we sat down with Crab's Combat Buddy Nicholas Erickson and they share drunk stores from the glory party days, crazy army stories, Gun stories, Snipers, PTSD, and what living in an RV with his family is like! This was a really fun time with lots of laughs. We had some drinks and had a good time talking with this blast from the past! Hope yall enjoy! ____________________________________________________________ Follow our Podcast, Talking Chitty on Spotify, Tunes, Castbox,...


Ep #12: AdamJoanieAdventures- Hair Salon & House in a Bus!

Happy Friday Everyone! Join us this week as we have a quick conversation with Adam and Joanie Wegman from the Adventure Bus, aka AdamJoanieAdventures, aka CherryPicks Makeup and SKin Care, aka This family of 5 converted a flat nose International Genesis into a house and a mobile hair salon in a few months. These guys have been together since high school, started some businesses, had some babies, built a house out of a bus, are passionate about helping people have happy marriages, and have...


Ep #11: Secrets on New Businesses, How to Negotiate, Give Aways, and How we Deal with Crazy Companies

On this episode we talk about the new businesses we have been developing so we can make money while traveling, how we negotiated deals to help us live this way, the GIVE AWAYS we will be doing with our new company, and how we deal with Crazy COmpanies that Threaten us! As usual, you may or may not learn something, but hopefully it's relatable! Shop our Store ____________________________________________________________ Follow our Podcast, Talking Chitty on...


Ep. #10: Intermittent Fasting and How We lost 93 lbs!

This episode is prob my most favorite because we finally explain how we lost over 90 lbs between the 2 of us last year doing Intermittent Fasting and Physical activity. We started off with no gym, just us and our body weight and schedule of when we would eat and not eat. Then we went to a rv resort with a small gym room, and then to workamping a tree lot, then to being couch potatoes, how we have managed our weight loss since we lost it and if we have been able to maintain it. What we...


Ep #9: Bricks of Happiness- An Inspiring Bus Tale, Every Nomad's Nightmare, & Chitty Talk

Episode #9 of our podcast and we get the chance to interview and conversate with the Bricks of Happiness! Lily & Jesse talk about their #inspiring journey since starting of many #engineproblems , being stuck in a beautiful #cold northern Idaho with no #heat! #buckleup Its gonna be a ride! ----more---- Follow the Bricks of Happiness @ Follow Us @ our...


#8: Our Winter Workamp Gig & Current Events

Welcome Back! We have been taking a break and working on our projects after finishing a successul workamping gig this past winter. You caught us last time on our break before our Tree Season was in full swing, so hear how it went! Listen as we tell stories of the nasty customers, and the really amazing ones. The great people of the community, and the ones who were really rude. We talk about the books we are reading, our losses and wins on the stock market, what we are working on now and...


Ep #7: Convo with Dr. Dave Heitmann

This week's episode is all about our fellow former skoolie dweller, Dr. Dave Heitmann. We learn about his background, bus life, foraging, gut health, foot health, priorities in life, and so much more! Tune in and check out Dr. Dave at his links below! Faceook: Foot Pain Solutions group Get Your Foot Kit Here: ________________________________ Check out our Social Media...


#6- Convo with Chase Ey at BCKnives

Here it is! After a long week of waiting we finally have our next episode! In this one we talk to Chase Ey with BCKnives. He made Ryon an amazing knife that is quality and hand forged. SO we decided to interview the guy! We talk about how we met initially, how Chase got into knife making, welding, mutual friends, Chase's other business Lonestar Mabile Wash, Fireball stories, Millenial or Xennial, and his family life:) Check us out here, on itunes, spotify, podcasts, tunein, youtube and out...


#5 What We are Doing Now

Hey Everyone! This episode we talk about What we Are Doing Now! Investing, Investing in ourselves, Workamping, Books we are reading, purchasing land, How to find land, a little about our weight loss story this week, ways to make money on your property, etc. Robinhood Link for Mobile Trading $0 FEES! What we are investing in and how we taught ourselves 14:30- Stick to Your Plan, Risk Management, and Stop Loss 16:00 -Workamping 17:00 -Roughneck Outfitters...


#4 The Journey: 2 years Traveling in Chitty Bang Skoolie

Welcome Back! This episode we dive into the Journey of traveling full time with a family of 4 in Chitty Bang Skoolie, our DIY Tinyhouse Bus Conversion. After the build we wanted to explore and finally live the bus life and this is where we went and what it was like. What did we use, solar power/shore power? What did we do when we were at places? How long did we stay? Testing the bus, our maiden voyage, growing pains in rv life.... 5:45 Check out my Mom's All natural soy melts and candles...


#3 Ruthardt4Adventure: Conversation About their Journey, Full Time Rv Family Life on the Road, and Adventures to Come

Check out our 3rd Episode where we interview another full time rv family, The Ruthardt's! We literally just met them 2 hours before the podcast, so everything is very genuine! They tell us about their inspiring journey that led them to this lifestyle, what the plan is for the future, life on the road with kids, their Homeless Outreach Program, and so much more! We chatted for 3 hours people! Curl up and listen, with a belly full of Turkey bits, to this awesome conversation of 4 like minded...


#2 Building the Bus, Party Days, Politics, Toe Rape, and Other Stories

Today we talked about A WIDE RANGE of stuff. The sound is not as great as the first but we figure it out. Look out at 29 mins we had some bad feedback some how for a few seconds! We started off reading some reviews we received from listeners, our relationship, party days, and Investing-Ryon talks about his losses. Look below for more stories and times we talk about them: Ryon saw an old Army buddy-12:30 Wildfires- 17 minutes Haters-22 Minutes Southern Hospitality 24:00 Bus Build...


#1 Who We Are and What It's All About

Hey All! Thanks for listening to our very first Talking Chitty Podcast! Ryon is a combat veteran and I am his Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire and we are talking about everything! 15 years of marriage, homesteading, homeschooling, living on the road, family, workamping, converting a schoolbus to a tiny house, politics, religion...We are going to have guest on like our mentors who helped guide us in the right direction on our build, combat buddies, friends, name it! We want to...