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Join your host Tina Marie Selene over at her new show "ASCEND AND CONQUER." We are sorry to see the show go, but more awaits us all! :) Your favorite panel of non-experts engage in topics on the human psyche and the world's workings with a seamless flow of information to humor. Learn something, have some laughs, and dive into the human mind. Every Sunday, a new release! Livestreams can be found on our YouTube channel:


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Join your host Tina Marie Selene over at her new show "ASCEND AND CONQUER." We are sorry to see the show go, but more awaits us all! :) Your favorite panel of non-experts engage in topics on the human psyche and the world's workings with a seamless flow of information to humor. Learn something, have some laughs, and dive into the human mind. Every Sunday, a new release! Livestreams can be found on our YouTube channel:






Episode 49 – Written in the Stars: Astrology vs. Astronomy

Tina Marie has a brand new podcast! Find her socials and solve the mystery! 1:10 The crew dives into the basics of astrology, astronomy, and the zodiac. Which zodiacs are the most attractive? Which zodiacs are the dumbest, shyest, and most honest? Whos mom is a Pisces and what makes them the astrological wimp of the universe? Which sign eats out a lot? Who are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle? All of the primary characteristics and tendencies are defined at a base level for each zodiac sign. Fire, water, earth, and air signs are elaborated on, as well as horoscopes. Do you find western or ancient Babylonian astrological philosophies to be more credible? Intro song: Get Lifted by Gregory David The 12 zodiac signs in order are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. 9:00 Who has a natal chart and Microsoft Excel fetish? Why does the 13th constellation, Ophiuchus, freak people out, and how is NASA involved in this supposed hoax? Having once been dubbed a planet, Pluto is referenced as being a present-day dwarf planet. Why was it even considered a planet in our solar system in the first place? Which panelist used to be named the designated factoid person? Tina shares some biased factoids as well as the meaning of the word factoid. The psyche-squad discusses their zodiac signs and the attributes that come with them. Who is a Cancer? Who is a Capricorn? Who is a Leo? Who is "kind of" aquatic but also a good climber? Rob makes a reference to The 3 Krampus of the Semi-Dark Web as well as Zack's affinity with fishes. 13:20 Which zodiac sign has the worst looking symbol? Do any of them have saggy breasts? Someone has an untrue but true theory about the Libra scales, a Lil' Wayne, and a Pizzagate reference. Which sign is most likely to earn $100,000 or more annually? What is a Leo with a Cancer sidekick like and whose egos are the biggest? Zack makes a Gemini Man reference, starring Will Smith, but is interrupted by a diaper request. Apparently, a lot of celebrities are Geminis and stand-up comedians are Capricorns. Which one of these signs is also most likely to quit their job. How does Zach know that they like to quit restaurant jobs? 20:10 According to the FBI, of all the zodiac signs which one gets arrested more frequently and generally commits more serious crimes? Scorpio and Pisces are the most frequent for the US presidency but what are Trump and Biden's signs? Along with Scorpios, Aquarius is the sign with the most intelligence. Cancers are the most emotional and most likely to regret a breakup. Which panel member is a control freak and likes to exert their dominance in the card game, Magic the Gathering? Natal charts are discussed briefly but their complexities will require a whole episode. Did you know the stars can actually interpret your physical appearance? 26:10 Tina touches on current transits and the cosmic gift of solar return as they relate to star placement, planetary alignment, and astrological forecasts Synastry is also elaborated on and its significant influence on zodiac compatibility. Listeners are reminded that Leos aren't always jerks. Aries isn't always angry. Why are Cancers earth signs when they come from the water? 32:35 Astrology vs. Astronomy | What are the similarities and differences? Which one is the mother of the other and which is a pseudoscience? When and where did ancient astrology come about? "The answer is written in the stars." What are facts and science as they relate to astronomy and what are its ancient upbringings throughout human civilizations? 37:55 Tina wishes she could live in the Messier 82 (The Cigar Galaxy). She recollects an encounter in which she and Rob were driving in a foggy meteor shower in Texas. Go to Google Sky Map to watch these phenomena develop. We will never fully understand the complex nature of the...


Episode 48 – Id, Ego, Superego, & Complexes

Tina Marie has a brand new podcast! Find her socials and solve the mystery! 00:00 This is part 2 of our Episode 46 – Shootin' the Sh*t with a New Panelist discussion. Are ego and personality synonymous? The crew weighs in along with the consensus of psychotherapists. Tina teases Rob's lack of education when he can't remember what the superego and id are. Mike makes an analogy that compares the two and states his belief that our egos are ever-changing. Which one is the angel on one shoulder and which is the devil on the other? When does ego develop and which panelist nails the answer? Intro Song: All We Know by: Boomo 3:45 Tina ties in nature vs. nurture and touches on early environmental influences on the ego. Is it insulting to tell someone they have a big ego? Mike enthusiastically admires the willingness of the crew to touch on such deep and touchy subjects. Which panelist fell in love with chocolate almond milk, but still keeps regular-ass milk as a side piece? Stuck in a love triangle, they describe in detail what their spouse used to pack them for lunch. Were Fruit Gushers a cafeteria inspiration to us all? 6:45 Do you think that the ego is always bad? Tina is displeased with the vague responses, highlights the ego's potential to yield positive results, then proceeds to do a quick One Way Or Another jingle by Blondie. Rob believes the destructive side of the ego far outweighs the potential good side. Can the crew win a Nobel Prize for coming up with an addition to Sigmund Freud's classic theory about the human psyche? Rob takes another jab at pharmaceutical companies. 9:40 Is it wrong to take pride in having a positive impact on society? Tina clarifies that healthy and unhealthy more accurately describes the ego than good and bad. Mike asks a very important question. Rob highlights the numerous variables that slap the ego together and delves into varying degrees of trauma and defense mechanisms as they relate to the self-identity (or self-concept). The importance of channeling your trauma into positivity is stressed because it is the most positive recourse. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) (broken down in the DSM-5) seems to always get mentioned in these psyche-based episodes. Awareness of narcissism seems to be the best way to alleviate its negative character traits. The main plotline of the movie Revolver, directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Jason Statham, is a battle with the ego. Rob questions if he uses the word trope correctly and frustrates Tina when mentioning William Shakespeare. 14:30 Freud's theory on the id, ego, and superego is introduced as the main topic of discussion. Do bodily needs/wants and emotional impulses stem from the amygdala? The reptilian brain, pleasure principle, impulsiveness, and lizard brain? are mentioned. Sex, bodily needs, and the meatpacking industry are also tied together. Do manipulative egos exist and could one convince oneself to eat romaine lettuce contaminated with E.Coli? Part of the crew takes this joke way too seriously. Tina fails to satisfy her ego after stumbling over a "completely brilliant" thought she believed she had. Which of the three components of this theory controls the physiological and subconscious responses within us? Rob thinks he's referencing Howard Stern to a previous episode, but later realizes he meant to say Ozzy Osbourne. This is the first easter egg fail in the history of TPDP. 17:30 The 10 (or 9) best words and phrases, from the world of psychology, that best correlate to the ego are listed and the crew has major discrepancies about one of them. Rob ignorantly states that conceit and deceit are synonymous and Tina swiftly scolds him back in his place. Rob summons Cortana to do her first task of all time, only to prove himself wrong. Tina makes up a new phrase: Robin Hood deceit. Rob fumbles a bit while trying to say the word neutral, while Tina mocks him...


Episode 47 – Playing Games with Resolutions

Tina Marie has a brand new podcast! Find her socials and solve the mystery! 00:00 Welcome to our first episode with our new full panel! Mike loves Zach's beard and the compliments come flowing. Zack compares The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to deflated balloons in a gutter. Jimmy Fallon should never do a cartwheel again. The crew highlights their most positive moments of 2020. 7:40 "All Hail Tina". Tina talks about her first conversation with Mike and immediately hitting it off with Zack. Crashing cameras, audio fails, calling someone by the wrong name for an extended period of time to sounding like cave trolls and a virtual breakdown are some of the embarrassing moments of the year for the squad. Like Mike somehow gets referenced and Lil Bow Wow gets a rare shout out. 15:00 Zack glamorizes the weather in Boulder, Colorado, while Mike expresses his disdain for New York weather. Noise reduction gets a W. Tina tells a terrifying tell of when she climbed too far up a mountain and had to be rescued by EMT's. The panel tells their greatest lessons learned this year. Pursuing passions, promoting positivity, overcoming negativity, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, and authenticity are important topics discussed. 20:35 "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME"? Tina attempts a Saw reference as a tribute to episode 2, To Weed or not to Weed? She proposes the game Never Have I Ever and the crew realizes they're too old to remember the rules, but sort of figure it out. Zach realizes all of the things he's been missing out on after getting a wakeboarding question. Which panelist stole a car and got away with it? Which male panel member has never been a lesbian? Did someone accidentally call their wife, mom and who got called their dog's name. Mike declares his competitive nature and tries to take out Zack. Who walked down a dark alley with a crack addict? Rob forgets the only rule to the game and Zack blames it out the weed. Who hates their feet and has painful toenails? Who got snowed in on a mountain with Buffalo Bill's grave? Is a fractured vertebrae considered a broken bone? Who crafted riot gear and watched their friend get hit by a car while protesting Operation White Shield? Someone reveals they're watching the first season of The Mandalorian while recording. Which two panelists battle it out for the smallest ass cheeks? What city can you find a butt sock or a poop sock? Which two panelists have driven large vehicles in foreign countries while under the influence of psychedelics? Mike explains at great length the importance of driving a stick shift. Which panelist was being spied on by a county drone while on ketamine? Will Zack try it for the first time? Who threw a haymaker at an alpaca for spitting a hot, hairy loogie at them? Did they apologize afterwards? The game concludes and Zack is the only loser, but he's received a lot of awards lately so it's ok. 43:40 Why does Mike want to talk about New Year's Resolutions so bad? The crew explains their perspectives on this matter. Setting yourself up for failure, getting overwhelmed, bad expectations, self-sabotage, deeper behavioral issues, reset buttons, regret and other perspectives are all analyzed in-depth. What are the origins of New Year's and is it based on lies? Why is January named after the Roman God Janus and what is the hidden metaphor behind it? 52:10 Zack goes on impactful philosophical tangents about the shortcomings of New Year's Resolutions and its failure as a helpful concept. Owning up to mistakes, learning and growing as badges of honor is also touched on. Rob ties in guilt, shame, regret, and repetitive cycles, then proceeds to get sentimental. The crew concludes with the challenge of delivering a message in the proper way to the proper people, active listening and being humble but confident. 58:00 This concludes The Psyche-Delic Podcast's first official episode with...


Episode 46 – Shootin' the Sh*t with a New Panelist

Tina Marie has a brand new podcast! Find her socials and solve the mystery! 00:00: Intro Song: Before Chill by Yomoti. Welcome to the panel Michael! With the addition of our latest two Psyche-Squad members, we have a complete panel once again! An organic conversation unfolds before the recording of our Ego discussion that turns into a full length episode. Michael does a "PP" sound check because he has some poofs. Tina dubs him a history buff. Gregorian chants, Eyes Wide Shut, egregiously, and extemporaneously somehow make their way into the mix early. He explains just how deep his nerdiness goes with many made-up adjectives. 04:00 Michael explains the term Rule of Thumb and its misogynistic origins. Tina finds out that "finna" and "thirsty" are now in the official dictionary. The crew elaborates on thirsty a lot and the hip-hop origins of the word b* is talked about in-depth. Look up the debate Does Hip-Hop Degrade Society? Michael references to. What does the word b* mean to you? 8:40 Tina seamlessly changes the subject and explains coming up with a topic of for this episode that doesn't actually happen until Pt. 2. Michael says he still hasn't listened to our podcast and Rob jokingly says podcasts suck, but ours is good, as an ode to the topic of ego. 10:35 Tina does the standard intro and can't pronounce Michael's last name (Pasciolla). Rob's middle name is Michael. Did The Godfather conquer the Scandinavians or was Italy conquered by the Vikings? Michael explains the complex nature of his Italian heritage extensively. Different shades of white, olive and Olive Gardens are talked about. Michael expresses his love for mozzarella and apparently people actually say "mozz" as slang. 16:30 Tina and Rob start to ask Michael three hard interview questions. Michael explains what he dislikes about humanity the most and how to be the change. He humble brags about having the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Tina becomes extremely jealous. He also refers to Apple as being the Fisher Price of PCs. Rob and Tina explain how they think the Apple logo symbolizes the Forbidden Fruit. Michael goes into great depths about his ex-employer, the falling out they had, and how to protect yourself against shady bosses. He explains how far he has to be pushed in order to get angry. 24:30 Michael states his biggest weakness, how it affects the ones closest to him, and ironically calls himself "The Situation" by accident. Tina busts out her usual quiz, this one about the 6 different types of egos. The crew describes their answer. Which two panelists get social and who gets independent? 29:50 Michael explains that he is a Libra and how his astrological sign ties into his dry, deadpan sense of humor. What does Earth Dragon mean and why is Mike pictured as The Punisher holding a baby gavel? Michael elaborates on Western and Chinese astrology signs. Which panel members is a rooster and which one is a rat? 34:00 Tina explains the stress and mental anguish she went through before and during the Indie Pods United '20 Summit and why she should be proud. Vulnerability being s strength is discussed and how it's perceived as weakness. Talking through problems and venting being misconstrued as nagging stem from this topic. Michael expresses his Chocolate Almond Milk craving and love for The Grinch with Jim Carrey. 40:00 Michael finds a loophole in using Amazon Prime while still maintaining his stance of hatred for the industry giant. Tina explains the original name of The Psyche-Delic Podcast, why it had to be changed, and the previous two logos, one which was made in Paint. Michael explains the moral dilemma between learning to do things for yourself and paying people in your community to do things for you. Should you save money, promote the humans around you, or give in to corporations? Outro song: Old Grump by Smartface. For livestreams:...


Episode 45 – The 3 Krampus of the Semi-Dark Web

Tina Marie has a brand new podcast! Find her socials and solve the mystery! There are some very... Interesting holiday traditions that Tina Marie, Rob, and Zack discuss. It seemingly just continues to get darker as they begin to talk about different "Christmas conspiracies." Beware: This episode is not for those that are fans of Santa Claus AKA Satan. Can you decipher what could be real or not? Come hang out in this twisted, but hilarious episode with The Psyche-Delic Podcast. In order to see all of our hyperlinks, please visit the official site:**** 00:00 Have you ever had an odd feeling about Santa? Some of the panelists clearly do. Zack has extremely large hands that you cannot see. The Mandela effect is blowing a panelists’ mind. Can you figure out the strange traditions of several different countries? As it gets progressively darker, they touch on Germany, Japan, and Scandinavia. Intro song: A Winter's Night by: Etienne Roussel. Happy LIFE day (Star Wars people get it). Fish is a very important component of all the banter to come during the rest of this holiday quiz which progressively gets darker. What is the most “Christmassy thing” you can do? Do you know about Italian feasts? All you need to know is- “MEAT STICKS.” Tina Marie learns about the plural of “fish.” 07:00 This is where Tina Marie shines her epic Spanish pronunciation more than ever. Which country was conquered more than any other? Have you heard of this festival? (Visit link by visiting official site). Haunted house vs. Nativity scene. Random people are coming for you... 09:20 Surely you know about Krampus. We’re still in the quiz stages, as highly entertaining as it is. Krindlekrouch or is it KrindleGRAMP and Rumpelstiltskin- there is a correlation. The few are thrown out about the Russian traditions. Some underlying witch moments occur. Be sure to hide your broom from one of us. We make it easy for our American listeners by providing our beloved audience with some easily understandable pronunciation. Rob is winning and it's very unfair. 13:30 “I’m gonna pillage your villages.” KFC is VERY important to what country? Zack continues to stick to the fish. Which panelist loves fried chicken? (Link for popularity of KFC in Japan) Which panelist is “aggressively” lactose intolerant? 15:20 We break the fourth wall. Thanks to Zack, this episode exists. Go check out his creative work ( What is the affinity with the “Elf on the Shelf?” Tina Marie and Rob know nothing about this. They begin to feel like boomers. Apparently Obama and The Lord of the Rings have some type of correlation. Many conclusions begin to be drawn. From the CIA and Stargate archives to being monitored by these elves are picked apart. Should you be worried about metaphorical nuts and your soul? 19:30 Facebook privacy is watching you. Santa is apparently an evil surveillance machine and continues to be Satan throughout the episode for reasons that you will need to figure out yourself. The three philosophize on a conspiracy created by the Conservatives. Capitalism, blasphemy, creepiness, and materialism is all discussed in depth. Will he plead guilty? It’s nearly irrefutable. Zack finds it quite easy to apply a sinister undertone to reindeer. 24:50 One panelist is more than willing to give away dead teeth. Voodoo, taxes, witchcraft. Feel free to buy one of these panelists’ “parts” that are not of use to them. Do you eat placenta? We’ve all had the opportunity. Apparently Santa is trying to mend his ways, allegedly. Santa is full, yet also unredeemed. Myths and conspiracies continue. Who are the 13 original bloodlines? Rob does too much name-dropping and Tina Marie has no clue this easter egg has been dropped until now. 29:20 How to protect yourself from Santa 101 AKA Satan. Apparently Tina Marie is not allowed to have opinions. Paganism and the birthday of...


Episode 44 – The Best Worst Interview Questions... Ever!

Tina Marie has a brand new podcast! Find her socials and solve the mystery! Link to the livestream of this episode: Facebook 00:00 Intro Song: Akiva by AИTISOUND. Introducing Noah Botty AKA Zack Wisemen, newest member of the Psyche Squad. Follow all of his endeavors here: Some Nobodies and check out two of his many podcasts: Talking Upstream, Silicon Angels. Golden moments from the Hot Pepper Monologues challenge of the IPU20 Summit are recollected. Link to livestream of this episode: Facebook a reverse interview on their own show! Tina calls it witchcraft. The questions begin and the crew admits to the shame of once recording on an iPhone 8 and thinking the quality was good. 2:45 Tina takes the game too seriously after she feels "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" vibes. Zack appears to enjoy describing sweaty weiners. He concludes that humans are only meant to consume a max of two weiners per year. Tina passes on a few daunting questions but the panel pushes on. Did Rob really interview Tina to be his girlfriend? The answer appears unclear. Mcdonalds' dollar biscuits get lumped into a philosophical discussion. 4:50 A typical football question gets asked and Rob realizes the questions aren't actually hard to answer. Tina demands tougher questions and after listening to the recording, can't tell if she came off rude or not. Someone sings Out of Love by Air Supply and Batman gets all the praise while Robin is disrespected with an expletive. 06:20 Zack turns up the heat on Rob and starts asking questions that catch him off guard. Rob "comes clean" about a drug reference, intending to edit it out later but says screw it. Should you feel embarrassed to have milk, cheese, or kimchi in your refrigerator? 08:16 Celebrity encounters are discussed, causing Rob's football references to tally at a whopping four already. Tina busts out her self-absorbed alter-ego while outshining Rob with her Kanye, Rihanna, and Chris Brown stories. 10:40 Tina says "I like food" shortly before Rob says she can Beat Bobby Flay, incidentally inflating her ego even more. Zack requests a detailed spice rack blueprint for the blind. Speaking of food, his sarcasm starts to become more mysterious and the crew fears they may be getting out deadpanned. 12:25 Can a panelist channel their inner Ninja Turtle and pinpoint exactly why the circular makeup of a manhole makes it easily accessible? Tina throws shade at Rob but does he even realize it? Disneyland in France steals the spotlight for a short story time and someone's dreams died there. Rob makes a connection to the Scariest Mental Illnesses of all Time. Zack claims to appreciate "scientific" answers. Rob cuts Tina out of his profile picture for looking like Splice. What the hell is a "Bafoonsie" and how does Tina fair when her quantum physics knowledge is tested? So many bad questions and the answers continue. 20:40 Where did Zack find these questions? We sadly may never know. Tina does a forgettable regal British accent (just kidding, it was pretty good). Parkouring inside a blender is referenced for the first time in human history. Zack envisions using the measurement lines for some classic Assassin's Creed platforming. Does one of the panelists reveal that they may have never learned basic arithmetic? 22:57 Super Powers and Tig Ol' Bitties lives up to its title of most comedic episode of all time. Zack claims his favorite superhero in relation to being redheaded. Tina gets upset over a question and decides to pass on it but seizes the opportunity for a monologue. 26:00 Rob compliments Tina by comparing her to the most important bicycle parts, while taking the back seat. Tina continues her enthusiasm for answering questions about herself, publicly declaring her love for ranch sauce (IG:@AsianRanchSauce). Does Zack insinuate that she's a redneck? 30:00 A panelist is almost stumped by a "Tom & Jerry" question but...


Episode 43 – Modern-Day Parenting

00:00 Intro song: Focusing by Cushy. Introducing Maria from "Successfully Chaotic." Tina Marie provides a super random quiz. The panel jumps in on how they feel it's wrong to hit people. Somebody sings "The Clean Up Song" from Barney and a seemingly perverted comment ensues. Older kids vs. younger kids are discussed. 05:15 Should you allow your child to watch R-rated movies? Which panelist was banned from watching "Scary Movie 3"? RedBox gets called "wack." Which panelists had a "taint-fest" at age 15? Our "Lonely and Sleep Deprived" episode is referenced. BEWARE THE DANGERS OF RAMEN NOODLES! Do you have snack rules before bed time? Rob believes it's ok to have pretzel sticks before bed. Maria is a "helicopter mom" and the term "airplane dad" is created. Somebody gets falsely accused of using the wrong adjective. Tina says the word "buddy" three times which is very unlike her. 10:30 It is clarified that Maria knows how to read, but is her husband illiterate? Is it ok to throw children across the room? Is it appropriate parenting to make children work for their toys? Somebody explains that their dad paid them generously as a child to pick up pinecones. $10 per pinecone in fact and they sadly only managed to pick up a lifetime total of five. Pinecones are very scary apparently. 16:05 What is the main goal of parenting? The panel is collectively labeled as "best friend parents." Maria refers to her first-born as a "guinea pig child" and she touches on her learning experiences. The panel gets into the psychology behind childhood development. 19:20 Everyone agrees that autism should be referred to as a language barrier instead of a disability. Maria talks about her rewarding experience she's had raising her son, who has autism, and how he's helped her grow as a person. She recalls an encounter with an old man that shamed her in public after her son had an episode and explains how emotionally crushing that was for her. 22:45 Tina Marie defends crying babies on planes and condemns the adults that end up crying on the plane as a result. Tina Marie pulls up some text messages from revealing a few cringy, shameful parenting moments. Rob tops it off with what he believes to be a horrible impersonation of a certain mother. Are Pokemon cards demon cards? The four official parenting styles are discussed in depth. The panel philosophizes about the legitimacy of these parenting techniques and tell personal stories throughout. 31:30 Tina Marie turns it up a notch in the way she questions the validity of these parenting styles. Rob questions Tina's questioning on the matter but they decide not to argue about it. Maria sides with Tina and explains how her parenting changes depending on the day and all of the different variables to take into consideration. 35:00 The "Freestyle" parenting technique is created by the ladies and is dubbed the only valid parenting style. It is unanimously decided that being a parent is a role, not an identity, and Rob links this to his family. "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman is incorporated into parenting. The panel reveals what their love languages are and the most common one is also revealed. 42:10 The Psyche-Delic Podcast is VERY excited to reveal a new permanent panel member who will be making their debut on their next episode! Outro song: Into the Blue by Luwaks For livestreams: Facebook: Instagram: Our Sponsor: Indie Pods United: Support The Psyche-Delic Podcast by contributing to their Tip Jar: Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.

Episode 42 – Personality Reveal

00:00 We're back for your regular scheduled programming! The IPU20 Summit was a tremendous success. Watch over 60 hours of our LIVE content on the Indie Pods United YouTube channel, and join our wonderful community on Facebook. Visit to find all of the links. Song: "Nocturnal Jam" by Sarah, the Illstrumentalist. Watch The Psyche-Delic Podcast which includes our full podcast and video interviews that you can't access on our audio show. 01:00 How would you describe yourself? Seems like a simple question, but it can reveal a lot about someone's personality. Do you identify with your occupation or something deeper and more personal? This question alone can show if you're humble, introverted, extroverted, etc. 03:30 What is your biggest accomplishment? Tina says "apparently" a lot in this segment and vows not to use the word again for the rest of the episode. This question can reveal a lot about your past and where your interests lie. 05:30 One of the two recently came out with their trauma on being kidnapped, tying into one of the questions that can "reveal someone's true personality." By making this realization, the response to this particular question quickly changes. You can listen to the story of this trauma by visiting award-winning author of "The Mosaic" Visit Daniel Bruce Levin's podcast on YouTube: "Conversations with Strangers" to watch their enlightening episode as well as his very deep and personal conversations with hundreds of others. 06:00 How long does it take someone to answer the question about their accomplishments? Great insight is provided on what it means. Tina has some advice for Tinder users. 07:00 Which one of the two has read THOUSANDS of books? What types of books do you read? Do you read at all? Why is this even important? Someone gets a little philosophical, but that clearly happens often on The Psyche-Delic Podcast. We keep talking about books, but I bet you can't guess what TYPES of books we do have in common. 09:30 WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB? Do either of them have a dream job? What is the meaning behind answering this type of question and what can it reveal about your personality? "Apparently" a LOT. Proven by psychologists, this question, including several others are asked a lot when studying the human psyche. They discuss their dream jobs. Tina explains how she used to make $10K weekly pre-COVID. Tina gets offended that some people don't believe that "puppy cuddling" is an actual job. 12:15 Guess who's personal hero is THEMSELF. This question speaks a lot to one's true character. Tina gets into why ego is so important. Rob has a much more in depth response to his personal hero. They decide this is one of the most meaningful questions they have picked apart yet. 15:15 There are questions that some people want people to ask them. Do you have one? What is it? Are you being honest with yourself about it? Rob makes up a new word that should be in Merriam-Webster 2021, but in a philosophical way. Tina struggles with this question and does a little rambling to get around it. They speak about how they have helped others using psychology and variations of this question. 18:10 A little discussion on exes happen, and they pick apart what they've learned from those relationships, taking a moment to really get introspective. What guilt, shame, lack of attention, and self-entitlement can do to you. 20:10 How does anger manifest in your body? This is a profound question that you probably shouldn't ask someone in that exact way, especially if you're dealing with an angry person. What bottling up anger can do to you from the perspective of someone that feels anger in a deep way. Tina empathizes with those that deal with anger, realizing she is more of a "reactor" or "responder" when it comes to anger. This question is really to help the other person, and not so much for yourself. 23:20 Philosophies we live by, and why they are so important, no matter how cliche they might sound....


Episode 41 – How to Catch a Liar

00:00 We're back! Tina Marie and Rob introduce their favorite returning guest, Cammy from back to the show, give some excuses on why they've been MIA, and explain the project they've been working on. Nov. 29-Dec. 3 We play this awesome song: "Rasta Fumes" by TR3KK ONE 03:00 Movements gestures, things liars may say or do. The potential awkwardness of people that stare at mouths when they talk. 06:00 "Journeymen liars," little white lies. Criminal suspects during interrogation, and how you can use this special tip to catch a liar. The importance of understanding body language. 12:15 That "gut instinct" you should never ignore, somehow paired up with a random "Reservoir Dogs" reference. We assess smile lines and our own wrinkles for some reason. Tina Marie's cat makes an appearance and she gets really sidetracked. 14:40 Nervous ticks, microexpressions, lie detectors/polygraphs, and physiological responses a liar might have. Cammy gives Tina Marie a friendly reminder that they're doing an audio podcast and no one can see her arm-flailing example. 24:15 Cammy demands a quiz and we can't help but give in. Somehow we end up solving a few "liar" mysteries together. We prove to the world we're actually semi-experts at being human lie-detectors. 30:00 When do liars clear their throat? Before, during, or after the lie? Also, a huge shout out to Alex Hylton of That's Strange podcast, another co-founder of Indie Pods United, and graphic designer for the event: A Mr. Meeseeks impersonation that we aren't quite sure about. 37:00 We do some random improv acting as "liars" in annoyingly high-pitched voices. Cammy owns Rob and Tina Marie by answering a series of questions with... more questions, at lightning speed. 47:00 Dropping some knowledge on anyone holding the truth back from loved ones, etc. and other insightful commentary that doesn't last entirely too long. 51:00 One of the panel members tells an insane tale of almost being convicted of arson. 55:00 We love Pinecast. "THEY HAVE A TIP JAR." 55:30 "Lying is EXHAUSTING," one of the panel members goes full on Shirley Temple and nobody knows what triggered it. Also, a fire outro song you should stay for: "Dancing With The Devil" by: Bonkers Beat Club YouTube: Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Our Sponsor: Support The Psyche-Delic Podcast by contributing to their Tip Jar: Find out more at

Episode 40 – The Invisible Virus of Love

Dawn and Daniel Bruce Levin, author of "The Mosaic" and Podcast host of "50 Conversations with Strangers", discuss human nature, and whether world peace is achievable. Daniel turned down a high paying position to travel the world and found himself in a monastery at peace with his Higher Self. Come along as the two delve into what one seeks on this journey of life and love. For livestreams: Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Our Sponsor: Free Audible Book: Our Publicist: Song: "Pool Party" Song: "Finally B" To learn more about Daniel B. Levin, please go to: TheMosaicOnline.Com The Mosaic Book Club: YouTube channel: Support The Psyche-Delic Podcast by contributing to their Tip Jar: Find out more at


Episode 39 – Scariest Mental Illnesses Of All Time

Did you know there is a mental illness called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome? What if we told you it's similar to an LSD trip? Having an alien hand is no longer science fiction. Imagine choking yourself with your own hand that has a mind of its own. Imagine having an uncontrollable urge to cut your own limbs off. Join Tina Marie and Rob of the Psyche-Delic Podcast as they dive deep into these disturbing mental illnesses and much more. For livestreams:...


Episode 38 – Masculine and Feminine Energy

Are your masculine and feminine energies in balance or do they need to be re-calibrated? Join Dawn as she discusses this integral topic with energy coach, Zak Rhoedde. Great insights are presented in this discussion, mainly on how to utilize these powerful energies we have at our disposal in order to prevent and/or resolve conflict in our relationships, including marriage. Relinquishing our expectations we have for our partners and focusing on effort instead of results play a big part in...


Episode 37 – Schizophrenia: A Split Mind

Schizophrenia, an extremely serious mental illness is analyzed. People with schizophrenia are affected by this affliction in all areas of their lives, affecting thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Tina Marie and Rob of The Psyche-Delic Podcast weigh in on this multi-faceted and disabling illness that is much different from personality disorders revealed in previous episodes. Psychotic, cognitive and other negative symptoms are included, along with the pervasive question of genetics vs...


Episode 36 – The Horse-Demon and Paranormal Stories Abroad

Rob and Tina Marie of The psyche-Delic Podcast share their personal experiences with the paranormal in this eerie episode. A giant horse-demon, a hex, and a floating ectoplasm are discussed. Also, one of the more ridiculous mythological originations of the "unlucky" number 13, a flying painting with The Eye of Horus on it, a "gut-spilling" story, and evil murals painted inside the Denver Airport are analyzed. For livestreams: Patreon:...


Episode 35 – The Spooky Sandhills of North Carolina

To kick off SPOOKTOBER, Shaman Dawn and Chris aka Cappy of The Psyche-Delic Podcast tell their personal stories of the most haunted places in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Tune in as they discover their hometowns are actually creepier than they ever realized, as they share stories back and forth of both notorious and lesser-known haunted locations and what they experienced or heard about happening there. For livestreams: Patreon:...


Episode 34 – Crisis Coach: Scott H. Silverman

Join Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast as she has a very engaging conversation with a crisis coach, Scott H. Silverman. Scott works in the field of addiction and helps families navigate loved ones to access treatment and find the best resources suitable for each family. He also runs a rehab facility called "Confidential Recovery". It's an outpatient facility for working professionals to keep their jobs and lifestyle but also go to treatment. Scott shares his strange encounters with...


Episode 33 – Lonely and Sleep Deprived

Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast are joined by Cammy from "Mythstorie" to analyze the correlation between sleep deprivation and loneliness. Perhaps we as a society are immensely undervaluing the impact that sleep, or lack thereof, has on our daily functioning capabilities and motor skills. A couple funny stories, along with an eerie one are shared and insomnia, sleep apnea and all-nighters are touched on. Ambien, melatonin and daylight-savings time are also discussed. For...


Episode 32 – Borderline Personality Disorder

Join Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast as they break down Borderline Personality Disorder and its correlation between Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Other disorders are touched on as the duo deliberates whether or not these three disorders should even be considered disorders or are they just more extreme incidences compared to more mild characteristics the average person displays throughout every day life. For livestreams:...


Episode 31 – Opioids, Tragedy, and Triumph | Livestream

Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast interviews Stacey Toy, a military widow that knows the destruction that opioid addiction carries more than anyone. Join us for an open book discussion on her life, struggles, achievements, and everything in between. For livestreams: Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Our Sponsor:...


Episode 30 – Antisocial Personality Disorder

Join Rob and Tina Marie of The Psyche-Delic Podcast as they discuss Antisocial Personality Disorder. People with ASPD can’t understand others’ feelings. They’ll often break the law or make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause. The terms sociopath and psychopath are becoming obsolete as ASPD has quickly become the latest household terminology in the world of Psychology. What does the DSM-5 have to say about ASPD and how does this disorder compare to Narcissistic...