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Episode 21 - My Life Is Lukewarm

Bath etiquette, getting ass-blasted by a unicorn, optical illusions and misheard lyrics to a classic song. Get ready to fly off the rails because Em and Rica are HYPED and up to no good! Join them as they screech in your ears, while drinking: Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. – Electric Unicorn White IPA; Hop City Brewing Co. – 8th Sin Black Lager; Mill St. Brewery – Ruby Cove Cream Ale. Follow us on Instagram @beersandbewshes


Episode 20 - The "No Swearing" Zone

Em & Rica challenge themselves to not use profanities and wind up creating some very colourful filler words. They also wonder what the kids are up to nowadays, and struggle to get answers to their hard-hitting questions. Join them while they drink: Collective Arts - SOUR; Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Freakshow Crush Hazy IPA; Mill St. Brewery - Draught Style Vanilla Porter. Follow us on Instagram @beersandbewshes ! Or else!


Episode 19 - Let Me Climb Your Bod Like A Tree

Em and Rica find a beer worthy of pouring over cereal. Rica’s mom says she has Cinderella stepsister feet. Em re-lives a tragic sea-monkey accident. And they both struggle to give non-creepy compliments. Join them as they drink: Forked River Brewing Co. – Capital Blonde Ale; Broadhead Brewing Co. – Tight Squeeze Tangerine IPA; Oskar Blues Brewery – Death by Coconut. Follow us on Instagram @beersandbewshes


Episode 18 - A Night of Lies

Rica doesn't know how to use Instagram in moderation. Em's expectations for sexting are...interesting. And both of them come up with the perfect scheme to help you meet your true life partner. Join them on this wild ride while they drink: Big Rig Brewery - Midnight Kissed My Cow Double Chocolate IPA; Forked River Brewing - Flashback Rhubarb Wheat Ale; Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery - Killer Cupcake Panda Double IPA. Follow us on the 'Gram @beersandbewshes


Episode 17 - A Royal Selection

This episode is a Brewery Spotlight Spectacular! Today we try four beers from Royal City Brewing Co. Rica shows off her true psychic abilities. Em doesn’t handle bad news very well. They both struggle with basic geometry…what’s new? Join them while they drink: Royal City Brewing Co. – Smoked Honey; Royal City Brewing Co. – Berserker; Royal City Brewing Co. – Exhibition IPA; Royal City Brewing Co. – Hibiscus Saison Follow us on Instagram @beersandbewshes


Episode 16 - Clown Frickers Anonymous

Happy Hallow's Eve Eve! Rica divulges her many (MANY) fears, and Em's fashion choice for the day brings about a great disaster. Join them on this spine-chilling journey while they drink: Eagle Brewing - Banana Bread Beer; Louis Cifer Brew Works - Coconut Lemongrass ThaiPA; Mill St. Brewery - Chocolate Blossom; Magic Rock - Amanecer Mexicano Lime Hibiscus Chili Gose Follow us on Instagram @beersandbewshes


Episode 15 - ThanxLIVING!

Welcome to week two of our festive fall Pumpkin-Palooza! Em and Rica talk about everything thanksgiving, from weird traditions to debates on the perfect thanksgiving dessert. They also take a deep dive into The Price is Right and Rica may or may not have shed a tear over a beer! Join them while they drink: Great Lakes Brewery – Pumpkin Ale; Grand River Brewing – Highballer Pumpkin Ale; Royal City Brewing Co. – Autumn Ale; Beau’s Brewing Co. – London Fog Follow us on Instagram:...


Episode 14 – Pumpkin-palooza!

In this Pumpkin-tastic episode, wigs are snatched, and disappointment is served as Em and Rica try pumpkin beer for the first time! Listen as they discuss their pumpkin carving techniques and learn about Ems passion for picking the perfect pumpkin. Join them as they drink: Big Rig Brewery – Tales From The Patch Pumpkin Porter; Lake of Bays Brewing Co. – Pumpkin Ale; Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery – Paranormal Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Follow us on Instagram: @beersandbewshes


Episode 13 - Learning the Love Languages

Em judges Rica for wearing a raincoat, Rica judges people at restaurants (unbeknownst to them), and both of them are celebrating National Boyfriend Day! Join them while they drink: Double Trouble Brewing Co. - Hops & Robbers Grapefruit IPA; Cowbell Brewing Co. - Absent Landlord Country Kolsch; Nickelbrook Brewing Co. - Lost in Orbit IPA; Magic Rock Brewing - Salty Kiss Goosberry Gose


Episode 12 - Would You Smell What the Rock is Cooking?

Em has a habit of eating food from questionable sources. Rica is an onion ring connoisseur and introduces her new pet spider…. And they both receive some fatherly wisdom about stouts. Join them while they drink: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Cheeky Bastard; Collective Arts – Pina Colada Sour; Lickinghole Creek – Heir Apparent. Follow us on Instagram @beersandbewshes


Episode 11 - Part Deux!

Welcome to Part Deux of the En Français Extravaganza! Em & Rica get trolled by a smart device. Rica gains superpowers. And Em really, REALLY wants some things edited out. Join them while they drink: Berliner Kirsch a la Gristle; Vagabond - Kumbaya Saison; Brasseurs du Monde - l'AbricoThé


Episode 10 - En Français!

On this episode Em and Rica introduce a new member of the Beers and Bewshes fam! They both disgrace the beautiful French language, Em hits you with some beer facts and Rica will walk over your dead body to jump on a trampoline! Join us while we drink: Archibald Microbrasserie – Nuit Blanche; Alafut Microbrasserie – Cowsure Framboise; Brasseurs Du Monde – Ju Mangue. Follow us on Instagram @beersandbewshes


Episode 9 - We're professionals, MOM!

Em & Rica are both Player 2 in this special Chronicle Brewing Co episode. Join them while they drink: Dwarven Stout; Golden Axe; Mind Flay


Episode 8 - Badass with Buckteeth

In this episode Google Home teaches us shit about malt! Em recollects a repressed childhood memory and Rica calls for the inauguration of a NEW superstar queen. Join Em & Rica while they drink: 5 Paddles Brewing Company – Home Sweet Home; Walkerville Brewery – Easy Stout; Old Flame Brewing Co. – Red; Rouge – Combat Wombat. Follow us on instagram @beersandbewshes


Episode 7 - the Champagne of Dads

Em is angry about being a true neutral-neutral, Rica wants you to call her noona, and they have an accidental surprise guest! Join them while they drink: Hometown Brewing Co. - Organic Wild Wheat; the Second Wedge Brewing Co. - Three Rocks IPA; La Trappe Tripel - Trappist; Left Field Brewery - Squeeze Play.


Episode 6 - That Boy Ain't Right

Rica comes bearing gifts, Em retells something shocking about a former roommate, and things get heated when discussing elementary school curriculum…? Join Em & Rica on Episode 4 while they drink: Cowbell Brewing Co. – Doc Perdue’s Bobcat; Collective Arts Brewing – Saints of Circumstance; Cameron’s Brewing Co. – Captain’s Log Lager; Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery – Wonderstar


Episode 5 - the Nova Scotia Spectacular

Em regales us with the Tale of the Mystery Barfer and Rica invents the next eyeballing. Join Em & Rica on this special episode featuring beers from a Nova Scotian Brewery - Wayfarer's Ale Society: My Grandpa's Pilsner; Tart of Darkness; Helene; Muddy Big Stout


Episode 4 - Pubes of a Thousand Men

On this episode we delve into Rica’s K-pop fantasies, learn that Em takes all her gal pals to the same restaurant and discuss optimal spooning techniques! Join Em & Rica on Episode 4 while they drink: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Duplicitous; Sea Level Brewing – Blueberry Pail Ale; Boshkung Brewing Co. – 35&118 Cream Ale; Annapolis Brewing Company – Blockhouse Blonde


Episode 3 - There's no such thing as too sensual

Who's your pop superstar Queen? Have you ever cried watching a commercial? Did Em shit her pants? What's your favourite flavour of freezie? Join Em & Rica on Episode 3 while they drink: The Exchange Brewery - Plum Berliner Weiss New Ontario Brewing Co. - Bear Runner Blonde Ale Mill St. Brewery - Kombucha Radler Railway City Brewing Co. - Orange CreamsicAle instagram @beersandbewshes


Episode 2 - Justice For Oompa Loompas!

Do you ever wish you were back in the womb guzzling beer, chanting Oompa Loompa protest songs, and discussing your fav drag queens? Well, today's your lucky day! Join Em and Rica in Episode 2, where they try: Four Fathers Brewing - Shevchenko 9 Railway City Brewing Co. - Black Coal Stout GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co. - Farmstead Ale Outlaw Brew Co. - 21 Lagered Ale Doouble Trouble Brewing Co. - Hops & Robbers Pineapple IPA instagram @beersandbewshes