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Team COB has always had a unique style of conversation that incorporates a special appreciation for examining complex and challenging topics...enter at your own risk...and reward 😜 Support this podcast:


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Team COB has always had a unique style of conversation that incorporates a special appreciation for examining complex and challenging topics...enter at your own risk...and reward 😜 Support this podcast:




2.6 Do: You Want to Know What Love is?

'Love' is simultaneously one of the most ubiquitous and talked about subjects but also one of the most abstract. 'Love' isn't as easily understood or defined as we may wish it to be... So, let's find out what happens when two people with different perspectives and experience try to analyze and define what 'love' truly is... --- Support this podcast:


2.5 Don't: Be a Bitch.

In this episode, we discuss the nature of what we call "Reality." We go big picture, examine the intricate details, and tussle with the in-between... --- Support this podcast:


2.4 Do Be Compassionate...Dispassionately

Unfortunately, having compassion doesn't always lead to making a positive impact in the world, and showing compassion can fail as easily as it succeeds. However, we aim to avoid the pitfalls and ensure that we can successfully channel our compassion into the world, by exploring how it is being misappropriated in current culture and discussing how we can all, more successfully, be doing so, dispassionately... --- Support this podcast:


2.3 Don’t Confuse What Matters

After taking a closer look and listen, we can get to the bottom of issues that Black Lives Matter organization is facing, the confusion and destruction they are causing, and where they detract from the true spirit and intentions of the Black Lives Matter movement... --- Support this podcast:


2.2 Do Be overcome conflict

It can be difficult to interact in the world, these days, without being taken advantage of or taking advantage of may not even realize when it's happening. What can you do about this? Listen, and be more steadFAST... --- Support this podcast:


2.1 Don’t Panic...Find True Justice

In this episode, we discuss the significant topics of race relations and public killings that are currently having a serious impact on our society. As we examine the case of Ahmaud Arbery, we provide a unique perspective that you won't get from the media or the general public, as well as some key insights and warnings you need to hear, if you are interested in True Justice... --- Support this podcast:


Chapter 7 “White Privilege”- It’s Not What You Think

We all know about privilege (especially "white privilege")...BUT, we don't all think about it like this... --- Support this podcast:


Chapter 6: Sales- It's Not What You Think

Team COB goes deep into meta-analysis of the concept and application of "the sales process" --- Support this podcast:


Chapter 5: Positive masculinity

Rob and Kevin explore the topic of “positive masculinity,” defining what positive masculinity is, how it is viewed and experienced in our culture, and, most significantly, WHY we should strongly consider adjusting the lens through which many of us are currently viewing it --- Support this podcast:


Chapter 4: Back to Basics- Superheroes

Rough cuts from ya boyz...we got started as youngsters talking shit about heroes and legends and end up as men walking and talking in the footsteps of heroes and legends... --- Support this podcast:


Chapter 3: The Science of Magic

Rob and Kevin explore the concept of “magic,” in a way that connects it very strongly to reality. Through examining magic to find the science within it, we can actually develop new appreciations for what “True magic” really entails/offers... --- Support this podcast:


Chapter 2: Faith- It’s Not What YOU Think

Rob and Kevin each establish and challenge their interpretations and perspectives on faith --- Support this podcast:


Chapter 1: How I See It

Rob and Kevin define and begin to examine their philosophies and approaches to life --- Support this podcast: