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An A-life, a B-life, a C-life and Self-Care

You won't change the ways you think you will in adulthood. You don't magically wake up a new person; rather, the choices you make today will determine your tomorrow. Don't settle. In this episode, Mr. B looks at some ways you can make sure you're an A or a B, not a C.


Gratitude pt. 2

While one way to view the world is with you as the center, the other is to ask why you get the blessings you get.


Gratitude pt. 1

When negative things happen, a lot of people ask the question: Why Me? This question, more than anything else, shows that you place your own self in the center of the universe. This is a lot of pressure, and can make you quite unhappy. In this episode, we look at why that is.


Helmets and Leggings with Elon Cook Lee

I was very honored to interview Elon Cook Lee. My wife met Elon at a social justice conference in 2016, and from there a friendship was born. Elon is impressive for many reasons. After earning her masters from Brown University (Fellowship for the Study of the Public History of Slavery), Elon has been the program director for the Center of Reconciliation in Providence, RI. Elon is a highly sought after speaker, and a "museum activist, public historian and race womanist". Elon deals with...


The Horse Wouldn't Run

On June 20, 2015, shortly after our wedding ceremony, my wife and I were supposed to ride out on a horse-drawn carriage. But, the horse wouldn't move. What do you do? How do you respond? That response may make all the difference.


A Big Day with Dr. Courter

Dr. Courter is an Ornithologist. He earned his PhD. from Clemson University, and teaches Biology at Malone University. He loves birds. I've had the honor of birding with Dr. Courter on several occasions, in several states. His love for birds is apparent, and contagious. Birding has its own lingo, which we discuss in this episode. This interview was the first ever done over the phone in Beyond the Classroom, so the quality is a bit choppy, but hey, we're learning. A Big Day with Dr....


Week 2 Update

Mr. B gives an update on his yearly goals, which you can find here: He also has an assignment for the week: take a minute and appreciate something you normally take for granted. (You'll hear Mr. B's at the end of the episode).


Week 1 Update

On my website,, I've been doing a daily series for the new year. I provided a short audio update of how my own goals are going for this New Year. In last week's episode, I talked about how a new year is a great opportunity to think about who you are and who you want to be; to ask: what's working and what's not? This brief episode takes a look at how that is going for me.


New Year, New You

I love New Years! It's a great opportunity to think about what worked, what didn't work, and what you'd like to do the next year. I have many goals. You can track some on: This episode looks at the first steps of reinvention, and also shares my goals for 2018.


Merry Christmas

In this very short episode, Mr. B simply says Merry Christmas. To me, Christmas is a time of hope; of hope in the midst of darkness. It is a reminder that at any point, on any day, in the middle of any storm, we can find hope and rebirth.


Sleeping on the Couch with Joseph LIddell

Why does Joseph sleep on the couch, especially when he has a large bedroom about fifteen feet away? Tune in to listen. The answer is probably different than what you think. In this episode, Joseph provides some insight into putting the goal first, focusing on what you want, and providing perspective on when it goes slightly awry.


Listener Question - 12/11

This week, I was asked: How do you deal with discouragement along the way to your goal? Great question, listen to find out. And if you'd like an off the cuff answer, send in your questions to


Was the Write Now. Experiment a Failure?

On December 1st and 5th, I was supposed to be hosting two events, called: Write Now. They'd been planned and scheduled for months, and advertised daily for over a month. But no one signed up. This begs the question: Was the Write Now. Experiment a Failure?


Morning Routine - Listener Question

This week's question was: How do you start your morning? Any advice on a morning routine. Here are the answers from me and my brother in law. Send any further questions to:


Whimsy Librarian!

It was fun to have my wife, Jessica on the podcast. In this episode, I interview Jessica. We talk about her career, how she got into her career, and how you can follow your dreams as well! At the end of the episode, I ask Jessica to recommend a few books. So, here Whimsy Librarian Recommends: Have a great Thanksgiving!


Get Your Foot in the Door and Bring Your A-Game

This is a very personal episode for me. The summation of it is in the title. If there is something you want to do, get your foot in the door and do it. Once in, bring your A-game. You don't know who will see, who is watching, or when your path may cross with someone else in the future. I believe in each listener, and want success for you. This is also a lesson I wish I would have heard and lived 10-years ago. So, I'm starting now.


Listener Question

Happy Halloween!!! Today's question: how do you deal with somebody in your life that you have to see but find annoying? Great question, here's my response.


Summer Tom

My sister calls me Summer Tom when I'm more relaxed. My wife likes that Tom more than the other. This episode looks at how to balance who you are with what you love, at how to pursue your dreams with dignity and passion. Pursuing dreams with dignity and passion is what Season 2 of Beyond the Classroom is all about. Summer Tom kicks that off. If you have any questions or comments, send them to:


Season 2 Intro

Season 2 of Beyond the Classroom: life lessons with Mr. B is going to be about finding your calling, and pursuing it in the best possible way. How do you start? How do you set yourself apart? Why you? These types of things. The format will be a bit different than last year. The first Tuesday of the month will have original content. This will be the 'lesson' on how to pursue your talent, skill, or calling. Two weeks later, there will be an interview with someone that is doing that thing...


Kyrie - Summer School pt. IV

Cleveland has had a great run these past three years. They've been to the finals three straight times, and won one championship. It's great for fans, the city, and seemingly everyone but Kyrie Irving. I think there's something to learn in this. Patience for one. Humility for another. And appreciating what you've got for a third. This episode wraps up Summer School, and Beyond the Classroom will be taking a few weeks off. We'll be back after Labor Day with a fresh season about how to be...


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