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Bum Wine Bob is the everyman's drinking man and #1 bum wine connoisseur. Featuring all your favorite bottom shelf and budget beverages that are cheap in price, but not in quality. Bum wine, beers, 40's, malt liquor, and MORE! Bringing you the best of the worst in cheap booze at bumwinebob.com since 2014. Come take a ride with Bum Wine Bob and some special guests! Cheers!

Bum Wine Bob is the everyman's drinking man and #1 bum wine connoisseur. Featuring all your favorite bottom shelf and budget beverages that are cheap in price, but not in quality. Bum wine, beers, 40's, malt liquor, and MORE! Bringing you the best of the worst in cheap booze at bumwinebob.com since 2014. Come take a ride with Bum Wine Bob and some special guests! Cheers!


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Bum Wine Bob is the everyman's drinking man and #1 bum wine connoisseur. Featuring all your favorite bottom shelf and budget beverages that are cheap in price, but not in quality. Bum wine, beers, 40's, malt liquor, and MORE! Bringing you the best of the worst in cheap booze at bumwinebob.com since 2014. Come take a ride with Bum Wine Bob and some special guests! Cheers!






Rock Down To Four Loko Electric Lemonade Avenue

As we celebrate seven years of bumwinebob.com and six years of the Bumming with Bobcat podcast, we are rocking down to Four Loko Electric Lemonade Avenue! Four Loko Electric Lemonade is the bumwinebob.com malt beverage of the week as we crack it open for a taste test! What’s the verdict? We are going to wrap up the month of February next week with another ALL NEW bumwinebob.com feature of the week! What will it be? Tune in and find out! bWbRadio.com is now LIVE and streaming on Twitch!...


Superstars 07/10/1993 with Yuengling Raging Eagle Mango

Crack open a cold one as Marty Jannetty, Lex Luger, Shawn Michaels, Doink The Clown, Macho Man Randy Savage, Mean Gene Okerlund and many more of your all-time favorite wrestling personalities join this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat for a WWF Superstars watch along from July 10, 1993! Superstars 07/10/1993 [Duration: 00:46:30] Lex Luger makes a patriotic stand against Yokozuna in the Stars and Stripes Challenge. Crush looks to settle his rivalry with Doink the Clown. Men on a Mission...


Bumming with Curt from The Half Hour Bro's Podcast

Grab a cold beer (or 6) and your favorite ball point pen as Curt from The Half Hour Bro's Podcast joins Bumming with Bobcat! You might be used to hearing Curt and his brother Tom talk for only a half hour, but Curt and Bum Wine Bob are going the distance in this episode! We last much longer than a half hour, and no topics are off limits! Getting WILD with everyone's favorite Wild Irish Rose, pyramid schemes, podcast pen sponsorships, day drinking stories, and much MORE! Be sure to check...


Bumming with EFREN!

Buckle up boys and girls as we take a wild ride with the one and only EFREN on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Efren pulls no punches and lets it all hang out as he gets educated on all that the world of bum wine has to offer! Is Efren more of a top or bottom shelf guy? We discuss some fine concoctions, the difference between drinking in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, his many interesting jobs, pop culture favorites, some wrestling observations you might have never noticed, and...


Bumming with Juliet Miranda and David the Producer

You know them from The Unwritable Rant Podcast, Bourbon Soaked Live, and the Virtual Happy Hour. They are podcasting's number one power couple, Juliet Miranda and David the Producer! Grab a stiff drink and tune in as they join this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! What's some cheap bourbon that could be mistaken for top shelf? What types of podcasts hit? What new projects do they have in the works? Thoughts on flavored whiskey, pandemic drinking escapades, and much MORE! We cover it...


Grab Your Ballz and Get Buzzed

Want a little choc tease of Bum Wine Bob's appearance on the Grocery Gamblers Podcast? It's time to grab your ballz and get buzzed! Bum Wine Bob joined Pete and Carlin on the Grocery Gamblers Podcast as they tried out a few different varieties of BuzzBallz for the very first time. Let's get buzzed! What's the verdict on the BuzzBallz Strawberry 'Rita and the Lotta Colada? Tune in to this special edition of Bumming with Bobcat and find out! Also, make sure to bring your calculator as we are...


Bum Wine Advertising 101 with Fork

Some call him Fork, some call him Mr. Fork Lift, but as long as he’s bringing along the Malort and Buckfast tonic wine to Bumming with Bobcat, we're taking you to school for bum wine advertising 101! Join us on a journey back to Chicago in the 1970's and 80's as Fork gives you the low down and dirty details on where you could score some of your favorite hooch, and what types are parties were the best for getting it on. What drinks do you bring the ladies? What's it like drinking at a...


Bumming with Coach Rosey

Feel the bite of the dog as Coach Rosey makes his return to Bumming with Bobcat! How fast can a podcast go off the rails when MD 20/20 is involved? Tune in and find out! With MD 20/20 Banana Red on hand, Coach gives us a peek behind the curtain about what it's like being a Top Guy at adfreeshows.com and goes into full detail about his recent trip to Jacksonville for AEW Full Gear that earned him the reputation as the new "AEW Shocked Guy"! Why don't more bars embrace the bum wines of the...


Pauly B Well for the Holidays with Paul Bromwell

He's the host of Saved By The Pod, The JZ Flair Show, and the AFS Book Club on AdFreeShows.com, but now Paul Bromwell gets to sit back and relax as he joins Bumming with Bobcat! The JZ Flair Show might have said it's final goodbyes this week, but Paul still has quite a bit on his plate when it comes to the world of podcasting. Not only does he have to keep crazy characters like Timmy C and Efren in line each week on Saved By The Pod, but he's now working with the podfather himself, Conrad...


Hammsgiving Prep with Aaron and Uncle (the podcast)

Break out your globe as you tune in for a geography lesson with Aaron and Uncle on Bumming with Bobcat! It's a holiday tradition that we welcome Aaron and Uncle from Uncle (the podcast) to the virtual BWB Promotions studios for an all new podcast! In prior years we have covered holiday malt liquor, spiced ales, Santa wines, pine needle liquor, and this year for Thanksgiving we are covering some international beers! What are we drinking this time around? Aaron and Uncle enjoy a Burgkopf...


Bumming with SipSipChug

Hurricane High Gravity or Hamm's Special Light? Pick your weapon of choice and bring your own stripper as the guys from Sip Sip Chug join Bum Wine Bob on this edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Why is the world lacking dating apps for beer drinkers? Why you shouldn't chug 32oz of Franks Red Hot Sauce. Would you try a Buffalo Wing Sour beer? We cover all that plus much more! For those of you that haven't been following SipSipChug on Twitter and Instagram, be sure to check out and subscribe to...


Bumming with Britney Amber

Britney Amber is an award winning adult actress, one of the rising stars in the industry, and this weeks guest on Bumming with Bobcat! Britney has won two Nightmoves Best Female Performer awards in 2013 & 2018, been nominated in AVN, NightMoves, and XBIZ 2020 awards for MILF Performer of the Year, and was also nominated as Hottest MILF for 2020 AVN Fan-Voted awards. Britney recently had a starring role in a grindhouse-style movie Girls Guns And Blood for which she received AVN 2020...


Bumming with Jacob from The Scoop and Score

Crack open a few cold ones as Jacob Herbert from The Scoop and Score Podcast joins this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! With 6 weeks of the 2020 NFL season in the books, Jacob gives his thoughts and analysis on the season so far as we look ahead to the remainder of the season. Jacob is the current leader in the 2020 bumwinebob.com NFL pick'em league, so what tips can he give when it comes to picking games? Gambling tips, fantasy football, Super Bowl predictions, favorite beers, and...


Yuengs and Kings

The challenge has been thrown down for Yuengling Brewery to come on board as an official bumwinebob.com sponsor, but will they accept? Does Yuengling want to be the KING of the podcast world? Do your part and tell Yuengling that YOU want them as a part of the Bumming with Bobcat team! Sometimes it's just a coincidence how features lineup, but the bumwinebob.com beer fridge has been packed with a wide variety of Yuengling as we featued Yuengeling Hershey's Porter and Yuengling Oktoberfest as...


BWB Episode 200oz Challenge

It's a celebration! Grab your malt liquor of choice and tune in to episode 200 of Bumming with Bobcat! For one night only, Bumming with Bobcat returned to BTR as Roadhouse Mike and Coach Rosey joined Bum Wine Bob to celebrate the milestone for the 200oz challenge! With the phone lines open, did anyone take us up the offer to call in and join the party? Tune in and find out! We take a look back at the previous 199 episodes, discuss classic hip-hop, malt liquor drinking stories, break some...


Bumming with Alexis Fawx

To help us get ready for the upcoming Bumming with Bobcat 200th episode extravaganza, we are welcoming the 2020 AVN MILF Performer of the Year, Alexis Fawx to episode 199 of Bumming with Bobcat! In addition to being an award winning adult movie star, Alexis is a canniabus enthusiast, has launched her own High AF Coffee brand, produces her own High As Fawx Variety Show podcast, among many many other accomplishments. 2019 Night Moves Best Body: Alexis Fawx (WIN - Editor’s Choice) 2019...


Big Summer Blowout

It’s the Bumming with Bobcat Big Summer Blowout as we wrap up summer 2020 and look ahead to the 2020 NFL season getting ready to kickoff! Have you had the chance to enjoy some MD 20/20 GOLD this summer? What are your thoughts? Come up with any new concoctions? Let me know! There's still time to join the 2020 BWB NFL Pick'Em league! Pick some winners and win some bWb swag! Come on down and tell your friends to join the fun! https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem Group ID#:...


BWB 2020 NFL Season Preview

Are you ready for some football? Kapn Krude has returned, and he is joining this edition of Bumming with Bobcat to help break down the upcoming NFL season. Be sure to check out his annual NFL Preview blog. Download your favorite sports gambling app, tape photos of NFL cheerleaders onto your coffee table, stock up on MRE pizza, and let’s roll! Since February we saw the return of the XFL, it's bankruptcy, and now it's purchase by The Rock. What's next for the XFL? Will the third time be the...


Bumming with Pete the Grocery Gambler

Are you a fan of bottom shelf products when it comes to grocery shopping? Then the Grocery Gamblers Podcast is for YOU! Crack open a cold beer as 1/3 of the Grocery Gamblers Podcast, Pete joins this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Hop on board as we take a trip down the MD 20/20 rabbit hole, a discussion about "diet" IPA's, and Pete asks for Bum Wine Bob's opinion on some recently featured bumwinebob.com beverages. The Grocery Gamblers is a podcast gameshow where items from the...


Bumming with Rob from Fat, Drunk, and Stupid

Is Marty Jannetty guilty or innocent? Find out as we get fat, drunk, and stupid with Rob on this edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Did Marty Jannetty really confess to murder on Facebook? Or was he in the middle of another drunken bender when he posted that comment? One of Rob's friends had the chance to party with Marty back in the day where the shots of Rumple Minze were flowing like water! Rob is enjoying some classic Miller Lite aluminum pints while Bum Wine Bob throws back some Lucky...