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Your favorite panel of non-experts engage in topics on the human psyche and the world's workings with a seamless flow of information to humor. Learn something, have some laughs, and dive into the human mind. Every Sunday, a new release! Livestreams can be found on our YouTube channel:

Your favorite panel of non-experts engage in topics on the human psyche and the world's workings with a seamless flow of information to humor. Learn something, have some laughs, and dive into the human mind. Every Sunday, a new release! Livestreams can be found on our YouTube channel:


Austin, TX


Your favorite panel of non-experts engage in topics on the human psyche and the world's workings with a seamless flow of information to humor. Learn something, have some laughs, and dive into the human mind. Every Sunday, a new release! Livestreams can be found on our YouTube channel:






Episode 49 – Written in the Stars: Astrology vs. Astronomy

1:10 The crew dives into the basics of astrology, astronomy, and the zodiac. Which zodiacs are the most attractive? Which zodiacs are the dumbest, shyest, and most honest? Whos mom is a Pisces and what makes them the astrological wimp of the universe? Which sign eats out a lot? Who are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle? All of the primary characteristics and tendencies are defined at a base level for each zodiac sign. Fire, water, earth, and air signs are elaborated on, as well as...


Episode 48 – Id, Ego, Superego, & Complexes

00:00 This is part 2 of our Episode 46 – Shootin' the Sh*t with a New Panelist discussion. Are ego and personality synonymous? The crew weighs in along with the consensus of psychotherapists. Tina teases Rob's lack of education when he can't remember what the superego and id are. Mike makes an analogy that compares the two and states his belief that our egos are ever-changing. Which one is the angel on one shoulder and which is the devil on the other? When does ego develop and which panelist...


Episode 47 – Playing Games with Resolutions

00:00 Welcome to our first episode with our new full panel! Mike loves Zach's beard and the compliments come flowing. Zack compares The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to deflated balloons in a gutter. Jimmy Fallon should never do a cartwheel again. The crew highlights their most positive moments of 2020. 7:40 "All Hail Tina". Tina talks about her first conversation with Mike and immediately hitting it off with Zack. Crashing cameras, audio fails, calling someone by the wrong name for an...


Episode 46 – Shootin' the Sh*t with a New Panelist

00:00: Intro Song: Before Chill by Yomoti. Welcome to the panel Michael! With the addition of our latest two Psyche-Squad members, we have a complete panel once again! An organic conversation unfolds before the recording of our Ego discussion that turns into a full length episode. Michael does a "PP" sound check because he has some poofs. Tina dubs him a history buff. Gregorian chants, Eyes Wide Shut, egregiously, and extemporaneously somehow make their way into the mix early. He explains...


Episode 45 – The 3 Krampus of the Semi-Dark Web

There are some very... Interesting holiday traditions that Tina Marie, Rob, and Zack discuss. It seemingly just continues to get darker as they begin to talk about different "Christmas conspiracies." Beware: This episode is not for those that are fans of Santa Claus AKA Satan. Can you decipher what could be real or not? Come hang out in this twisted, but hilarious episode with The Psyche-Delic Podcast. In order to see all of our hyperlinks, please visit the official site:...


Episode 44 – The Best Worst Interview Questions... Ever!

Link to the livestream of this episode: Facebook 00:00 Intro Song: Akiva by AИTISOUND. Introducing Noah Botty AKA Zack Wisemen, newest member of the Psyche Squad. Follow all of his endeavors here: Some Nobodies and check out two of his many podcasts: Talking Upstream, Silicon Angels. Golden moments from the Hot Pepper Monologues challenge of the IPU20 Summit are recollected. Link to livestream of this episode: Facebook a reverse interview on their own show! Tina calls it witchcraft. The...


Episode 43 – Modern-Day Parenting

00:00 Intro song: Focusing by Cushy. Introducing Maria from "Successfully Chaotic." Tina Marie provides a super random quiz. The panel jumps in on how they feel it's wrong to hit people. Somebody sings "The Clean Up Song" from Barney and a seemingly perverted comment ensues. Older kids vs. younger kids are discussed. 05:15 Should you allow your child to watch R-rated movies? Which panelist was banned from watching "Scary Movie 3"? RedBox gets called "wack." Which panelists had a...

Episode 42 – Personality Reveal

00:00 We're back for your regular scheduled programming! The IPU20 Summit was a tremendous success. Watch over 60 hours of our LIVE content on the Indie Pods United YouTube channel, and join our wonderful community on Facebook. Visit to find all of the links. Song: "Nocturnal Jam" by Sarah, the Illstrumentalist. Watch The Psyche-Delic Podcast which includes our full podcast and video interviews that you can't access on our audio show. 01:00 How would you describe...


Episode 41 – How to Catch a Liar

00:00 We're back! Tina Marie and Rob introduce their favorite returning guest, Cammy from back to the show, give some excuses on why they've been MIA, and explain the project they've been working on. Nov. 29-Dec. 3 We play this awesome song: "Rasta Fumes" by TR3KK ONE 03:00 Movements gestures, things liars may say or do. The potential awkwardness of people that stare at mouths when they talk. 06:00 "Journeymen liars," little white lies. Criminal...

Episode 40 – The Invisible Virus of Love

Dawn and Daniel Bruce Levin, author of "The Mosaic" and Podcast host of "50 Conversations with Strangers", discuss human nature, and whether world peace is achievable. Daniel turned down a high paying position to travel the world and found himself in a monastery at peace with his Higher Self. Come along as the two delve into what one seeks on this journey of life and love. For livestreams: Patreon:...


Episode 39 – Scariest Mental Illnesses Of All Time

Did you know there is a mental illness called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome? What if we told you it's similar to an LSD trip? Having an alien hand is no longer science fiction. Imagine choking yourself with your own hand that has a mind of its own. Imagine having an uncontrollable urge to cut your own limbs off. Join Tina Marie and Rob of the Psyche-Delic Podcast as they dive deep into these disturbing mental illnesses and much more. For livestreams:...


Episode 38 – Masculine and Feminine Energy

Are your masculine and feminine energies in balance or do they need to be re-calibrated? Join Dawn as she discusses this integral topic with energy coach, Zak Rhoedde. Great insights are presented in this discussion, mainly on how to utilize these powerful energies we have at our disposal in order to prevent and/or resolve conflict in our relationships, including marriage. Relinquishing our expectations we have for our partners and focusing on effort instead of results play a big part in...


Episode 37 – Schizophrenia: A Split Mind

Schizophrenia, an extremely serious mental illness is analyzed. People with schizophrenia are affected by this affliction in all areas of their lives, affecting thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Tina Marie and Rob of The Psyche-Delic Podcast weigh in on this multi-faceted and disabling illness that is much different from personality disorders revealed in previous episodes. Psychotic, cognitive and other negative symptoms are included, along with the pervasive question of genetics vs...


Episode 36 – The Horse-Demon and Paranormal Stories Abroad

Rob and Tina Marie of The psyche-Delic Podcast share their personal experiences with the paranormal in this eerie episode. A giant horse-demon, a hex, and a floating ectoplasm are discussed. Also, one of the more ridiculous mythological originations of the "unlucky" number 13, a flying painting with The Eye of Horus on it, a "gut-spilling" story, and evil murals painted inside the Denver Airport are analyzed. For livestreams: Patreon:...


Episode 35 – The Spooky Sandhills of North Carolina

To kick off SPOOKTOBER, Shaman Dawn and Chris aka Cappy of The Psyche-Delic Podcast tell their personal stories of the most haunted places in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Tune in as they discover their hometowns are actually creepier than they ever realized, as they share stories back and forth of both notorious and lesser-known haunted locations and what they experienced or heard about happening there. For livestreams: Patreon:...


Episode 34 – Crisis Coach: Scott H. Silverman

Join Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast as she has a very engaging conversation with a crisis coach, Scott H. Silverman. Scott works in the field of addiction and helps families navigate loved ones to access treatment and find the best resources suitable for each family. He also runs a rehab facility called "Confidential Recovery". It's an outpatient facility for working professionals to keep their jobs and lifestyle but also go to treatment. Scott shares his strange encounters with...


Episode 33 – Lonely and Sleep Deprived

Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast are joined by Cammy from "Mythstorie" to analyze the correlation between sleep deprivation and loneliness. Perhaps we as a society are immensely undervaluing the impact that sleep, or lack thereof, has on our daily functioning capabilities and motor skills. A couple funny stories, along with an eerie one are shared and insomnia, sleep apnea and all-nighters are touched on. Ambien, melatonin and daylight-savings time are also discussed. For...


Episode 32 – Borderline Personality Disorder

Join Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast as they break down Borderline Personality Disorder and its correlation between Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Other disorders are touched on as the duo deliberates whether or not these three disorders should even be considered disorders or are they just more extreme incidences compared to more mild characteristics the average person displays throughout every day life. For livestreams:...


Episode 31 – Opioids, Tragedy, and Triumph | Livestream

Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast interviews Stacey Toy, a military widow that knows the destruction that opioid addiction carries more than anyone. Join us for an open book discussion on her life, struggles, achievements, and everything in between. For livestreams: Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Our Sponsor:...


Episode 30 – Antisocial Personality Disorder

Join Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast as they discuss Antisocial Personality Disorder. People with ASPD can’t understand others’ feelings. They’ll often break the law or make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause. The terms sociopath and psychopath are becoming obsolete as ASPD has quickly become the latest household terminology in the world of Psychology. What does the DSM-5 have to say about ASPD and how does this disorder compare to Narcissistic...