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A sports and lifestyle podcast hosted by @joshuamgoldberg (Dolphins fan) and @WillieBeamanDFF (Patriots fan). #anygivenpod

A sports and lifestyle podcast hosted by @joshuamgoldberg (Dolphins fan) and @WillieBeamanDFF (Patriots fan). #anygivenpod
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A sports and lifestyle podcast hosted by @joshuamgoldberg (Dolphins fan) and @WillieBeamanDFF (Patriots fan). #anygivenpod






Episode 11 - Twitter's Tight Ends

Episode 11 (Week 11 of the 2019 NFL Season) Episode Notes: 1:00 TNF Overview and Shorter preseason, longer season? 8:00 Matt Stafford Back injury 9:35 Is Lamar Jackson the Cheat Code? 13:30 Colin Kaepernick 15:50 Antonio Callaway Waived 18:20 Injury News 25:40 Weekly Saquon Update (Evan Engram Aaron Hernandez Comp...?) 31:50 Bye Week Pickups (Stashes) 37:05 Shares?? 38:40 Tight End Woes (Twitter Poll) 44:25 AnyGivenPod Twitter Polls 53:00 Name that player! 56:40 CBA...


Episode 10 - Cooper's Hawkeye

Episode 10 (Week 10 of the NFL Season) Episode Notes: 1:00 Cam Newton to IR 5:18 Minshew to the bench? 9:24 Dez Bryant 14:31 Jermaine Whitehead 18:19 Trent Williams and the Washington Racial Slurs 21:23 Injury news 30:30 Pat Mahomes update 35:28 Antonio Brown Update and Tweets 41:00 AJ Green injury update 45:00 Kareem Hunt 47:00 Fantasy trade talk 54:30 Renting Players in Fantasy? 57:14 Fantasy Trade Deadlines 60:01 To Sit or Not to Sit 67:30 Him or Him 71:30 Amari Cooper...


Episode 9 - Overhyped Trade Deadline....Just like every other year

Episode 9 (Week 9 of the NFL Season) was packed full of trade news....No it wasn't, there was 1 trade at the deadline Episode Notes: 1:00 World Series Highlights (Sherzer, Strasburg) 3:50 NBA Update Embid/KAT Brawl Did he tap out? 5:25 TNF 10:30 OBJ/Tom Brady 15:55 I mean Kevin Garnett not Durant... 16:30 Jamal Adams Not happy about trade talks and Jets fire sale 24:45 Boogeymen Hype Video 29:15 Is Bulletin Board Material Real? 32:10 Injury News 35:35 David Johnson Update 49:30...


Episode 8 - Midseason Injuries....When is the proper time to return?

Episode 8 (Week 8 of the NFL Season) was packed full of news, tidbits & rambling! Episode Notes: 1:55 Orlando Scandrick sets fire to old teammates 2:55 The Boogeymen: Sam Darnold Seeing Ghosts? 10:20 Tom Brady Takes Shots at Robert Kraft? Is Brady done in New England (Billy Rants a bit)? Brady to SF/JimmyG to NE? 18:00 SanuEngland...Amiright? Mohamed Sanu Traded to New England 22:15 Emmanuel Sanders Trade 26:00 Seahawks Trade 28:05 Devonte Freeman Helmet Puch 30:00 Injury...


Episode 7 - Gronktoberfest

Episode 7 (Week 7 of the NFL Season) was packed full of news, tidbits & rambling! Episode Notes: 1:50 Gronktober 9:28 Dem Thomas Beef with the Pats 14:22 The Brockstar (Osweiler) Retires? 15:50 AB to the Cowboys? 19:12 Buckle up for a slew of injury news and updates 20:50 Davante Adams Injury Update 22:05 Drew Brees ThumpsUpdate... 23:32 Fantasy Trade Talk Break 31:03 Weekly Saquon Update 34:00 D-Hops Mom (Read the story on our site) 38:50 TRADE ALERT! Jalen Ramsy to the Rams,...


Episode 6 - The Handshake Seen Around The World

Episode 6 (Week 6 of the NFL Season) was packed full of news, tidbits & rambling! Episode Notes: Opener: Faker Bustfield 5:00 - Richard (Dick) Sherman 7:00 - Cam Talk 14:00 - Browns Poor Play Calling? 17:00 - Players in the Community - Deangelo Williams 20:55 - NFL Trade Alert (Zay Jones to where?) 22:50 - Injury News: Saquon, Mahomes, Todd Gurley & More! 34:45 - Mason Rudolph was awoken from the dead....and is already "limited" in practice 43:25 - Fantasy Talk: Billy's Awful...


Episode 5 - Has your QB been caught up in the QB carousel

Episode 5 (Week 5 of the NFL Season) was packed full of news, tidbits & rambling! Episode Notes: Opener: Percy Harvin Got high before each game? 5:00 - Cam talks Pot with Hannibal Burress 12:50 - Saquon news 14:00 - Stefon Diggs 24:00 - Fantasy trade talk 36:00 - Injury news 53:00 - To sit or not to sit? 60:00 - Battle of the backups 70:10 - Our Fantasy Matchups 70:13 - Billy's latest DFF (Dynasty Football...


Episode 4 - Week 4 of the NFL season

We finally have our show episodes synced to the NFL calendar. This week we cover topics ranging from AB to who you should start & sit heading into your fantasy weekend. As always, leave us a comment below or contact us at Also HUGE thank you to Side Hustle the Band for providing the intro music, catch their next few shows, which we announced at the end of this weeks episode


Episode 3

Episode 3 of Any Given Pod - Discussing what happened during week 2 of the NFL season & what we are looking forward to for week 3. Thanks as always to Side Hustle for providing our intro music, you can find out more about them at! Don't forget to follow us on all social media at @anygivenpod


Episode 2 - The mini episode that wasnt

This week was suppose to be a quick preview to get everyone ready for the season, but ended up being a full length episode! Tried out some new software for this episode, so please keep giving us the feedback and giving us a follow @anygivenpod


Episode 1 aka Sorry for the Wait

Huge thank you to Side Hustle for providing the intro. Check them out at or their social media (F) (I) . Accompanying videos and pictures will be posted soon! Please provide feedback to