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Happy Christmas from Mike & Raj

A SEASONAL THANK YOU AND TO ALL OUR LISTENERS And a massive shout out to all involved with Access Granted NZ during 2018 - #TechWeekNZ crew, Viv + Vic, the 40+ companies that made #WellyTech, the event coordinators that invited us along, and to each and everyone we've had on the show. THANK YOU!


The year that was 2018

Mike and Raj run through their highlights of 2018 and take the hard road of choosing their monthly favourite episodes (which is highly likely not to be the same as yours). THANK YOU TO ALL OUR LISTENERS, you are the reason we do this. See you on Christmas Day and then after a few archive classics, back in late January 2019 to kick off 12 more months an fascinating people, intriguing events, and connections galore. January : Sam Jarman...


Liz Maguire - Human centred design

Liz Maguire is the Head of Digital and Transformation at ANZ and she is clear banks are not the old fashioned fuddy duddies we think they are. We think that if there was one thing we should take away it is the idea of human centred design - there is no point making the flashest stuff if no-one is ever going to use it. It’ll be interesting to see how the customer focused teams at ANZ pan out in the long run as Liz’s team is creating amazing tech everyday, including Jamie but we’ll let Liz...


Vivian Chandra + co-founders - Your tech union

As an example of our team being hard working people with day jobs, families, and other community and tech adventures, just check out this podcast from Viv who introduces and talks through the newly launched Aotearoa Tech Union. Viv chats with co-founders Jason Danner, Jess Ducey, Kate Pearce, and Cordelia Black. The ATU is believes that every worker deserves: "1: Fair and reasonable working conditions and hours 2: Someone on their side if things go wrong 3: Career support, and unbiased...


Kristen Lunman + Natalie Ferguson are obnoxiously happy

There’s no more fun to had than watching Kristen and Natalie explain to Mike how his view of money is both typical for New Zealand and one that’s holding him back in his choices. The last time we spoke to Natalie (July 2014 she was running her own company and yet this year she has taken a ‘standard desk job’ at the KiwiWealth internal startup named Hatch, alongside CEO Kristen and a number of fine folks endeavouring to change how Kiwi’s see the global investment market. Over a beer we chat...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - From behind the great firewall

Sorry about the delay in getting Hiria's report from behind the great firewall of China to you - totally our fault. So without further ado, get Hiria in your ears and check out what the China deal is all about ... ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the updates: Get all the Whare Hauora updates: - -...


Charlotte Hinton - Agile, the ongoing party

We've been after Charlotte for quite some time and we finally managed to get some time in her diary to chat all things agile, her work at Te Papa, what she's doing in the government's Service Innovation Lab (everyone should make a time to go visit), and finally her time organising the most excellent WDCNZ conference - lets hope that both Charlotte and Owen can bring it back somehow, somewhere. So much ... pop it in your ears and have a listen to the wonderful Charlotte Hinton. -...


#WellyTech 2018 – David Perks and Dorien Vermaas (WellingtonNZ)

The #WellyTech event doesn't happen without partners standing next to us and making it happen. We are honoured to hear from David Perks and Dorien Vermaas. David is heading up this large team for WellingtonNZ to help drive economic growth and make the Wellington region Wildly Famous. Dorien is leading WREDA's tech & innovation team and works with game developers, animation studios, AR/VR community and (digital) design sectors. David Perks will be talking on stage in the Access Granted Big...


#WellyTech 2018 – Andreas Spanner (Chief Architect Australia & New Zealand, Red Hat)

The #WellyTech event doesn't happen without partners standing next to us and making it happen. We are honoured to hear from Andreas Spanner, Chief Architect Australia & New Zealand, Red Hat. Andreas is leading Red Hat’s Business Innovation & Digital Transformation efforts across Australia & New Zealand. His hands-on experience in startups as well as large scale enterprise transformation programmes and reporting through to CIOs and CFOs has given Andreas a solid understanding of business...


#WellyTech 2018 – Colin Brown (Tribe Lead Network Evolution at Spark)

The #WellyTech event doesn't happen without partners standing next to us and making it happen. We are honoured to hear from Colin Brown, Tribe Lead Network Evolution at Spark. As Tribe Lead for Network Evolution, Colin is responsible for ensuring Spark has the capability to evolve our network and enable New Zealanders to win big in a digital world. This means managing the strategy, architecture, design and delivery of Spark’s Mobile, Fixed, IP Voice and Legacy Networks service. In this role...


#WellyTech 2018 – Liz MacPherson (CEO Stats NZ, Government Statistician, and Chief Data Steward)

The #WellyTech event doesn't happen without partners standing next to us and making it happen. We are honoured to hear from Liz MacPherson, CEO Stats NZ, Government Statistician, and Chief Data Steward. Liz joined the public sector with a strong appetite to make a difference. Despite being a self-confessed geek, she is very much a people person with a strong pragmatic side. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and sharing good food with friends and family. In her (rare) spare...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - We're growing up

Changes in the ownership, trip to China to talk tech suppliers, having a consumer-ready version and a community focused one. It’s all go with Hiria and Whare Hauora and there is much more to hear … ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the updates: Get all the Whare Hauora updates: - -...


Rebecca Caroe - It does what it says on the tin

It was with absolute pleasure that Mike caught up with Rebecca Caroe, long time listener and supporter of the show. Rebecca runs her own marketing company based in Auckland as well as being a keen podcaster herself around her passion of rowing. There is so much to listen to, and we guarantee you'll become enamoured of Rebecca's infectious laugh and her great hints and tips. - - - -...


Katie Brown - It's the sentiment that counts

Katie Brown, from her own company brilliantly named Katie Brown Thinks, was at the forefront of social media use within the New Zealand government and particularly tying it's use to actual outcomes (she has a great story about that). Katie has since moved on and now applies her skills and experiences to her 'community' be that geographical, people. or even her own internal self. She has a great sense of care that again applies to all but especially tech workers ... we know, we bang on about...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - Turning over a new leaf

Hear how Ackama (previously Rabid Technology) are now the technology partner and the on-going discussions, learning, and fun with Chinese manufacturers. A focus for Hiria is to ensure the firmware and software on the sensors and gateway can be updated to ensure the sensors can be upgraded to take advantage of functionality builtin - it’s not just about temperature and humidity, what about air quality. Hiria presented to the Community Energy Network ( and is...


Adrian Owen - Make time for YOU

Adrian Owen was a big man, like a BIG man. After working in the design world for some years, (alongside Raj as it happens) he noticed that he was gaining weight at an exponential rate which only came to a stop when he was told by his doctor that he probably would be dead within a year. That sort of moment causes changes. Learn from Adrian as he talks about how he changed his life, his families lives, and is now helping others change their lives. We particularly love his “how to start the...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - Ako Mandarin

News: Whare Hauora won a 2018 New Zealand Open Source Award, the People’s Choice - go Hiria!!!! Hiria tells us about the challenges of finding a manufacturer, the change in ownership, and some updates on delivery dates for sensors. ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the updates: Get all the Whare Hauora updates: - -...


Jim Boutcher – Guerrilla Giving

Jim Boutcher is mild mannered data nerd by day helping to keep you money safe from the nasty people around the world that want to take it out of the banks ... he does this by being neck deep in data and databases, this is his passion. Jim also has a passion for solving some obvious (to him) problems in society and has come up with the free app, Givahoy. With Givahoy you no longer have the problem of living in a cashless society, walking past the bucket shakers and wanting to give but having...


Ben Gracewood - I've always been about no bullshit

Ben Gracewood is a stalwart of the New Zealand tech scene having worked his way through development, TV punditry, manager, event organiser, and all through it he has held his principles in front and his head high. We discuss a lot, over a slightly dodgy Internet connection, and really so let’s stop writing and let him guide you to how you can "spend your coins to the betterment of others". Oh, and maybe we will see him use his skills to work with wider NZ one day ... who knows :) -...


Healthy Homes Hikoi - You either get it right (1st time) or you'll fuck it up

Hiria's back with her weekly Whare Hauora catch up, and whilst it's fun, exciting, and definitely a rush running a startup there are times when it's stressful, draining, and lonely - it happens to each and every startup and we thank Hiria for allowing us to be alongside her in the journey ------------------------------------------------------ The Whare Hauora update is brought to you by Hiria Te Rangi and Access Granted NZ. All the updates: Get all...