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Helping you understand who you are, what you want, and how to become the most empowered and confident version of yourself. Hosted by Self-Discovery Coach and author, Sara Katherine.


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Helping you understand who you are, what you want, and how to become the most empowered and confident version of yourself. Hosted by Self-Discovery Coach and author, Sara Katherine.




Self-Discovery in Relationships and Dating (Feat. Carly Ann)

One of the most requested topics I had been receiving lately was to talk more about self-discovery when it comes to relationships and dating. As I started seeing more of these requests, I immediately knew I had to invite this week's guest Carly Ann to help answer your questions and share her expertise on building self-love and confidence while navigating relationships and being single. In this episode, you'll learn: About Carly Carly Ann is a Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach, Podcaster,...


Self-Discovery Activity: Bring Back the Spark

When you start getting to know yourself better, there’s a big chance that some activities or relationships in your life may feel a bit out of alignment compared to how they used to make you feel. The more you learn about who you are and what you really want, the more you’ll want to shift various areas of your life to match the personal growth you’re experiencing internally. This month's self-discovery activity gives you tips on what to do when you start losing interest in the goals and...


What is the Self-Discovery Society?

Big news! The membership program that we've all been waiting for has officially opened its doors to the public! The Self-Discovery Society is my new online membership program created to help you find clarity, confidence and empowerment in order to start creating the life you want. Depending on your membership plan, the Self-Discovery Society will provide you with ongoing support, an accepting like-minded community, and other amazing benefits. Listen to the episode to learn more details,...


Q&A Series: How Can I be the Best Version of Myself?

Want to start diving into self-discovery and personal growth, but are confused about what it takes to truly become the best version of yourself? What does the "best version" of yourself even look like? Listen to this episode to learn the answers to these questions and more about the best way to work towards transforming into the best version of yourself. Additional topics covered: Mentioned in this episode: Episode 20: How to Start Your Self-Discovery JourneyEpisode 18: Self-Discovery...


How to Avoid Burnout with Effective Self-Care Routines (feat. Kelsie Bentley)

Self-care expert and mindset coach Kelsie from Simply Bentley joins me to talk about ways you can prevent yourself from experiencing burnout with effective and realistic self-care routines. What you'll learn in this episode: About Kelsie Kelsie Bentley is a self-care and mindset coach who helps women with irregular schedules create sustainable routines to prevent burnout and promote better self-care. She got her start coaching women from behind the chair as a hairstylist and dove deep...


Self-Discovery Activity: Reflect on Your Milestones

Are you feeling a bit stuck in your life, comparing your timeline to others', or feel like you haven’t accomplished what you “should” have by this point in your life? This activity is going to help you realize that you are doing such a great job, give you perspective on what you truly want, and understand that your own personal timeline is special and perfect for YOU. This activity was pulled from my self-confidence guided journal, I'm Awesome. Here's Why..., and if you’d like to use the...


5 Important Signs That You Need to Start Self-Discovery

So you've heard about self-discovery, but you're not sure if it's something that you need to pursue right now. That's okay, you're in the right place! Whether you're working towards career goals, personal growth goals, building confidence, or something else, not working on your self-discovery journey can be critical towards helping you achieve what you want. This episode breaks down five extremely important signs that you need to start a self-discovery journey for yourself in order to help...


Q&A Series: What‘s the Secret to Being Happy?

Looking at the title of this episode, you might be thinking, Sara, that’s almost too big of a question to answer. How can you possibly respond accurately for everyone? Well first, you’re not wrong. It’s definitely a big question to answer! Second, I don’t think it’s impossible to answer in a way that nearly everyone can relate to in some day. If you’ve been asking the big questions and seeking the answers to what it takes to live a happy life, then this episode is for you. During this...


The Power of Self-Compassion and Self-Love (Feat. Laura from @TheSelfSet)

One of the most overlooked pieces to self-discovery and personal growth is self-compassion. Oftentimes you'll hear advice about confidence saying to simply, "Be more positive" or other generic blanket statements that ignore the true challenges and messiness that you can face when you work on strengthening your confidence muscle. Laura decided to switch the narrative, and is determined to include self-compassion and giving yourself grace as you grow through your self-discovery and personal...


Self-Discovery Activity: Take Personality Tests

A fun and easy way to kick-start your self-discovery journey is to take personality tests! Personality tests, like the two mentioned in this episode, are great ways to start understanding who you are, why you respond in certain circumstances, what motivates you, and also how to better understand other people in your life. While there are numerous personality tests that can help you during your self-discovery journey, the two mentioned in this episode are my top two recommendations overall!...


10 Book Recommendations for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Grab your notebook or open up your Goodreads account, because today I'm sharing 10 of the absolute best books that you can read for your self-discovery and personal growth journey! Click here to view the full list of books and links to purchase Not sure which book to start with? Send me a message on Instagram and let me know which ones you're most interested in reading, and I'll give you my recommendations that fit where you are in your self-discovery journey! Ways to Work With Sara Put...


Q&A Series: How to Start Your Self-Discovery Journey

This month's Q&A series episode is answering a question from TikTok: How do I start my self-discovery journey? Might I say, fantastic question! As you'll learn in this episode, sometimes embarking on a journey to reconnect with who you are and what you want can be overwhelming. Do I start with affirmations? Do I need a journal? Are there certain books I need to read? Do I need a coach right away? My answer may surprise you, so tune in to see how you can get started with your self-discovery...


Overcoming Fear of Failure (Feat. Juston Gonzalez-Rodholm)

This month's guest interview features Juston Gonzalez-Rodholm, who's in the profession where experiencing failure is innately part of the job. Throughout his acting journey, Juston has learned mindset shifts and tools that you can use to help you overcome your own fear of rejection and failure. Additional topics discussed in this episode include: About Juston Juston has been acting/performing since the fifth grade, and received his bachelor's degree from CSULB in acting performance. He...


Self-Discovery Activity: Identify Your Values

Every month, one episode on the Be Your Own Badass Podcast will be dedicated to an actual self-discovery activity that you can use and apply to your own life. These activities may include journal prompts, actions to try, or a combination of both! Kicking off this series for today's episode is all about identifying your values. This is an excellent way to start your self-discovery journey if you're unsure about where to begin and will become a foundational piece to many other activities for...


Authenticity Online and Influencer Culture (Feat. Becca Hua)

Becca Hua joins Sara on the Be Your Own Badass Podcast to talk about staying authentic online, exploring topics and issues such as: Connect with Becca Instagram: @hello.huasBecca and Joe's Website Mentioned in This Episode Untamed by Glennon DoyleBekah from the BachelorJesssFam Youtube Ways To Work With Sara Self-Discovery Starter KitPut Yourself First – 1:1 Private CoachingI’m Awesome. Here’s Why…The Self-Discovery JournalBe Happy. Be Calm. Be YOU Follow Sara on Instagram...


Q&A Series: My Author Journey and Advice for Aspiring Authors

The first of a brand new monthly series here on the Be Your Own Badass Podcast: Q&A! Once a month, one episode is going to be dedicated to answering YOUR questions. This month is answering a question that I've been asked often, so I'm glad I had the opportunity to answer in a full episode! Learn all about my journey as an author. From where my love for writing began back in the day, my aspirations as I grew older, how I landed my very first book deal, and how I navigated balancing writing...


10 Ways to Manage Your Inner Critic

Welcome to the official SEASON 2 of the Be Your Own Badass Podcast! Do you find yourself battling with your inner critic? Setting high expectations for yourself, and beating yourself up when you can't live up to your own high standards? Or maybe you're hard on yourself when you start comparing yourself to other people? Or pressure yourself to look or act a certain way to be more "normal." In this episode, you'll learn all about my own history with managing my harsh inner critic, brought on...


How to Stay Motivated for Long Term Goals

If you're working towards long term goals and dreams, odds are you've experienced a dip in your motivation at some point throughout your journey. Staying motivated is tough, but in this episode I break down 7 ways you can stay motivated and work hard to accomplish all of your long-term goals to help you achieve the life of your dreams. View Show Notes Ways to Work With Sara Put Yourself First - 1:1 Private CoachingSelf-Discovery Starter KitI'm Awesome. Here's Why...The Self-Discovery...


Feeling Stuck in Life? Here’s How to Move Forward

If you feel stuck in life, this episode is for you. You don’t know what you want, you’re feeling trapped, and you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people thinking that they’re achieving it all. Here’s a secret: everyone has felt how you are feeling right now. View Show Notes Ways to Work With Sara Put Yourself First - 1:1 Private CoachingSelf-Discovery Starter KitI'm Awesome. Here's Why...The Self-Discovery JournalBe Happy. Be Calm. Be YOU Connect with Sara on Instagram...


5 Ways Your Life Changes When You Stop People-Pleasing (+ My People-Pleasing Recovery Story)

Struggle with people-pleasing? Listen to this episode to learn five ways your life will change when you finally start to confidently put yourself first. Plus, learn all about my own people-pleasing recovery journey, updates that have happened since the last episode, and a special sneak peek announcement for a chance to work with me starting in 2021. View Full Show Notes Mentioned In Episode: The Ultimate People-Pleasing Recovery ProgramEpisode 13: Letting Go of Attachment and Finding Your...