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All Time Top Ten is your one-stop shop for the geekiest music playlists ever. Host Ben Eisen and his gang of musical hooligans have a new topic and a new top ten list every Monday. Subscribe on iTunes!

All Time Top Ten is your one-stop shop for the geekiest music playlists ever. Host Ben Eisen and his gang of musical hooligans have a new topic and a new top ten list every Monday. Subscribe on iTunes!


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All Time Top Ten is your one-stop shop for the geekiest music playlists ever. Host Ben Eisen and his gang of musical hooligans have a new topic and a new top ten list every Monday. Subscribe on iTunes!




Episode 444 - Emergency Pod! Volume 2 w/Josh Burnell

Welp, we got canceled on. It happens now and again. Thankfully we know some folks that know a ton of different kinds of music. Also thankfully our pal Josh Burnell was available in a pinch to throw together a Top Ten list on the fly, utilizing our foolproof way to pod without any preparation whatsoever. We hope you enjoy our little game of six degrees of musical separation and a funky little playlist. Stream this playlist on Spotify:


Episode 443 - Top Ten Songs About Losers w/Ryan Stockstad

Our feelings on the 45th president are well documented on this podcast, and we would just as soon not bother with this topic. However, the recent proliferation of disinformation, misinformation, lies and an insanely reckless disregard for how shit gets done in a democracy has forced us to officially wave goodbye to the biggest loser on the planet the only way we know how, through song. DISCLAIMER: If, even after everything we've seen this past week and in the preceding 5 years, if you are...


Episode 442 - Top Twenty Songs Of 2020 Part 2 (10-1) w/David David, Shannon Hurley & Linda Trujillo

With the world crashing down around us all year long, music stepped up big time in 2020. Some of the most important and vital artists in rock, pop, country and more released some of the best music of their careers, music made in studios and bedrooms. However they could get their art to us, they did it. To put a bow on the musical year that was, David Daskal, Shannon Hurley and Linda Trujillo are back to finish up this two part mega-episode. These are the songs of the year. If you haven't...


Episode 441 - Top Twenty Songs Of 2020 Part 1 (20-11) w/David Daskal, Shannon Hurley & Linda Trujillo

At last some good news! We here at ATTT HQ are happy to report that despite hell being literally on earth in 2020, a year that brought on relentless misery and chaos, there still managed to be a plethora of great music to discover all year long. The overriding message we've observed this year is that the power of songs that inspire and uplift will always serve us well in times of trouble. Of course catchy choruses, unstoppable grooves and pop hooks will always help raise anyone's spirits....


Episode 440: Episode 440 - Top Ten Rock N Roll Lullabies w/Marina V

Season 9 of All Time Top Ten is coming to a close and we couldn't be more proud of the work we did this year in the face of stupidity, fear and the damn plague. For those of us lucky enough to survive 2020, we could all use a good night's sleep, and what better way to accomplish that than with the soothing sound of a classic lullaby? The world of rock and pop music has its share of bedtime songs to choose from and we are definitely blessed to have first-time mom and singer/songwriter Marina...


Episode 439: Episode 439 - Top Ten Epic Beards Of Rock w/Dustin Prince

As our nation remains as bitterly divided as ever, and this year of despair and madness draws to a close, we look to a few sacred things that we can all agree on, no matter what side of politics (or reality) we reside. In the world of rock n roll, nothing is as reliable as the prevalence of an epic beard on the faces of our favorite rock stars. All the greats have had them from time to time, but only a select few can trace at least some portion of their rock star status to that furry thing...


Episode 438: Episode 438 - Top Ten Rock N Roll Rivalries w/Nick Baker

Some of the stories behind the best blood feuds in rock and pop history are pretty out there. This list isn't just about bad blood, held grudges, or the occasional friendly competition/musical arms race. In Top Ten Rock N Roll Rivalries, special guest Nick Baker joins the pod for stories about violence-inspiring love triangles, fistfights, drunken mayhem and 2 unsolved murders. The good news is because we need to hear from both sides of each grudge match, this super-sized episode features 20...


Episode 437: Episode 437 - Emergency Pod! Volume 1 w/Shannon Hurley

Emergency Pod is a thing! The Numbers Girl herself Shannon Hurley guests for volume 1. What are we talking about? Take a listen. Stream this playlist over at Spotify: Follow and support Lovers & Poets! Get Top Ten Songs That Changed The World featuring Sir Joe Lavelle and other exclusive episodes by getting into the ATTT Patreon for $2 a month.


Episode 436: Episode 436 - Top Ten Collaborations Between The Legend & The New Kid w/Joe Lavelle

Legend, meet new kid. New kid, meet legend. Get acquainted you two. You have a project ahead of you that will not only make millions of music fans happy, but might even change the trajectory of your careers, and rock n roll itself. No pressure. Special guest Joe Lavelle is back on the pod to help us count down our favorite collaborations between the old fart and the young whippersnapper, uh, we mean the Legend and the New Kid. Joe Lavelle's Brandy Sidecar is a fun little project designed to...


Episode 435 - Top Ten Songs From Supernatural w/Candi Bartlett & Chrissy Olsen

Hey guys, my show got hijacked by two superfans of the hit tv show Supernatural. They even took over the blurb! Candi Bartlett and Chrissy Olsen here with our own Road So Far! We count down TOP TEN SONGS FROM SUPERNATURAL and express to Ben what the perfect classic jam, strangely crisp flannel, and magnificent hair can do with an Impala and a trunk full of monster hunting gear. It's an assbutt of a good time. Thanks Ben and ATTT for this feels-filled trip down the #Supernatural musical...


Episode 434 - Top Ten Lyrically Clever Songs Vol. 1 w/David Daskal

To paraphrase Anthony Keidis, we are tickled pink when we listen to music that makes us think. A lot of thought went into the making of the songs on this week's playlist. A lot of clever thought. ATTT's own David Daskal is back to help us count down the first of many volumes of these lyrical gems. The songs on the first volume of our Top Ten Lyrically Clever Songs series pass all the tests. Witty? Check. Thought-provoking? You know it. Tiny works of genius? Absolutely. Check out this awesome...


Episode 433 - Top Ten Songs About Empathy/Songs For Joe Biden w/Gabe Scalone

We're not sure if you've heard but there's an election happening. A lot is on the line and we here at ATTT are throwing our lot behind our man Joe Biden. Something Joe is best known for is his ability to express empathy. Joe knows from loss and has a big heart. In this time of deep division and crisis, we gotta believe that Joe Biden is the man for this time of pain. In that hopeful spirit ATTT welcomes back one of our beloved regulars, empath-in-chief Gabe Scalone, who also knows a lot...


Episode 432 - Top Ten Songs About Real Life Monsters w/Matt Dinan

Happy Halloween from your impish ghouls and your ghoulish imps at All Time Top Ten. The Oompa Loompas here at ATTT HQ have been toiling day and night to bring you the very best in devilish music and help get you in the spirit of the season. This Halloween they had a big help as always from our resident Shadmock Matt Dinan. Last year we tackled songs about our favorite fictional monsters. This time around we're gonna get real, and play our favorite tunes that document real life monsters that...


Episode 431 - Top Ten Heavy Metal Songs Of Hope w/Jake Bright

Batten down the hatches and fire up the Marshall stacks! ATTT is closing out our Songs Of Hope series in style with a playlist that will blow any mind that dares to get near it. First time guest and fellow metalhead Jake Bright joins the pod to help us mine more songs of hope from a seemingly unlikely source - heavy fucking metal. Non-metalheads may not realize it, but true fans of the genre and the bands that live by the metal ethos will tell you a big driving force behind the scene is a...


Episode 430 - Top Ten Folk Songs Of Hope w/Elizabeth Eisen

Sometimes you have to really listen to the lyrics. Words are the engine that generates the lifeblood of folk music, and ATTT's patented Songs Of Hope series is ripe for a bunch of good words strung together to make beautiful folk songs of hope. Enter the fabulous Elizabeth Eisen and her folk-loving ways. Ben's mom joins the show for an episode about hope, folk-style. Sidle up with your banjo and play along, but always listen to the lyrics. Elizabeth is a groovy artist. Check out her work...


Episode 429 - Top Ten Songs Of Hope From The 90's w/Ryan Blake

The Old Boy Himself Ryan Blake is back on the pod to talk about one of our favorite subjects - the music of the 90's. Like your humble host, Ryblake came of age in the 90's. In the 90's we formed our taste, honed our sense of what was cool, became musicians and took in the insane variety of great music that came out during that most glorious of decades. We both have such fond memories of that time that we thought it would be appropriate to add another episode to ATTT's award-aspiring Songs...


Episode 428 - Top Ten Soulful Songs Of Hope w/Rick Torres

Hopeful songs of soulful hope. Soulful songs of hopeful soul. Sir Rick Torres of Dirtycakes and Supreme Beings Of Leisure, not to mention countless other musical adventures, is on the pod to help us give you a vaccine to protect against despair, and its called Top Ten Soulful Songs Of Hope. Check out the many projects that Rick is putting his musical genius tentacles all over: The new album from rock n roll stalwarts Dirtycakes is on its way. In the meantime find out more of what they're up...


Episode 427 - Top Ten Classic Rock Songs Of Hope w/The Wolffing Brothers

Lord help us, we're just getting pummeled by despair week after week here in bad ol' 2020. Those of us in the camp we call "people who care", or "people who give a shit" are just trying to keep our heads above water these days and like the great Freddie Mercury advised, we're keeping ourselves alive. A big help is something we call rock n roll, and for this week, we're all about the greatest Classic Rock Songs Of Hope, those hard rockin' gems that keep our spirits up, lyrically and...


Episode 426 - Top Ten Punk Rock Songs Of Hope w/Vanessa Narad Axelsen

Anyone who knows anything about punk rock should not be surprised that there are a ridiculous amount of truly uplifting, life-affirming, positive punk songs. Punk scenes are all about unity and brother/sisterhood. Some of the most tightly knit groups of friends are those who bond over music that is all about no compromises and in-your-face honesty. Therefore, Punk Rock Songs Of Hope is a topic that is a no-brainer, especially for this day & age. We should all be filled with righteous anger...


Episode 425 - Top Ten Cover Songs Of Hope w/Dustin Prince

The Summer Of Sin was a thing, and now it is mercifully over. The Oompa Loompas running the show here at ATTT HQ have been getting restless, and are ready for a break from all the negativity we've seen in the world and especially here in these United States. The election is less than 2 months away and we're going to steer this ship in a new direction - the direction of positivity, good vibes, and especially HOPE. Longtime fans of the show know All Time Top Ten has been all about hope for the...