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Conspiracy and Occult Disclosure in Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Baked and Awake Episode 053 - LIVE From RenCon 2018 at the Interurban Hotel Conspiracy and Occult Disclosure in Comic Books and Graphic Novels Welcome everyone and thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Please try to work with me today as I will be reading much of this presentation. It’s part of podcasting that we often script greater or lesser degrees of our shows, necessitating at times this sort of… set up in a live setting. It’ll be fine. I’ll look up now and then and we’ll get through...


Seattle Hempfest, Smart Wearables, and Hermes Thrice Blessed

EP52 Palu reviews two different Vapes (and gets Shelled)Hempfest Retrospective, upcoming appearance onSeshcastto discussHempfest(We love you Hempfest!)- and it’s futureCheck out my horrible rapping skills as I "visit" theSmall Town Mentality Podcast- Out Now! Samsung Gear S3 Frontier- First ImpressionsThanks to Starheadboy, local Seattle Artist for the rad sticker pack! An intro to Hermes Thrice Blessed or Hermes Trismegistus New Fave Podcasts: Occultae Veritatis Podcast - huge...


Quiet Skies and Emergence Theory

EP51 Disclaimer about weed- we smoke it! Check the show notes for links to the store and the DGN and shows, Top Tree E8 Lattice, Quazicrystals, and Emergence Theory Special: Palu K records a review! Next Episode: Willow Creek Church Scandal! Hempfest 2018 w GLDLX from Seshcast! More! Shouts: @LegionofBud @Monkeyshorts @MrsCastrosGarden Issa and Meika Wurrie from Young, Free, and...


Wiener Brains, Testicles, and Hijacking Consciousness

Randy's Wired Papers


The Kill List is Real Part Two

Baked and Awake Podcast Episode 49 America’s Kill List is Real, Part Two July 27, 2018 SOTW: Oregon Silver Haze America’s Kill List is Real, Part TwoLiminal Seattle- a Crowdsourced Map of the Bizarre and Enchanted (Lininal Seattle Discostolenver from my friend @taylorhurley) Definition of Justiciability Coming Up Soon: Nate Lopez, Jamal Harrington, andKate Carlson Carlsen- a round table conversation on Cannabis and Comedy that they don’t exactly know I’m planning for them...


America's Kill List is Real Part One

Baked and Awake Podcast Episode 48 Wed July 25th 2018 DISCLAIMER: This podcast is NSFW. Content includes adult themes and language, as well as use of cannabis and discussion of same. If you somehow find yourself listening to this and it doesn’t sound like exactly what you were looking for- I suggest you listen anyway, you might learn something.. This episode of the Baked and Awake Podcast is brought to you by Billy’s Gone Bananas Natural Soft Serve and Smoothies, of Traverse City,...


ASMR Dabbing

Baked and Awake Episode 47 July 13, 2018 Post 710 Holiday Show -SOTW: Sage and Sour Sugar Wax from Captain Chronic, purchased at Star International in Burien WA -New Dab Rig for 710 -Care and feeding of Quartz bangers, from -App Traps, on Chinese Smartphone Data Siphoning- WSJ -The Thunderbolts Project Essential Guide to the EU, Introduction Intro: ASMR Dabs with Steve Promo: Owl Street Garage Podcast Baked Stories (SOTW, Daddy Issuez Visit, Quartz...


Gardening as Therapy Against Pervasive Mass Surveillance

Baked and Awake Episode 46 June 27th 2018 “Gardening as Therapy Against Pervasive Mass Surveillance” Opening Disclaimers: -We smoke weed on the show -Most of the so called conspiracies I cover aren’t really conspiracies Episode 46. Really? SOTW: N/A- Smoking Blueberry Headband (again) from my Tacoma WA indoor Garden, Smooth Sailing Cannabis because I can. Garden Update: -Pests -Plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, beds vs planters) -Mulch and Soil -Greenhouse exhaust...


Ship it!

Episode 45 Baked and Awake Wednesday June 13 2018 Steve Cominski Opening Comments: FYI, if the Show’s name didn’t give it away- this podcast contains some serious cannabis conversation and yes, consumption. We do this from a legal state and with every intention of being up front about it however we can. Nonetheless, please keep this in mind when listening, thank you. Intro Opening from From The Canopy. Cory and a guest discuss Valve’s new indie publisher content policy. Cory...


LA Confidential, Redbooking, Chip drop, and The Ganymede Hypothesis

Budsy Ad- Greetings friends. This is your host, Steve. Thanks for joining me, and welcome once again to the Baked and Awake Show. Episode 44 of the Podcast comes to you in part due to the support of a new company called Budsy. Budsy is a cannabis tech company that utilizes AI to deliver you the high you’re looking for. A full featured beta test version of our app is currently live in Santa Barbara county, California. You can learn more at, where you can download the web app for...


Garden Time

Baked and Awake Episode 43 May 21, 2018 Today on Baked and Awake Garden Update- Pests still with us root aphid or fungus gnat? We’re treating for both! We built the Harbor freight 6x8 Greenhouse and it’s awesome! The plan for this is to use it in the fall and spring to extend and begin the season in a better place. We continue to learn about living soil, beneficial microbes and nematodes, as well as how to apply neem seed mealandepsom salt in the garden. We are also learning about...


Terms of Service

License, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service Baked and Awake Terms and Conditions of Use 1. Terms By listening to, overhearing, or merely being in the same room as this Podcast when someone else is listening to it, you are agreeing to be bound by the Baked and Awake Podcast Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from...


WT Flip is Scromiting?!

Monday April 30th 2018 Baked and Awake Episode 41 WT Flip is Scromiting? Steve Cominski Note: Virtually every episode of this podcast, including this one- prominently features the beautiful Music of Antti Luode of Finland. Antti provides scores of original, new music tracks, for FREE, for anyone to use. Please for the love of all things creative and beautiful in this world- follow Antti on Soundcloud, where you can hear more of their music, and support independent musicians everywhere...


Raising Kids around Canna bids

Baked and Awake Episode 39 April 14th 2018 SoTW: Kush Valley Platinum Delight (Platinum Delight 2) BHO Wax (Nug Run) Purchased at Star International in Burien WA. Impression: Attractive in both color and aroma, this (in this case) Sativa leaning hybrid- flavor is good. Dabbed at low temps or puffed through a nectar collector, the Honey colored Wax, which has a shiny skin that gives way to a biscuit batter crumble inside presents us with a durable Citrus topnote- still smelly and tasty...


(Blueberry) Headband! Also- Sessions, Surveillance, and you

April 4th 2018 Baked and Awake Episode 38 Steve Cominski Pre Show Guided Meditation Opening Comments: Weed disclaimer, Guided meditation, Welcome. Shoutouts, (Josh Cornutt- Cannabis Industry Veteran and fellow Podcaster on sabbatical, Blake Noise Pollution- with whom I have plans for a future episode on Chemtrails, Eli Sirota of the The Not so Crazy Podcast of Blizzard The wizard and Eli, because we are going to talk Comic Books(!). Former Colleague in Tech, Garrett A.- looking...


Everything is a Conspiracy until its not..

Baked and Awake Thu March 26th 2018 Steve Cominski Greetings and Cannabis Use Disclaimer (Duh!) Everything is a Conspiracy, until it’s not Strain of The Week- XJ-13 Strain (Jack Herer x G13) From: Smooth Sailing Cannabis, Tacoma WA (My Garden and Employer) WA State House Bill 2334 makes CBD Additives from non Licensed sources legal for use in I-502.


From Doodlebugs to Hayabusas- or "The Agreement" with Jonathan James

Baked and Awake Episode 36 Monday March 19th Bonus Episode From Doodlebugs to Hayabusas- or "The Agreement" with Jonathan James My good friend JJ and I session, and chop it up about a long rumored “Conspiracy” of the Sport Bike world. The Agreement, as it has come to be known, is at the heart of an 18 plus year old legend of how the Suzuki Hayabusa became the fastest production motorcycle of all time, never to be equalled. Is this by sheer dint of the mighty ‘Busa’s unassailable...


Cannabis Updates, Gardening Time, Another Assault on Privacy, and more..

Baked and Awake Episode 35 Thursday March 15th BAKED Cannabis Updates- LCB Lifts 24 Hour Quarantine period for sales. SOTW: Rapper Kush Live Resin Home Garden Updates- New Greenhouse, Bunny House and Chicken Coop Reset, Bees, Possible Chicken Cam, Bee Cam- Follow @bluebirdfarms (Airis 8 Nectar Straw! Greenside Rec!) Open Cannabis Project AWAKE EVENTS Canna Tank 420- Spokane WA March...


Return of Nate Lopez Part 2

March 5th 2018 Episode 34 Stephen Cominski Nate Lopez- Stand up Comic (@inspectanate on IG, Twitter) Podcast of the Week: The Color Me Dead Podcast- Hardcore True Crime stories delivered by two hilarious yet thorough Ladies, Angel and Nikki. NSFW, Not for the easily offended, or those with delicate constitutions. Today on Baked and Awake, I conclude my chat with Local Seattle Comic Nate Lopez about his life as a Pro MMA Fighter, and what he’s doing today outside the ring. Before...