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Examining the relationship between ideology, religion, culture and sports

Examining the relationship between ideology, religion, culture and sports
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Examining the relationship between ideology, religion, culture and sports






Ep. 10 The Rise of the New Religions

John McWhorter of Columbia University, Donald Boudreaux of George Mason University, and Comedian Andrew Doyle, all help to support my thesis that much of the conversations and conflicts we have today are not a result of disputes over facts about society, politics, or economic ideas, but rather, conflicts of religious belief systems. Professor John McWhorter explains how today's anti-racism is really a religion that actually hurts blacks. Professor Donald Boudreaux reacts to the religious...


Podcast 09: The NCAA, Slavery and The Ryan Shazier Miracle

March Madness is over but the complaints of the NCAA exploiting college athletes never ends. Many popular sports broadcasters, professional athletes, and media members compare the NCAA college amateur system to slavery. Is it a fair comparison, or is it just business? I look into this topic and, as usual, provide the solution, fixing yet another American institution. An amazing, inspirational Youtube video documents the latest success in Ryan Shazier's epic and heroic battle to regain full...


Podcast 08 Atheism: The Religion for the Intelligent?

Atheist evangelist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, preaches to an enraptured audience about the ignorance of believing in God. Dr. James Tour, voted one of the 50 great minds in science, and devout Christian, highlights some of the severe problems with the atheist's creation story; evolution. Le'Veon Bell and his agent use George Costanza's negotiating technique; holding out for less money. Discovery Science News Youtube Channel James Tour: The Mystery of the Origin of Life Neil deGrasse Tyson...


Episode 07: AOC and Jim Bakker, Apocalyptic Preachers; Lebron James King of LA?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or televangelist extraordinaire, Jim Bakker; who is the better religious apocalyptic preacher? Which one has the better money hustle? I spend a little time on the great Thomas Sowell's book A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles. Sowell explains (far better than I ever could) the underlying premise of my "Big Idea". Turns out Sowell already has it nailed down. In the Uncolored Sports segment, I examine the current state of the LA Lakers...


Episode 06: Socialism, the WNBA, and Understanding Value

Socialism always fails because it lack a basic understanding of markets and supply and demand. The essential market data generated by free trade is lost in Marxist, utopianism, and a twisted moral code based on false, misguided, a priori assumptions about human nature. The long list of failed attempts in countries around the world, tens of millions of lives lost to murder, starvation, and imprisonment doesn't not disuade the religious adherents of this murderous doctrine of rule by the...


Episode 05: Intellectual Bigotry and Intellectual Bullying (Yes, that's a thing.)

The science community puts biologists, Michael Behe and Scott Minnich on Blast! Behe and Minnich were disavowed by Lehigh University and the University of Idaho respectively, like two spies caught behind caught behind enemy lines. Their crime? Using scientific data and mathematical calculations of probability to challenge the established dogma of materialism and naturalism. NOT Debunked!...


Episode:04: The Problem with Marxism, Le'veon Bell's Contract, and the Solution Feeding the Homless!

What's wrong with Marxism? You name it! But, I identify the two key flawed assumptions of the Marxist religion and its ideological offspring. In the Uncolored Sports segment, I tell you the real value of Le'veon Bell to the NFL. And I give restaurants a million dollar idea, while simultaneously solving the problem of feeding the homeless!


Episode 03: The Evolution Debate, The Secret of Tom Brady's Success and the Fix for NFL Replay

The Evolution Debate: How The Hell Did We Get Here? In this, my 3rd podcast, I look at how the debate over Darwinism and the origins of life and the cosmos. Opposing worldviews are trying to kidnap science as a propaganda tool for religious indoctrination. And one of them is not the religion you think! Uncolored Sports This past Weekend in the NFL, The New Orleans Saints get the BONE, and Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to their 9th Superbowl appearance in 18 years! In the...


Episode 02: The Religion of Global Warming and The Religion of Racism

In this episode I reveal the religious nature of global warming alarmists The zealousness with which many who proclaim the impending destruction of the planet due to global warming parallels that of the most extreme fanatics found in some religions. Rather than objectively considering all data regarding the climate, the religious global warming alarmists demonize nonbelievers as heretics, and deniers. This behavior is not that of objective, reasoned scientists, it the kind of thing you...


Episode 01: What's the Big Idea

In my first episode, I do my best to articulate the Big Idea. I don't quite have it nailed down yet, but I think it may be important enough to work it all the way out. While I've no credentials as a scientist, philosopher, academic, professional athlete, sociologist (I could go on...). This idea touches on, and maybe even encompasses all of these areas. I have no illusions that I've figured out something that all of the great minds throughout history, and today have not already discovered...