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Episode 17: A Very Lovecraft Christmas - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: Chris Lackey of H.P Lovecraft Literary Podcastand Rachel Watches Star Trek joins us to turn the Lovecraft poem "Yule Horror" into a festively fun Call of Cthulhu adventure! Yule Horror (Festival) There is snow on the ground, And the valleys are cold, And a midnight profound Blackly squats o’er the wold; But a light on the hilltops half-seen hints of feastings unhallow’d and old. There is death in the clouds, There is fear in the night, For the dead in their shrouds Hail the...


Episode 16: The Fool’s Errand - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: What could amount to a fool’s errand for an inexperienced NPC could possibly mean great success for the party. A hapless NPC, the last of a hallowed bloodline, has gotten himself in over his head and has come to the PC's to aid him in his quest to recover an ancient treasure. But for an unscrupulous party of questionable ethics his boondoggle could turn out to be their boon. Will you brave the tomb of his ancestors to find the lost and scattered pieces of the Regalia of the...


Episode 15: The Witch in the Hunting Grounds - Adventure Hook

Today's Adventure Hook: A lord of ill repute offers a handsome reward to any who can bring him the head of the witch that haunts his hunting grounds. A lord lies lame. Taken to his bed, the corrupted land now mirrors his withering body. T’would seem the divine balance, the sacred union of the eternal feminine and masculine energies, hath been o’erthrown. The yoke of oppression has been laid upon the people, and the public enemy number one hath been labeled “witch” by the crown. Now she...


Episode 14: Heretic in the Sanctuary - Adventure Hook

Today’s Adventure Hook: A Notorious Herectic has taken sanctuary in a local temple. A new thieve’s guild may be forming from among those “penitents” who enjoy the protection from the law granted by the church. To infiltrate this organization you too must become a criminal and seek sanctuary within the cathedral‘s walls. And a deeper inflitration will prove to be far more deadly than anything you could have imagined... Can you survive the catacombs of - The Bloody Bishop? Bantor Topic: We...


Episode 13: A Bad Wizard in a Scary Tower - Adventure Hook

Today's Adventure Hook: Our first critical fail! There's a bad wizard in a scary tower. With special guest, Comicbook creator Tim Seeley! Joining us today for our first Halloween special is Tim Seeley, Comicbook writer, artist, and creator of Hack/Slash! This is also our first critical fail which means we had to tackle a terrible gaming trope. On a barren hill top a very strange site has recently appeared. It began as a small dark mirror standing alone in the grass. Over the next few months...


Episode 12: Stop the Magical Slave Trade - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: Stop the magical slave trade. Behold The Death's Head Market! Central hub of the Githyanki Slave Trade for the entire Astral Plane, and perhaps even the whole of the multi-verse itself. Here a small group of gladiators, stolen away from half a dozen worlds, find themselves the latest "fortunate acquisitions" of a notorious, yet seemingly beneficent, slave trading wizard. However, all is not what it seems, for some work within the system so as to undermine and destroy it. But...


Episode 11: Some Mystical Thing - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: Some mystical thing happens at some mystical place at some mystical time every mystical increment. !!!DISCLAIMER: No "Ills of Illipur" players listen! Spoilers abound!!! Something is about to awaken in the depths of Fra Mondragon's Redoubt... The return of the Great Old Ones threatens the entire Multiverse. So hehas left his own world and come to a very strange new one indeed... Cimarron, New Mexico 1890... In hisworld he was a legendary Paladin, revered or feared by all, but...


Episode 10: Let’s go on a Pilgrimage! - Adventure Hook

Predicting his death at the hands of his greatest foe, a famous sensei sets his remaining students upon a great quest retracing the path of his own storied history. But will these students be able to decide who will be the true inheritor of his dojo? All the while their master's enemy seeks to wipe out every remnant of their school's technique, including them? As this great pilgrimage begins each student is haunted by the last cryptic words the master shared with them, "following in my...


Episode 9: Countdown to the Full Moon - Adventure Hook

Misty morning, clouds in the sky. Without warning, the wizard walks by, bringing the Beastlands, weaving his spell. River Styx, falls from the sky. Never talking, Just keeps walking, spreading the Beastlands. Humanity disappears. People worry when the wizard is near. He turns flesh into fur. Everyone's beastly when the wizard walks by. Never talking, just keeps walking, spreading the Beastlands. Sun is shining, clouds have gone by, all the people give a happy howl. He has passed by,...


Episode 8: The Improbable Location - Adventure Hook

Welcome to the fabled tropical island of Kualha! Half of its inhabitants give offerings to their eternally erupting volcano while the others instead make sacrifice to the ever-growing iceberg upon which the fiery mountain rests. Will you join with your treacherous captain and pursue his colonial scheme to claim the legendary treasure said to lie at the island's core? Or will you help protect the Heart of Kuahla? Banter Topic: Investigation vs. Perception In this Episode Rob and Aaron...


Episode 7: The Cursed Town - Adventure Hook

No one in the region speaks of the isolated Village of Four Seasons and all who know avoid going too near to the landmarks that loom on its outskirts. For any traveller unfortunate enough to find themselves on the village side of the spring malpole, the summertide wickerman, the autummal scarecrow, or the winter gibbet, has already succumbed to the curse of Samhain and will henceforth live out their entire life every day.


Episode 6: The Assassination Target - Adventure Hook

After the party heals a local they are set upon by assassins! But are the assassins the real enemy? Sometimes the good samaritan ends up the dead samaritan. In this episode Aaron and Rob get inspired by The Decemberists and use The Rake's Song to build a tale of intrigue, serial murder, and a town held captive to the whims of a psychopathic nobel. Don't eat the foxglove! Listen to our inspiration here:


Episode 5: The Mysterious Item - Adventure Hook

What do you do when you acquire a cursed music box that creates enchanted jewelry out of your enemies? No, seriously... what do you do? Join Aaron & Rob as they delve deeply into the darkest corners of their psyches and find out: what's in the box... WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!!


Episode 4: The Unprovisioned Town - Adventure Hook

She's the daughter of a Knight of Solamnia. He's the son of a Dragon Highlord. What's the only thing those potential in-laws can agree on? Their wedding isn't happening! Can love truly conquer all even when they're up against an army? Come along with Aaron and Rob to the Tower of So and So in the Woods of Such and Such, beyond the Vale of La-Di-Da to find out!


Episode 3: The Lights in the Woods - Adventure Hook

What do you do when you see those mysterious lights in the woods that your elders always warned you to avoid? Why follow them into the unknown, of course! Join us as we wander the Path into Fairy and learn the Laws of the Feywild... the hard way! Addendum: We are aware of the error we made this episode confusing "Pater Noster" with "Presbytr John". We apologize for this in Episode 4 so don't worry about those pesky correction emails...


Episode 2: An Item Coveted by All - Adventure Hook

What’s the best way to overthrow a tyrannical despot? By opening a magical soup kitchen of course! Join the Spoon Resistance and find out why on this episode of Adventure Hook where the Player Characters possess an item coveted by all!


Pilot: Rats in the Cellar - Adventure Hook

What’s the best way to introduce a Dungeons & Dragons campaign about extra-planar genocidal maniacs animating the corpses of dead gods to lay waste to the world? Why, with pesky rats infesting an innkeeper’s cellar of course! In the pilot episode of Adventure Hook Aaron and Rob take on one of the most played out, yawn inducing plot lines in role playing history and try to get inspired!