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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!

Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!
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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!




Episode 392 - Top Ten Rock N Roll Storytellers Vol. 1 w/Nikki Kreuzer

Who doesn't love a good story? Add in some music and a catchy chorus and you've got what only the most brilliant minds in music can create - a great story song. Storytelling songwriters are a special breed. Many that write story songs in the genres of rock, pop, folk and country like to explore the darker, more tragic, desperate or downtrodden sides of humanity, to compelling effect. ATTT is overwhelmed to have such an awesome guest, and one who absolutely nailed her first ever episode....


Episode 391 - Top Ten Under-Appreciated Bands & Artists Of The 80's w/Frank Nicotero

To be under-appreciated is to be snubbed, to be left out of the conversation as to who is the greatest of the greatest. To be under-appreciated properly you have to be snubbed by the critics, the snobs, and even the lowly hipsters. You can't even get into a discussion about being snubbed by the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame to qualify. To be deemed worthy amongst die hard fans and little else is to be under-appreciated, and the 1980s definitely had its fair share of artists and bands that just...


Episode 390 - Top Ten Songs Of 2019 Part 2 w/Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo & David Daskal

As we put one decade to bed and dive head first into a new one, we here at ATTT HQ feel it is our solemn duty to stick up for a year as insanely crappy as 2019 was by showing how even a year that was a dumpster fire of a train wreck can still have a kick ass soundtrack, if you know where to look. Thankfully, Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo and David Daskal have done their homework, and we finish our count down with #10-#1 of our doubly-fun 2-part episode. If you missed Part 1, check out our...


Episode 389 - Top Ten Songs Of 2019 Part 1 w/Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo & David Daskal

2019 was a year. That's just about the best thing I can say about it. Oh yeah, and there was some awesome music too. For proof of this, look no further than ATTT's patented year-end podcast and the start of Season 9 as we bring in our usual gang of four to break down 20 of the best songs of the year. Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo and the mighty David Daskal reach far and wide across the musical landscape to bring you 20-11 of our extended 2-part podcast, with 10-1 dropping in next week's...


Episode 388 - Top Ten Songs From Beavis & Butthead w/Ira Eisen

Happy Holidays from your grinchy friends at ATTT, who cooked up this extremely silly and stupid episode just for you to be able to turn your brain off to during this festive season. Ben's brother Ira was in town and the boys recall how they bonded over B&B back in the heyday of MTV's glory years, and they share their favorite moments of genius that came from watching Beavis and Butthead watch music videos from some of the best (and worst) bands of all time. Technical note, we do apologize...


Episode 387 - Top Ten Albums Of 1991 w/Ryan, Andy and Cody of Il Destro

Kids these days don't know how good we had it. 1991 was a supernova convergence of tectonic shifts in the popular music landscape. In '91 hip hop was settling artfully into the next phase of growth in its inevitable takeover of the Billboard charts, while at the same time rumblings were coming from the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere that would signal the moment when punk rock became mainstream, in the form of 'grunge'. Some of the most beloved bands of all time put out their absolute best...


Episode 386 - Top Ten Hard Rock Bands Of The 21st Century Vol. 1 w/Raf, Steve, Mike & Alexis of Viserra

Don't let anyone tell you rock is dead. Its not, it's just at a low point currently, in terms of its relevance in pop culture. You can blame MTV for abandoning it, or commercial radio for homogenizing it into submission, or just the lack of rock superstars that can write great songs. Or, you can look beyond the mainstream and realize that rock isn't going anywhere, and the first 2 decades of the 21st Century have a lot to offer in rock, if you know where to look. This week's podcast is all...


Episode 385 - Top Ten Songs For Donald Trump Volume 4 w/Nyaze Vincent

Why do we do this every year? Why do we feel the need to count down yet another volume of our favorite songs about liars, megalomaniacs, con-artists, racists, gluttons and puppets? Listen and find out. Thanks again to the incredibly astute and magnanimous Nyaze Vincent for his turn in the barrel, talking songs for you know who, and if you listen you'll know why. Stream this playlist on Spotify: Nyaze has new...


Episode 384 - Top Ten Songs That Give Thanks w/Rick Torres

Happy Thanksgiving from your pumpkin-pie-loving pals at ATTT HQ. Our staff of Oompa Loompas have been busting their butts for your podcasting enjoyment all year long, and this episode is the thanks they get. The mighty Rick Torres returns to the pod for a smorgasbord of delectable tracks that give thanks, from Sly, Sam, and Dave to The Beasties and Fatboy Slim, this playlist is heavy on calories but you'll feel light as a feather as we spin uplifting tunes that have us all saying thanks, and...


Episode 383 - Top Ten Songs With Recording Mistakes w/Geoff Pearlman

Warning! The following episode should be heard in good headphones, or at least in a place where there's not a lot of noise. Some of these recording mistakes are so buried in the mix that you have to strain to hear them, but that's part of the fun. Anyway, back in the days of analog tape and hectic recording schedules on low budgets, recording mistakes were bound to happen. Make no mistake, this is something to celebrate. Songwriter, singer, guitarist and the menschiest mensch of all mensches...


Episode 382 - Top Ten Fifth Beatles w/Barry Clayton

The Fab Four will stand the test of time as the greatest rock n roll band in music history. How did they get to the 'toppamost of the popamost'? With lots of help. This week's episode features special guest, proprietor of The Beatles Room in swinging Las Vegas, and wearer of the the crown for Nevada's #1 Beatles Fan, the one and only Barry Clayton. Barry joins the pod for a lively conversation about the various folks in the Beatles orbit that kept the train going with help behind the scenes...


Episode 381 - Top Ten Existential Songs Volume 4 w/Gabe Scalone

Camus can do, but Sartre is smarter. If you thought this statement was humorous you are clearly either a Simpsons fanatic with an affinity for the golden years, or a stone cold philosopher. Either way, you will likely be a fan of Top Ten Existential Songs Volume 4, with the wise Gabe Scalone, back for one last time on the Skype Machine (hey it took some doing but we got it sounding good) before he starts making his way back to LA for the sole purpose of doing episodes of All Time Top Ten in...


Episode 380 - Top Ten Songs About (Fictional) Monsters w/Matt Dinan

Happy Halloween from your morbid pals at All Time Top Ten! Mr. Halloween Himself Matt Dinan is back to horrify you with songs that pay tribute to - or give grave warnings about - some of the greatest monsters in film and literary history, plus some new ones that can go toe to toe with any beast that HP Lovecraft could have ever conjured up in his wildest twisted fantasies. Top Ten Songs About (Fictional) Monsters is all about variety too. We got demons, werewolves, vampires, witches,...


Episode 379 - Top Ten Percussion Instruments w/Alex LaBorwit

Unless you're one of those who ride or die exclusively with Norwegian black metal, there's a good chance that at least half of the tunes you know and love feature some kind of percussion instrument in the mix. These underrated and invaluable instruments provide color, life, drive, dynamics, motion and/or flair to make your favorite song as great as it is. Imagine "September" by Earth Wind & Fire without that driving bongo track. Imagine "Hair Of The Dog" without that immortal cowbell. As...


Episode 378 - Top Ten Songs From The Great American Songbook Volume 3 w/Joe Lavelle

Long before the Brill Building, Tin Pan Alley ruled the pop charts and the streets of Broadway. This era's amazing collection of songs has been given a very dignified and fitting moniker - the Great American Songbook. The writers of the timeless tunes that grace this beloved book are some of the most legendary artists in American history, and the very souls that gave America its first ever contribution to world culture in the first half of the 20th Century. Fellow Music-Historian-In-Training...


Episode 377 - Top Ten Cover Songs Volume 8 w/Dustin Prince

If you really need an explanation for what this episode is all about than here it is: covers. The fabulous Dustin Prince has helped us bring you 7 other volumes in this series. Listen to them all:


Episode 376 - Top Ten UK Rock Bands Of The 21st Century w/Brandon Schott

How do! All Time Top Ten's Brit Month is wrapping up in style with an overview of the best UK rock bands of the past 20 years. Those rockin' Brits have come a long way since Beatlemania blew things wide open 55 years ago. The bands of the past 2 decades feel like a culmination of everything we've heard all month long - great pop songwriting, moody introspection, tongue in cheek... uh cheekiness, and the sound of shimmering guitars over a mighty backbeat. Make no mistake, rock n roll isn't...


Episode 375 - Top Ten UK Rock Bands Of The 90s w/Chrissy Olsen

ATTT's highly fashionable series Brit Month keeps on keeping on with a fascinating look at the bands that made the UK rock scene in the 90s. As we all know, the 90s brought the age of irony to an entire generation, and the Brits were more than receptive to it. There might have been "better" decades in British rock, but there was definitely no "cooler" decade than the 90s. All over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, bands took the best of what came before - pop, rock, electronic,...


Episode 374 - Top Ten UK Rock Bands Of The 80s w/Jeff Axelrod

As Britain's Parliament goes through another week of pantsing themselves while giving themselves atomic wedgies, we here at ATTT are DETERMINED to cheer them up by reminding the world of just how rich their rock n roll history truly is. That's why we invented Brit Month, a semi-comprehensive look at the best UK rock n roll bands by decade. The 80s is where things got wonky, and styles of rock ran as far away from each other as possible, making for an incomprehensible stew of new wave, punk,...


Episode 373 - Top Ten UK Rock Bands Of The 70s w/Steve Deutsch

God knows what's happening over in Parliament these days, but around here we admire and respect the Brits for their uncanny ability to make some of the best rock n roll on the planet! Take for instance, UK Rock Bands Of The 1970s. Believe us, for this week's episode there were more great bands that DIDN'T make the list than great ones that made the cut. Spoiler: they're all great. The uncanny musician and producer Steve Deutsch joins the pod for a look at some of the best UK rock bands of...