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Hosted by K1n9 Finesse. Other Kings & Queens will be invited on to give their perspectives about various topics such as: current events, music, sports, relationships, and more. Plus, those Kings & Queens will be on the spotlight and speak about their incredible impact that they have in society today. Tune in and enjoy!

Hosted by K1n9 Finesse. Other Kings & Queens will be invited on to give their perspectives about various topics such as: current events, music, sports, relationships, and more. Plus, those Kings & Queens will be on the spotlight and speak about their incredible impact that they have in society today. Tune in and enjoy!
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Hosted by K1n9 Finesse. Other Kings & Queens will be invited on to give their perspectives about various topics such as: current events, music, sports, relationships, and more. Plus, those Kings & Queens will be on the spotlight and speak about their incredible impact that they have in society today. Tune in and enjoy!






Official Tissue

Summary: The 27 Klub brought all the energy the K1n9’s Corner needed for Episode 4. King Kaach 27 unfolded his love for making music and performing to K1n9 Finesse. King Koach also spoke very highly on raising Epilepsy awareness, find out why in the episode. We gave you a treat by adding an extra ‘Bid of the Episode’ in so, enjoy! This episode is sponsored by N.O.W. Brand. Follow the brand on IG @NOW_Brand for more information. The Musical Selection for this episode is featured on the...


Channel Your Energy

Queen Chantale Belefanti has blessed the Pod with her presence on a Tuesday evening. She and K1n9 Finesse discussed working in communications, motherhood and the challenges of graduate school. She also touches on fashion and promotes her own Boutique (IG: @EveLawrenceBoutique). They recently dropped their fall line. So, go check it out Queens. The Musical Selection for this episode is called “Problems”. by J09l. The song will be featured on his upcoming EP called “Not For Sale Vol....


Appreciate Your Victories

K1n9 Finesse was joined by a King of the Marketing World, King Dexter Childs. The two King’s rapped about marketing your brand, entering into your 30s, and music in 2019. You guys might want to hear what King Dexter has to say about Social Media. The Musical Selection for this episode is called “Like Me” by J09l. The song will be featured on his upcoming EP called “Not For Sale Vol. 2”. Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and SoundCloud. Follow the Instagram.... Show: @K1n9sCorner Host:...


Dear Summer

The K1n9 & the Corner are back after a HOT summer off from Podcasting. He was accompanied by two Queens (Queen Jam, Ep. 12 & Queen Sana, Ep. 6) who have been here & done this before. The K1n9 gave us an update on his life, how hot the summer really was and his hot takes on Philly sports. SZN2 is looking great so keep your ears keen to the airwaves. Meant to mention this… but this is the first of many episodes of the K1n9’s Corner Podcast to be recorded in the Aphillyated Music Group...


Ep. 20 - SoundBite Vol. 1

From the K1n9’s Corner Podcast to the listeners, K1n9 Finesse wants to thank every last King & Queen who has tuned in, who has subscribed or has told someone else to do the same. And now, for a special farewell episode to finish off the first complete SZN of the #K1n9sCornerPodcast, we present to you the SoundBite Episode Vol. 1. The soundbites consist of raw material that were originally cut highlights, bloopers, confessions and more. Remember Kings & Queens — This is a podcast where we...


Ep. 19 - Family & a Fifth

The K1n9 invites his own Kin onto the show for the 19th episode of the #K1n9sCornerPodcast. Brother, King Ant, and Brother-Cousin, King Alex, park up at the kitchen table with a 5th of whiskey on ice. The three reminisce about their days growing up, their favorite crushes of the 90’s and music in 2018. #KCPFollow King Ant on Twitter & Instagram @I_Am_SkiTeam.Follow King Alex on Twitter @bigpop87 & on Instagram @asap_washed.And, don’t forget to follow the official @K1n9sCorner Podcast page...


Ep. 18 - "GIVE'EM THE MAXXX!!"

It’s all about the aesthetics, right? Drinking ginger tea, in front of a LIVE audience, while King’s speak on topics that King’s speak on daily. Can’t get much better than that.K1n9 Finesse was joined by King Khari (no Irving) & King James (no Bron)touched on building their real estate brand/company, sports, music and a HOT TAKE involving our lovely Queens of today’s society. #K1n9sCornerPodcast #KCP #IssaGoodJawn“As we move forward from today, please remember the basis with which we held...


Ep. 17 - “What’s behind the Red Door?"

Queen Bri a.k.a. Tatiana returns to the Corner. This time, beside Queen Terrie a.k.a. Pam. The K1n9 and Queens take you on a trip down memory lane of their Friendsgiving, their days as college students and the various forms of vagina a.k.a. “the yams”. #K1n9sCornerPodcast #KCP #FancyDrinksPodcastQueen Pam’s B.O.E.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJaaLXZwmsU Follow Queen Pam on Instagram @lyonnesss & Twitter @PrincePam_. Follow Queen Tatiana on IG and Twitter @heybri_. And lastly, do NOT...


Ep. 16 - M.T.N.C.

Deep in the Northern part of Philadelphia, K1n9 Finesse linked up with a lawyer-in-the-making, King Taylor Johnson, to speak on some serious matters that effect all of our lives in today’s world. The two discussed rape culture, proper planning a.k.a. the 6 P’s of Life and the importance of creating lines of income to fuel your career goals. Hence, the title “M.oney T.rain N.ever C.eases”. #K1n9sCornerPodcast #KCPFollow King Taylor on Twitter @SlimeTimeCvsh. And lastly, do NOT forget to...


Ep. 15 - Make It Happen

K1n9 Finesse linked up with a Queen on the north side of Jersey who has a knack for fashion. Queen B. Cherry is a stylist and has her own marketing company, ’Coutured VII’. The two conversed about fashioning on a budget, living throughout the East Coast & microaggression (link below). #K1n9sCornerPodcastM-A Article link:...


Ep. 14, Pt. 3 - Amplified Music Mix

K1n9 Finesse wanted to play his favorite songs by King Draft & Queen Safina at the end of their episodes. But since King Jerm Scorsese has worked with both artists, K1n9 thought it would be a golden idea to mix it together. 1. 2 I’s - King Draft ft. True Lies … Prod. by Jerm Scorsese (00:10)2. Ruin Freestyle - Jazmen Safina … Prod. by Jerm Scorsese (04:15)3. I Spy - King Draft ft. CJ Fly (07:35)4. Day 3 - Jazmen Safina ft. King Draft … Prod. by Jerm Scorsese (11:30)5. Win or Lose - King...


Ep. 14, Pt. 2 - Reina Safina

Reporting live from IG Live is how this episode was recorded so there will be some connection issues as you listen. K1n9 Finesse was lucky enough to have a beautiful vocalist come onto the show. Queen Jazmen Safina, another N.C. Central University Alumna, is living her best life in Los Angeles, CA as she is expanding her singing career. The two spoke about her transition to Los Angeles, upcoming project with King Jerm Scorsese and love for N.C.C.U.Follow @JazmenSafina on Twitter & IG. Her...


Ep. 14, Pt. 1 - Finessing the Draft

Still feeling the effects from N. C. Central University’s Homecoming, the King’s were able to link up for a solid show once the weekend concluded. King Draft joined K1n9 Finesse to talk about his rap career, experiences with Rapsody, 9th Wonder, Nas & Erykah Badu and recapped homecoming. Follow @KingDraftMusic on Twitter & IG. His music can be streamed on Tidal & Apple Music. And, do NOT forget to follow the official page of the @K1n9sCorner Podcast on Twitter & Instagram.This episode is...


Ep. 13 - Banana Boat Crew

On the third day of December, K1n9’s Corner gave to thee…The Mark & Dark show, another Philadelphia based podcast, joined K1n9 Finesse. King Mark Randall III and King Derrick Darko pulled up on me in North Philly to chat about living the podcast life, their multimedia company (Spaces Philly) and the latest on Kanye/Push/Drake’s rap beef. The last 20 minutes of the episode is gem-worthy. So, grab that handy dandy notebook and saddle up. #K1n9sCornerPodcast #KCPFollow Mark on Twitter &...


Ep. 12 – uberVOTE

Queen Jam and K1n9 Finesse took a drive around the city looking for a quiet, scenic spot… EPIC FAIL! But they did manage to have a dope conversation about: the variety of eateries in Philly (to fit all vibes & moods … so, grab a pen & paper), the HBCU experience and the metrics of success/rules of life. Since Queen Jam always puts together a smooth playlist, K1n9 Finesse gave her three songs for everyone to enjoy at the end. Make sure to follow the official page of the #K1n9sCornerPodcast on...


Ep. 11 - 2 Queens on a Pod: If you know, you know

For the first time on the show, K1n9 Finesse is joined by two Queens from the “Hood of Cheltenham” aka LaMott. Clatchet Queen Kyia & Queen Tiff the Baller sit down with K1n9 Finesse to discuss their experiences on the campus of West “Cheddar” University, living at home in your 20s, Queens in their professional industry and much more. Do NOT forget to follow @K1n9sCorner on IG/Twitter and use #K1n9sCornerPodcast to chime in on the conversation. #KCPThis episode is sponsored by Polaris Law...


Ep. 10 - Night at the Mosh-Pit

2 Seater is in the process of aggressively spreading their brand across the nation. So, K1n9 Finesse was only able to gather one of the audio experimentalists. King Bran B-G accompanied me to talk about experience in hosting events, 2 Seater Radio show and fashion. You will get to hear the voice of the other half of 2 Seater, King Tre Banks. K1n9 Finesse called him in from wherever he was located that night. #K1n9sCornerPodcast #KCP #CarConversationsFollow the brand @2SeaterAudio on...


Ep. 9 - SB LII: Eagles 41, Patriots 33

The most difficult part about the episode was getting all three of them under one roof to record. But, they made it happen! King Dimes & King G sat down with K1n9 to discuss nothing but football related topics. They shed some light on a few offseason troubles, the butterfly effect of the kneeling controversy and our P.P.P.O. Fantasy Football league. K1n9 Finesse would like to apologize in advance for all my non-football watchers. But, at least they caught you up on the recent NFL events....


Ep. 8 - Fraudi Arabia

“The only rules that life has are the ones that we make it; and even those are subjective depending on who you ask.”A King on the mic, Fastlane Frank, took time out of his schedule to join K1n9 Finesse on the #KCP. They conversed about coming up in the rap game, health over wealth, social media and trips to Soca carnivals. First, you’ll hear his musical selection, which is followed by K1n9 Finesse's favorite Fastlane Frank song. Check him out on SoundCloud now! #K1n9sCornerPodcast #KCP...


Ep. 7 - “If you’re not following your passion, what’re you doing?”

Before the episode starts, you will hear the beautiful vocals of K1n9 Finesse's Family singing the regular version & the Guests singing the Afro-Centric Philly version of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.For the K1n9’s 25th birthday, he was accompanied by Queen Siani Leigh and King Hastings W. Coach. We talked about entertainment within Philly, the long history of black entertainment, growing up with siblings and Astrology/Numerology. #K1n9sCornerPodcast #KCPThis episode is sponsored by Coach's...