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Episode 140: Three Super Common Hidden Profit Drains

You are working so hard, growing the reach of your business, trying to get that next offering just right so your ideal clients sign up quickly. But no matter what you do, who you learn from and how hard you work, you just can’t seem to break the financial success code. If you feel like you keep hitting your financial limiter, you might start second guessing your business, wondering if you’ll ever become a success. On episode 140 of Amplify Your Success podcast discover why you can be doing...


Episode 139: How Your Core Values Shape Your Success

Do you know what your true North is? Think of it like your own internal compass for decision making. When you have clarity on your core values, you’ll know exactly what “True North” is for you so you stay on course. Tony Robbins says that core values "are like a compass that directs your life". Values motivate and demotivate, and they justify behavior. Core values are intrinsic to your soul and when you align every decision and business growth action around them, you’ll accelerate growth....


Episode 138: 4 CEO Skills That Catapult Success

Did you know that thinking more like a CEO can actually catapult your business and be a catalyst for big growth spurts? Being a CEO (or what I like to call the Chief Entrepreneurial Officer) is a role we have to fill as a business grows. But a lot of entrepreneurs don’t really like the idea of being CEO. In their minds they believe that they’ll no longer get to do the activities that bring them joy and satisfaction. So they avoid the CEO type activities, and plunge their fast-growing small...


Episode 137: The Power Of Face-to-Face Networking in the Digital Age with Kylie Hodges

In the rise of social media and digital technology, have you cut back on in person networking? If you have, or you simply haven’t prioritized heading out to some local events, or your efforts have felt in vain, then you may want a refresher on the value of real, face-to-face networking. My guest on episode 137 of Amplify Your Success is your Networking Wing-Woman, Kylie Hodges, who believes that nothing can replace the connections made when you meet people live and in-person. Tune in as...


Episode 136: Abundance Hacks: The 5 Stages of Leveling Up with Niajae Wallace

Have you ever experienced Imposter Syndrome? This mindset can hold even the most successful business owner back from taking a big leap. Imposter Syndrome is when you feel like a fraud, even though you’ve accomplished so much in your life and business. My guest on episode 136 of Amplify Your Success is the powerhouse Niajae Wallace, host of The Abundance Hack Podcast, believes that Imposter Syndrome is an important stage every business owner moves through. But you don’t want to get stuck...


Episode 135: Break Free of Inherited Money Blocks with Lisa Thomas

You might be doing all the right things to grow the revenue in your business. But sometimes, energy blocks can disrupt the flow of prosperity – and you don’t even realize it. Every human being inherits energy from others. But when it starts blocking your ability to grow your business, have the confidence to make sales and conquer your biggest challenges, then these blocks must be cleared. Otherwise you’ll try to fill up a leaky money bucket. Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 136 is a...


Episode 134: Business Systems That Deliver Freedom with Jamie Palmer

What if you knew the fastest way to scale your business and grow your revenue into high six and seven figures is as simple as implementing key documentation? I know it sounds WAY too simple, right? Every time I interview a successful business owner I discover one of the key’s to significant growth rested on their decision to systemize their business operations. My guest Jamie Palmer brings this point home by revealing the simple steps she took to simplify the operations of her business so...


Episode 133: Messaging That Attracts Ideal Clients [On Air Coaching with Melinda Broadstone]

Finding words to explain what you do so naturally can feel really complicated! I’ve noticed it’s a common challenge area for coaches, healers and service-based entrepreneurs to communicate what they do in a way that… … Helps the people understand what they do … In a compelling and succinct way … So that the right prospects know you solve their problem!! After mentoring and coaching expert-preneurs for almost 20 years, I can quickly spot an “over-thinker” who is struggling to share...


Episode 132: Epic Fails and Launches To Love

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just followed other people’s promotional plans for your business? Well I can tell you that once in a while you’ll score. But more often they fail. Why? Because when you just emulate what someone else does without customizing the strategy to your unique energy and offerings, it won’t have the same magnetic pull! Doing a launch to drive traffic to your offer can catapult your results – if you take the time to “reverse engineer” the steps to fit...


Episode 131: The 4 Types of Prospects (And The Only One Ready to Buy)

Have you ever experienced a bunch of sales calls where NO ONE was ready to buy? Maybe you worked really hard on launching a podcast or creating a webinar and it completely TANKED! Or showed up to speak at an event only to discover that no one “got it” and you felt like you missed the mark. I’ve found that there are four types of prospects that will be attracted to your work. Three of them will even book an exploration call with you. But only ONE type will be ready to buy. On episode 131 of...


Episode 130: Instagram Ninja Marketing Hacks With Adam Schaeuble

You’ve probably heard of Instagram – but are you using all of their new features to drive new fans, listeners and buyers to your authority platform? Between the new IGTV, and the Snapchat replacement, Stories, Instagram has a wealth of great tools to help you spread your message and build a strong following. But most people are still pretty confused about how to benefit from Instagram. My guest on episode 130 of Amplify Your Success is Adam Schaeuble, knows as a PhD (previously heavy...


Episode 129: How to Pick The Best Ideas to Grow Your Business With Jennifer Lyall

When you have too many really ideas, it’s tempting to try to tackle them all. But that’s often a recipe for overwhelm and diminished profits. Choosing which ideas to pursue can be tricky – your heart says YES, your logical mind says NO, and now you don’t know what to do, right? So what do you do to pick the best ideas that will grow your business? My guest on episode 129 of Amplify Your Success is Jennifer Lyall, an intuitive Business coach and Energy Optimizer, who shows entrepreneurs...


Episode 128: Transform Customers Into Your Client Attraction Salesforce with Jill Raff

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your clients became your most valuable salesforce? Think about it. They use your services, buy your products, come to your events – and then they are out there RAVING about your business to their friends. Now, those friends become your clients too. That’s the power of creating celebrity customer experiences. A happy customer will drive more leads and sales than you ever could with the best marketing efforts. But many entrepreneurs are making client care their...


Episode 127: Mastering the Sales Conversation with Michelle Weinstein

After pitching ABC’s The Shark Tank and pivoting her first business, Michelle Weinstein had a MAJOR opportunity that forever shifted the trajectory of her success. Instead of chasing a dead end, Michelle took a failed business and transformed it into a successful sales consulting company that thrived in its first year of business. The main ingredient to Michelle’s success? She learned to love selling. Michelle joins me in this massively inspiring episode to share her secret to conquering...


Episode 126: When You Feel like You Don’t Fit In

As an entrepreneur, do you ever find yourself in a group situation where you feel confronted or disconnected because you don’t feel like you are good enough? If you find yourself trying to fit into a group, chances are you will feel frustrated because you aren’t designed to fit in. You are designed to stand out – and it’s time to embrace your uniqueness! In episode 126 of Amplify Your Success podcast discover why chasing the feeling of fitting in is an old wound that can’t serve you where...


Episode 125: An Uncommonly Easy Source of Bonus Income

Could you use an extra thousand dollars each month? Of course you would! But you don’t want to have to work really hard for this extra income, so why not share some of your favorite products and programs with your community – and get paid for each sale? Affiliate promotions and joint venture marketing are very common ways to increase sales of a product. Pretty much every tool you use to run your online business offers referral commissions! In episode 125 of Amplify Your Success podcast, I...


Episode 124: How to Flip into Abundance Mindset

Abundance thinking is a powerful business growth strategy, but if you get stuck in scarcity thinking it’s easy to feel trapped and overwhelmed. There are nine common areas that business owners get trapped in scarcity mindset – and end up throttling their most important growth steps. In episode 124 of Amplify Your Success podcast, I’ll unpack each of these nine mindsets so you can discover how an Abundant Mindset would set you free – and help you tap into a more resourceful, expansive...


Episode 123: The Growth In Your Imperfection

The fear of making a mistake often stalls even the most capable entrepreneur in making progress. Whether it’s the fear of putting all your chips in to a mentor where you don’t get the results, or writing a book that gets criticize, or launching a new offering where no one buys. Perfectionism kills progress. The fear of not getting it right is just like putting the brakes on your momentum! If you study successful business owners and people who achieve massive results you’ll discover they...


Episode 122: How to Overcome Your Buyer’s Resistance

You’ve probably had a sales conversation with someone that left you feeling a bit confused. You spent some time evaluating their needs, felt that surge of excitement realizing you could really help them, and you sense you are really hitting it off. Then, as you ask for the sale, you get the dreaded “I need to think about it.” You’ve hit buyer resistance. What you do in this moment can make a significant impact over the buyer’s decision process. Far too often the seller lets THEIR limiting...


Episode 121: 4 Coaching Strategies for High Performance

When an entrepreneur is ready to grow their business, hiring a virtual assistant, online business owner or contractors is a cost-effective resource. But way too often the business owner hires too quickly then feel disappointed with the results. There are four very important questions you must ask in order to feel out if the candidate truly is a good fit for your workstyle – and in episode 121 of Amplify Your Success Podcast learn what they are! Be sure to join the conversation in the...