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Episode 5: Kim Witczak (Part 2)

In this episode, we bring you more from the Kim Witczak interview featured in Episode 4. Here Kim talks about the legal battle she waged in the courts; her work producing the Selling Sickness conference; more about her work with the FDA panel and its involvement with the drug Chantix; and becoming involved with MISSD and the first time she met MISSD founder Wendy Dolin.


Episode 4: Kim Witczak

In this fourth episode of Akathisia Stories, we hear from Kim Witczak, whose husband, Woody, was having trouble sleeping in the summer of 2003. He paid a visit to his regular doctor and left with a three-week sample pack of Zoloft. Kim was out of the country for the first three weeks Woody was on the drug; when she returned home, she was alarmed to see what was happening to her husband of almost 10 years. Kim Witczak: “I will never forget: He came in with his blue dress shirt, which he had...


Episode 3: Kristina Kaiser Gehrki

In this third episode, we hear from Kristina Kaiser Gehrki, whose daughter Natalie's prescription drug-induced tragedies began at the age of two and a half, when she was prescribed a powerful cancer drug to combat juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Around the time of her 10th birthday, Natalie was put on Prozac for mild social anxiety. A year and a half later the prescribing doctor advised Natalie to take a medication holiday. Kristina Gehrki: “When the doctor told her to immediately and cold...


Episode 2: Gail Regenbogen

On this second episode of Akathisia Stories, we hear from Gail Regenbogen. In late 2010 Gail's husband, Howard, went on the antidepressant Cymbalta; in a short period of time he changed from the "very outgoing, happy" man Gail had known him to be through 30 years of marriage, to someone who was "real quiet and withdrawn." "This was three weeks into the course of the Cymbalta,” she recounts. “And that night my daughter called me up and she said, ‘We were all driving home and we were talking...

Episode 1: Wendy Dolin

We launch the Akathisia Stories podcast series with MISSD founder Wendy Dolin. Over the course of two interviews recorded in the first half of 2019, she talks to Akathisia Stories host Andy Miles about the 2010 suicide of her husband, Stewart Dolin, the work of the foundation she started in his name, medication-induced suicide and cases of chronic akathisia, her work with and on behalf of veterans, the legal battle she has waged in the courts and the status of her petition to the United...