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Episode 33: Uncapped The Golden Girls Edition

Thank you for being a friend. Welcome to a special episode of Between The Pints. Today Ryan and Aaron welcome Friend of The Pod, Bold Missy’s Carli Smith to give you their Golden Girls of craft brewing. The trio names their favorite breweries in the AARP category of the craft beer age. It is silly, we hope it is entertaining and we think it is informative. So, sit back relax, enjoy, and remember, “And if you threw a party Invited everyone you knew Well, you would see the biggest gift would...


Episode 32 - Brew News

This week, Ryan and Aaron offer insights, breakdowns, explanations, and the occasional meandering diatribe on the latest happenings and news in the craft beer industry. Become a supporter of this podcast:


Episode 31: Uncapped - GABF Recap

The guys recap Ryan's trip to this year's Great American Beer Festival. They talk winners, losers, unexpected twists, and the history of the festival itself, all while constantly wandering off on tangents. The guys thank Hygge Co-Working for the podcast space as the opening and closing track. You can find more from Ryan at and and Aaron at Until next time, Slainte! Become a supporter of this podcast:


Episode 30: Brew News

Ryan and Aaron dive into the week's excitement with Scofflaw Brewing being its usual self, and the start of the new Beer Growth Initiative by industry trade groups. They also cover articles addressing the LBGTQ community and craft beer's role in creating a welcoming environment, cover once again the constant debate over children in taprooms, and discuss common mistakes that start up breweries make. The guys thank Hygge Co-Working for the podcast space. You can find more from Ryan at...


Short Pour: GABF Edition #3

Ryan sends in his last solo missive about the GABF. He is a crappy traveler, needing two days to recover from traveling and drinking so he apologizes for the episode being a little late. In this episode, he gives his overall impressions of the festival and the awards. Ryan would like to thank Dave, Ginny, and Maddie the Greyhound for their hospitality and more important their friendship as they housed him for 4 days. He would also like to thank his beloved for letting him go and have fun...


Short Pour: GABF Edition #2

Ryan continues his GABF beercation dropping another episode to recap a nice day in Denver. He hit Fresh Craft, Seedstock Brewing, and had another session at Hogshead. Keep a look out for the blog post he mentioned going up today at He will post another Short Pour tomorrow with a recap of the GABF medal ceremony. Until then, slainte! Become a supporter of this podcast:


Short Pour: GABF Edition #1

Half of the dynamic duo, Ryan, is in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival. He is going to be dropping daily updates about what he is doing and what he is drinking. Highlights of his first two days include visits to Call To Arms Brewing and Hogshead Brewing; taking in a panel discussion about marketing to more diverse audiences for craft beer; seeing craft beer celebrities like show patron saint Garret Oliver; and drinking some good beer. Highlights of his GABF tasting include Elliott...


Episode 29: Brew News

Aaron and Ryan manage to talk and entertain themselves for an hour even though there was no real news to discuss. The beer world is gearing up for the Great American Beer Festival. So, they either don’t have any news or they hold any bad news for Saturday when the awards are announced. The guys did manage to find a few articles to riff on for the show. Keep your ears peeled for quick hit podcasts from Ryan as he attends this year’s GABF. He’ll try to do summaries of what he has drank and...


Episode 28: Brew News

Aaron and Ryan get through their quickest show in their run. Yet somehow still digress wildly and forget names of famous people all in less than 20 minutes. First, they hit the IRI retail data for the beer industry. Good news, craft beer is doing well. The Brewdog Network is here proving that the Brewdog crew knows how to make money and stick their feet firmly in their mouths all at the same time. The more things change, the more things stay the same. The guys thank Hygge Co-Working for the...


Episode 27: Rating Sites Part Deux

Because Aaron and Ryan get tired of listening to themselves talk (at least Ryan does) they invited Neil Gimon of Dreamchasers and Townes Mozer of Lenny Boy to talk more about beer rating sites. The guys get into rating sites like Untappd, Beer Advocate, and even Yelp. What do they really think of them and how do they use them to improve their products and their taprooms. As always, Between The Pints digresses into unscripted territories. This week it is the merits of Pacific Rim and John...


Episode 26: Brew News

On this week's episode, Ryan and Aaron go through some of the recent brew news. • 4 Small Breweries Happy to Stay Small • On The Dotted Line • Constellation puts up $4 billion stake in Canopy Growth • Constellation Brands lays off more than half its craft personnel • Stone files injunction against MillerCoors • Jim Koch Meets with President Trump Recommendations • Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo • Galavant • Lancaster Brewing Milk Stout • Shacksbury Ginger Spritz • Cork Dork As always the...


Episode 25: Uncapped - Part 1 of Rating Sites - Safe Novelty

Aaron and Ryan were gone for a couple of weeks because Aaron and his wife welcomed a new tiny roommate and Ryan moved into a new house. They make their return with the first of a two-part series on online beer rating systems and what they mean for the craft beer industry. In the episode, besides the many tangents the Between the Pints has quickly become known for, they do manage to talk about Untappd, Beer Advocate and Rate Beer and how those sites are a part of a larger crowdsource movement...


Episode 24: Session Beers with Rachael Hudson

In the latest episode of Between The Pints, Aaron and Ryan welcome Rachael Hudson from Pilot Brewing for an interview. The guys talk to Rachael about the new concept she and her husband Jeff are bringing to the craft beer world with Pilot Brewing. The name has a double meaning as Jeff is an airline pilot and more importantly all the beers brewed at Pilot will be in small batches and brewed by everyone on staff. Take a listen to learn more about Pilot Brewing and Rachael's journey to becoming...


Episode 23 - Brew News

This week, Ryan and Aaron cover the latest news and happenings in the craft beer industry, despite both running on virtually zero sleep and with zero energy. Oddly enough, this actually makes for some of the most interesting and eclectic commentary yet! On this episode they cover beer and cider rationing in the UK, the impact of beverages containing THC on the craft beer industry, a South Carolina brewery looking to expand west even while trying to sell their business, and so much more!...


Episode 22: Session Beer w/ Ryan Self

Aaron and Ryan sit down with Olde Mecklenburg Brewery's Sales Director Ryan Self to talk traditional German beer, and their being the first in the craft beer industry to roll out plastic bottles. Prost! Become a supporter of this podcast:


Episode 21: Brew News

Aaron and Ryan talk news and happenings in the craft beer industry, while desperately trying (and failing) to stay even remotely on-topic Become a supporter of this podcast:


Episode 20: Session Beers with Joe Vogelbacher

In this week’s episode, Aaron and Ryan start a new interview feature called Session Beers. The first Session Beer guest is Joe Vogelbacher from Sugar Creek Brewing. He is the co-founder and President of Sugar Creek and an Advanced Cicerone. He is also going to be featured in a documentary about craft beer and the Cicerone program. In the interview you will find out about the Sugar Creek, the Cicerone program, the documentary and much more. Joe may be the most interesting man in Charlotte...


Episode 19: All The News

Aaron and Ryan just sit and talk about the news this week as they prepare for a nice run of interviews over the next few weeks. Coronado Looks to unload Monkey Paw News about Stone and Boston Beer Craft Beer branding trends Overall beer sales continue to decline 2018 Beer Trends Three HBCU grads open craft beer bar in Harlem How To Invest in Craft Beer Deep Ellum Sales to Canarchy Become a supporter of this podcast:


Episode 18: Uncapped, Vol. 1

Aaron and Ryan debut their new show, Uncapped. They will deep dive into a single beer or beery subject or interview with a beer person. This week, they go into the Shaun Hill interview from a few weeks ago in which he discussed his own battles with mental health issues and fears of alcohol addiction. He talked about a lot more, but that is what everyone is mentioning. The two also give recommendations and generally digress at the drop of a pop culture reference. Become a supporter of this...


Episode 17: Brew News

In this week’s episode Ryan and Aaron start playing with the format. You spoke. We listened. In an attempt to get the episodes down to a more listenable time frame we’ve broken the recording into to 2 episodes. No worries, there is the same silliness and pop culture digressions. This is the Brew News episode where the guys cover a lot of the big beer news of the week. The next episode, Uncapped will be a deeper dive into one particular topic. Become a supporter of this podcast:...