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Creating meaningful gaming content for your gaming group!






Episode 65 – Lords of Baseball

Join us as we interview Max Jamelli, an educator who uses games and now has a game of his own design (along with his father) coming to Kickstarter at the end of the month called Lords of Baseball! Why take me out to the ballpark when we can manage the ballpark from home! We are doing this live recording to raise awareness for Tabletop Alliance, a charity we believe in that sends games to schools, libraries, and community programs across the US for FREEE!!! Join us as we help them get the...


Episode 64 – World Series of Board Gaming (Part 2)

In this episode Josh is back sharing all about his experience from the first ever World Series of Board Gaming and even his experience playing Terraforming Mars The Dice Game!!! Definately a lot of fun was had at the competition, but so were too a lot of first convention growing pains. Tune in to hear all about it and Josh's plans for next year's event. We streamed this recording LIVE to Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube to raise awareness about Tabletop Alliance, a gaming charity that we care...


Episode 63 – World Series of Board Gaming (Part 1)

Josh is back to talk all about his upcoming trip to the World Series of Board Gaming happening in Vegas! Josh is going to talk to us all about his prep and how this whole world series works. Join the Tabletop Alliance Fundraiser by visiting - Have you volunteered for Extra Life? Sign up to potentially participate as part of Bruce's Study - You can check out WSBG at To...


Episode 62 – Downforce

In this episode Bruce revs up his engines as he shares about Downforce, a game by Restoration Games designed by Wolfgang Kramer. Also, Bruce shares how the podcast has surpassed 9,000 downloads thanks to you and wants you to know that there is currently a great way to win games while making a positive impact on a nonprofit they love, Tabletop Alliance. To support Tabletop Alliance by joining the game-a-thon, getting raffles, and/or donating visit -


Episode 61 – Beyond the Sun

For starters I am beyond the moon thankful to share that this podcast has been downloaded more than 9,000 times!!!! In this episode Bruce does a deep dive into Beyond the Sun by Rio Grande Games, designed by Dennis K. Chan. In addition Bruce shares about his upcoming game of Twilight Imperium (4th Edition) with the Prophecy of Kings expansion, and more as this episode was recorded LIVE and can be watched on the @BoardGameImpact pages on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Make sure to subscribe...


Episode 60: Destiny Quest – The Legion of Shadow

In this episode of Board Game Impact Bruce reviews Destiny Quest - The Legion of Shadow game book by Michael J. Ward. This choose your own adventure game book has over 900 passages that the character you create can explore all while making meaningful decisions, engaging in combat, finding new gear, and learning more about this sprawling world that the author created. This game book does contain some mature content (fighting, battle, death) and is recommended for young adults and older due to...


Episode 59 – 28+ Games in 40 Minutes!

The podcast is back!!!!! After a long and jam packed PhD adventure of finishing off all coursework I am so happy to be back playing games and getting to share about them with you for the benefit of your gaming group. In what way did I come back you may ask....well with a vengeance is the correct answer! This episode crash courses 18 games, 10 kickstarters/preorders ahead, and sharing updates about some different elements (i.e. PhD Journey, BGG, Streaming Gaming). It is good to be back. This...


Episode 58 – Parks & Trails

In this episode Bruce and Josh compare and contrast Parks and Trails, both by Keymaster games. They discuss the nuances of each, gameplay, components, and overall whether one replaces the other or if there are differences to justify having both. To learn more about Board Game Impact you can: Join the Patreon: Board Game ImpactLike the Facebook Page: Board Game ImpactInstagram: @boardgameimpactEmail:


Episode 57 – Twilight Imperium

In this episode Bruce uses his dozens of hours of playtime to ask Josh about his first every play of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition which included playing with the new Prophecy of the Kings Expansion. To learn more about Board Game Impact you can: Join the Patreon: Board Game ImpactLike the Facebook Page: Board Game ImpactInstagram: @boardgameimpactEmail: Twilight Imperium Links: -Learn to Play -Choose starting factions...


Episode 56 – BGG Awards

In this episode the BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Award goes to.......quite a lot of games actually. That's right Bruce and Josh share who won each of the game categories of the BGG Golden Geek Awards. Each of these came out in 2020 and were voted on throughout BGG's nomination and voting process by the BGG users. We encourage you to check out the Tabletop Alliance "Christmas In July - Buy a Game, Give a Game" experience at - To learn more about Board Game...


Episode 55 – Hello World

The time has come for the start of in-person gaming and to nominate your favorites for the Board Game Geek "Golden Geek" Awards! Now that they are vaccinated they have started to play games again with other vaccinated individuals in-person with lots more coming soon. This being the case there are some great games that have gotten to the table. Nominations for Golden Geek: Specific Games Discussed: Honey...


Episode 54 – Teaching & Learning Games

In this episode Josh brought up a discussion topic that was the focus of the entire show, how do we go about "teaching and learning games?" Given our backgrounds in education we easily could have kept talking about this but had to cut ourselves off but it was a lot of fun to have this personal conversation in an effort of sharing our perspectives and experiences. In addition, we also dive into game design choices such as intro games, recommended first plays, and campaign/legacy systems as a...


Episode 53 – Thawed Out

In this episode Bruce has finally thawed out in Texas and although he lost power several times he is thankful because board games don't require power so he was able to get in even more gaming. Together Bruce and Josh talk about what they have been playing recently as well as some of what they have backed or are excited about on Kickstarter. Enjoy! Specific Games Discussed: Root (Leder Games)Sleeping Gods (Red Raven Games)Merlin (Queen Games)Canvas (Road To Infamy) Kickstarters and coming...


Episode 52 – Dune Imperium

In this episode Bruce & Josh take a deep dive into Dune Imperium by Dire Wolf Studios. This coveted intellectual property along with the unique combination of deck building by the creators of CLANK! and worker placement make this game an interesting one to play. Listen in to this complete deep dive into our experiences for your benefit. To learn more about Board Game Impact you can: Join the Patreon: Board Game ImpactLike the Facebook Page: Board Game ImpactInstagram: @boardgameimpactEmail:...


Episode 51 – Ploys, Whispers, & Beyond

In this episode Bruce and Josh talk about several games they have been playing lately, all of which have been in the BGG hotness at respective times. Find out what we thought about them and what we they brought out in ourselves and fellow gamers! Specific Games Discussed: Tapestry + Plans & Ploys (Stonemaier)A War of Whispers (2nd Ed) (Starling Games)Dwellings of Eldervale (Breaking Games)Beyond the Sun (Rio Grande) To learn more about Board Game Impact you can: Join the Patreon: Board Game...


Episode 50 – Celebrating 50 Episodes while Making a Positive Impact

This episode is a celebration! We recorded it LIVE at the conclusion of an online game day where we raised awareness and funds for Tabletop Alliance. What better way to live up how we end every episode with "go make a positive impact on the world." Bruce and Josh are joined in the beginning by some others who participated in the game day, then there is some reflection on the day as well as the past 49 episodes, and then some excitement that is to come despite everything going on in the world...


Episode 49 – Tabletop Alliance

Let's kick 2021 off right by having a different and special episode to showcase how both Bruce and Josh are working to make a positive impact on the world, the quote they end ever episode with! In this special episode Bruce & Josh talk about Tabletop Alliance a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization they created which works with educators and community leaders to enhance their work through the incorporation of games! Learn more about Tabletop Alliance & Donate -


Episode 48 – 2020 Holiday Wishlist

Tis the season and Bruce & Josh talk about their holiday wishlists. In addition Bruce and Josh share some reflections on 2020 to be thankful for and well wishes for the start of the new year. Specific Games Discussed: Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition (WizKids)Twilight Imperium 4th Edition: Prophecy of Kings ExpansionWarhammer 40K Battlezone Manufactorum Sanctum Administratus (Games Workshop)Memoir 44 (Days of Wonder)Animal Adventures: Dungeons & Doggies Volume 1Star Wars Unlock (Space...


Episode 47 – Pandemic Aquisitions

In this episode Bruce & Josh crash through 14 different games/expansions that they have acquired during the Pandemic up to that point while talking through some considerations around managing impulses and seeking true satisfaction rather than short term joy. Specific Games Discussed: Pendulum (Stonemaier Games)Tapestry + Plans & Ploys Expansion (Stonemaier Games)Azul: Summer Pavilion (Next Move)StartUps (Oink Games)Blitzkrieg (Plastic Soldier Company)Tekhenu (Board & Dice)Memoir '44 Easter...


Episode 46 – Sunk Cost Fallacy in Gaming

This episode is something new for Bruce & Josh as it is conversation around a singular topic and its interactions within the gaming experience. This episode is all a researched conversation about the sunk cost fallacy which refers to people having a greater tendency to continue an endeavor once an investment in time, effort, or money has been made (Arkes & Blumer, 1985). Inspired by Bruce's recent videos on the YouTube page and a recent play of For Sale by Josh in which he felt the pressure...