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Episode 100: 7 Things I Learned About Success, Failure and Business

One of my favorite books was Oprah’s What I Know For Sure. As she shared mistakes, learnings and pivotal moments from her journey to success, I found myself deeply moved. To celebrate the 100th episode of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’ll share seven lessons I learned, many of which were from epic failures and embarrassing mistakes, that have helped my become more successful as a business coach and entrepreneur. Be sure to join the conversation in the Amplify Your Success Community and...


Episode 099: 7 Online Visibility Mistakes that are Costing You Time, Energy and Money with Cindy J Holbrook

Do you do all the right things but still can’t build your email list? Tired of hosting webinars and being a guest on podcasts only to get one or two measly sign ups? Entrepreneurs often make some pretty common visibility mistakes that end up short-circuiting their sales. My guest on episode 99 of Amplify Your Success Podcast is Cindy J Holbrook, The Visibility Wiz, and her claim to fame is helping online business owner’s “pivot” their visibility strategies so they attract more of their...


Episode 098: 4 Keys to Attracting Ideal Clients Through LinkedIn with Chrissie Wywrot

Ready to leverage LinkedIn to build up your influence and create a flood of new leads? Confused about which social media platform to spend your time on? Recently LinkedIn has made some major changes to their platform, so you’ll want to listen in to Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 98 before you move forward. My guest, Chrissie Wywrot, is a LinkedIn specialist and uses it to help her clients expand their reach with her unique connection funnels. Key Takeaways About the Guest Chrissie...


Episode 097: Amplify Your Thought Leadership with a Podcast with Annemarie Cross

What’s the best way to build influence while connecting with ideal clients? Host your own podcast. Podcasting is growing in popularity and technology makes listening to podcasts so much easier. Your ideal clients could be building rapport with you while they carpool the kids across town or hit the gym. My guest on episode 97 of Amplify Your Success Podcast is Annemarie Cross, dubbed the Podcasting Queen, who has valuable behind-the-scenes advice for any entrepreneur or business leader...


Episode 096: 5 Bold Moves That Accelerate BIG Results

If you’ve ever felt uninspired, stuck or procrastinate doing a task that you know you should do to grow your business – but don’t – then listen in as I share five bold moves that accelerate business impact. On episode 96 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, discover why a bold move can unlock your motivation and courage to tackle your biggest goals. There are five areas that entrepreneurs typically get stuck or let fear hold them back from doing the very things that would have the greatest...


Episode 095: Authority Platforms that Boost Business Influence

Have you ever had an ideal prospect choose your competitor over you – and you were stumped how why they didn’t see you were the better option? If you’ve ever felt invisible, passed over for opportunities or simply are tired of chasing the sale, then be sure to listen in to episode 95 of Amplify Your Success Podcast. Authority Platforms are marketing strategies that actually elevate your influence in your marketplace because you stand out as a more credible leader. The magic of this type of...


Episode 094: Vulnerability as a Leadership Superpower

Do you ask for help or try to figure things out on your own? Sometimes business leaders don’t get the help they need to get more done just because they think it makes them too vulnerable. But, what if being vulnerable is actually your greatest superpower as a leader? In episode 94 of Amplify Your Success Podcast I’m talking about vulnerability and why we need more entrepreneurs and business experts embracing their imperfections. Be sure to join the conversation in the Amplify Your Success...


Episode 093: 5 Signs You are Interested instead of Committed To Your Goals

Have you ever had a goal that you talked about, dreamed about, but just could never get out of the starting gate? Or maybe you started towards that goal but then things got a bit challenging, and the goal just kind of fell away? There’s a significant difference between being committed to a goal or just being interested in it. Interested means you’ll do JUST ENOUGH not to fail but never enough to actually succeed. In episode 93 of Amplify Your Success Podcast I’m going through the five...


Episode 091: Get Great Clients, Consistently with Dov Gordon

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a steady stream of new clients flowing into your business each month? Well, it’s the opposite for most service professionals who have to work really hard to get a few key clients. My guest on episode 91 of Amplify Your Success Podcast shares how to use the “Eavesdrop Effect” to engage your best potential clients – ultimately tripling your sales of perfect fit clients. This episode is full of actionable advice for anyone who struggles with consistent lead...


Episode 92: Intimacy With Your Inner Thought Leader with Allana Pratt

As a visionary, thought leader or transformational change agent, intimacy with our own dream is essential to keep that fire burning and the desire necessary to keep pursuing our goals. But way too often entrepreneurs and business leaders find themselves chasing someone else’s dream, and the motivation to climb the next “success” mountain is lost. My guest on episode 92 of Amplify Your Success Podcast is Allana Pratt and she joins me for a powerful exploration on a subject not talked about...


Episode 090: Your Customer’s Decision Journey with Kathryn Gillett

Every small business owner has prospects ready to make the decision to hire you or purchase your products but way too often they get confused, and avoid making a purchase. The solution? Create a decision journey to help them make the best decision for them! On episode 90 of Amplify Your Success Podcast I’m joined by The Hero Method founder Kathryn Gillett to share what a decision journey is and how creating one for your sales and marketing processes can help you close sales faster. Key...


Episode 089: Answering Your Questions on Time Management

As a coach to entrepreneurs and other transformational business leaders, I am often asked to share my tips for managing time better. The question, “How does a busy person really get it all done, without feeling so overwhelmed” is a common challenge in the small business community. So, in episode 89 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, discover the three time-management questions most asked by my coaching clients --- and my $18k worthy coaching advice! Be sure to join the conversation in the...


Episode 088: How to Clarify Your Brand Story to Amplify Your Impact with Park Howell

Storytelling can bring your brand to life – and create deep trust and rapport with potential clients. There is an art to uncovering your compelling business story and this week’s guest, Park Howell, has mastered this art on episode 88 of Amplify Your Success Podcast. From rebounding out of the flailing advertising marketplace to launching a successful branding company and landing a coveted TedX talk, Park shows us how to craft a powerful story that will accelerate new business. Key...


Episode 087: The Power of Million Dollar Connections with John Corcoran

There’s a subtle art to building up solid business connections who are eager to refer business and partner up on projects with you. In my experience, just one great connection can add six to seven figures in new business to your bottom line. But truly, developing these kinds of connections are not just luck. There is a process to follow and my guest John Corcoran on episode 87 of Amplify Your Success Podcast has certainly mastered it. John’s become one of those “go-to” guys who eagerly...


086: From Blue Collar to Real Estate Millionaire with Tom Nardone

What if you knew that your everyday routines carried the clues to unlocking a million dollar opportunity? That’s what Tom Nardone discovered. For many years Tom was a mailman with a dream to break free from the grind of his job. By following his passion and taking inspired actions, Tom leveraged the knowledge he gained on his daily route to build a million dollar house flipping business. Whether you are interested in real estate wealth, or are always looking for inspirational stories to...


Episode 085: How to Simplify Your Business to Multiply Success

Entrepreneurs are famous for having lots of ideas, and being really overwhelmed with running their small business. Sometimes the best way to increase revenues and reach is to simplify your business offerings and operations. In episode 85 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, discover the hidden costs of a complicated business along with 3 simple questions to ask yourself to get better results fast. Be sure to join the conversation in the Amplify Your Success Community the benefits of a...


Episode 084: 4 Mindset Upgrades To Radically Improve Revenues Now

When sales are down and you still have not reached your revenue goals, it's tempting to feel down. But this is the time to dig deep and do the inner work so that sales kick in again. This might surprise you but for entrepreneurs, your income will rarely exceed your personal development. Doing more of what doesn’t work just makes you feel overwhelmed! In episode 84 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, learn the 4 most important mindset shifts that can turn on the flow of money and kick that...


Episode 083: Stop Pricing Yourself Out of Business

Every entrepreneur will be tempted at times to lower their prices, especially when sales have slowed and your current clients are balking at what you charge. But charging too little can have a disastrous impact on your business profits – can overtime can destroy your success. In episode 83 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, discover the signs you are charging too little for your services and products as well as two case studies on how a simple shift in pricing created a three times increase...


Episode 082: Should You Hire a Coach or Mentor?

When you join a coaching program, how do you know if you are hiring kind of mentor? There’s a significant distinction between someone who is a trained coach and someone who is a mentor. Knowing the difference can save you from making a $10,000 - $100,000 mistake. I’ve heard so many complaints about big name mentors over the years from business owners who felt they made a mistake. The truth is they just didn’t know what kind of mentor they really needed! In episode 82 of Amplify Your...


Episode 081: Catapult Your Online Presence with Keywords with Tracey Ehman

When you publish a blog post or set up a new webpage, can someone find it by doing a search on Google? If you don’t show up in the top 10 listings when doing a search, then you’ll want to listen in as Tracey Ehman shares how using the right keywords can help you get found online. Keywords are one of the most under-used online marketing tools – and can make the difference between getting more qualified leads and disappearing into the web presence black hole. Join me on episode 81 of Amplify...