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The main LTB Network feed contains all of the cryptocurrency related podcasts that make it to the front page of Let's Talk Bitcoin! You can expect a new episode or two most days subscribing to this feed.

The main LTB Network feed contains all of the cryptocurrency related podcasts that make it to the front page of Let's Talk Bitcoin! You can expect a new episode or two most days subscribing to this feed.
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The main LTB Network feed contains all of the cryptocurrency related podcasts that make it to the front page of Let's Talk Bitcoin! You can expect a new episode or two most days subscribing to this feed.




#248 Uri Klarman: bloXroute - Layer-0 Scaling with Akamai for Blockchains

Until now, proposals to improve blockchain scalability have addressed the problem in two ways. One seeks to increase efficiency by optimizing the blockchain or improving the consensus algorithm. The other comes in the forms of layer-2 solutions such as payment channels or side chains. However, none have addressed the core bottleneck to scalability: TCP/IP network limitations. Improving the speed at which blocks propagate through the network is the layer-0 problem few people consider when...


DD Episode #3 - Privacy & Trust

"Remember the story of Frankenstein. Frankenstein wasn't the monster; Dr. Frankenstein was the young scientist who was so excited about what he could build that he didn't forsee the possible ramifications' I hope that the new age coming to mankind remains one where the consent of the governed still matters." '"Patrick Byrne This episode was recorded at the 2018 Distributed Conference in San Francisco, CA. Sometimes there is streetcar noise--such is life. Distributed Dialogues is a...


WBD #29 An Interview with Jamie Burke

'œIt is probably going to be true, as in most tech cycles that the first attempts at something won't be the ones that succeed.' '" Jamie Burke Interview location: London Interview date: Tue 8th August 2018 Company: Outlier Ventures Role: CEO The Crypto bear market has highlighted the lack of value creation within the space. While Bitcoin has many proven use cases, protocols, DApps and other altcoins are under increasing scrutiny from investors and market analysts. While there are...


The Crypto Show: Silk Road Murder For Hire "Victim" Curtis Green Speaks Out & Eijah Talks Promether

Special thanks to Eijah AKA Eric J Anderson creator of GTA5, DemoNSAw and now Promether for inviting us to his place to conduct the live broadcast. We start off with Eijah to discuss the progress and what Promether means to our privacy.Then we were fortunate enough to get the first ever real account of the infamous Silk Road murder for hire case straight from the mouth of the so called victim Curtis Green. As a biased die hard Ross supporter myself I had no idea how morally corrupt those...


#247 Ryan Selkis: Messari - Bringing Transparency and Self-Regulation to the Blockchain Industry

Since he started blogging as Two Bit Idiot in 2013, Ryan Selkis has been both industry insider and industry critic. Consistently calling out excesses and abuses, but also maintaining his sights on the long-term potential. He recently founded Messari, a project that aims to bring more transparency and fairness to the industry. Messari has narrowed in on siloed, inaccurate and incomplete data as a key factor that allows insiders to profit at the expense of the public. We talked about the...


DD Episode #2 - Checks And Balances

"There's a natural inclination to believe humans or structures are the problem, that if we just wrote software that made things run automatically and such malfeasance impossible, then we would end up in some gorgeous world. I think there's a lot to that concept, but you don't need to turn the keys over to the algorithms to make that happen." '"Brian Behlendorf Distributed Dialogues is a collaborative show between the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network and Distributed magazine. In each episode we...


What Bitcoin Did #28 An Interview with Pierre Rochard

'œBased on our understanding of monerary economics, the outcome will be such that most of the value will accrue to one coin and one coin will at the very least be the world reserve currency, and even more than that, the one global money.' '" Pierre Rochard Interview location: Skype Interview date: Sun 29th July 2018 From: Noded Bitcoin Podcast & Nakomoto Institute In December 2016, I opened a Coinbase account to buy Bitcoin. It was a straightforward process: Google "buy Bitcoin", click...


Technology & Choice #35, Open Source, Debian and FreedomBox, with Jonas Smedegaard

download this episode Jonas Smedegaard has been part of the central team that maintains the Debian operating system for many years. Debian is a very important part of the open source ecosystem with a core team of about a thousand, with tens of thousands of contributors. Many other projects benefit from the work done by the Debian community. In this conversation, we discuss open source in general and a lot about Debian and where it fits into the landscape. We also explore the FreedomBox...


DD Episode #1 - Crypto Journalism

"Every individual person that buys into cryptocurrencies needs to do their own research. You hear this all the time, but that is the truth of the matter. If you're going to put your money in, you should really understand what you are buying. You need to understand all the ways it could go right. You need to understand all the ways it could go wrong. You need to be completely willing to go along for the ride."'"Laura Shin Distributed Dialogues is a collaborative show between the Let's Talk...


The Crypto Show Arizona State University's Blockchain Labs Jeremy Lui & Avery Carter.

Today members of ASU's Blockchain Lab Jeremy Lui and Avery Carter sat in to talk about their experience at Arizona State University's Blockchain labs. Some of the things they cover are recent stress tests of capability that were done on the Dash network as well as community out reach and student scholarships that are awarded through their efforts. Their efforts came about through a proposal submitted to the Dash treasur. Dash Core Group also offices at the University. Chief strategist for...


The Bitcoin Game #57: BCH Lead Dev Amaury Schet

Welcome to episode 57 of‚The Bitcoin Game, I'm Rob Mitchell. I'm someone who feels a bit like a Bitcoin Maximalist, yet I still really wanted to learn about Amaury Sƒchet, lead developer of Bitcoin Cash. I like that many of Amaury's opinions seem fairly independent, rather than sticking to a party line. In this long-form interview, we talk about Amaury's initial interest in Bitcoin, why he started Bitcoin ABC, the software behind Bitcoin Cash, and what he saw as three critical mistakes he...


#246 Guy Zyskind: Enigma - Providing Scalable Privacy-Preservation to Smart Contacts

Privacy and scalability are arguably the most challenging issues blockchains face. Scalable privacy-preserving state machines are inherently difficult. While cryptocurrencies like Zcash have proven trustworthy for simple transactions, privacy in smart contract platforms is an entirely different animal. We're joined by Guy Zyskind, CEO of Enigma, a platform for scalable decentralized apps which preserves privacy. The Enigma network treats Ethereum smart contracts as 'œsecret contracts' and...


The Tatiana Show - Lisa Cheng of Etherparty

Topics Include: -- Smart Contracts -- Automates Tokenization -- Blockchain marketing -- Security Audits About the Guests: -- Lisa Cheng is the Founder and Head of R&D of Etherparty. She currently serves as an Advisor for emerging tech startups and has an expertise in Business Development and Product Strategy. Her background includes Fortune 500 companies, Enterprise Sales, Big Data, and SaaS. More Info: Friends and...


The Crypto Show: Chuck Williams &

Today Chuck, Doug and Danny dive into some crypto basics. Doug as always being the proprietor of Phoenix Crypto an ATM and Blockchain training service in Phoenix Arizona comes to us from the studio in Phoenix. Chuck and Danny join in from Denver Co.In the coming weeks we'll be adding a new show on the Bloomberg Business radio channels in Miami, Houston, Denver and San Francisco so stay tune for that.We are really looking forward to reaching outside of the microcosm of Crypto and reaching...


What Bitcoin Did #27 An Interview with Lyn Ulbricht

'œThat's why the founders wrote the 6th ammendment, to protect the accused from judges, just on their own, deciding that something is true without the ruling of 12 jury members.' '" Lyn Ulbricht Interview location: Skype Interview date: Tue 23rd July 2018 Campaign: Free Ross I first met Lyn Ulbricht in Austin in March earlier this year to discuss the case of her son, Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the online marketplace: The Silk Road. Our interview was before the decision of the...


The Crypto Show: Hacker Eijah AKA Eric J Anderson On Promether And DemoNSAw

Eijah joins us in studio today to talk about the latest on Promether. We are also joined by my cohost Doug owner of PhoenixCrypto who offers a wide range of services to the Phoenix area, such as ATM's and training classes. Alex the owner of Classic Crust Pizza which seems to be Phoenix's mecca for Crypto also has a very interesting project that he's working on that incorporates ring signatures into Ethereum. ‚Sponsored by: Dash, CryptoCompare and Defense...


The Crypto Show: Connie Gallippi On BitGive And Their Latest Efforts

On this episode we talked with Connie Gallippi of BitGive on their latest efforts to get crypto currency more widely accepted as a tool for charities. She outlines the new plans and describes many of their past successes.Chuck Williams The soon to be co-host and former UX developer for Dash also joined to talk about various topics. ‚Sponsored by: Dash, CryptoCompare and Defense...


The Tatiana Show '" Lyn Ulbricht of

YouTube Video Here! Topics Include: -- Updates on the effort to free Ross -- Privacy concerns with due process -- The petition to grant a pardon -- Motion to drop charges About the Guests: -- Lyn Ulbricht is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, a peaceful 33-year old and alleged creator of the Silk Road website. Ross was sentenced to double life without parole for all non-violent charges.Since Ross' arrest Lyn has strived to direct awareness beyond the sensationalism to issues at stake and...


#245 Martin Becze: Primea - The Next-Generation Blockchain Operating System

Martin Becze is a researcher at Dfinity working on a next-generation 'œBlockchain Operating System' called Primea - a continuation of his work on the eWASM project from his time at the Ethereum Foundation. Primea is an actor based IPC layer intended for use with WebAssembly programs. Martin first learned about Ethereum in 2014 and was immediately drawn into the possibilities opened by having a contracting virtual machines on a blockchain. While the EVM was impressive, Martin saw the...


What Bitcoin Did #26 An Interview with Richard Burton

'œI think the notion of a protocol which has 21 data centres to which you delegate priority to run smart contracts is a really interesting experiment, but nobody has explained to me why you need $4bn to run that experiment.' '" Richard Burton Interview location: Skype Interview date: Wed 18th July 2018 Company: Balanced Software Role: CEO Nothing can prepare you for running your first startup. After the excitement of raising capital, founders are thrown into a race to achieve some...