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Ep. 19 - Statists Force Vs. Property Rights, Government Poising, Private Schooling, Privatize It All

The guys talk about a few local news stories including a greenhouse wanting to bring in workers and the surrounding neighborhood wanting to use government to stop it. Another news story about how the government's recommendation for allowable poison in the water turns out to be wrong? Well, I'm for one shocked! Then a look at the benefits for privatization including schooling.

Ep. 18 - Government Shutdown, Perpetual War, Federal Reserve, & Gold Standard

Ding dong the government is shut down! The road to tyranny is over...right? Come on now! The guys talk about the unnecessary need of a federal power, how the current war state started after the fall of the Soviet Union, what the Federal Reserve is and how evil it is, and what the benefit to having a gold standard is.

Ep. 17 - Michigan News Potpourri With Libertarian Commentary

The government approves the legal level to poison you: Michigan Schools need permission to do things: Colleges overspending on upper management:...


Ep. 16 - Just Say No-thing To The Police

The boys discuss what to do when confronted by the police - say nothing and find out if you are being detained. As a jumping off point, they discuss an article from mLive about a protester who was choked, assaulted, and arrested by Michigan police. You can find the article here -

Ep. 15 - Objecting To The NAP Part 2

Continue the critique the article "Six Reasons Libertarians Should Reject the Non-Aggression Principle" by Matt Zwolinski. Fraud, aggression, and children are the topics covered. You can find the article here -

Ep. 14 - HELP FIRE & Objecting To The NAP Part 1

The guys briefly go over the Michigan election and also why you shouldn't rely on the government for your safety or protection using the California wildfires as an example. Next, they start critiquing the article "Six Reasons Libertarians Should Reject the Non-Aggression Principle" by Matt Zwolinski. Pollution, violence, and risk are the three topics covered this episode.


Ep. 13 - Michigan Elections & Proposals

The guys discuss the upcoming Michigan elections and especially focus on the three proposals. What is the libertarian outlook on weed, gerrymandering, and voting issues?

Ep. 12 - Foreign Policy And The NAP

The war issue is the most important component of the libertarian ideology. This episode, the guys talk about how the NAP informs foreign policy.

Ep. 11 - Free Market NAP With Food Regulations & Minimum Wage

The guys finish their three-part episode with of the Free Market and the NAP with a discussion on food regulation and minimum wage.

Ep. 10 - Free Market NAP With Subsidies, Regulation, & Organ Harvesting

Part 2 of 3 on how the NAP applies to free markets. The boys talk about issues subsidies given by the government have and how regulations can be accomplished without the state. They even touch on just how much a kidney goes for and why it's not right you can't sell your organs.


Ep. 09 - Free Market NAP With EPA, Roads, & Crony Capitalism

Hey! You can see the guys in this episode! Patrick and Matt discuss how the NAP is the basis for the free market. They then go on to talk about how the EPA and other government interest corrupts the free exercise of the market. Then they tackle the dreaded question for all libertarians...WHO WILL BUILD THE ROADS?!?!


Ep. 08 - Discrimination And The NAP

No, not that type of discrimination. The one in the sense of making the decision to exclude freely because you have the right to.

Ep. 07 - Taking A NAP In School - Part 2

Part two of the discussion of public education being a moral violation and how it's an old failing system in need of breaking apart and privatizing it.

Ep. 06 - Taking A NAP In School - Part 1

The boys give an update on the homeless issues discussed in the last episode and then discuss why public education is a moral violation and how it's an old failing system in need of breaking apart and privatizing it. iTunes - Stitcher - Google Play - YouTube -...

Ep. 05 - Private Parks & Private Governments Makes For The Happiest Places On Earth

Public parks are causing an issue in the city and Disney has its own government...and it truly is the happiest place on Earth.

Ep. 04 - Primaries & NAPing on Drugs

Patrick an Matt discuss the Michigan Primaries, crazy libertarians, and drugs in light of the NAP.


Ep. 02 - Stadiums Won't Save Us & Government Is Killing Us With Water

Economic proof that public stadiums are a bad idea. Also, the government knew about bad water and does not allow competition to stop the poisoning.

Ep. 01 - Intro & Event Center

Welcome to our first episode. We're just two guys who love liberty and espouse libertarian principles. But we're still learning and we want to learn with you, be challenged by you, and share ideas with you. Join us, won't you?