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All Time Top Ten is your one-stop shop for the geekiest music playlists ever. Host Ben Eisen and his gang of musical hooligans have a new topic and a new top ten list every Monday. Subscribe on iTunes!

All Time Top Ten is your one-stop shop for the geekiest music playlists ever. Host Ben Eisen and his gang of musical hooligans have a new topic and a new top ten list every Monday. Subscribe on iTunes!


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All Time Top Ten is your one-stop shop for the geekiest music playlists ever. Host Ben Eisen and his gang of musical hooligans have a new topic and a new top ten list every Monday. Subscribe on iTunes!




Episode 466 - Top Ten Fashion Icons In Music w/Shannon Hurley & Emily Zuzik

In terms of impact on popular culture, there's nothing more immediate than music. For decades musicians and musical artists have been at the forefront. If you wanted to know what was cool at any given time in modern history, take a look and a listen to the musicians that were setting the trends. From Bowie to Gaga, rock stars and pop stars have set the tone for style, and the stars featured in this episode were known for their look just as much as their sound. ATTT is excited to bring on...


Episode 465 - Top Ten Rage-Inducing Songs From Bands We Love w/Morty Coyle

The word "infallible" doesn't describe too many people who have walked this planet over the years. In fact, we can't think of a single person in history that never made a mistake. To paraphrase Dylan, sometimes even the pope must have to stand naked. In that spirit, special guest DJ Morty Coyle brings his peculiar brand of off-wit back to All Time Top Ten to discuss the infallibility of some artists and bands that we revere. Nobody's perfect, and Top Ten Rage-Inducing Songs From Bands We...


Episode 464 - Top Ten Songs About The Night w/Rick Torres

Ray Charles knew exactly what he was talking about when he said that the night time is the right time. Something about how the world sounds gets altered when the sun goes down. Depending on your mood, things can get loose and fun, or nostalgic, or downright sad. That certain something about the night time that is undeniably romantic has inspired countless works of art, and especially great songs. Uber producer and musician (and all-around swell fella) Rick Torres is back in GoodList Studios...


Episode 463 - Top Ten Songs About Drugs Volume 2 w/Matt Tecu

For better or for worse, drugs and drug culture have long gone hand in hand with rock n roll. Like music, drugs are a way to escape from reality and if kept under control, they can liberate and expand your mind to new ideas, sensations and creative energy. Of course the other side of the coin is the dreaded 'a' word. Drug addiction is no joke, and this week's special guest, drummer extraordinaire Matt Tecu has been through it all, and has somehow lived to tell the tale. Fair warning to the...


Episode 462 - Top Ten Solo Careers w/Ryan Blake

Even though we here at ATTT HQ think the topic Top Ten Solo Careers is relatively self-explanatory, we feel it is our solemn duty to self-explain here, in order to avoid any run-ins with the nitpickers of the world. For our purposes, a solo career can really only count as a solo career if the artist involved got their start in a major band. And by major band we mean any band (or vocal group) that was a major force either commercially or critically, or in terms of legacy. The artists on this...


Episode 461 - Top Ten 80's Sunset Strip Bands w/Don Adkins

The 80's were a golden age for music in Los Angeles. The punk scene was vibrant and menacing, as all punk scenes should be. Metal was encroaching and by the end of the decade was ready for its close up. Meanwhile throughout the entire decade there was a riot going on over on the Sunset Strip. The Starwood, The Whiskey, The Roxy and The Troubadour were packed night after night with up and coming bands, many of which would be launched into the stratosphere by MTV and by sheer force of...


Episode 460 - Top Ten Albums Of 1992 w/DJ Hostetler, Chris Van Gompel & Dixie Jacobs

If you people seriously haven't gotten hip to it by now, the early 90s was a golden age for music. Hip hop was exploding on both coasts, with gangsta and conscious rap jousting for supremacy. In the rock world, a weird underground that had been percolating for a decade finally came to the surface when the Seattle scene blew the doors wide open for bands who refused to be defined and had to be labeled "alternative" because there hadn't been anything like it to that point. Yep, we grew up in...


Episode 459 - Top Ten Highly-Anticipated Follow-Up Albums That Delivered w/Dustin Prince

This seemingly-convoluted hyhen-filled topic is a lot more important to the history of rock n roll than most people realize. In order to reach the level of the rock n roll super-stratosphere, you first have to get to the stratosphere. Once you reach the top, you have to keep that train going, and only the rare great bands and artists have what it takes with the elusive Highly-Anticipated Follow-Up Album That Delivers. Frequently a massively successful album is followed by a dud, ending in...


Episode 458 - Top Ten Iconic Pieces Of Classical Music Vol. 2 w/Paul Eisen

You don't have to be a supersnob to appreciate classical music. The music from all periods of Classical, from Baroque to Romantic are a part of the soundtracks to our lives, and are beloved by people of all ages everywhere. Take the man himself, the paterfamilias, my dad Paul Eisen. He has had no formal music training and never played an instrument, but his love and appreciation for the greatest music ever written is just as real and genuine as your friendly neighborhood symphony...


Episode 457 - Top Ten Number Two Hits Volume 1 w/David Daskal

Sometimes on this podcast we feel compelled to honor the late great Casey Kasem and let the fine folks at Billboard magazine tell the tale of our list. The hit songs featured in this week's countdown are all victims of cruel fate and have suffered through the ultimate snub - just missing out on immortality by being kept off of the coveted number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The stories of how some of the greatest songs of all time stalled at number two on that chart make for a...


Episode 456 - Top Ten Movie Montage Songs w/Matt Dinan

Not that I want to oversell the concept but here in Hollywood Oscar Season is bigger than 10 Super Bowls! The brightest stars come out to shine on Oscar night, and the world celebrates excellence in filmmaking. The movies featured in this week's list might not all be Oscar-worthy but they all boast some of the most beloved and awesome montage scenes in movie history. What legendary ATTT guest Sir Matt Dinan is joining the pod to talk about this week are the songs that form the backbone of...


Episode 455 - Billy Joel Advice Songs Worst To First w/Shannon Hurley, Joe Lavelle & Monique Marvez

Our man in Long Island Billy Joel has given us so much over the years - amazing memories of live concert experiences, moments while enjoying his songs to laugh or cry or simply be moved by a great song and so much more. Billy has also given us plenty to consider with his thoughtful lyrics, in fact, you could say Billy has given us lots of advice through song. Good or bad, our man Billy always has the best of intentions with his advice songs and we thought we would honor them by taking 10 of...


Episode 454 - Top Ten Song Reimaginings w/Jeff Axelrod

Artists are curious creatures. Many of them are restless souls who constantly obsess over their art and think a lot about the finished product, often for years after it has been released to the public. I would guess that Pablo Picasso would probably look at a work of his from decades earlier and immediately begin thinking of ways to change it to reflect his current self, as artists are want to change themselves over time just like the rest of us. Well, in music, sometimes artists are...


Episode 453 - Top Ten Essential Mod Bands (Besides The Who) w/Mike Bisch and Darren Lolk

With its humble beginnings in the coffee shops and jazz clubs of London and Paris and comprised of a new crop of young beatniks and bohemians, the mod subculture was codified in the mid 1960s. The scene was marked by forward fashion, scooters, hatred of rockers and a bunch of new bands made up of fans of black music - soul, r&b, reggae, blues and modern jazz, but with a youthful, amphetamine-fueled rock n roll edge. Over the decades "mod" as a movement has come in and out of fashion, but...


Episode 452 - Top Ten Songs About Coffee w/Dana Ziegler

The wonders of coffee have been known to mankind for hundreds of years. It keeps us sharp and gets us through our day. It bonds us with our fellow coffee drinkers. It's a ritual and a habit that people revolve their entire lives around. In short, coffee is a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Pal O' The Pod, host of the dynamite podcast Conversations From Here and fellow coffee maniac Dana Ziegler joins ATTT to help count down the greatest musical tributes to the only beans that we...


Episode 451 - Top Ten Musical Times & Places w/Gabe Scalone

We're not sure if it's the fact that we've been cooped up for a year, but me, Gabe Scalone and the rest of the ATTT crew are going stir crazy and we've decided to take a trip through space and time, as you do when you're as bored and restless as we are. Thankfully we've got a teleportation device that can take us to any point in time and location in history and we've decided to embark on a musical adventure, looking for iconic, important and mind blowing moments in music that we've always...


Episode 450 - Top Ten Indie/Underground Comedy Musicians w/Steve Goodie

ATTT is taking a trip to left field this week as we welcome first time guest and noted indie/underground comedy musician Steve Goodie to help count down our favorite Indie/Underground Comedy Musicians. Funny how things lined up just right for this guest and topic. In addition to being a mensch, Steve is also a very funny fella and and accomplished musician, producer and songwriter currently based in the comedy capitol of the world, Nashville, Tennessee. We hope you enjoy our trip through the...


Episode 449 - Top Ten Albums By The Rolling Stones w/Fuzzbee Morse

In ATTT's first ever all-Stones episode, resident thief and rascal Fuzzbee Morse makes his long-awaited return and we get down and nasty with rock n roll's favorite outlaws. The Rolling Stones never gave one shit about what people thought of them or their music. They swashbuckled their way through danger, flouted the law, bedded all of the groupies, took all of the drugs but took no prisoners and they never ever apologized for any number of ridiculous and/or hilarious controversies. None of...


Episode 448 - Top Ten Underrated Bass Players w/Dan Rothchild, Jennifer Jo Oberle and David Jenkins

Ok so me, Dan, Jennifer and David talked for a long time about our favorite underrated bass players. Ok so we listened to a ton of great music. It went over 2 1/2 hours, so sue us. I defy anyone to listen to this episode and find 30 seconds of conversation that you think should have been cut. No chance. In the tradition of those legendary 2am-at-the-Kibitz conversations, we had a glorious time dissecting Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest bass players ever, and we countered with...


Episode 447 - Top Ten (Sincere & Not Cheesy) Love Songs Volume 10 w/Ryan Blake

Hard to believe we've done 10 volumes of these. Happy Valentine's Day week from your lovesick pals at ATTT. The Old Boy Himself Ryan Blake is back for one more go around in our (seemingly) endless quest to find the greatest romantic love songs ever written. Share this playlist with that certain someone in your life, or a certain someone you'd like to be your certain someone. Stream the entire (Sincere & Not Cheesy) Love Songs collection with our mega-playlist on Spotify:...