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Barry Kirby explores aspects of Human Factors, from practitioners in the field, through Processes and Tools that are useful (or not) and other Information and News that may be beneficial. For HF people to keep in touch and non-HF people to hear what we do.

Barry Kirby explores aspects of Human Factors, from practitioners in the field, through Processes and Tools that are useful (or not) and other Information and News that may be beneficial. For HF people to keep in touch and non-HF people to hear what we do.


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Barry Kirby explores aspects of Human Factors, from practitioners in the field, through Processes and Tools that are useful (or not) and other Information and News that may be beneficial. For HF people to keep in touch and non-HF people to hear what we do.








Farming, Decision Making and IOT - An interview with John Owen

In this podcast, Barry interviews John Owen, Project Manager at Gelli Aur Farm, Coleg Sir Gar, where they teach agriculture students about using future technologies in farming, as well as providing cutting edge research utilising sensor technologies and IOT.


The Burning Issue - An Interview with Nick Rutter from Fire Angel

Humans are currently blamed for the majority of damaging dwelling fires. An underlying reason behind that is a lack of knowledge of how people behave when waking up bleary eyed to a smoke or fire alarm. Nick Rutter, the co-founder of Fire Angel talks to Barry about how they are combining smoke and carbon monoxide alarms with IOT to gain more data into human behaviour and dangerous behaviour and habits.


Supporting Musculoskeletal Health - an interview with FLX Health and Arco

In this interview, the topic of musculoskeletal disorders are a leading cause of occupational ill health in the UK, accounting for 30% of all work-related ill health cases and 27% of lost working days. Affecting 14.9 million people nationally, and its costs the NHS over £5 billion per-year for treatment and support. Arco have partnered with FLX Health to bring the FLP app to the UK which not only looks to accelerate the recover process, but also prevent injury in the first place. Barry...


Human Factors in Healthcare - An Interview with Tony Andre

Tony Andre is the founder of Interface Analysis Associates and has decades of experience applying Human Factors in the healthcare setting. Additionally he also started the international symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare it 11 years ago and now it is the main event in the field. The latest is in March physically located in New Orleans. (You can still register and attend!) Plus the new human factors in healthcare journal. He is also launching a new Pro Bono initiative for...


Human Factors in Agriculture - An interview with Jill Poots

A domain that has always held an attraction is Agriculture, and even more so with the development of technology that is being utilised to enable fewer people on a farm to do a lot more. From GPS enabled tractors to the use of IOT technology to ensure the soil and water have exactly what is needed and when, as well as being able to predict weather windows for fertilising the land and harvesting crops. But its also a dangerous environment, with heavy machinery that is focused on cutting,...


Working from home - getting serious about furniture - An Interview with Guy Osmond

Working from home has been a necessity throughout the pandemic, but now the idea of Hybrid Working is the "new normal". As we move from necessity to normal, we should also be moving from the dining room chair to something that is going to properly support us. Guy Osmond has been on that journey throughout the pandemic with his ergonomic furniture business, and shares with us what we should be looking for.


What does 2022 hold?

An introduction to the 2022 programme, what can be expected and what are the opportunities.


Review of 2021 - With Jo Polson

We look back not only at 2021, but at all the podcasts to date and pick our favourites, as well as look at the other statistics such a location and popularity.


CPD in 2021 - An Interview with Fiona Cayzer

CPD deadlines are looming for 2021 and Dr. Fiona Cayzer gives us some insights into what we should be doing by the end of December. We also learn about what the Professional Affairs Board does in the CIEHF as well as about how she got into Human Factors.


What goes on under the bonnet of an Ergonomics Conference?

An interview with Dr. Nora Balfe, and Dr David Golightly, the co-Chairs of the Conference Proceedings about what goes on in the background of organising the Ergonomics Conference and what 2022 is shaping up like


Public Spaces and Aging Populations - An interview with Prof Charles Musselwhite

An interview with Professor Charles Musselwhite about his research into the design if public spaces and how we need to be thinking about the aging population. Not only embracing the fact that we all age, but that we should also have enjoyable spaces to engage with as we age.


Conscious Design - An Interview with Ian Peterman

Ian Peterman is the Autor of a new book, Conscious Design which has just launched. Conscious design is a philosophy Ian uses within his team, to create brands and products that restore and sustain our planet. This interview talks about how we can embed through-life thinking in our everyday work. To find out more about the book: https://www.consciousdesignbook.com/


When Podcasts Collide: Human Factors Cast. An interview with Nick Roome

Nick Roome is the creator and main host of Human Factors Cast, a weekly Human Factors podcast that looks at current news and events in the HF domain. In this interview he explains how the podcast came to being, how the different elements of it works, and his plans for the future.


Pushing the boundaries of Human Factors - An interview with Professor Paul Salmon

Paul Salmon is Professor in Human Factors and is the director of the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems at the University of the Sunshine Coast. In this interview he talks about how his interest in HF was sparked by Football boot design, and then goes on to highlight the research with Transport and Infrastructure he has been doing and the surprising sociotechnical links he and his team have found.


Health, Fitness and Behaviour Change – an interview with Hec Salgado and José Martínez-Abarca

The modern trend of rushed lifestyles, fast food and fitness being for those who like to flex it in the gym could be drivers behind what some describe as a health epidemic. Barry Kirby has been on a 13 week journey with the team at FitnessTMB which takes a more behavioural approach and had led to him losing over 2 stone in weight. In this episode, Barry interviews the team at FitnessTMB, Hec Salgado and José Martínez-Abarca, to look under the bonnet of the programme and why behaviour change...


Fatigue Risk Management – An interview with Sarah Booth

Our Performance can be hugely affected by the amount of Sleep that we get. Yet it is one of those subjects that can be difficult to engage with, never mind manage. In this episode, Sarah Booth, an expert in Fatigue Risk management with Baines Simmons highlights some of the issues and mitigations that should be considered, and from a personal perspective, what we can do to get a good nights rest! You can contact Sarah though LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-booth-73913070


Deep Dive -Human Factors in Diving with Gareth Lock

This episode is a "deep dive" into the Human Factors aspects of Diving (see what I did there....). In this episode, Gareth talks about how he has brought his knowledge of Human Factors into the arena of Diving. In an industry that comprises a huge leisure and tourism sector as well as a military and police angle, Gareth highlights just how HF can play a huge part, as well as how he is overcoming the challenges of developing HF in a new sector. Gareth is the author of the book "Under...


Sensory Design, Wayfinding and #WorkshopOnACard – an Interview with Alastair Somerville

In a Bank Holiday Special, Barry caught up with Alastair Somerville, a Sensory Design Consultant who injects a much broader vision on UX by asking the question of "what are people capable of" rather than what they are not. Alastair also talks about how his approach to delivering workshops, and gives us an insight into how his next series, called 'Workshop on a Card' is going to work. To get in touch with Alastair, his LinkedIn is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alastair-somerville-b48b368/...


Just Culture – An interview with James Hayton

Culture is something that influences everything we do, so having the right culture can really make or break a business. in this episode, Barry interview James Hayton, the Human Factors and Safety Culture lead at Baines Simmons Ltd (https://www.bainessimmons.com/). The discussion looks at what a Just Culture is all about, and how empowering your workforce to say what they think can have real benefits to the bottom line. James talks through the steps involved and how it should be implemented....


Users and Government Digital Strategy – an Interview with Lee Waters MS

To have a successful user experience takes more than just a good user interface, it needs to have the user centred approach at the core of the product and the business. In this episode I talk to Lee Waters MS, who (at the time of recording as there is now an election) is the Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, and more importantly for this interview, the lead for AI and Digital in the Welsh Government. We talk about the Digital Strategy for Wales and his motivation for driving it. It...