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A podcast about role-playing games, storytelling, and the art of GMing





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Ep 45: Born Under a Dark Sun - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: Monster/Magic Item grab bag Talk about getting into your character… On this very special “double sized” episode, the Adventure Hook guys take the premise of using random charts to structure an adventure, and go totally crazy with it to actually create the background of the character that Rob will be playing in the new actual-play 2nd Edition D&D Dark Sun campaign series that Aaron will be running soon… and which will (once again) be created in collaboration with Red Moon...


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Episode 44: The Power Enhancing Drug (aka: “The United States of Cthulhu”) - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: A new power enhancing (instantly level 20 for a minute) drug has made its way into the streets and is causing people to rampage and then drop dead...(Rhys Brown on Facebook) Talk about having drug problems… On this very special Halloween episode, the Adventure Hook guys endeavor to make your darkest dreams of running a game based on horror movie tropes into a waking nightmare by enlisting the aid of horror GM extraordinaire Mattiaz Fredricksson (of the Red Moon Roleplaying...


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Episode 43: We’re Back! - Adventure Hook

A long hiatus and there's reason to believe Maybe this season will be better than the last I can't remember the last hook that you read as you were leavin' Now the shows go by so fast. Yes, Rob and I had to take quite a hiatus this years. But we're back and ready to get back down to business! Story business!


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Adventure Hook Ep 42: Planar Intrusions - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: An amateur wizard experimenting with planar travel in his house inadvertently damages the boundaries between planes, causing various other planes to begin intruding into our own. (Craig A. Butler). Talk about having boundary issues… This episode, the Adventure Hook guys take a number of different approaches when brainstorming up various explorations for this classic conundrum of the fantasy world… that is, pesky invading entities from other dimensions! But… who is truly...


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Episode 41: The Dream That Came True - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: The party awakens from a dream that starts coming true, but everyone’s dream ended differently. (Game Hook #403 by Critical Dice on Instagram) What’s that? Rob finally starts winning initiative again and we suddenly get treated to yetanotherepisode about dreams? Who knew restoring the Rightful Order to the Universe would carry such consequences..? Or bring forth such a treasure of a #newadventurehook! For not only did the Adventure Hook guys have this über-interesting idea to...


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Episode 40: The Sleeping Dragon God - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: The sleeping dragon god is going insane, and projecting his/her dreams into all of his/her clerics. (by Bert Schmid @cubfinder) Dreams? Madness? Religion? Dragons??? It’s like this idea was tailor made for the Adventure Hook guys… Now, while you could arguably say many of the #newadventurehook ideas are actually exactly that, this pitch was again totally just right up their alley. So, while it would seem to be just the sort of story idea that lends itself to the Lovecraftian,...


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Episode 39: Crit Fail! The Orc Horde Invasion - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: (Critical Fail!) An army of orcs and goblins invade! Oh muh Gerd!!! The Dice Gods must not be pleased with Aaron’s ten-in-a-row streak of winning initiative, for they punished him at the end of last show with Adventure Hook’s historic second Critical Fail episode..! Burdened with the tired trope of the invading humanoid army, the guys breathe new life into this been there, done that idea… By setting the scenario in ancient Rome..? Putting a fresh spin on this backbone for a...


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Episode 38: The Strange Folk - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: The strange folk who live in a mirror realm under the pond have been trying to coax surface-dwellers to visit. Every visitor has returned so far, but some return changed. (by Varnished Truths @varnished_truth) One episode into Season Three, and while Foresight may be 2020, already the guys just can’t seem to help falling back into their old habits, can they..? As once again they put a Lovecraftian spin on this#newadventurehook idea to ultimately take things to their...


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Episode 37: The Yuletide Heirloom - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: A seamstress once sewed with such passion that her enchanted works became heirlooms that passed down their blessing (or curses) to the families that inherit them. Many covet them (submitted by Jenny Randle) Merry Christmas and Happy Yule! Going home for Christmas can be stressful enough without the added pressures of great great great grandma's cursed Advent Calendar! At least it'll distract from Uncle Joe's annual political tirades. Will your overly large family discover the...


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Episode 36: The Melting - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: A shock melting of a glacier sends the party riding a flood wave into an ancient ruin. (by Hjalmar Nordén of @RedMoon_RPG) This episode of Adventure Hook will be of little surprise to those familiar with past shows, as the guys waste no time showing their love of Lovecraft by combining the themes of the Cthulhu Mythos with those of a much less existential threat: Climate change… Whether envisioning a secret corporate artic drilling facility built on behalf of Arkham Oil to...


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Episode 35: Unhappy Halloween - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: You are pursuing a vigilante who is killing city guards. The guards all have the same tattoo. (Game Hook #326 by Critical Dice on Instagram) Admittedly, most Adventure Hook episodes are kind of Halloween episodes. Nevertheless… this time it’s actuallyHalloween! So let’s get right to the spooky… The Adventure Hook guys start this holiday episode off with some delightfully campy old skool slasher mayhem and follow that up with a dose of some secret society creepy criminal cultish...


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Episode 34: The Looted Tomb - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: The tomb of a local hero has been looted but no one knows what was taken. submitted by: Craig Butler In this episode we toy with four ideas. There is a lich desperate to find its lost phylactery in the guts of a dead thief, a bone fragment stolen from a hero's body with nefarious plans for resurrection and the theft of a powerful apparatus which can sow destruction across the countryside. Ultimately, though, we focused on the shattered life of a lowly yeoman who was enchanted...


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Episode 33: The Historian from the Future - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: A visitor claiming to be a historian from the future is here to observe the great heroes that helped shape his civilization. Details surrounding the PCs’ demise are the parts he’s hoping to gain historical clarification on What would you do if you absolutely idolized your older brother… but he suddenly vanished and now you and your friends are the only people who can even remember he ever existed? If it was a brotherly love, like that of Boromir and Faramir… you’d totally freak...


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Episode 32: The Ex - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: Your crazy ex is in town looking for an adventuring group to rescue their current significant other Hellblazer ends up being a pretty big influence on this episode. So yeah, that means demon babies and fairies. This is a good one for all you Planescapers out there. Banter Topic: NO BANTER! we get right to it today. Music by Kevin MacLeod ofIncompetech.commade available for use under the Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 License. Adventure Meme 8-Bit Dungeon Level Be sure to...


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Episode 31: Trial by Combat - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: A powerful aristocrat, defended by an undefeated champion, regularly relies on Trial by Combat to justify his terrible crimes. Would you put your life on the line for the sake of Justice? For this episode of Adventure Hook, the guys steer a hard right turn away from last episode’s all ages friendly Kid’s Corner and get downright brutal as they thoroughly explore the concept of legally ritualized fights to the death: historically speaking… and then some. From a local-justice...


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Episode 30: The Flock of Birds - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: A flock of birds have made a fantastic flight entrance into town, land on the roof tops and tree tops, and fall to the ground dead. -submitted by Robin Feins It's an all ages show today as we create six games geared toward new and young players. We'll be using the brand new series of YA guide books "A Young Adventurer's Guide" by Jim Zub, Stacy King, and Andrew Wheeler as a foundation for several of our adventures. This is going to be a great place to start your adventures in...


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Episode 29: Full Disclosure - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: GM’s Choice! And this time the choice was to delve into one of America’s most potent modern mythologies… theConspiracy Theory. There is no longer such a thing as a Conspiracy Theorist… there are now only ConspiracyDeniers! For this episode of Adventure Hook, the guys rolled their historic first GM’s Choice episode… and as the winner this time Rob opts to take Aaron on a Quick-Play RPG experience, and sends him plummeting straight down the rabbit hole of an RPG campaign world...


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Episode 28: Dead or Alive - Adventure Hook

Todays Hook: Dead or Alive is generally not a choice you can give a bounty without the situation turning sideways especially when they turn out to be a sorcerer. -submitted by @npc_an Rob and Aaron take this opportunity to build a campaign around a dynamic party of player characters using the Holy Hexagram, Dark Secrets and Relationships generator. With these tools you too can create the kind of fellowship that tells its own tales. This shit writes itself! Today's Banter: We take a deeper...


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Episode 27: The Glowing Rock - Adventure Hook

Today’s Hook: Your party comes to a village where everyone is just standing around holding a glowing rock and staring and smiling at it. [Submitted by: Mason Radcliffe @masonrad] What in the name of [DEITY NOT FOUND] is going on here? In this episode of Adventure Hook your humble hosts attempt to dream up all manner of explanations for the eerie phenomenon described above… and when it rains, it brainstorms..! From some manner of super-powered hive mind assimilation process, to elaborate...


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Episode 26: Burn Down City Hall - Adventure Hook

Today's Hook: You've only been in town for a day when the city hall burns down. The secluded townsfolk of this little village see very few visitors and immediately assume you to be the culprit. - Submitted by @DraconikGaming (Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. Aaron was deep inside deadline hell throughout May doing some secret Vertigo Comics stuff! But we're back!) All is not what it seems where this particular arson is concerned. The suspects are not just the players. Prominent citizens...