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USC Football Players Lounge Podcast with hosts Cyrus Hobbi & Scotty Felix.

USC Football Players Lounge Podcast with hosts Cyrus Hobbi & Scotty Felix.


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USC Football Players Lounge Podcast with hosts Cyrus Hobbi & Scotty Felix.




The Players Lounge: New Day Same Sh**

Welcome to Season 2 of The Players Lounge! Cyrus and Scott talk about where the lounge is going, guests, and obviously USC Football. Things could be better, but hey, let's talk about it...


The Bleav Network's Best of SB LIV Radio Row

On behalf of the entire Network, we did a “best of show” for every podcast on Bleav. Some of the hosts on the network were present for radio row, in Miami, and sat down with some really great guests (see below) and nabbed awesome interviews. Hope you enjoy this special, normal programming returns next week! Guest list: 1. Quinnen Williams (Jets DT 3rd overall pick in 2019) & his brother Quincy Williams (Jaguars LB 3rd round pick) 2. Former Steelers CB Ike Taylor 3. Former Chiefs &...


The Players Lounge: Blame Coach Helton

In the first episode of 2020 the boys talk about the Iowa game, the off season, and how we need to blame Coach Helton for everything.


The Players Lounge: The Not So Hot Recruiting Class

In this week, the boys talk about the worst recruiting class in the PAC-12 and why it happened. What caused it? We also talk about the Holiday Bowl against Iowa. Have a beer and listen up!


The Players Lounge: Coach Helton Debate

In this episode, Scott and Cyrus have a heated debated about USC choosing to retain Coach Helton. Enjoy!


The Players Lounge: Actor Eli Goree

This week we welcome Eli Goree to The Players Lounge! Eli is an up and coming actor that can be seen on CW’s Riverdale and HBO’s Ballers. Coming from a family of athletes, Eli has a unique perspective on the NCAA and the rules they impose on student athletes. We also talk about the advice … Continued


The Players Lounge: UCLA bRuins Week!

On Episode 11 of The Players Lounge, the boys are coming in hot with a recap of the Cal game along with a preview of the UCLA game! Also, what the hell happened with Myles Garrett? We’re diving in!


Episode 10: Gio Di Paolo

In Episode 10 we welcome former USC Lineman Gio Di Paolo to The Players Lounge! We talk about Coach Orgeron, USC vs ASU, LSU, Pat Haden not hiring Coach O, and the culture of a winning football team.


Episode 9: Let’s Get Honest USC

In this episode the fellas have no choice but to keep it real about where the USC Football program stands after the embarrassing lost to Oregon last week. Also in the episode: homeless people trying to break into the studio, UFC 244, rapid fire questions, and several laughs per usual. Fight On… please.


The Players Lounge: Chapter 7 | Oregon Week

In this beautiful episode featuring no guest, Scott and Cyrus ramp up the heat to 85 degrees so we can get real and most importantly, sweaty. The fellas talk about the NCAA and the trick they might be planning, and the mediocre Colorado win. Oh yeah! And they talk about Duck hunting season (for our … Continued


The Players Lounge: Ryan K. Russell

The Players Lounge welcomes the first openly bisexual NFL player Ryan K. Russell. Drafted in the 5th Round by the Dallas Cowboys out of Purdue, Ryan recently came out in a national interview with ESPN. He is currently on a book tour throughout the country and is still actively working out for NFL teams. In … Continued


The Players Lounge: Hayes Pullard

Imagine 3 people sitting down talking in a bar. One of the guys is really good at football (We’re talking NFL good) The other two guys? Well let’s just be nice and say they’re they’re not. (We’re talking Arena League bad) On this episode, The Players Lounge welcomes Former USC Linebacker Hayes Pullard. Hear about … Continued


The Players Lounge: Notre Dame Week!

Put the kids to bed and get ready to hangout with the fellas! This week Scott and Cyrus go over not so happy fan mail, discuss the new Joker film, and of course USC’s matchup against Notre Dame. How the hell can USC pull this off? We dive deep into the wormhole to figure that … Continued


Chapter 3: Bye Week

How did we lose that game to Washington? How bad is the NCAA shaking in their size 7 boots? What the hell does Coach Helton address in this bye week? Cyrus and Scott get into all of it at their new home, Tirebiter Brewery. Clear the schedule cause the boys are getting together.


The Playas Lounge: Chapter Two

In this episode, Scott and Cyrus chop it up about the Utah win, Cyrus’ USC career, Washington, and an exclusive interview with a high profile USC Administrator. Get ready for two former football players talking about the state of USC Football in a brutally honest way. Feel free to drink a beer with us!


The Players Lounge Ep. 1

Inaugural episode of the USC Football Players Lounge podcast with hosts Cyrus Hobbi and Scotty Felix.