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Hiria (Whare Hauora) + Access Granted's First Birthday

Whilst Whare Hauora has been around for 2+ years we only joined them on their journey 1 year ago ... but SO MUCH has happened in the intervening 12 months that we thought we'd have a wee celebration (coffee and tea all round, thanks Dom) and a review of how far Hiria and the ever growing Whare Hauora has come ... ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the updates:...


Rebecca Jones & Nathan Donaldson - Watch the water behind your laptop

Looking after the team is spoken much on our podcast but we've yet to have had such a focused discussion on what that means day-to-day as we had with Nathan Donaldson (CEO) and Rebecca Jones (Agile Coach) from Boost. We cover a bit of background, especially how Rebecca made the move from hospitality to Agile Coach, before diving into how to support, grow, and love the teams within your organisation. We even talk about what the means for salary increases using Boosts medieval 'grading'...


Tash Bettridge - Protecting whanau through cyber security

Viv first met Tash Bettridge when volunteering with kids at a STEAM workshop at OMGTech - from being a teacher to reinventing herself as a cyber security consultant Tash is one to watch out for. "Aesthetically Pakeha", is a phrase Tash uses and whilst it's funny it's also slightly sad how passing privilege affects us all in different ways. Sometimes, like Tash talks about, it really works against you when you least expect it. We wish Tash good luck with her Google adventures, and perhaps...


Ed Abraham - I love it when a plan comes together

Ed Abraham certainly has a background to wonder at, and Mike most certainly did geek out about the times Ed spent in university with Professor Stephen Hawkins. And it's that big brain of his that see's Ed heading up a company, Dragonfly Data Science, full of very VERY clever people working with data, computers, and making them solve problems that clients bring to them - gotta have a reason, otherwise it's just playing A great example is Dragonfly's work on the Te Hiku Media Kōrero Māori...


Kerry Topp - The art of what's possible

Kerry Topp is the Associate Director of Transformation and Innovation for Datacom, but fancy titles aside, he is one of those humans that is naturally full of energy and genuinely want to do good for the world. Viv and Kerry talk about tech change through a human lens, developing capabilities through hackfests, and student led innovation before tackling psychological safety, Google’s Project Aristotle and workplace bullying! Whew, get your notepad out, this one is a doozy! -...


Ronja Gustafsson - Lifehacks in an App

Ronja Gustafasson came over to New Zealand a year ago and started working as business development at Nowsnapp, a startup based all over the world but developed and delivered out of Kapiti. We also talk Pirate Party from Ronja's Sweden and how it's hiding out in Miramar (who knew). The app itself takes the crowd sourcing / "share economy" approach to all those jobs that you need doing but really can't be bothered with - from taking the dog for a walk, writing that proposal*, or even just...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - There is no money without the people

A catchup with a smiling Hiria as she rides the Zero Carbon Challenge team work, and has a focused future of GETTING THE MONEY! As with all startups it's not the promises of support everyone makes it's the putting the organisational hand in the deep pocket and standing alongside. ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the updates: Get all the Whare...


Andy Higgs - Regaining control of our data

Blockchain and digital identity was on Andy Higgs lips on his recent Wellington visit to the GOVIS annual conference ... we got the scoop before the attendees :) Andy works for Centrality* but in a previous life was "chasing the rainbows" building MTV in Europe, working at Deloitte Consulting, and co-founding Accelerate Sport (now CSM) based in London. Awesome talk, loads of hints & tips, and plenty of links for the developers out there to use Centrality's open source code. We also get a...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - C all of the things

Our regular chat with Hiria Te Rangi and her journey with Whare Hauora, the social enterprise startup, giving residents data about how their homes are killing hem. A visit to the Band Rotunda in Wellington on a gorgeous winter’s day finds Hiria cogitating upon all the work to do, how tiring it is, and how excited and useful it is being a part of the Zero Carbon Challenge … and she has a team member! - ------------------------------------------------------...


JP Tocker - If you know you're gonna enjoy it, do it

JP Tocker shares a similar cloud journey* with Mike and they discuss this, podcasting with and about successful people, the All Blacks, but mostly the passion that has driven JP to continue doing what he does ... which can include getting you married. - - - - - * “cloud journey”, sounds distinctly Flash Gordon-esque eh...


Saia Mataele - Paving your own pathway to success

Talofa Lava and Kia ora! Welcome to Access Granted, taking you behind the scenes with conversations from the most interesting people of New Zealand tech, media or startups. Today Viv chats with Saia Mataele about what makes him tick and a wee bit about a few things he is doing in his spare time, from a social enterprise to connect Māori & Pasifika people here in Aotearoa to working on a Pacific-wide e-commerce platform - it's a wonder that he has anytime to sleep! So grab a drink, put your...


Ben Forman - Story telling & building transmedia worlds

It was perfect timing for Raj to chat with Ben Forman, co-founder at Wrestler, as he was recently announced by Forbes as a top 30 under 30 ... what an amazing story he has to tell. Ben is passionate about storytelling through technology, with a strong focus on future technologies - did you know he started one of NZ's first commercial drone companies, has been at the forefront of the online video wave since before it was cool, and now runs one of NZ's top VR / AR production companies. Check...


Walt & Andrew (Voluntarily) - Industry in the classroom

Andrew Watkins has been working in tech for a while including embedded systems, navigation tools, and at NZTA. Aaaaad at an NZTA-run hackathon that Andrew met Walter Lim and then on to an actual Voluntarily hackathon before both joining the company. They discuss OMGTech! and, of course, the new Voluntarily system that is: "... a platform that connects corporate volunteer time with classrooms to teach science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, arts and design with the help of...


Tim Packer - 3D Digital twins

Tim Packer is a 'smart city' advocate having worked with NEC and the Wellington City Council on the potential use of sensors to help bring the heartbeat and incidents closer to those that need to monitor and respond. He now heads a startup, the gloriously named BucketLabs, to help cities collate their data in order for the stories to be told and for a "digital twins" to be created and used. But Tim's not all about data, he has a passion for gardening and permaculture! -...


Sean Audain - Council is a chocolate chip cookie

Sean Audain works at the Wellington City Council and has been a civil servant in one manner or another all his professional life ... wait, wait, come back, this is NOT boring! This is a story of how one man endeavours to bring silos of data together to open up to the true owners (citizens of the city and New Zealand). It is a story of one man guiding community groups through the red tape to successful outcomes. It is a story of one man who is passionate that measuring the city will mean...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - Tired and wired

The ups of running a startup can be few and far between and once the rush of having your own company wears off it's pure grind to keep going. Hiria has a few ups to share, and a lot of downs to show how she can show the world she will not give up. ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the updates: Get all the Whare Hauora updates: -...


Melody Thomas - I love loving my work

Melody stares at the perceived Kiwi reticence to talk about anything uncomfortable and shouts SEX! (or rather BANG!), and takes the subject head-on with her ongoing and very successful RNZ podcast. Now, before you get all flustered under the collar this was Raj and Mike chatting to Melody and not the other way around, so no sex talk this time. Melody discusses how she got into podcasting, what the show itself has unleashed, and how and why she is hoping to do more live BANG! shows around the...


Steve Paea - Creating great Pasifika leaders

Steve Paea, ERP (Netsuite) expert during the day and a Pasifika tech leader and advocate during the … night? From a small coffee meetup/networking informal organisation Steve has, alongside Tovia Va’aelua, Fred Piliu, Bernadette Ah Loo, Joanna Welch, and Joey Nanai, created Pasifika IT that is now partnering with government, and other organisations to provide not just events and networking but now tech mentoring for Pasifika kids, - -...


Terry Miller - Fire, robots and ice cream

Terry Miller has a passion for engineering, making stuff, and getting out there ... just listen, you can hear it in his voice. Terry chatted to Mike about how and why he came to co-found a hardware (with software) company aimed at bringing a VR experience that will have you flipping all over the place. AND, the Eight360 is (currently) working in a garage, the true startup myth comes to life. It's a fascinating product, best to check it out in action with their latest video:...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - Pipe of functionality

Deep in the lounge at Hashigo Zake we catch up with Hiria as she takes us through this weeks bumpy road to running a startup and the big blocks she needs to put in place very soon. ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the updates: Get all the Whare Hauora updates: - - -...