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War Chest – Impact Review

Ready to put your medieval strategies to the test? Think your archers can take on the powerful knights and lancers? In today's review episode Bruce looks into the 2 or 4 abstract medieval strategy game War Chest designed by Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson, published by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). To learn more about War Chest:Purchase a copy of War Chest: AEG's Website: War Chest's BGG:...


Creating Successful Board Game New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year's to all board gamers! To wrap up the year Bruce shares some insightful suggestions of New Year's Resolutions you can set to maximize your enjoyment of the board game hobby for 2019. More importantly Bruce goes into the research behind successful resolutions and offers suggestions to make your goals a reality for an awesome 2019! I hope you enjoyed this interview episode. To learn more about Board Game Impact you can: Join the Patreon: Board Game Impact Facebook: Board Game...


KeyForge – Impact Review

Have you ever played collectable card games like Magic the Gathering, or Are you looking for a new card game to play against others? Check out this episode where Bruce takes a look at the brand new, procedurally generated card game KeyForge: Call of the Archons made by Richard Garfield and published by Fantasy Flight Games. KeyForge has a lot of new and unique aspects that you will discover in this episode that set it in a whole new league of games while keeping the game easy to understand...


Merlin – Impact Review

Do you have what it takes to prove your worth at King Arthur's Round Table? In today's Impact Review Bruce takes a look at Merlin, a game designed by Stefan Feld and Michael Rieneck and published by Queen Games. Merlin is a point-salad style eurogame built around the mechanic of a rondel that incorporates a roll and move process that can be heavily altered through die result manipulation through different aspects of the game. All of which you do to earn the most points and prove you are...


For The Love of Board Games: An Interview with Erin Dean

What's your board game story? In today's episode Bruce interviews Erin Dean, the author of "For the Love of Board Games - a Book for Board Gamers and the Producer/Director/Editor of the YouTube documentary "The Board Game Boom." Erin talks with Bruce about her experience interviewing more than 50 board game designers about the stories behind their designs, their introduction to gaming, and so much more. This unique perspective reveals impactful and lasting stories for the betterment of the...


The Grimm Forest – Impact Review

Once upon a time (2018) the designer Tim Eisner partnered with Druid City Games to publish the game The Grimm Forest and today we get to now enjoy interacting though the stories inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales as a board game. In today's episode Bruce does an overview and impact review of The Grimm Forest in an effort to assist you in learning about the game so that way you can know what to expect for your gaming group. To learn more about Board Game Impact you can: Join the Patreon: Board...


Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger – Impact Review

What adventure do your choose? In today's episode Bruce does an impact review for the 2018 game Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger by Prospero Hall and published by Z-Man Games. This uniquely cooperative adventure game is based on the hit 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books published from 1979-1998 by R. A.. Mongomery. To learn more about this game please click the link. If you enjoyed today's episode please subscribe, and tell your friends. To learn more about Board Game Impact you...


“Code Name: Declassified” with Two Bats Gaming

In today's episode Bruce is joined by special guest Forrest with Two Bats Gaming and they talk about how Two Bats Gaming went through declassified training documents from the CIA and re-created a board game made by David Clopper called "Collection" which was used to train US intelligence employees. In addition, Bruce and Forrest talk about learning that can occur thanks to games, games and mental health, and more. Learn more about Board Game Impact by visiting our Patreon...


[BONUS] Modern Art – Impact Review

In this [BONUS] episode, Bruce takes a look at Modern Art published by CMON games in 2016 and designed by Reiner Knizia. Modern Art has had many versions since it it first came out in 1992 but the core elements have remained the same. Bruce will talk about several of these versions, the mechanics, the experiences that Modern Art has facilitated for gaming groups, and more. Learn more by visiting our Patreon Connect with Board Game Impact please find us on...


Learning from Stikfa-mations

In today’s Episode Bruce is joined by a special guest Greg Cornell from Stikfa-mation Board Game Reviews and How To Play videos. Greg has created unique stop-motion videos for various board games that are a unique addition to the hobby which many have commented on how they have helped them learn games. Bruce and Greg talk about what got Greg into animating, the extensive process that goes into each video, the impact these videos have had on Greg, and some tips for learning new games and...


Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition) – Impact Review

In this episode Bruce shares an impact review of Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition) a 1-5 player Cthulhu themed modular board, asymmetrical player power, fully cooperative app-driven horror mystery game designed by Nikki Valens, and published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2016. Join the Patreon: Board Game Impact Facebook: Board Game Impact Instagram: @boardgameimpact Email:


Welcome to Board Game Impact!

In this episode, Bruce goes over some of what is to come from Board Game Impact, what Board Game Impact seeks to do in the hobby, and let you know how to get in touch with the show to share your experiences with various games and game related mediums. Facebook: Board Game Impact Instagram: @boardgameimpact Email: