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35: Streaming Data For Digital Assets

Steven Orr, of Benzinga, former-Money.net and ex-Wall Street trader, explains the value of real-time, high frequency financial data on digital assets. He traces how blockchain markets have evolve to become part of the public discussion and institutional adoption. He shares his thoughts on the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis's forum on ccryptocurrencies and the notion of a Fedcoin. Links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-e-orr-0bba232a Twitter: @palacegypsie Follow A Bit Cryptic Podcast:...


34: Stock and Flow of a Health Crisis|ConsenSys Government

Tori Adams, DC-based blockchain innovator with ConsenSys Government, shares how her personal heartbreaks with opioid addiction fueled her interest in combating this public health crisis by connecting behavioral economics with decentralized systems. Through trying to help her daughter through her heroin addiction, Tori realized how ill-equipped the United States is in dealing with this issue. Tori sheds light on how some commonly used medical treatments for opioid addiction do not have strong...


33: Fake News | Ari Zoldan

Today we discuss everything from the tech scene in Russia and intermittent fasting, to entrepreneurship and fake Amazon product reviews. We wax about how little changes in wording makes a big difference in public perception and how general public perception of blockchain/crypto is still pretty goofy. Ari believes the general media has very little clue what’s happening in the blockchain world (many interviews still begin with ‘but isn’t bitcoin just used for drugs and crime?’) Ari also turns...


32: Central Banker Decrypts|David Andolfatto

David Andolfatto, VP of Research at the St. Louis Federal Reserve is a thought leader on cryptocurrency and the new market places popping around it. Central bankers have often been hesitant to speak about crypto, but David has been crypto-educator since 2014. His community policy briefings usually are usually packed to standing-room only. In this episode we discuss how central banks are not only warming up to blockchain but are now exploring use cases of blockchain. We talk about how...


31: My Body, My Data! |Raj Sharma|Health Wizz

At Coinvention (Philadelphia), Raj Sharma, CEO of Health Wizz, chats about their mobile app helping people to aggregate, organize, own, and share their health data. He goes over their vision for a market where people can share health info directly with a health orgs. and caregivers without the web of brokers, while reaping reward points similar to consumer gift rewards. Interviewer : Yidu Wang Show notes: Dang Du Links: https://www.healthwizz.com/ Access premium content from us:...


30: Robots AI Market | Tra Vu | Kambria

Today we interview Dr. Tra Vu, COO of Kambria and Professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Dr. Vu explains how Kambria/OhmniLabs aims to bring AI and robotics to the general public, how children can make a robot dance within 5 minutes using only a browser, how hackathons are used to solve difficult challenges and develop the community, and how AI/robotics entrepreneurs, inventors, and manufacturers all benefit from having a collaborative ecosystem. Interview and show notes by: Dang Du,...


29: Making a Shift|Alex Lopatine

We talk with Alex Lopatine, executive chairman of Blockchain Shift (ticket giveaway in this episode!), managing partner at Park Capital, Co-Chair of the Florida Blockchain Foundation, & Executive Chairman of Wysh. We discuss the ability of blockchain to unite disparate groups, why banks are broken, how NOT to run a conference, and how blockchain will revolutionize gun control. Interviewed by: Jeff Peterson and Alain León Show notes: Dang Du Links: Blockchainshift.io Wysh.ai Parkcapital.io...


28: Bitcoin Messiah|Patrick Byrne

We talk about tZero leading the charge into the revolution of capital formation that are security tokens, Dr. Byrne’s battle with cancer that lead to his PhD in philosophy, mentorship from his Dutch Uncle (Warren Buffet), and how he is using land titles to revolutionize the economies of several countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Interviewed by: Jeff Peterson and Alain León Show notes: Dang Du Links: Overstock.com T0.com Book: Roger Lowenstein – Buffet: The Making of an American...


27: A Shared Spotlight on Advertising

Unlike Mad Men, modern advertising is largely digital. But like the TV show, it can be mysterious and brutally competitive. Furthermore, layers of middlemen and tech-driven campaigns take it to a whole new level. Hidden fees and fraud cause mistrust among market actors. Sam Kim is cofounder of Lucidity, a blockchain-based marketing analytics company for digital advertising. He unveils how the sausage is made and how their tech stack can bring transparency to the industry. Follow A Bit...


26: Regulations 101 Panel

Youtube version of episode: http://bit.ly/2DQCEtV At the Blockchain World Conference 2018 in Atlantic City, co-host of A Bit Cryptic podcast Jeff Peterson interviews an expert panel on their thoughts on crypto regulation. We talk about the crazy crypto tax rules, regulators, security tokens, and when the institution money will finally roll in. Guests: Brandon Elliot (CEO of Javvy), Chris Cole (RLT Atwood Group), Kunal Desai (Bulls on Wall Street) Links: javvy.com bullsonwallstreet.com...


25: Cross Border Properties on Chain|Alex Voloshyn|Propy

Alex Voloshyn, CTO of Propy, sums up how to do global real estate deal flows on the blockchain: searching, listing, paying, and settling disputes. He shares lessons learned from building a valuable core team+advisors; importance of data encryption; benefits of automation; and working with governments at various levels on legacy infrastructure. Hosted by: Jeff Peterson & Dang Du Follow A Bit Cryptic Podcast: twitter.com/keepitcryptic Medium: medium.com/@abitcryptic Facebook:...


24: On Health, Humans, and Blockchain|Jose Arrieta|HHS

Jose Arrieta, US Health & Human Services, "the Elon Musk of government," on using blockchain to make centralized government more efficient and decentralized. He breaks down: problems with delivering public services; combining blockchain tech stack with advanced analytics; and previews his blockchain class at Johns Hopkins. Hosted by: Dang Du & Yidu Wang Follow A Bit Cryptic Podcast: twitter.com/keepitcryptic Medium: medium.com/@abitcryptic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abitcryptic/ If...


23: Dirty Secrets of Crypto | Matt Herrick & Joe Santaniello

Alain and Jeff talk with Matt Herrick (co-founder of Deedcoin and Ledgerleap) and Joe Santaniello (OTC trader and founder of CPO Ventures). We talk about of the numerous shady things we've seen from the dark underbelly of crypto... Hosted by: Alain León & Jeff Peterson Show notes by: Dang Du Links: Matt Herrick's projects: ledgerleap.com deedcoinlaunch.com Joe Santaniellos's telegram channel: https://t.me/cryptohights Joe's LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/joejsantaniello Legit people in crypto:...


22: Saving Lives Block by Block | BlockMedX

Dang and Yidu interview Dr. Alexander Antoniou, MD/MBA, Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer, & Director of Strategy at BlockMedX. We discuss the ongoing opioid crisis in the US, how that fueled the creation of BlockMedX, and the role that technology and blockchain can play in improving patient health. We discuss the importance of mitigating price volatility, creating the best possible user experience, allowing people to control their data, and minimizing administrative burden. Bonus: how to...


21: How to do an Offering | Eli Jawad Ansari

We interview Eli Jawad Ansari, head of Blockchain Investment Banking at Boustead Securities. Boustead runs security offerings for ICOs and is also creating its own security token exchange. We discuss what companies need to do during an ICO to make sure they don’t have the SEC knocking at their door, what you need check to do as an investor to make sure the company and ICO is legit, and some shady things that some naughty companies do. Episode hosted by: Jeff Peterson and Alain León Show...


20: Advocating for the People | American Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association

Dang interviews Howard Greenberg and Ted Kowalsky who created the American Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (ABCA), a Washington, DC-based trade association that helps plug individuals, startups, organizations, and the broad array of innovators into the capital machinery. We touch on outreach/education efforts in DC around blockchain adoption, from U.S. Congress to regulatory agencies and from academia to consulting giants like PwC. Hosted by: Dang Du Social media intern: Yidu Wang...


19: Crypto Mystery Box | PK Banks

Alain and Jeff interview PK Banks, who has created a “crypto mystery box” that is meant to serve and as a gateway to people who are just beginning in the crypto world. We talk about the importance educating people on cryptocurrency and why you shouldn’t put ALL your money into crypto. Hosted by: Jeff Peterson & Alain León Show notes by: Dang Du Social media Intern: Yidu Wang Links: Cblocks.io Twitter.com/Pkbanks99 Follow A Bit Cryptic Podcast: Twitter: twitter.com/keepitcryptic Medium:...


18: Health Crisis Fighting w/ AI and Blockchain | Dr. Jim Liew

Dang and Yidu interview Dr. Jim Liew, Professor at John Hopkins School of Business and Senior advisor at BlockMedX. Dr. Liew is an expert on machine learning and is going to be teaching a blockchain course at John Hopkins. We talk about why you should learn to look beyond haters, challenges to blockchain adoption, ICO regulation, how knocking down walls for data access will spur innovation, especially in healthcare, the place of AI in predictive health, and where BlockMedX fits into that....


17: Seducing Institutional Investors | Marshall Swatt

Marshall Swatt, co-founder of Swatt exchange talks about building his 3rd exchange, this time catered toward institutional investors. We discuss what is required to entice institutional money to enter the crypto market. We also make several very well-timed ‘Swatt’ puns. Hosted by: Alain León & Jeff Peterson Show notes by: Dang Du Links: swatt.com Follow A Bit Cryptic Podcast: Twitter: twitter.com/keepitcryptic Medium: medium.com/@abitcryptic Steemit: steemit.com/@abitcryptic If you what you...


16: Regulations, oh my! | Dr. Douglas Park

We talk with Douglas Park, J.D./Ph.D an experienced crypto lawyer, advisor, and former business school professor. We dig into: -if it's possible for security token to somehow transform later on into a utility token -how non-blockchain companies can still raise money by creating security tokens -how to keep yourself from going to jail -how the US is going to become crypto-sexy once again -why it's exchanges that are going to drive security tokens to be the new dominant cryptos by the end of...