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Amazon ads advertising profit margins with Mike Zagare

Amazon advertising strategy comes in many forms. Today we talk with Mike Zagare on his tips on ads advertising and profit margins. Background: Mike Zagare is a recovering physical therapist. 2016-2017 he went all-in on Amazon. Learned PPC. Helped scale his business. He started PPC entourage in order to handle the PPC across multiple (stock-keeping units) SKUs. The connection between margins and PPC In the summer of 2017, they were getting overcharged by thousands of dollars. He had his...


Amazon product Launch Strategy for 2019 with Mike Zagare

What is your basic launch strategy? Every Amazon product launch strategy should be “Stick the landing” (make sure the product keeps the keyword ranking after the launch) Build a great foundation. Make sure it’s a strong listing Put targetted keywords in targetted places. Great keyword research Title, bullets, backend keywords Search terms - exact search term Target 2-3 keywords at a time. Use lower competition keywords. Eg: Helium10 and viral launch. Look at CPR tool on Helium10. Put it in...


How to minimise Amazon suspension Risk with Joshua Price

What is your Amazon Suspension Risk? If you think you might be at risk of Amazon account suspension, we advise you to use the “Suspension calculator” on Joshua’s site right now. It might just help save your account! To learn how to minimise Amazon suspension risk, the first thing is to read the main Amazon policies. Policies on suspension risks have changed over time. If you’re doing something and you don’t know what the rules are, you’re bound to risk it! What are the main areas of rules...


Amazon Account Suspensions with Joshua Price

Amazon account suspensions create numerous headaches and affect a lot of businesses around the world. Find out what Amazon Account Suspensions Expert Joshua Price has to say on today's episode. Are you at risk of Amazon Account Suspension? If you think you might be suspended, you could use the “Suspension calculator” on Joshua’s site Joshua’s Background Working with Amazon for about 6 years Worked on suspensions for 4 years. Suspensions Likelihood of suspensions Almost everyone has...


Outsource Amazon tasks – with Connor Gillivan of Freeeup

Outsource Amazon tasks - with Connor Gillivan of Freeeup www.Freeeup.com - why did it start? The experience of Scaling their Amazon business. They tried to outsource Amazon tasks and got frustrated. They hired people for Amazon tasks and were unimpressed with existing hiring platforms, like: Upwork Fiverr Freelancer Found amazing people to outsource Amazon tasks to, but frustrated with the hiring process: Too much time posting jobs, interviewing and vetting 20 people Turnover Not supported...


Sales tax for Shopify with Paul Rafelson

Sales tax and Shopify/ non Amazon e-commerce with Paul Rafelson What about sales tax for Shopify or other e-commerce business owners? The Amazon marketplace vs. Shopify Sales tax for Shopify business owners (or any similar system) is a different situation to that for sellers on marketplaces. Amazon tries to play both sides of the fence with - they want to avoid bad things like sales tax by saying “sold by Joe Seller”, but they want to keep the customer relationship and branding. Otherwise,...


Tax Nexus with Paul Rafelson of eCommerce Attorneys

Tax Nexus with Paul Rafelson What is “Tax nexus”? And is this relevant? Tax Nexus is a question of whether a government has jurisdiction over you, ie, can they make you do things? Eg The State of Alabama has little jurisdiction over you if you live in UK. If you engage in certain activities, you may get “nexus”. Does Tax nexus matter? It depends! States that don’t have “marketplace facilitator laws” including Maine, Vermont, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida might chase up individual Amazon...


Sales Tax Law with Paul Rafelson of eCommerce Attorneys

Sales tax law with Paul Rafelson of eCommerce Attorneys part 1 What is happening with Sales tax law - simple summary? It’s been a developing issue of last few years. Sales tax law has been a driving issue of life being difficult for e-commerce sellers in the USA. However, things are looking up for Amazon sellers. A few years ago, some sellers were told to register and collect sales tax in every state. That isn’t really easy to do. Over the last year, most of the important states (for...


Selling on Amazon for Retailers with Will Tjernlund

Selling on Amazon for retailers with Will Tjernlund of Goat Consulting Selling on Amazon for retailers is what you specialise in. What is the biggest learning from running your Amazon Agency (Goat Consulting)? Selling on Amazon for retailers can be a little confusing. Every retailer thinks they have a unique Amazon story. And they think they can’t solve the issues of Selling on Amazon. But more and more, retailers have the same issues selling on Amazon as each other. What are the typical...


Competition on Amazon: how to evaluate it with Will Tjernlund of Goat in

Competitor Analysis on Amazon with Will Tjernlund of Goat Consulting People who eat sleep and breathe Amazon are focused on competitor analysis of Amazon e.g Best Seller Rank. Whereas Will wants to deep dive into the whole marketplace and analyze the seller as a whole: Do they have multiple products? One? Are they resellers or do they have own brand? Jungle Scout and viral launch don’t tell you who you’re competing with. Multinational brands often have no idea what individual customers want....


Pricing Psychology with Paulina Masson

Pricing Psychology with Paulina Masson of Shopkeeper.com Pricing psychology - is there a simple rule of thumb or complex? Pricing psychology can be somewhat complex. The biggest first thing to say about pricing is to keep it simple! If you make price plus discount hard to calculate that puts buyers off Think of $20 price plus $3 coupon Two options on amazon Round $ amount %age off Paulina usually uses amount, but if high price point, give % off It’s easier to calculate. Testing of Price vs....


Amazon Pricing Strategies with Paulina Masson

Amazon Pricing Strategies with Paulina Masson of Shopkeeper.com How does using an app like Shopkeeper.com for Amazon pricing strategies fit into your overall e-commerce strategy? Amazon Pricing Strategies and managing cashflow - you have to decide strategically, especially cashflow. Background Software developer - looking for tools to make life easier. As entrepreneur it’s nice to stick to creative, best outsource or automate repetitive tasks. Did lots of online marketing, affiliate...


Amazon Black Hat Tactics with Kevin King

Unethical Chinese Amazon Black Hat Tactics with Kevin King Contents: Amazon Black hat in China - What Chinese sellers are learning Amazon's response to Black Hat Is it worth spending time worrying about Unethical black hat tactics in Amazon? Yes it is serious. Kevin likes to keep to white hat on Amazon. But he likes to know what’s Chinese Amazon sellers are doing. Amazon Black Hat training in Canton Kevin was speaking at the MDS - Million dollar seller group with Brandon Young They were...


Source Amazon products from China with Ash Monga of Imex Sourcing

How to Source Products from China for Amazon with Ash Monga of Imex Sourcing When sourcing Amazon products from China, do sellers/retailers need to have staff on the ground in China? Do you need to have a native Chinese speakers and contacts? If so, how do you know who to trust? When you source products from China for Amazon, it does make a huge difference if you have native Chinese contacts - the majority of QC issues are down to communication issues. Communication is not just language,...


Getting Quality Products from China with Ash Monga of Imex Sourcing

Getting Products Made in China with Ash Monga, Founder and CEO of Imex Sourcing, What are the 2-3 most important things you think a serious e-commerce, Amazon, ebay or seller needs to consider when try to getting products from China to sell? Know what you want Most important thing about getting Quality Products from China: know exactly what you want. Sellers often pick opportunities based on JS etc. You can order a sample, check components. Go to Youtube and look at production process for...


Amazon FBA customer returns with Benjamin Chambers

FBA Customer Returns Report- How to get your money back as an Amazon FBA seller! with Ben Chambers of Refund Hunter Amazon FBA Customer Returns are a tough area to get reimbursed for because of a few factors: Seller initiated refunds Simple thing is detecting when customer been refunded and not returned product Hard thing is to know whether Amazon initiated the refund or the customer Sometimes the seller will refund things themselves Amazon will say - you’re ineligible for a reimbursement...


Amazon FBA seller refunds with Ben Chambers

FBA seller refunds with Ben Chambers (operations manager) of Refund hunter Why do people need Refund Hunter/Refund Hunter? Amazon FBA seller refunds is a real issue. Often sellers often have unclaimed funds. That's because they: Don’t have know-how Don’t have time to get that money back Who uses Refund Hunter? Wide range of customers need to get FBA seller refunds: Corporations doing $10’s of millions Lots of big Chinese manufacturers these days. Anyone who can’t scale out a dedicated team...


Selling your ecommerce business ($5M+) -advice from Providium

How to Sell your Ecommerce business for a $5M+ valuation What do you need to do if you are selling your ecommerce business worth over $5 million? Buyer types for $5M+ businesses Selling your ecommerce business for a higher valuation is in some ways actually easier than selling a smaller business. Certainly, there are more buyer types for higher-value businesses. Buyer groups - individuals who pool their money - informal Investor groups Family offices Wealthy family has generational wealth -...


Selling your Amazon business with Chris and Jason of Providium

Selling your Amazon business with Chris and Jason of Providium Chris Shipferling & Jason Somerville of Global Wired Advisors/Providium Why sell your Amazon business? Is this really the main option for most people long-term? Selling your Amazon online business is always something you need to consider. Of course, tt’s an option to hang onto your business. Sadly, the data says you’re very unlikely to pass this to your kids. For nearly every person who owns business could make more money by...


Outsource for e-Commerce with Aaron O’Sullivan

Outsource for e-Commerce Personal assistant (in person)vs. Virtual assistant when you outsource ecommerce Where you outsource for e-commerce depends on where you’re based! And Depends on your situation. Outsource to someone part-time to start - depending on your profit level. If based in UK, USA, when you outsource for e-commerce, you need to consider: Local (can connect virtually) Virtually you can hire amazing people Book keeping can all be done virtually Outsource for e-commerce vs....