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An OBVIOU5 Voice; A podcast sharing my experiences navigating fatherhood, advocating for Mental Health, on a mission to bring Dapper back from extinction.

An OBVIOU5 Voice; A podcast sharing my experiences navigating fatherhood, advocating for Mental Health, on a mission to bring Dapper back from extinction.
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An OBVIOU5 Voice; A podcast sharing my experiences navigating fatherhood, advocating for Mental Health, on a mission to bring Dapper back from extinction.






Dapper, a way of life - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 011

“If you're out there, growing the mustache yourself or helping promote anything to do with Men's Health right now, whether it be testicular cancer, prostate cancer or suicide prevention and mental health, I want to thank you very much for being a foot soldier when it comes to all of this stuff that we talked about during the month of Movember.” “There's venom that's being spit on all the social media platforms right now, and it's a sad state of affairs because all of these platforms were...


Travel, Prostate, and Kindness - An OBVIOU5 Voice – 010

More “If you aren't participating in Movember whether you're growing the mustache yourself, or you're helping out others, spreading the word. Those are the biggest things that you can do for this whole month. Now, the first seven days are always. Everybody's going crazy talking about it, but then as we get to day eight it starts to linger off, and I don't want you to stop. We need to keep this conversation going. We need to have these conversations with our...


Welcome to Movember - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 009

More Movember “I don't want you to be helicopter parents because that's the absolute worst aspect, the helicopter parent right now in society is really not helping out our younger generation, so don't be the helicopter parent.” “However, let's look at the other side of it. What if your kids are actually the bullies? Right. You may not want to accept these things, you may not want to look at this and say, Yes, my kid is that dick at school and he's being the...


Taking Responsibility - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 008

Taking Responsibility - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 008 “Letting our kids know that it's okay to fail, and a lot of the kids nowadays, I don't think they quite understand the fact that failing is a part of life. Failing is a part of learning, and you learn from your mistakes, and you learn from not being able to save the princess on the very first try.” “Don't let the depression get you down. Do me a favor, learn from those mistakes. Talk about depression, talk about how you're feeling, one thing I...


Climb your mountain - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 007

“And It's just those little things that they remember. And I want to make sure that the rest of you out there are taking those moments to make the best of them. If they're asking you to be pushed on a swing, then get up and do it. If they want to go and play tag if they want to play hide and go seek, if they want to build a fort. It's these little things, these moments in time that you have direct impact on, and you need to take full advantage of that Because It's little moments like that...


Wear that scar with pride - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 006

“And I just want everyone to be aware, especially if you're in a divorce situation single mothers single father, someone that doesn't get an opportunity to see their kids as much as they like, Just letting them know that no matter what you're always there, whether it's a phone call away, an opportunity to FaceTime, a text is the easiest, quickest thing. But for them to know that a parent is there for them at any time is such a boost for their confidence in their morale and knowing that even...


D-BAD... A way of life - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 005

“It's really good to keep that open line of communication going no matter what. So never disappear, keep that contact going. And I just wanted to make sure you all understand how important it is for them. Like I said they may not be feeding you a novel's worth of information on how their life is going but knowing that you are there ready for reply is a great thing in their eyes.” “I'm seeing a lot of backlash on the interwebs pertaining to these two athletes. In particular, a lot of...


Storms Don't Last Forever - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 004

“It is September 10th, and today is WorldSuicide Prevention Day. And I wanted to dig a little bit deeper into this, just for a few of you that are out there. This actually affects so many different people on so many different levels.” “My Classic line was I'm fine, and trust me, my mom absolutely hated hearing that. I love you, mom. But I would say that all the time, because I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to get into it, it was the hardest thing to get out, and I didn't know...


Mind, Body, and Soul - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 003

“Finished off the yoga challenge of August, we did 31 yoga sessions in 31 days, and it was quite the experience. And it was something that really helped me through a lot of different things, emotionally, mentally, physically, as well. And just the actual commitment of getting onto that mat every single day for 31 days was hell and experience.” “So, we're going to keep that going for the next 30 days of September, if you guys know of any challenges or anything that you do for yourselves,...


Wearing the Mask of Depression - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 002

“It's still not knowing exactly what I was feeling. So, I would be more lethargic, I would be not as happy as I used to be, I was just going through life in a shell, the shell of my former self, I go out and I put on that smile. And it's the classic case of putting on the mask. And then going home taking the mask off, and just melting away into nothingness, getting up doing it over and over again, day after day, year after year.” “Find a yoga mat, join a spin class, go for a walk, do...


You are not alone - An OBVIOU5 Voice - 001

An OBVIOU5 Voice; A podcast sharing my experiences navigating fatherhood, advocating for Mental Health, on a mission to bring Dapper back from extinction. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode One of an OBVIOU5 Voice. My name is Captain OBVIOU5. My real name is Clay Wiebe. I'm doing this for a couple of different reasons, I think the biggest thing is that I really wanted to get my word out there. And I wanted to share with all of you, what goes through my head and my world.” “Because...