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Paul Ramsay - Cutting Code With Equinox

Paul Ramsay is co-founder and director of the NZ-owned consultancy firm Equinox, a day-to-day hands-on worker bee, and one of the few true gentlemen of tech in New Zealand. It was a pleasure to hear Paul's views on how to stay real in a growing company, what it takes to overcome a serious blip in a company's progress, and how the Government can truly help grow the New Zealand ICT industry to become the nation's 2nd income earner [spoiler] ensure it's easy and a focus for agencies to become...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - Sensors, Workshops & PledgeMe!

Hiria Te Rangi's weekly Whare Hauora catch up and she discusses the partnerships the charity is making, especially getting the sensors nationwide. Hiria also discusses and sharing of data with such organisations as Powershop which will help their residents work out how effective their homes are at keeping the warmth in. 20th JULY: PledgeMe campaign goes live - get prepared to support the team in their mission! If you're approached by the Whare Hauora team approach...


Edwina Mistry - Cultivating Diversity In Tech

Edwina Mistry has an origin story that has given her the worldview that women can do anything (as they can). From her coding days, to her managerial and directorship times she now concentrates her efforts on ensuring tech, and the internal workings of tech, are available to all - from schools in South Auckland to girls shadowing those working in tech (as we say, "you can be what you can't see"). Edwina is a New Zealand powerhouse and has recently been recognised as such by a number of...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - Starting A Start-up For Good

Welcome to Hiria Te Terangi, Kaiwhakahaere at Whare Hauora, and her inaugural weekly update on running a startup. Each Monday we'll have a quick catch up with Hiria to see how the product, the charity Whare Hauora, and the scaling are progressing. Every start-up has their own story however they all experience similar trials and tribulations, success and golden moments - follow along to see how a New Zealand start-up does it. ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare...


Michael Gregg - Donkey Deep In VR

Michael Gregg, a man of many stories and we are lucky enough to hear a lot of them in today's episode. With Michael's recent-ish move into the VR/AR world, based upon a deep desire of many years ago, we hear about the rapidly expanding ProjectR collab/working spaces initially started in Wellington but now opening up in places all over the world (Taipei for instance). Michael was also helped found and is current Chairman of the New Zealand VR/AR Association AND is MD of Blackeye -...


Laura Keown - B Side Stories

As part of sharing the Wellington podcast love here is our crossover recording with Laura Keown who graciously hosted us at the Wellington Access Radio studios where she produces the weekly B Side Stories. "Stories from the people who make Wellington tick! B-Side Stories takes us beyond the mainstream to celebrate the unsung heroes, rebels and enthusiasts who shape the fabric and flavour of Wellington, New Zealand. B-Side Stories is aired every Tuesday from 5-6 pm on Wellington Access...


Hiria Te Rangi - Slap You With Science

Together with Brenda Wallace and Amber Craig, Hiria Te Rangi have created Whare Hauora with one mission and one mission only, "An Aotearoa, where your home, does not make you sick." It started a few years ago and we are proud to be sharing Hiria's own story just as Whare Hauora launches into two key pilots, and gears up for a public release of their sensors via a PledgeMe campaign: Start-ups are hard, actually making a difference is tough, and doing it...


Maddy King and Mārama – VR In Space (#ais2018)

It took 24 hours for 10 teams competing in the first ever international ActInSpace hackathon to come together, produce a thing and pitch before an esteemed set of judges ... and they did it! Te Mārama won first prize, a trip to Toulouse where they go head-to-head with all other international winners! Apart from the trip on the 'vomit comet' + support and IP, they are up for so much networking with ALL the big players in the space industry it's almost frightening. Te Mārama, whose startup...


Maru Nihoniho – The Cube Journey

Maru Nihoniho chats around her passion for storytelling, game making, and how to make the leap from one industry into another. After listening with Maru I think we can all agree that the journey to games developer has, for Maru, been one of the highest adventure, courage, and certainly following her dream. We salute and thank you Maru for showing the way. AND, watch out The Guardian, coming to a games console near you VERY soon ... - -...


Paul Fraser - Free, Perfect & Now

Paul Fraser, Advisory Director at EY, and Mike have been mates since the old days (hence the photo, that was NOT taken at the recording) and were key in the growth of Wave Adept and the subsequent acquisition by Cloud Sherpas. However, they come at life with a very differing view point with Paul focussing very much on services (Mike is more of a product person) and with this talk we hear about the good, bad, and sometimes difficult sides of services and consulting thereof. Paul is also a...


System Error – Everything is BullSh_t

It's ranty, it's heated, it's wide ranging, it's loads of fun and really YOU need to be here (next one is Thursday July 19th, 4pm-6pm at Golding's Free Dive in Wellington. Enjoy (and we make no apologies for sound quality ... you gotta come along really ;) Our System Error Collection: ------------------------------------------------------ Access Granted podcast featuring Mike Riversdale, Raj Khushal, Pascale Hyboud-Peron, Vaughan Rowsell, Dave Lane,...


John Edwards - NZRise privacy fireside chat

NZ Rise kindly asked us to record their May 2018 "Privacy fireside chat" with the wonderful John Edwards, NZ Privacy Commissioner, and the skilky tones of Miki Szikszai (Snapper CEO). - - - - ------------------------------------------------------ Access Granted podcast featuring Mike Riversdale, Raj Khushal, Pascale Hyboud-Peron, Vaughan Rowsell, Dave Lane, and others sharing the NZ...


Kate, Kai, and Nick - Mobile Refresh 2018

AG show stars Kate Henderson and Kai Koenig, came along with their fellow organising buddy, Nick Parfene, to let us all know about the 3rd annual Mobile Refresh conference in Wellington on September 7th. They are keen to get the word out, especially the call for 'papers', ie, are you up for giving a talk. It can be anything to do with mobile development, deployment, marketing, and, getting the apps into people's hands to make a difference. They are particularly keen to maintain and increase...


Techweek 18 - Christchurch's The 4th Revolution

DAY 5 ... and that's a wrap on Techweek TV for 2018! The team (minus Mike who had to rush off to run a 24 hour hackathon) take us through the time in Christchurch, share some thoughts on the whole week and relax into an amazing job well done. ALL the videos are available from source - - and on our dedicated page - - that also includes some highlight photos and a link to ALL our week's photos. A big shout out...


Techweek 18 Wellington's Creative Realities

Day 4, and after a narrow escape from a sticky AirNZ created situation, the team were back live on Facebook - brilliant work from the lads, Jono, and Courteney! We review the day, Courtney gives her thoughts on the morning's speakers and we're in and out of your ears as fast as a rabbit, being hunted by the quick fox. See you all in Christchurch tomorrow for the final day of #TechweekTV: ------------------------------------------------------ Access...


Techweek 18 - 10 Billion Mouths To Feed

Our 15 minute wrap up from Tauranga and the "10 Billion Mouths" event talking agritech/agtech and foodtech alongside investors from the US and innovative startups. We talked with: - Arama Kukutai - Graeme Mueller - A taste taste of Sunfed Chicken - George Kellerman - Steven Saunders & Alistair Scarfe - Sarah Nolet - Rosie Bosworth - Richard Wildman ------------------------------------------------------ Access Granted podcast featuring Mike Riversdale, Raj Khushal, Pascale Hyboud-Peron,...


Techweek 18 - Auckland Events Wrap Up

DAYS 1 and 2 are in the can - we have Techweek TV as a going concern, it's happening! We learned that #ai is writing media, #electric bikes are fun, the passion of the many to #collaborate and grow the #newzealand #tech industry, what #UpStarters is, how awesome #cricket #bats are made, and Techweek NZ is a massive beast! We'll be LIVE tomorrow from the #Tauranga headline event chatting with #Agritech, #foodtech, and all things #food. 12pm-2pm - let us know where you'll be listening from!...


Hamish McGregor – Vitamins vs Painkillers

We thank Hamish McGregor who took time out of his busy schedule to meet Mike in Miramar between flights, and it was well worth it. Hamish discusses the kin2kin ( app that he co-founded in Wanaka, it's origin, the journey of a startup, being an entrepreneur, and how having an idea and even the first release is only the first tiny steps. [Mike: kin2kin is probably one of the few apps we've encountered via the podcast that I have instantly seen how it would help in my...


Ben Reid - Advancing The AI Ecosystem

Following on from last week's Ben talking AI we have another :) Ben Reid is Executive Director at Artificial Intelligence Forum of NZ and we were extremely fortunate to have some time with Ben on the day that the "Artificial Intelligence: Shaping a Future New Zealand" report was released upon the world. "This report is the culmination of a one year research project led by the AI Forum with research partners IDC and Sapere. The research examined the New Zealand and international AI industry...


Ben Rose - Having A Chat(bot) About AI

Ben Rose, General Manager, Direct and Partnerships at nib, joined us via the magic of the Internet to take us through how nib are experimenting with Artificial Intelligence through the use of chatbots and machine learning to automatically answer clients questions. Ben also explains how a seemingly "stuffy" insurance company has an attitude of this century and not the last, and how they have "online" in their DNA that enables agile experimentation. He also advises that companies of all...