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Rants, Raves & Sean Warren - Accidental Podcast

After a long lay off Accidental Podcast is back with an old friend. Sean Warren is a big wall climber living in the UK. Over the past several years Sean has become a major force ...


Rants, Raves & Late Summer - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave rant about Thin Lizzy, E-Waste and the Chunnel. Dave blames Jeff for the long summer layoff. Jeff is angered by GoFundMe websites. Film terms of the Day are Working Title and Wild Sound. In a Brush with Fame Dave meets and bonds with Jerry Springer and Jeff races with Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil of Motley Crew. Please visit our Vimeo Channel Accidental Productions

Rants, Raves & Captain Graeham White - Accidental Podcast

In this special episode we move away from adventure sports and talk with Captain Graeham White. Graeham is a Captain with American Airlines. Flying for over 25 years and with 30,000 hours in the air Graeham has a few stories and opinions about the state of the airline industry. Support us on We support the ASCA (American Safe Climbing Association) and you should too.


Rants, Raves & Richard Jensen - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave are recording from the same place for the first time. The guys talk talk F1 and LeMans racing. Jeff meets a girl in Yosemite who's laying in the dirt and dreaming of a man with a Sprinter Van. Dave's dad meets the Pope in a Brush with Fame. The guys answer a letter from a listener in Film Term of the Day. This episode's guest is Richard Jensen. Richard along with Mark Smith did the First Ascent of the controversial El Capitan climbing route Wings of Steel. On this the 5th...


Rants, Raves & Topher Dabrowski - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave talk with Topher about big falls, broken ankles and Rattlesnakes and his recent climbing accident while climbing El Capitan with Jeff. Film terms of the day is Over crank and Under crank. On this episode's Brush with Fame Dave meets Jay Leno and Jeff and Dave share a hot tub with Mo Green (Alex Rocco) from Godfather 1. Please support Tom Evans & El Cap Reports El Cap Report Please support the ASCA (American Safe Climbing Association) with a tax deductible donation. ASCA

Rants, Raves & Vitaliy Musiyenko - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave rant about the responsibility ofsitting in the exit row of an airplane. Dave questions whether Jeff's eyebrows make him look like a terrorist. This episode's Brush with Fame featuresKim Kardashian,Gary BuseyandDrew Carey. The film term of the episode isDutch Angleand we also talk Paranormal experiences and David's two UFO sightings. This episodes guest isVitaliy Musiyenko:Vitaliy is a climber and adventurer. On New Years Day 2016he Free Soloed the infamous Widows Tears ice...


Rants, Raves & Chris McNamara - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave are joined by climber and entrepreneur Chris McNamara. Chris is the founder of Supertopo, The Outdoor Gear Lab and The American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA). He has climbed El Capitan more than 80 times and travel the 7 wonders of the world in 13 days. He also is an avid dirt bike rider and surfer. Chris is just a very cool guy that we were proud to have as a a guest. Oh Yeah....he also has large role in our film Assault on El Capitan. Support the ASCA

Rants, Raves & Joe Marlay - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave rant about posers in the climbing and filmmaking worlds and the lucrative life of independent adventure filmmakers. Also the film term of the day is "Cutter." This episode'sguest is Joe Marlay. Joe is a big wall climber and BASE jumper who in a short time has become one of the premier big wall climbers in Yosemite. Please support us onPatreon


Rants, Raves & Jim Thornburg - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave introduce thenew segment Brush With Fame. Dave meets a Baywatch beauty (twice) and Jeff meets Mike Tyson. Jeff explains the Yosemite climbing rating system. Dave explains another obscure film crew credit andtalks about being bit by a pig while filming The Dog Whisperer. Our guest is Photographer Jim Thornburg. Jim estimates he has spent 23,000 hours over the past 20 years capturing images of climbers, and his extraordinary effort has produced a prodigious body of...


Rants, Raves, Bonus Episode - Accidental Podcast

In this Bonus episode Jeff and Dave talk about Dave's excitement about the start of racing season. The guys also talk about Dave filming Drag Racing, Jeff's old Fiat, Jolly Ranchers, Muffler Shops that build pool supplies, Jumars, and the reason Jeff wrote an article for Climbing Magazine.


Rants, Raves and Pete Zabrok - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave rant about Jeff's ancient climbing gear. Dave goes to a private race track. Jeff and Dave make a documentary on the Daytona 500.Assault on El Capitangets bootlegged on Youtube and gets 19k views. The guys introduce the new segment Brushes with Fame.Our guest on this show is Pass The Pitons Pete Zabrok. Pete has climbed El Capitan 55 times and most recently spent 26 days on the El Cap route Tempest (VI 5.8 A4+). Pete talks about Wings of Steel, what climbing means to him and...


Rants, Raves & Scott Peterson - Accidental Podcast

Jeff and Dave take about Second Unit Directors, and interview Scott "Plaidman" Peterson is a rock and mountain climber from Portland, OR. He soloed El Capitan in a 14 day effort and last Fall spent 26 days on El Capitan climbing the Tempest with Pete Zabrok and Jerry Greeleaf.


Rants, Raves & Tom Evans Pt 2 - Accidental Podcast

Part 2 of our talk with Tom Evans. Tom is a Yosemite Valley climbing icon. He literally created the El Cap Bridge scene. Tom owns and operatesEl Cap Reportthe Blog that has become required reading for El Capitan climbing fans worldwide. Subscribe to ourPatreon Page


Rants, Raves & Tom Evans Pt 1 - Accidental Podcast

Play Episode Tom Evans is a Yosemite Valley climbing icon. He literally created the El Cap Bridge scene. Tom owns and operatesEl Cap Reportthe Blog that has become required reading for El Capitan climbing fans worldwide. This is part 1 of aconversation we had with Tom. Subscribe to ourPatreon Page


Rants, Raves & Anna Smith - Accidental Podcast

PLAY Episode Anna Smith is a world class mountaineer from Lake Louise, Canada. Annahas climbed El Cap in a day, free climbed big walls on Baffin Island and is a 2016 recipient of the Mugs Stumps Award and the ACC's Lyman Spitzer Cutting-Edge Climbing Award for her climb of Brahmasar in the Himalaya next fall. Subscribe to our Patreon Page