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A thing to do to wait out the voluntary isolation from COVID-19.

A thing to do to wait out the voluntary isolation from COVID-19.


Toronto, ON




A thing to do to wait out the voluntary isolation from COVID-19.




BandBs Podcast Auditions 4 - Tiger King

Tiger King looks super dumb, let's watch and talk about it. SPOILER WARNING.


BandBs Podcast Auditions 3 - Random Question Generator

Meandering conversations about random ideas suggested to us by the internet.


BandBs Podcast Auditions 2 - Masked Singer Commentary

Commentary and clips from the March 18, 2020 episode of The Masked Singer


BandBs Podcast Auditions 1 - Clap Fight

We'll release a real one soon, I promise...


BandBs podcast auditions 0

Preview for the upcoming B&B's Podcast Auditions podcast. A thing to do to wait out the voluntary isolation from COVID-19.


CGS80 Test

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Episode 79: Podcasting is just a conversation

Download MP3 | RSS Feed Goofing around with my friend Ines. She wanted to know how a podcast works so I figured I'd show her that it's just a normal conversation. This is that conversation but it's far from normal. Stoned Ape TheoryGeorge The Greek


Episode 78: Podcasting isn't lonely anymore

Download MP3 | RSS Feed Episode 78: Podcasting isn't lonely anymore Recorded from The Imperial Pub at Live Podcaster Night VRMP's The 5 People You Meet In Hell Finale Podcamp Toronto 2017 Recap Good things come out of Podcamp Niagara Podcaster Network Special Guests Candice (@cinn48, 100% Candice, The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf) Keita (@kdemming, Disruptive Conversations) Soundtrack Matthew Good - Big City Life Dr. Meaker - Wanna Feel Love (ft....


Episode 77: Rap shows and comedy and podcamps, Oh My!

Download MP3 | RSS Feed Talking about my fun filled weekend, Podcamp planning, local comedy shows and the AMAZING $5 Rap Show I went to plus all the sessions I'm most looking forward to at Podcamp Toronto this year. Submit your show for Live Podcaster Night at PCTO17! Podcasts referenced MPPClassical Camera RevivalNutshell.tvVRMP's The 5 People You Meet in HellVinyl CountdownNiagara Podcasters Music Fresh Kils & Premrock - Like This (ft. Homeboy Sandman & Brandon Dramatic)Fresh Kils -...


Episode 76: Five Episodes in One Whole Year? Nice Job, Brent

Download MP3 | RSS Feed Catching you up on all my personal projects, podcasting and otherwise. If you're in the Toronto area, remember to come to Podcamp Toronto on February 24-26, 2017. Music My Other Podcasts The Anger CoreThe ShowholeGapage


Episode 75: Jordan St. John, Beer Writer

Download MP3 | RSS Feed My interview with Jordan St. John, Beer Writer booksThe Ontario Craft Beer GuideIndigoAmazonBeer CollaboratorWaterloo 1815 it's available this summer in the LCBOThe Only Cafe


Episode 74: Vent The Anger Core

Download MP3 | RSS Feed Introduction: Pop Culture Intelligentsia Music: Ghettosocks - The Mustard Station (feat. Jeff Spec, Timbuktu, Moka Only, and Muneshine) [Bandcamp, Apple, Spotify] Cool Link: The many definitions of Dynamic Range/HDR: Explained! What I'm playing: SteamAppleSteamHumbleGOGGoogleAppleSteamGOG Music: Watsky - Whoa Whoa Whoa [Google, Apple, Spotify] Cool Link: Google Play Music Desktop Player Music: Backburner - In The Place (ft Rift & The Mighty Rhino)[Bandcamp,...


Episode 73: Goldilocks and the Video Games

Download MP3 | RSS Feed Introduction: Week in review Live Podcaster Night Singing Podcaster Night - First Thursday of the month at Bar 918 in Toronto, starts at 9 and goes late, next is on March 31, 2016. Hosted by Songsmith Karaoke (Facebook)Pop Culture Intelligentsia Music: Lisa Ronson - Cksb (Get it on Google, Apple, Amazon) Cool Link: Zcast.co - a live radio and groupcasting app - works with phones, tablets and desktops in browser. If you want something to listen to Pop Culture...


Episode 72: We had to put top hats on our dick pic

Download MP3 | RSS Feed For context's sake it might be worth it to listen to The Hysteria Podcast first as there are jokes made that are call back to that show Guests Squidpod JoelSquidpodThe Salad YearsVinyl CountdownCraigVinyl CountdownPicard102Vinyl CountdownHysteria PodcastThe Missfits Geek Talking: And then it starts to go off the rails about 9 minutes in, things just get silly and rowdy about: Dry January Cool Links Vinyl Countdown - Star Trek Was A Cool ShowVinyl Countdown -...


Episode 71: I don't even remember how to do this

Download MP3 | RSS Feed Music: Leo - Hello Cover (Get it on Google, Apple, Amazon) What I've been playing: Crashlands (Get it on Steam, Google, Apple) Music: Norman Brown - It’s a Feeling Cool Links: Current Condition and Weather Channel Classics Podcast recommendation: Insomnia Radio Music: DJ Fresh & High Contrast ft. Dizzee Rascal - How Love Begins (Get it on Google, Apple) Geek Talk: Streaming video games from Steve Saylor. A man has a relationship with Applebee's, Sex Criminals,...