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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!

Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!
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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About Madness? Nailed it. Top Ten Rock Trios? Easy. Join host Ben Eisen as he and a wide variety of guests discuss and play some of the best music on earth!




Episode 325 - Top Ten Bands We'd Love To See Reunite w/Steve Deutsch

For whatever reason, the law of bands is that they have to break up, except for U2. U2 will be around when Imagine Dragons is being inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. For the most part, all good things do come to an end, including some of the best bands, groups, and awesome-music-making-partnerships of all time. What we'd love is for some of our faves to come back and reunite. However, since this is our rock n roll fantasy, we want these reunions to be more than just your typical...


Episode 324 - Top Ten Indie Rock Bands Of The 2000s Vol. 1 w/Chrissy Olsen

In the wake of the devastation that rap rock and nu metal left on rock n roll in the late 90s, a new sound emerged in the early-mid 2000s. Bands from all over the world began popping up with such diverse influences as punk rock, new wave, progressive rock, garage rock and EDM to give rock n roll one last gasp of life before the banjos killed it forever. Some call it the 'death rattle'. Some who are less cynical would call it an exciting time to be a fan of rock, while the hipsters called...


July Extra Credit From The Archives - Top Ten Bubblegum Classics w/Joe Lavelle

On the first Friday (or Thursday night) of every month, ATTT is putting out a bonus episode for those who seek more podcast fun. We told you we were gonna bring you only brainless silly episodes this summer, and we meant it. Here's one for your July from way back in 2013 featuring the highly entertaining Joe Lavelle. Ben is joined in GoodList Studios by fellow pop culture-obsessed maniac Joe Lavelle for a podcast that celebrates the oft-maligned genre of pop music known as Bubblegum. Once...


Episode 323 - Top Ten Songs From The Complaint Department Volume 2 w/Diane Stroud

Welcome to summer 2018, people. It's hot. It's humid. Everyone is either filled with rage or acting like a jackass, or both. There's only one way to safely release all this anger - Festivus in July! As Frank Costanza will tell you the blessed holiday of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. We here at ATTT have got a lot of problems with you people, and now you're gonna hear about it, in song form. Songs that have complaints, objections, criticisms, nitpicking and straight up beef...


Episode 322 - Top Ten Angry Heartbreak Songs Volume 2 w/Ryan Blake

There’s no anger like heartbroken anger like no anger we know. Some of the best and most vital songs on the subject of love are filled with resentment and bitterness. These feelings can manifest themselves through song in a slow-burning rage where the music is as creepy as the sentiment. Other angry heartbreak songs are exploding at the seams with righteous fury. All of this and more can be heard in the latest ATTT pod, and the man with the plan to bring this episode back for a second...


Episode 321 - Top Ten Underrated Guitarists w/Alex Dubovoy

Every few years the fine upstanding folks at Rolling Stone Magazine take a break from talking about how great Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and U2 are; and release an updated version of their 100 Greatest Guitarists feature. Every time they do they incur the wrath of guitar geeks the world over, howling with rage at the miscues, overpraising and especially the snubs of some of the most criminally underrated guitar slingers to ever don an axe. (By the way, ATTT incurs this wrath weekly, so...


Episode 320 - All Time Top Ten World Tour w/Chris Wolffing

From the mean streets of New York City to the blessed rains of Africa, it's a great big world. Even as technology brings us virtually closer together, there's nothing that can compare to seeing and experiencing the sights and sounds of this endlessly fascinating planet of ours in person. In that spirit, Ben and special guest traveler Chris Wolffing set their sights on a globetrotting adventure, and the lads play some of the best songs about places around the globe, using the music to get...


Episode 319 - Top Ten "Short" Prog Rock Songs w/Fernando Perdomo and Adam Sears

Looking at it from a musicologist's point of view, genre anomalies can be fascinating. Most music genres have their rules and parameters by which a standard band operates. In the world of progressive rock, or prog rock, or simply 'prog' if you know your stuff; expansiveness is a virtue. Your average prog album is 60 minutes and 4 tracks, or so the cliche goes. What ATTT is all about this week is the anomaly - the 'short' prog song, and for our intents and purposes all of this week's tracks...


Episode 318 - Top Ten Singing Drummers w/Dustin Prince

The act of singing lead and playing drums simultaneously is a feat so insane it boggles the mind. It's like having two brains working at once, while working your ass off physically, and somehow finding time to breathe. It shouldn't be possible. The folks on this week's list deserve endless respect, whether you're a fan of their music or not. Pal Of The Pod Dustin Prince returns to help count down the superhuman Singing Drummer. Note: for our purposes the guideline is they must sing lead...


Episode 317 - Grammy Song Of The Year Winners 1970-1989 Worst To First w/David Daskal

Behold! Here's another installment of our severely popular feature "Worst To First", in which we take a subject that has a finite number of entries and count them not down, but up from the bottom to the top! The immortal David Daskal is back to discuss the music from his 2 favorite decades - the 70's and 80's - and the songs that were voted Song Of The Year by The Grammy Awards from 1970-1989. Do yourself a favor and try not to look up the entries for this list before listening. We think...


Episode 316 - Top Ten Songs From Commercials w/Jason Kramer

We'll just come out and say it - music supervision is not for just anyone with an ear. In the world of tv, film and advertising, the profession of music supervisor is an exclusive club. It's such a specialized field that precious few truly have the skill set, even though a huge number of music fans would like to think they have it. In addition to being a tenacious negotiator and master schmoozer with a thousand connections to bands, management, labels, promoters and other industry types;...


Episode 315 - Top Ten Broadway Musicals 1961-1990 w/Shannon Hurley & Kate Lynne Bundy

In the fertile ground of the 60's, 70's and 80's, Broadway stretched its legs a bit and took on new voices and ideas with style and grace, bringing in a whole new generation of composers, playwrights, lyricists, actors and fans. Webber, Rice, Sondheim, Schwartz and more wowed audiences with innovative stage productions that featured some of the most beloved songs of the era. ATTT host Ben Eisen is not as well-versed in this arena as he would like to be, so he enlisted a couple of Broadway...


Episode 314 - Top Ten Self-Titled Songs w/Gabe Scalone

It takes a certain amount of... let's say "confidence" to be a band or artist that has a song with your name in it's title. It's also a stroke of artistic genius and only a precious few masters can wish to have that lightning bolt of inspiration, to boldly say to the world, "my massive ego is so immense, people must sing my name back to me at stadiums across the globe. Yes, I'm just that awesome." Ok maybe this is the part where we say we here at ATTT genuinely love the artists and bands...


Episode 313 - Top Ten Songs About Class Warfare Vol. 1 w/Rick Torres & Jordan Summers

All societies have variations on the subject but here's how it works in a nutshell: The upper class has a perceived and therefore real superiority over the middle class and the lower class. The middle class is cool with this because they always have the lower class to look down on. The lower class is always looking up, and whether it's in reverence or disgust, they look up. Each one has struggles, either to maintain their place or to improve it, and the beat, as they say, goes on. All Time...


Episode 312 - Top Ten Video Vamps w/Matt Dinan & Tony Ross

Ok, we're going to keep this as classy as humanly possible. We loved music videos, back when they were a thing. For some of a certain age, much of the 80's & 90's were spent glued to the idiot box, drooling over images of scantily-clad people gyrating while the best pop and rock music of the day played somewhere in the background. We'll admit, a lot of what had us hooked back in the day was the forever-burned-into-the-frontal-lobe shots of incredibly gorgeous women like Tawny Kitaen,...


Episode 311 - Top Ten Songs About Cigarettes w/Mike Dawson

These days, much like rock n roll itself, the concept of smoking cigarettes is something that lives on the margins - outside of society, if you will. It’s 2018, and at least here in idealistic California, only the heartiest of outlaws will still light up and throw a defiant f-you to the blue noses that view smokers on the same level as pedophiles and drug dealers. They are the last of their kind, still carrying the torch for personal expression and individuality. At least that’s how they’d...


Episode 310 - Top Ten Jimi Hendrix Songs w/Fuzzbee Morse

What can you say about the cosmic mastermind guitarist, freaky patron saint of the psychedelic universe, towering giant of magical otherworldly music, godfather of mind-blowing aural landscapes, mountain-felling voodoo child, harbinger of glad musical tidings, genius of rock Jimi Hendrix? Not much that hasn't already been said a million times by puny musical scholars and wannabe rock journalists who scrap and claw at the impenetrable musical wisdom that the man gifted the universe during a...


Episode 309 - Two Songs, Same Title w/Joe Lavelle

Here's a concept that works: two great songs that happen to have the same title, but are two different songs altogether. Got it? Easy peasy. Big thanks to the always incorrigible Joe Lavelle for guest hosting this bit of foolishness that is right up there with some of the stupidest aka best work we've done. We couldn't be more proud. Dig Joe's music here: And here: Stream this playlist on...


Episode 308 - Top Ten Chuck Berry Covers w/Thad Wawro

This past year the world said goodbye to a man who arguably INVENTED rock n roll. Maybe someday Johnny B Goode's name will be in lights, but Chuck Berry's name is already plastered over every history book that has even a passing interest in rock. 200 years from now musicologists will be studying the guitar grooves of "Maybellene", the lyrical wit of "Almost Grown" and the storytelling masterworks of "You Never Can Tell" and "No Particular Place To Go". Rock journalist, author and...


Episode 307 - Top Ten Side Projects w/Brandon Schott

It's easy to see how some of the great musical talents of our time would feel the need to break away from themselves and try something different. Whether it's a chance to experiment self-indulgently at the expense of their record company, a whimsical opportunity to goof off, or an overpowering need to get something important off of their musical chest; sometimes the best option is a good old fashioned side project. These delightful diversions must be a great release for these semi-tortured...