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Episode 10 - The Trump Tax Bill

Corporate tax, personal tax, what is deductible? Do you have questions about the new tax reform? You’re not alone. Many of our clients are wondering about exemptions and what they can and cannot deduct. In this episode, I answer our clients’ most-asked questions, touching on personal and corporate taxes and, of course, changes to the mortgage interest deduction. Listen to this episode to learn all about the tax reform-- plus, how these changes may affect your approach to financial...


Episode 9 - The Bottom Line of Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is all about determining the psychological, emotional, cognitive, and social factors that influence our economic decisions. How do these factors influence how much money you’ll save every month or the likelihood that you’ll enroll in a 401(k)? By understanding behavioral economics, we can become more conscientious of why we make the decisions we do. Only then can we consider changing our behaviors. Listen in as Joe Biondolillo discusses how we can use our knowledge...


Episode 8 - Myth 6 - You Don’t Need Life Insurance

Many financial services professionals today believe their clients do not need insurance because they are self-insured. However, once clients truly understand what insurance can do for them, they see the power of life insurance when it is a part of an overall financial plan. Insurance is a way to transfer risk and by taking away that risk, you no longer need to worry about absorbing that risk. Learn more about the myth of life insurance in this podcast:


Episode 7 - Myth 5 - The Miracle of Compounding Interest

Compound interest is something that has really become a topic at the forefront of financial planning. You get a lot of money over a long period of time since it compounds in an exponential manner. It’s often depicted as an exponential curve which really gets you value after a long time. However, you have to realize that compound interest computations take into account a lot of hypothetical scenarios. Learn more about compound interest in this podcast:


Episode 6 - Myth 4 - More Protection Means Less Cash Flow

In today’s society we are constantly faced with the possibility of life throwing us a curveball. This is why implementing a protection plan is very important when it comes to finances. However, there is a popular myth going around where having more protection equals less cash flow. In this podcast Joe shares how protecting yourself properly does not necessarily mean less cash flow.


Episode 5 - Myth 3 - A 15 Year Mortgage Costs Less Than a 30 Year Mortgage

Joe Biondolillo shares when it comes to mortgages, most people make financial decisions that are ultimately based on what they’ve heard. A lot of people approach mortgages with the sales hype and the psychological perspective of paying for your home over a long period of time. Oftentimes, people make a decision on mortgages based on their emotion. Learn more about myth number 3 A 15 Year Mortgage Costs Less Than a 30 Year Mortgage in this podcast:


Episode 4 - Myth 2 - I Love My 401k and You Should Too

Most of us have heard of the benefits of a 401k. It’s great from a tax perspective, it’s what successful people do, so we are often recommended to max out our 401k. However, before we dive into the 401k discussion deeper we have to establish a couple of things. We often hear of 401k as part of an investment strategy but we have to realize that for every financial decision we make, it has to fit in with the big picture of what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s not that 401k is good or bad,...


Episode 3 - Myth 1 - You Will Be In a Lower Tax Bracket In Retirement

Joe Biondolillo shares how many people in retirement feel they will be paying less money from a tax perspective. In fact, some actually pay higher taxes and while we can’t do anything about high taxes, we can plan for it. Learn more about how to plan for retirement and retirement preparing in this podcast:


Episode 2 - 6 Universally Accepted Financial Myths

There’s a lot of financial media going around producing a lot of misinformation. Even podcasts, blogs, and marketing promoting certain financial strategies are now automatically taken as factual. Just because we see it on Google, doesn’t mean it’s true. A lot of people have been misguided especially since they’ve created preconceived notions on how financial planning works. Learn more about these financial myths in this podcast:


Episode 1 - Introduction to Joe Biondilillo of Biond Financial

Joe started a career in financial services in 1998 when he was 18 years old. During that time, he was very interested in the dynamic and energy of Wall Street. He spent 15 years going in that direction, and would then do a total 180. He changed his career from a Wall Street based practice to a Planning and Protection based practice. Learn more about Joe and Biond Financial in this podcast: