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This is a relationship podcast about ethical non monogamy.

This is a relationship podcast about ethical non monogamy.
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This is a relationship podcast about ethical non monogamy.






Amory 10 | What Amory is to Marty - Short Episode

In this Amory short episode, Marty shares vulnerably about what Amory means to him. It is the birthing of a conversation he finds worthy in this world - daring to love openly & vulnerably, transformation through buringing our maps and honing our inner compass, learning to create from a place of safety instead of fear, and finding flow in our days. He also shares that he has felt like a ghost, with his partner(s) not being "out" in the world and needing to hide the relationship. It's a raw,...


Amory 9 | What Amory is to Kyle - Short Episode

Kyle's lens to the world is trauma and this is a platform to learn and share the healing process. Kyle's realization that when he began dating Megan that fear was consuming his thoughts, emotions and beliefs and now the practices of creating discomfort through vulnerability, an open mind and creative expression. Kyle shares his exploration into his sexuality, and has fun with a vulnerable share surprising both Marty and Megan. Kyle's reflection that as the first follower he's able to...


Amory 8 | What Amory Is to Megan - Short Episode

After launching Amory and 7 raw episodes, we thought it was a good time to for each of us to talk about why we are committed to Amory. Megan goes first in this short solo episode. As she recorded this she was sitting in an AirBnB with Kyle in the Netherlands. Marty is in Belgium with the kids. The world they live in could have never been predicted by any of them. But, if anything it shows their commitment to love is powerful,'ll just have to listen to find out. She shares her...


Amory 7 | Almost the End of a Marriage & a Promise to Recommit

In this episode Megan comes clean to the listeners in a conversation with Marty about how she nearly sabotaged their marriage. This was a really hard episode for Megan to record. She will reveal her patterns of denial, some atrocious behavior, and what she's working on right now to make her relationship with Marty (and others) stronger. Marty's part is to tell the story of his experience in the breakdown, and what led him to present Megan with "change the behavior or expect divorce." It...


Amory 6 | The Power of Tribe with Megan, Marty & Kyle

In this episode of Amory, we talk about the "Power of the Tribe". Some of the questions we answer are...What is the Tribe and why is it important to our growth? What is the difference between a normal friendship and the members of our Tribe? Follow Amory on Instagram! If you are finding these podcasts valuable, and want to connect more with Marty, Kyle and I...and a like-minded community of people looking to grow, please visit our members Patreon Page to learn how! --- This episode is...


Amory 5 | Marty and Kyle Discuss Toxic vs. Healthy Masculinity

What does it mean to be masculine? Why is it important to address toxic masculinity? What does healthy masculinity look like and what are the practices to reach it? In this episode, Marty and Kyle discuss these their own personal journeys around the constructs and behaviors of masculinity. From creating a place of safety for yourself and others, seeing vulnerability as a strength, and learning forgiveness and gratitude, we all can live from a more balanced masculine energy. They share some...


Amory 4 | Marty's Story - Depression | Body Transformation | Dismantling Jealousy & Partnership

In this episode of Amory, I'm so excited to "interview" Marty. We've been married 15 years and have lived through a lot together. We touch on quite a few subjects here: Why intention is so important if you are thinking about opening up your relationship Marty's history- his decision to quit drinking, identity crisis and depression Marty's body transformation...from hating his body to loving his body, advice for anyone who might be struggling around body issues, or has a partner with same...


Amory 3 | Kyle's Story - Trauma and Healing Through Love

Kyle and Megan discuss... Kyle's past trauma and healing through love, Insecurities of sharing partners, Evolution of the relationship, Megan and Marty’s rules in the beginning, Threesomes and double standards, Unblocking sexuality Follow Amory on Instagram! If you are finding these podcasts valuable, and want to connect more with Marty, Kyle and I...and a like-minded community of people looking to grow, please visit our members Patreon Page to learn how! --- This episode is sponsored...


Amory 2 | Working Through Fear of Abandonment & Major Insecurities

Marty, Kyle and Megan talk about: - Megan's desire to "come out" publicly...why? - Fear of abandonment - how do we all handle that feeling? - Introduction of Marty's "other significant other" who isn't ready to come out yet, but on the journey with us:) - The difference between "I want" and "I should" - Kyle's experience - working through fears and insecurities Note: The sound quality is a bit uneven for the episode. We are working on making sure the sound quality is better for future...


Amory 1 | Where do we start?

Two years ago, there is no way I would have guessed I was going to host a podcast on these how did I get here? My husband and I have been married 15 years, have twin 4 year olds, and finally feel like we are living life beyond default. I started dating Kyle about a year and a half ago. Everything was open and consensual, although none of us knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. Since then, we've started to let go of the old paradigms of life that no longer serve...