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Freeman has lectured around the world and unveils the inner-workings of secret societies. Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.


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Freeman has lectured around the world and unveils the inner-workings of secret societies. Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.






Revealing Aliens – Dr. Michael Salla 2015

This show originally aired in August of 2015 Dr. Michael Salla is here to discuss disclosure of the Secret Space Program. Is there a battle raging between the Dark Fleet and Solar Warden? How is the Vatican responding to ET Disclosure? Will they position themselves to be the emissaries of Jesus to the stars? How […]


Mindwave Universe – Matt Presti

It has been said that the UFO phenomenon cannot fully manifest until we believe it is real. Maybe this is true for our entire reality. Are the things that we are proving true over time actually manifested through our belief in them? Open your mind and awaken your inner genius through interactive activities, Strengthen your […]


Feast Of Fools – Wayne McRoy

We are living in the Age of Deception. Behind the scenes, a group of technocratic elites are working feverishly toward the attainment of their "Great Work". It is a plan as old as civilization itself, and now, through the advent of modern technology, this plan is closer to fruition than it has ever been before. […]


Weather Weapons – Jim Lee

Can we draft legislation to end atmospheric modification without notification? The solution to the problem of rogue geoengineering, weather warfare, and geophysical weaponry is, to help expose the secret world of climate engineering by learning the history, teaching your friends, and sharing this knowledge. Together we will bring clarity to our increasingly chaotic skies. The […]


Planetary Lockdown – Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes

Have you heard of the Space Fence? Heavy metals, gems, minerals, and nano tech are forming a massive computer disk surrounding the planet. Augmented Reality will soon be, well, reality. Magic Leap Inc. has designed a new Photonic Lightfield Chip that will use nano-scaled technology to project a false reality straight to your retina! The […]


Cyber Satan and the Alien Threat – Leo Zagami

A world-renowned authority on the occult side of the Vatican and the real Illuminati, Leo Zagami is exposing for the first time, the secret plan of the elite for the establishment of a New Golden Age, built with the help of an alien AI aka Cyber Satan to enslave mankind and turn the elite into […]


Encountering Eyeshine – Angela Kelley

There's a secret deep in our forests; a secret many have gone to great lengths to keep. Something protects them fiercely. Rarely seen, they keep a constant vigilance against the ignorance and abuse of mankind. A story told from a vastly unique point of view. A tale created from hundreds of experiences of people who […]


History Repeats – Chuck Ochelli

The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution of Chairman Mao seem extremely similar to our current situation. The assassination of John F. Kennedy really set the stage for the Great Reset and our social situation. Is history going to repeat itself? How much truth is there in the battle between Donald Trump and Robert […]


Digital Clones – Mary Sean Young

Actors are already selling digital clones of themselves. Digital clones could contribute to one of the largest Hollywood labor strikes in decades. Leaders of SAG-AFTRA, the primary union representing actors and other performers, asked its 160,000 members to vote on whether they are authorized to strike if studios and streaming companies waver on their contract […]


Flow Form – Topher Gardner

We have forgotten what it means to be human. Impermanence has become normal. Humans together create a Divine Will Array sending frequencies out to the universe and to those around us. Flow form is the natural state of humanity but first we must sense our permanence in the world. Polarity Therapy follows the yin(negative = […]


The Unseen Story of UFO – Mike Clelland

Once again the media says we are not alone as if it was the first time we've heard this. We are on this side of the door in a tight little claustrophobic hallway, and on the other side of the door is an infinite vastness! We are not alone. The magic of synchronicity shares a […]


Creating The Reset Culture – Christopher Knowles

The so-called delusions of a long-dead science fiction writer may have turned out to be prophecies. Philip K Dick and the ongoing collapse and reordering of our reality. As the world grows darker, colder and more lawless every minute of every day, all you can do is laugh at the fools ushering in a new […]


Waking Life – Niish

The goal is to help in the process of bringing conscious intent to the state of dreaming — light to the shadowy corners of this experience we all have access to, each time we drift off to sleep. There are many theories on the process of dreaming and altered states. No information is irrelevant when […]


Pop Propaganda – Dani Katz

Humanity is currently navigating the biggest propaganda war in human history. While we tend to think of wars being waged with bullets, bombs + other overt signs of violence, ours is a war of words. Whether they are the words being spouted by news anchors, social media influencers, politicians or celebrities; or whether they are […]


Process of Manifestation – Greek and Ochelli

The process by which a magnetizable body becomes magnetized when in a magnetic field or in the magnetic flux set up by a magnetomotive force could be an explanation as to how we take in nutrients. A process called induction. This thought has not been applied to biology...until now. What does it take to manifest? […]


Light Up Your Life – Jackie Jolie

The entire internet is transmitted to you by light. Freemasons around the world seek "more light" in their rituals. CERN collides light particles and creates matter. What is the truth about light. Can sunlight, properly applied, cure what ails you? When is the last time you watched a sunrise? Do you know the dangers of […]


Illusion Warfare – Lez Luthor

All warfare is based on deception. Are the abundance of Boogeyman Conspiracies theories being given to us freely as a trap designed to keep us in RABBIT HOLES creating fear, paranoia and confusion? How much of the dystopian terror presented on the Black cube Tell-A-Vision actually exists in our physical reality? Are the EASILY FOOLED […]


White Noise – Sean McCann

“Crowds came to his mountain villa. Crowds came to hear him speak. Crowds erotically charged, the masses he once called his only bride. Crowds came to be hypnotized by the voice, the party anthems, the torchlight parades…but wait. How familiar this all seems to us…we’ve all been part of those crowds. But there must’ve been […]


Parallel Societies – Stefan Verstappen

What if by preparing for "The End" we found a new beginning; Organizing self-sustainable communities out of our neighborhoods and establishing a renaissance of humanity through the collapse? Can altering the course of your lifestyle, change the course of history? There is no need to complain, you'll just annoy people or end up surrounded by […]


Cradle of Misinformation – Asia Raine

It is an interesting time to be alive. Truth is pushing itself through barriers, dissolving walls and boldly calling out steadily for our attention. It challenges identities and belief systems, demanding no less than our strength, intuitive grit and a healthy curiosity that isn’t easily polarized. It requires we embrace our fears and doubts and […]