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All Time Top Ten is your one-stop shop for the geekiest music playlists ever. Host Ben Eisen and his gang of musical hooligans have a new topic and a new top ten list every Monday. Subscribe on iTunes!


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All Time Top Ten is your one-stop shop for the geekiest music playlists ever. Host Ben Eisen and his gang of musical hooligans have a new topic and a new top ten list every Monday. Subscribe on iTunes!




Episode 549 - Top Ten Ultimate Headphone Albums Volume 1 Part 1 w/Ryan Blake

There's not much to say about this most OBA of topics, except please please please listen to this episode on headphones! This week's word is "mixing" as in the unsung professional artists known as mixers that create the soundscapes in your brain that the artists want you to hear. TOP TEN ULTIMATE HEADPHONE ALBUMS is such a great topic that it has to be a "volume 1 situation", as in there will be more volumes at some point. Anyway, we finally got The Old Boy Himself Ryan Blake to visit...


Episode 548 - Top Ten Unifying Songs Against Prejudice Part 2 w/Etan G The Jewish Rapper & Rick Torres Of Supreme Beings Of Leisure

Were back! We're back to fight hatred in all of its forms and we will not be deterred. Etan G The Jewish Rapper and Rick Torres of Supreme Beings Of Leisure return with more uplifting and inspiring musical gems that give us strength to fight against the bullshit. We're more than proud to showcase picks 5-1 of our favorite UNIFYING SONGS AGAINST PREJUDICE! If you missed Part 1, get started here: Etan's...


Episode 547 - Top Ten Unifying Songs Against Prejudice Part 1 w/Etan G The Jewish Rapper & Rick Torres of Supreme Beings Of Leisure

It's a new year and we're bigly focused on living our complete lives to the fullest. You know, having a great time, listening to great music, hanging with cool people, and so forth. While this is a worthy purpose, it's sad to report that there's something lingering out there that is making it difficult to achieve. That something is bullshit - bullshit like racism, antisemitism, bigotry, and hate. We know we can rise above it, but we do need some help from songwriters and musicians to give us...


Episode 546 - Top TWENTY Songs Of 2022 Part 4 w/Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo & David Daskal

Folks, it's been said before but 2022 was a year. Here's our final look back at what turned out to be the best thing about 2022 - the music! Thanks to Shannon, Linda and David for helping us count it all down. Here's picks 5-1 aka the best of the best If you missed Part 1 listen here first: Then get into Part 2 here: And then... part...


Episode 545 - Top TWENTY Songs Of 2022 Part 3 w/Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo & David Daskal

You know the deal. It's Part 3 of our look back at the year that was. Behold the best of 2022! If you missed Part 1 listen here first: Then get into Part 2 here: Thanks to Bryan Meyers for his patronage and for making the most of his All Time Top Ten Patreon rewards episode! Bryan has blessed us with to-date THE sexiest rendition of Guest Numbers Girl we've heard. And thanks...


Episode 544 - Top TWENTY Songs Of 2022 Part 2 w/Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo & David Daskal

We got legacy picks, we got local picks, we have what is possibly the biggest song of the year. Top TWENTY Songs Of 2022 Part 2 features picks 15-11 in our super-sized look back at the year that was. Our usual crew of Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo and David Daskal bring you the best music we've heard this year, and we found some real diamonds in what was otherwise a rough year for most of us. We stand by our view that music saves us! January's Patreon episode will be Top Ten Misinterpreted...


Episode 543 - Top TWENTY Songs Of 2022 Part 1 w/Shannon Hurley, Linda Trujillo & David Daskal

We did it! We made it through another year in this dystopian hellscape! How do we find the strength to carry on amid the chaos and the idiocy? Simple - music saves us. If anyone dares to say that there's no good music being made today, you can tell them from us to shove it. And, send them this link. Quite possibly the best thing about 2022 was the music. As we do, ATTT is kicking off another season by looking back at the year that was. Our usual cast of miscreants - Shannon Hurley, Linda...


Episode 542 - Top Ten Epic Keyboard Intros Part 2 w/Tim Battig of Mighty Love

We couldn't possibly have come up with a better way to close out Season 11 of ATTT. Why do we do it? Episodes like this. We bow at the altar of epicness that oozes from this week's picks. The songs featured in picks 5-1 of TOP TEN EPIC KEYBOARD INTROS are filled with some of the greatest keyboard magic ever captured to tape. Thanks again to Sir Tim Battig for coming through for us in his first appearance on the pod, and thanks to all of you for coming with us through another season of...


Episode 541 - Top Ten Epic Keyboard Intros Part 1 w/Tim Battig of Mighty Love

We've had a lot of fun in Season 11 of ATTT. We've met a lot of awesome people and had many of them on our show for the first time. In that spirit, we'd like to close out with some epic fun. The man behind the big beautiful Nord keyboard that brings the band Mighty Love the essentials is none other than this week's special guest Tim Battig. Tim knows his way around a keyboard, be it piano, organ, or synth; and while the definition of the term "epic" is subjective, Timmah knows his epicness....


Episode 540 - The Songs Of Ok Computer Worst-To-First Part 2 w/Paul, Brent & Steve Of Datamaps

Paul Larson, Brent Stranathan and Steve Krolikowski from Datamaps are back for Part 2 of this nearly impossible exercise we've decided to undertake. We're ranking the songs on Radiohead's Ok Computer from Worst-To-First and we've reached the top half of the list. If you could possibly disagree that this is one of the greatest albums of all time just listen to the tracks in this episode. Astounding! There will be Datamaps music coming soon! For now keep up with everything else we're up to at...


Episode 539 - The Songs Of OK Computer Worst-To-First Part 1 w/Paul, Brent & Steve of Datamaps

25 years ago, the world's collective mind was blown by a new collection of songs from England's premier rock band Radiohead. It took a few spins for many to get the genius of OK Computer, but since then critics and fans alike have cited it as one of the greatest pieces of music ever released. We here at ATTT have been looking for an opportunity to use our Worst-To-First format for some deconstructing fun, and we have our sights set on the songs of OK Computer. Paul Larson, Brent Stranathan...


Episode 538 - Top Ten Cover Songs Volume 10 Part 4 w/Dustin Prince

We did it! We completed 10 volumes of our currently concluding Cover Songs series appropriately titled Top Ten Cover Songs. In Part 4 of our super-sized conclusion, Dustin Prince joins us for one last go around before we put the kibosh on the whole shebang. Here's picks 5-1, with a little bonus last word from our listeners. Thanks everybody! The complete Top Ten Covers Song playlist is here and it's only 175 of the greatest covers you will ever hear. Stream the whole thing on...


Episode 537 - Top Ten Cover Songs Volume 10 Part 3 w/Dustin Prince

And we're back! Again! Our cup runneth over with covers as our beloved Dustin Prince continues with this super-sized, series-finishing playlist. Top Ten Cover Songs Volume 10 Part 3 has a ridiculous amount of variety and some definitive versions of our favorite songs. Get more covers in your life! If you missed Parts 1 and 2, get them here: And...


Episode 536 - Top Ten Cover Songs Volume 10 Part 2 w/Dustin Prince

And we're back! As promised, our fine friend Dustin Prince continues to hang with us in GoodList Studios for Part 2 of our final Cover Songs Series installment. Since Top Ten Cover Songs Volume 10 is a double episode, this week will cover #15-11 of our supersized playlist. Viva le covers! If you missed Part 1, listen here: Check out the Complete Cover Songs playlist on...


Episode 535 - Top Ten Cover Songs Volume 10 Part 1 w/Dustin Prince

Its been a long, strange trip. For 10 years we've invited the always affable Dustin Prince to help us count down the most essential and must-hear cover songs of all time. At long last we're putting this series to bed and we are cordially inviting you to join us for a final send off. Check out the ultimate cover songs playlist! All of the songs from Volumes 1-10 (Part 1) are here on ye old Spotify: You know you...


Episode 534 - Top Ten Horror Film Scores Part 2 w/Matt Dinan

Happy October and all the ghoulish stuff that comes with it. We here at ATTT HQ are getting tired from patting ourselves on the back for another Halloween Spectacular in the books with the certifiably insane Matt Dinan in our 11th October go-around. This time we're delving deeper into the terrifying world of classic horror movies and their accompanying scores. These are the sounds that strike fear to all those who hear them, whether or not they've seen the attached classic horror films. This...


Episode 533 - Top Ten Horror Film Scores Part 1 w/Matt Dinan

Happy Halloween from ATTT! If you can believe it, we've now done 11 of these with our beloved monster-in-training-in-residence, Mr. Halloween Himself Matt Dinan. In this year's Halloween Spectacular, we explore the cinematic side of spookiness. So many memorable visuals from our favorite horror films are accompanied by intensely memorable music from these iconic scores. In Part 1, Matt helps us dig deeper into the world of dark, dark cinema. Get your fix of silly Halloween fun over at...


Episode 532 - Top Ten Songs About Aliens Part 2 w/Gabe Scalone

What does it say about us humans that our most consumed stories about interactions with extraterrestrial beings involve them coming to Earth with a mission to save us from ourselves? We potentially have a lot to learn from other beings from distant places, be it the other side of the galaxy or the other side of our own neighborhoods. The idea of alien life forms among us or out there is too intriguing to not want to explore, and thankfully many of our favorite rock stars agree, and they have...


Episode 531 - Top Ten Songs About Aliens Part 1 w/Gabe Scalone

If aliens were ever to come to this planet, they will find millions of indifferent plants and animals, and a very unpredictable curious bunch of humans. Some humans will gather weapons and prepare for war, some will extend a friendly hand, and some will run around in circles screaming like their hair is on fire. What ATTT plans to do is to beam them this playlist. Songs About Aliens run the gamut in style and approach, and our good friend Gabe Scalone joins the pod for a look at the best...


Episode 530 - Top Ten Songs About Mind Control Part 2 w/Ryan Stockstad

As fellow citizens of planet earth, we here at ATTT HQ hope you are all doing well and are keeping your heads on a swivel in this mind-boggling day and age. Malevolent forces are all around, using hapless rubes to do their evil bidding and making this world into the current shitstorm of misinformation and propaganda we see every day. Don't listen to 'em! Listen to us. We may not have all the answers but at least we're going to give you what you want - music and more music! Ryan Stockstad is...