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Not your average sports podcast by some not so average characters. Covering all things Portland Trail Blazers, Whitty, Hair, and Green put their own spin on things while bringing you the weekly news and notes of their favorite team from a unique fan perspective.

Not your average sports podcast by some not so average characters. Covering all things Portland Trail Blazers, Whitty, Hair, and Green put their own spin on things while bringing you the weekly news and notes of their favorite team from a unique fan perspective.
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Not your average sports podcast by some not so average characters. Covering all things Portland Trail Blazers, Whitty, Hair, and Green put their own spin on things while bringing you the weekly news and notes of their favorite team from a unique fan perspective.






S3.E7: The Calm Before the Storm

An episode with zero Whit recorded right before the Warriors game, friend of the show Eric fills in the empty hosting chair. Zach Collins needs shoulder surgery, are the Warriors tanking, are the Blazers actually a good team, and Juwan Howard will always hold a special place in Green's heart


S3.E6: Blazers Drop Home Opener, Zach Collins Injury, and First Impressions Through Week One

Whitty, Hair, and Green give their thoughts on how the team has started off the 2019-2020 NBA season following their loss to the Spurs in San Antonio. Who has impressed and who has underwhelmed the guys based off what they've seen so far. Then in Dribbles, do the Warriors suck? Are the Suns good? What is happening in the league right now?!


S3.E5: The 50th Edition of Trail Blazers Basketball!

The guys give their Eastern and Western Conference playoff predictions before discussing the season opener against the Denver Nuggets. Plus, a loaded Dribbles and Trail Mix


S3.E4: Does Blazers Preseason Actually Matter, LeBron James Missteps on China, and are the Jazz Good?

Does the Blazers NBA Preseason actually mean anything, LeBron James is inconvenienced by the China situation, and Green and Whitty discuss if the Utah Jazz are overrated


S3.E3: Trail Blazers Fan Fest, Some MAJOR NBA News, and a Hair Replacement with Brandon Goldner

Brandon Goldner of 'I Like The Blazers' fills in for Hair to discuss a wide range of topics surrounding the NBA and the Portland Trail Blazers. Green, Whitty, and guest host Brandon Goldner take up space in Studio Green to discuss the modern day click-bate sports media landscape, Trail Blazers Fan Fest, and attempt to break down both the new California Name and Likeness Act and the Houston Rockets debacle in China. This should be fun!


S3.E2 Media Day with Chris Burkhardt

Chris Burkhardt of NBC Sports Northwest joins the guys to discuss Media Day and all the latest news leading up to Wells Fargo Fan Fest and the first pre-season game.


Season 3 Premier featuring Full Blazer Roster Rankings

The Season 3 Premiere of BlazerTag is here and the start of the NBA pre-season is just around the corner, which means it's time to get back at it!


S2.E45: Steve DeWald’s 50th Anniversary Season

Green, Whitty, and eventually, Hair are joined by friend of the show Steve DeWald of BlazersEdge. Topics include Damian Lillard’s new album and if it’s any good, comic books, and the Trail Blazers new throwback court and other 50th season anniversary things. Go Blazers!


S2.E44: Off-Season Dead Zone; Pau Gasol signing, CJ McCollum extension, Zach Collins injury, and other bits

Green, Whitty, and Hair are reunited after a bit of an off-season break during the NBA news dead zone! After catching up for a bit, the boys discuss Dame and CJ hating America, the surprise Pau Gasol signing, and CJ's getting PAID! Go Blazers!


S2.E43: Overtime: BlazerTag's Summer League Adventures

Green, Whitty, and Hair somehow managed to survive Sin City and recount the tails of their travels and adventures. From angering some show girls, finding ourselves in the Hassan Whiteside press conference, a LOT of underwhelming basketball to a random Shaq encounter you will hear about it all! And for those who listen all the way to the end, we apologize for Green and his (meaningless) blubbering. Go Blazers!


S2.E42: Overtime: Title: Mental health and the NBA, Neil Olshey's 2019 review, Kawhi and PG13 to Clippers, more!

Ryan Green of the BlazerTag podcast and Brandon Goldner of The Trailcasters talk about therapy, mental health and wellness, and the pressures of the NBA; how Blazers President of Basketball Operations Neil Olshey has handled the Blazers' 2019 moves so far; the changing NBA landscape with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George heading to the Clippers; and more! We talk about mental health, therapy, and the pressures of the NBA, Olshey's 2019 performance so far, the shifting NBA landscape with Kawhi...


S2.E41: Offseason: The Olshey Free Agency Redemption Tour

Green, Whitty, and Hair reunite now that NBA Free Agency is officially under way. Olshey shipped off the last of his "bad contracts" from the summer of 16' and upgraded almost all positions of need! Also, Dame gets SUPER paid and then calls Kanter out after he ditched us for the Celtics. Go Blazers!


S2.E40: Overtime: Brandon Sprague of 1080 The Fan and an Evan Turner Trade

Green and Whitty touch bases to talk about the Trail Blazers selecting Nassir Little in this years NBA Draft before having an emergency pod discussion about the trade of ET for Kent Bazemore! Then, Whitty hangs out with Brandon Sprague of Dirt and Sprague on 1080 The Fan at The Leaky Roof to discuss the best radio segment of all time, life in the radio business, balancing fandom with a media roll, and if swinging a trade for Kevin Love would put the Blazers over the top and bring home a...


S2.E39: Steve DeWald Drafts and Chris Burkhardt Builds a Team for the Trail Blazers

Steve DeWald (@SteveDHoops) sits down with Whitty and talks about the upcoming draft and discusses how deep this class actually is and what it means for the Lakers future having given up all their picks for the foreseeable future. Then, the entire crew sits is in Studio Green with Chris Burkhardt (@ChrisBurkhardt) of NBC Sports Northwest in an attempt to talk roster building and the Blazers path forward, but really goes off the rails as more as a WWE lovefest between him and Green. Go...


OverTime Edition: AJ McCord

AJ McCord (@AJMcCord) of KOIN 6 joined Whitty at The Leaky Roof for a fun new OverTime Edition! AJ shares what is was like moving across country TWICE for work, the hectic schedule of traveling and covering so many different teams, and what she does in her off time to keep herself sane (hint: nature). Then we look ahead to what she believes is in store for the Blazers this off-season and what the team may look like in the future! Go Blazers!


S2.E37: Season Two Finale

The Trail Blazers miraculous season is now behind us, so we look back and off our Post Season Roster Rankings, discuss the extensions of Stotts and Olshey, and talk the future of the team moving forward. Also, be sure to stay tuned for some special Overtime interviews in the off-season with guests closely associated with the team! Go Blazers!


S2.E35: Hole in Two

The Portland Trail Blazers find themselves in an 0-2 hole in their first Western Conference Finals appearance in almost two decades. Stotts has stuck with his starting line-up and decided to punt Game 1. Game 2, the Blazers came out swinging but still let a win slip through their fingers. How does the team respond and how do we feel about this series. Listen and find out! It’s PLAYOFF TIME RIP CITY!


S2.E34: Blazers are in the WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!

Holy $h!t Rip City fans, the Blazers have themselves a date with the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference finals! The Hair and the Ryans talk their way through their immediate reactions to Game 7 against the Denver Nugget, how their Mother’s Day was impacted, and go on a bit of an apology tour towards various players. Then, we get into Games 1 and 2 and our overall feelings about this team and this series. Are the Trail Blazers a team of destiny? Can Dame turn off the lights at...


S2.E33: Sassy vs Classy, Win or Go Home

​ Game 7! The Trail Blazers haven’t made it this deep in to the playoffs in 19 years, and have only ever played 4 Game 7’s in franchise history! Green and Whitty go Hairless in this two man episode talking about how the NBA Playoffs have shaken out across the league and all the drama that has arisen from this Blazers-Nuggets series! Sassy front-runners, hipsters showing no class, eye-ball poking, Boy Meets World connections….just so much stuff!


S2.E32: Hot Blazer Takes and a Flip of a Coin

After an up and down weekend of Blazers basketball that saw (another) historic game, how are we feeling about this series? This Western Conference Semi-Finals could not be closer in terms of stats and star production and we have zero clue how it will turn out….flip a coin! We also have a fun little segment where we put on our tinfoil hats and come up with the headlines that everybody is afraid to report on.