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Beer Today Beer Tomorrow is a Queens, NY based podcast dedicated to nurturing, cultivating and sharing local craft beer culture all over the world. We combine craft beer, human interest stories and humor in our show. Cheers 🍻

Beer Today Beer Tomorrow is a Queens, NY based podcast dedicated to nurturing, cultivating and sharing local craft beer culture all over the world. We combine craft beer, human interest stories and humor in our show. Cheers 🍻
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Beer Today Beer Tomorrow is a Queens, NY based podcast dedicated to nurturing, cultivating and sharing local craft beer culture all over the world. We combine craft beer, human interest stories and humor in our show. Cheers 🍻






BTBT Episode 71 - LIC Beer Project

BTBT hangs with Dan Acosta, owner of LIC Beer Project to discuss the history, philosophy and passion of the brewery. Good times and good beers, grab something local pop it open and enjoy the show. Spread the craft beer love and tell a friend to a tell friend - its BTBT and LICBP! Cheers


BTBT Episode 70 - The World Cup Beer Bracket Battle

Round of 8 - FIGHT! Here we go again the crew is back and this week we got a special extended show for YOU! We not only cover the 2018 World Cup but also break down our own Beer World Cup Bracket! Thats right we got beers going head to head in a do or die competition. We critique the beers, we break down the tournament we do it all. Get your beers ready and enjoy our special July 4th Episode! Cheers!


BTBT Episode 69 - Mikkeller NYC

BTBT and MIKKELLER NYC BTBT are rolling deep this week at Mikkeller NYC located right next to Citi Field in Flushing, Queens, NY. We get a chance to chat with Sam Speer the Sales Community and Product Manager of Mikkeller NYC. You know we love Queens, and we also love good beer made in Queens, so yes we are very excited about this weeks show! We pound world class beers, discuss the history of Mikkeller, weigh in on the current state of craft beer and drop some BTBT exclusives. All this...


BTBT Episod 68 - The World Cup Share Show

BTBT and the 2018 World Cup Share Show In this weeks show the crew is rolling deep and celebrating the upcoming 2018 World Cup by discussing some of their favorite national soccer teams and drinking a few beers from each nation. It’s a soccer and beer mash up show for the ages! Enjoy the beautiful game with the BTBT crew as we take you on a journey from Germany to Mexico to Belgium to Poland to Brazil. Plus a few funny rants along the way! Grab a few beers and kick back and enjoy!...


BTBT Episode 67 - Carmine Street Beers

We are hanging with Shane Monteiro of Carmine Street Beers for episode 67! BTBT goon Mike joins Peter to co-host this weeks show. Carmine’s have a huge selection of domestic & imported craft brews sold in bottles, cans & growlers. We were more then happy to throw back a few brews and discuss the history of the bottle shop and the role they play in the craft beer scene. We also talk about their philosophy, current favorite beers and more! Grab a few beers and enjoy this weeks show Cheers!!


BTBT Episode 66 - Five Boro Craft Fest Part 2

The goons are representing and in full effect for part 2 of the Five Boro Craft Fest recored at the Well in Brooklyn! This weeks show picks up right where we left off and it is jam packed with fantastic breweries. Guests featured are: Janet Viader - Sales Executive at Toast Blake Tomnitz and Kevin O’Donnell - Co-Founders at Five Boroughs Brewing Kyle Hurst - Founder/Brewer at Big Alice Brewing Dave Lopez - Co-Founder Gunn Hill Brewery Merlin Ward - Co-Founder/Brewer at Wartega...


BTBT Episode 65 - Five Boro Craft Fest Part 1

BTBT is at The Five Boro Craft Fest held at The Well in Brooklyn for a massive two part podcast! Although the fest is in Brooklyn, part 1 is all about the glorious borough of Queens! The Five Boro Craft Fest Part 1 features: Rich Castagna, owner and head brewer of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery Sam Bosrock co-owner and head brewer of Iconyc Brewery John Oe Danyi, assistant brewer of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery Good times with good people! Whether you’re listening during your commute or...


BTBT Episode 64 - Solid State

It’s a solid state of affairs (yuk yuk) because it’s Queens Beer Week and in the latest episode the goons are hanging at the Solid State bar for the LIC Beer Project and Transmitter Tap Take Over. Not only are we celebrating the awesome beer that comes out of the greatest borough - Queens All Day! We also sit down with co-owner Kristopher Medina to discuss the philosophy, vibe and future of Woodside’s newest (and only) craft beer bar. Fun Fact- located in Woodside Queens the bar features...


BTBT Episode 61 - Alewife pt2

BTBT hangs at Alewife Brewing Company for part 2 of the conversation with Patrick Donagher co-owner of the Beerly Legal Group. We pick up right where we left off with good beers and some wild stories. Plus the trials and tribulations of bar life and updates on the ever growing and evolving NY craft beer scene. It’s a really fun show so grab a few beers and enjoy. Cheers! In case you missed it you can catch up with part 1 of the convo here.


BTBT Episode 60 - Alewife

BTBT hangs at Alewife This week the goons are at Alewife in LIC Queens hanging with owner Patrick Donagher for a special 2 part show. This 4th generation bar owner also owns the Rochard and the Jeffrey, some of the finest bars you’ll find. Patrick’s got a lot of exciting ventures on the way! He just finished some remodeling work at Alewife and updated the menu with his chef. Most importantly his new brew pub is releasing their first beers this week! All this and much more makes Episode...


BTBT Podcast 59 - Fifth Hammer

Inspired in part by the ancient Greeks, Fifth Hammer prides itself in being a beacon of community and a bastion of craft beer culture in the vibrant and ever gentrifying neighborhood of Long Island CIty. Yes that’s right BTBT returns to QUEENS this week and we are hanging with local craft beer legend Chris Cuzme and lawyer turned craft beer visionary David Scharfstein, owners of Fifth Hammer brewery. We talk about the genisis plus the trials and tribulations of fifthhammer along with their...


BTBT Episod 59 - Return to Strong Rope

BTBT hangs at Strong Rope Brewery for the 3rd and final installment of the can and bottle share extravaganza. This week Jason Sahler owner and head brewer returns to the show to hang with the BTBT goons and Bobby from I Drank Beer. We talk about the NYC beer week IPA event held at the brewery, we break down their barley wine, discuss the potential of canning and find out whats next for Strong Rope. Theres also some poignant musings and pontification or rather semi coherent drunk ranting....


BTBT Episode 57 - I Drank Beer Today I Drank Beer Tomorrow Can Share

BTBT is back with a jam packed Can Share Extravaganza show for YOU! This weeks episode recorded at Strong Rope Brewery in Brooklyn is co-hosted by Bobby from IDRANKBEER and is appropriately dubbed the I Drank Beer Today I Drank Beer Tomorrow Can Share extravaganza. The show features an awesome line up of talented up and coming entrepreneurs in the craft beer game. Jeff From Belcher.IO Laura From Hops and Heart Forest from Snobeery and the new podcast Hop Talk Alison a filmmaker,...


BTBT Episode 56 - IDrankBeer

In this weeks show BTBT hangs at Strong Rope Brewery with IDrankBeer, a Long Island, New York based youtube and Instagram show dedicated to exploring, cultivating and nurturing craft beer. First of all this cross over extravaganza has been a long time coming but good things come together for those who wait and we have a feeling that you’re probably gonna’ dig this show. Drink good beers, have good times thats what the IDRANKBEER boys say, they are your one stop shop for Beer Reviews, Craft...


BTBT Episode 55 - One Mile House

This weeks show features Gerard Leary co-owner of One Mile House. We talk the history, culture and philosophy of this fine establishment. In addition we talk about happy hour highlights and special events. We touch on the new upcoming venture that Gerard is embarking on and we discuss Delancey street references in film and television. And as always we drink a ton of a great beers from Alchemist to Cantillon and beyond. Good people, good beer, good conversation and a great bar. What more...


BTBT Episode 54 - Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor

This week BTBT hangs at ACBP - Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor at their 26 W 8th st location in NYC. Co-owner Don Borelli and Beverage Manager Jon Simons join the goons for episode 54. The crew drinks some good brews on tap at one of New York City’s best craft beer bars while learning about the history, philosophy and culture of ACBP. Grab a few beers and enjoy the show! Cheers.


BTBT Episode 53 - Bridge and Tunnel Brewery

BTBT is back and this week we are at Bridge and Tunnel Brewery in Queens, N.Y. The 2017 NYC Beer Week Ruperts Cup Winners host the third annual Rock Em Sock Em Robots tournament! The show featutes Loads of special guests including owner and head brewer Rich Castagna, AJ from Home Brew and Hand Grenades and Eric Schleyer bartender extraordinaire and co-director of the upcoming Documentary Beer Boom PLUS Bonus Audio of us calling the championship Rock Em Sock Em Match between local favorite...


BTBT Episode 52 - The Wilky

Yes indeed the BTBT goons are back! We’ve only been gone a week but it feels oh so good to return. In this show we hang at the Wilky, one of Brooklyn’s finest craft beer and spirits bars located at 108 Patchen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221. We chop it up with co-owner Brian Fisher, drink some beer and discuss all things related to the Wilky including Brian’s path to ownership, the establishments philosophy and the current state of craft beer. Good times, with good conversation and as always...


BTBT Episode 51 - Five Boroughs Brewing

In episode 51 the BTBT crew hang with Five Boroughs Brewing in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY. In this early morning show we sit with co-founders Blake Tomnitz and Kevin O’Donnell and head brewer Nick Griffin. We talk about the Five Boroughs Brewing journey, the upcoming NYC Beer Week, a massive 9 brewery class of 2017 collaboration can release and much more! Good times with good folks and of course good craft beer. Visit the BTBT store at for all of your BTBT...


BTBT Episode 50 - The Sampler pt2

BTBT Bonus Episode The Sampler part 2! We had so much good content we had to drop another show. This special bonus episode is Part 2 of our conversation at the Sampler in Bushwick Brooklyn. Episode 50 features Co-owner Leo and Sampler OG Joel Suarez who brings his own blend of craft beer culture and energy to the show. We talk about the current state of craftbeer, and also touch on some local favorites. We discuss how the Sampler is one of the last neighborhood hold outs of that gritty old...