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Ready To Drink Cocktails

Too tired to put together a proper cocktail but you could really use a drink? Canned cocktails got your back… and your front! In this episode we leave our strainers and shaker tins on the shelf and crack open some cans of ready to drink Caipirinhas. The good people over at Novo Fogo added two new flavors to their Sparkling Caipirinha line - and they sent us some to try… our first booze mail! So how does one pronounce Caipirinha? Great question. We’ll help you out with the correct...


Mezcal Is Your New Favorite Spirit

The Always Parched hosts sample four wild agave varietals (and learn why mezcal is the wine of spirits), drink from handmade copitas, eat insects, pick favorites, and discuss the challenges of introducing a mostly misunderstood spirit into a new market. Allow yourself to be biased by story and community as we sit down with Abel Arriaga from Mezcal Carreño. This episode is jam-packed with everything you need to know to better approach, understand, and embrace the terroir driven spirit that is...


Negroni Week!

It’s that special time of year again… so join us for a few drinks as we discuss the classic, the always delightful and never overrated… the negroni. What more can be said about such an iconic drink? Probably not that much - but we’re going to give it a go anyways! In this episode, we take a look at the brief history of Negroni Week, who started it, who benefits from it, and why you should go out and support your local participating bars - PLUS - when does a negroni riff become a negroni...


An Amateur Behind the Stick

He’s all growns up! Our home bartender co-host, Wo (Mike Mainwold), competed with local professionals in the Campari Loves Gin Competition. Listen in as we talk about what it’s like going behind the bar for the very first time, finding inspiration from the culinary world, avoiding amateur mistakes, and making your friends proud(ish) - PLUS - we let the bitterness shine with the real star of this episode… Bitter Island.


Don't Overthink It!

In this episode, the Always Parched hosts are joined by special guest barologist - and winner of the 2019 Last Slinger Standing competition - Chanel Godwin-McMaken from Little Rituals (Phoenix, AZ). We talk about humbling experiences, not overthinking situations, staying in the moment, green chartreuse, courageous cocktails, and how winning is done! - PLUS - what is the prefered nomenclature: bartender vs mixologist vs vodka-soda slinger vs barologist.


Flavored Vodka

We try them all so you don’t have to! Okay - so we didn’t try every obnoxiously colored little bottle of flavored misadventure, but we did try WAY too many of them. In this semi-regrettable episode Wo, Dinger, and Micah start off with a mixed bag of questionable vodkas and then finish strong with some quality, well comprised examples of goodness. Find out if the Always Parched crew successfully traversed Micah’s gauntlet of disaster - PLUS - did you know your flavored vodka is probably just...


Four Roses Cocktail Competition Part 2

The results are in! And - more importantly - Dinger is back to impart valuable wisdom and insight to his home bartender co-hosts. Listen in on the conversation as Wo and Micah make their drinks, plead their cases, and assert a variety of excuses as to why they didn’t win the Four Roses cocktail competition - PLUS - our resident expert described one recipe as gross… so find out if friendships are lost in this episode of Always Parched.


Four Roses Cocktail Competition Part 1

It’s amateur hour! Four Roses invited home bartenders (sorry, Dinger, no professionals allowed) from around the country to create the official 130th Anniversary Cocktail. In this episode, Always Parched hosts, Wo and Micah document the meticulous process of creating a signature recipe for their very first cocktail competition - PLUS - brown butter fat-washed bourbon is a thing and you need to try it right now!


Drinking Rum and Talking Tiki

Our first guest! In this episode Dinger, Wo, and Micah talk mai tai(s), rum, and tiki culture with local expert and bartender extraordinaire, Libby Lingua from UnderTow (Phoenix, AZ) - PLUS - we find out just how much effort, planning, and attention-to-detail goes into delivering a totally immersive tiki experience.


Cocktail Cherries

Adult drinks call for adult cherries! The maraschino cherries (aka red abominations) you took down by the handful as a kid are no longer welcome at the bar and Always Parched is here to help you make the switch. In this episode Dinger, Wo, and Micah sample some of the best cocktails cherries this world has to offer - PLUS - we have homemade brandied cherries you may want to make for yourself.


Real Method or Catching a Buzz

Why is your favorite bartender pilfering from your cocktail? Is your cocktail doomed if they don’t like what they sampled? Are you looking for insight as to when it's appropriate to double strain your mojito? On this episode of Always Parched we answer some of those questions and maybe a few more! Listen in as we cover all sorts of cocktail miscellany - PLUS - helpful suggestions on tools and trends that will boost your home bartending game.


Our 12 Bottle Bar

What better way to start this podcast adventure than with an episode dedicated to the home bartender? We discuss the twelve bottles that are crucial to every new home bar setup - PLUS - your hosts Dinger, Wo, and Micah debate which bottles are most important to their own personal home bar. Which bottle made the cut on all three of our lists? Listen to find out!


Introducing Always Parched

Get to know the Always Parched hosts Michael Allmandinger (Dinger), Mike Mainwold (Wo), and Micah Zahler - PLUS - find out why you (yes, you!) should be listening. We drink things and then we talk about them. Sometimes it’s cocktails and other times it’s not, but it’s Always Parched.