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For the recreational gambler.

For the recreational gambler.
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For the recreational gambler.






Episode # 69 Casino Dangers

To comment call the show’s voicemail 1-724-519-4556. Join our Facebook group: Casinos USA and follow us on Twitter: @casinosusa2017. Check out our website 1. Coach Fav considers the TripAdvisor Reviews List of the Top 50 Casinos in the United States determined by comparing a venue’s 5 Star Reviews as compared to the … Continue reading "Episode # 69 Casino Dangers"


Episode # 68 You Ain’t Dead Until…

Call Casinos USA’s Voicemail 24/7: 1-724-519-4556 Introduction – Large Digital Audience today- Store is Closing in Five Minutes 1. Overview of Casino Road Trip to Southern Indiana Casino Riverboats, 2 nights at The Belterra Casino Resort and 1 night at the Rising Star Casino Resort 2. Coach Fav plays craps with Andrew, a … Continue reading "Episode # 68 You Ain’t Dead Until…"


Episode # 67 Summer Reports from LV and AC

Welcome to our 7th Season and our 67th podcast. 1. Jill talks about the Park MGM’s Eataly (Italian Food Marketplace), which she loves and enjoys on her visit to a recent Aerosmith Concert (Sensational) at the MGM Park venue. 2. “Keno Nick” gives a positive report from Bally’s in Atlantic City and the HardRock … Continue reading "Episode # 67 Summer Reports from LV and AC"


Episode # 66 Las Vegas Marijuana Lounges

OPENING MONOLOGUE: A new law, created by the Las Vegas local government regarding marijuana lounges, officially passes; however, it’s not exactly what people were hoping for – at least for the next year. Nonetheless, marijuani lounges in LV are now legal with important restrictions. ANECDOTE: A local Catholic church has a tour group going to … Continue reading "Episode # 66 Las Vegas Marijuana Lounges"


Episode # 65 McCarran LV Marijuana Search

Casinos USA’s 24/7 Voicemail: 1-724-519-4556: Nashville caller provides needed information on the gaming options in or near Reno, Nevada- “The Biggest Little City in the World” and the home of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Jeremy Elerick of Color Up has a big announcement played on our podcast for those who enjoy his craps … Continue reading "Episode # 65 McCarran LV Marijuana Search"


Episode # 64 Casino Group Therapy – Gambling and Anger

May 16, 2019 – Episode # 64 Casino Group Therapy – Gambling and Anger 24/7 Voicemail: 1-724-519-4556 Facebook: Casinos USA Twitter: @casinosusa2017 Chp.1 “Call the police!” Why? We are … Continue reading "Episode # 64 Casino Group Therapy – Gambling and Anger"


Episode # 63 Ketchup in the Mayo

Casinos USA Podcasts for May 2, 2019: Follow us on Twitter @casinosusa2017. Join our Facebook group: Casinos USA Call our 24/7 voicemail: 1-724-519-4556. Craps Talk for High Rollers opens the episode today. Generally High Rollers play smart craps, which is a pass line system explained by Coach Fav. He offers an … Continue reading "Episode # 63 Ketchup in the Mayo"


Episode # 62 Women and Gambling

1. Janie gives a true/false quiz on Women and Gambling facts. Coach Fav and Janie discuss the correct answers to the quiz. 2. Janie talks about a new casino being built across from Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip. “Astral” is the name of this new casino resort. It will have 620 rooms, … Continue reading "Episode # 62 Women and Gambling"


Episode # 61 135,000 Slot Machines

1. Contact Casinos USA by voicemail, twitter, and Facebook Group. Check out our website that archives all of our podcasts: Link to report on the longest documented craps roll in a casino in the USA from the Borgata in 2009 (154 rolls, 4 hours, 18 minutes). 2. Dice Setting Influence, probably, likely at times … Continue reading "Episode # 61 135,000 Slot Machines"


Episode # 60 Eighty Thousand Views and Counting

“3-2-1 Craps,” a craps pass line betting scheme for low rollers, created by Casinos USA and produced by ColorUp’s Jeremy Elerick for YouTube has surpassed 80,000 views in just 6 months. Consider our “Deal or NoDeal” (video) play from the Don’t Pass line as well, which was also produced by ColorUp and Jeremy. Jeremy put … Continue reading "Episode # 60 Eighty Thousand Views and Counting"


Episode # 58 Sparking Joy, Japanese Metaphysics, and Casino Travels

from Western Pennsylvania on February 21, 2019 Title: “Sparking Joy, Japanese Metaphysics, and Casino Travels” Part I. We play and respond to a phone call from a craps “high roller” in Colorado. Coach Fav responds to caller’s concerns and explains the mystery of why his book on craps play is no longer available. Does Coach … Continue reading "Episode # 58 Sparking Joy, Japanese Metaphysics, and Casino Travels"


Episode # 57 Three Card Poker Explosion

Part 1 February Q and A Craps Talk 1. (craps) Hard number Parleys 2. (craps) Playing the Don’t Pass. Our Deal or No Deal System – most enjoyable for me 3. (craps) Playing the Pass Line with the 6-4 dice set and other favorites 4. (craps) Careful Dice Setters Take me to the Pass … Continue reading "Episode # 57 Three Card Poker Explosion"


Episode # 56 Deal or No Deal

Opening of Season Six January 24, 2019 A. $5 is the smallest amount of money accepted for sports bets at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh This casino is now has more people space in the sports book which can now seat 98 with chairs and tables combined (fills up quickly) =================== Caution: Baby Sitting Services … Continue reading "Episode # 56 Deal or No Deal"


Episode # 55 Never Fight A Streak

Part 1: Never fight a winning or losing streak thinking that the opposite bet is due when the outcome is pretty much one or the other -for example, red or black bets in Roulette. Things are never due; thinking that way is called the “Gamblers Fallacy.” In Baccarat Banker and Player bets fall … Continue reading "Episode # 55 Never Fight A Streak"


Episode # 54 Part II of Uptown Funk, Downtown Grand

Call Casinos USA’s voicemail at 1—724-519-4556 to comment or ask a question. 1. Closing up at Bally’s: Bronx Wanderers talented, Checkout by email. Don’t forget the Avenue shops and fast food outlets downstairs at Bally’s and the inside walkway to the Paris Casino. The escalator down is right beside Bucco de Pepo. 2. Received a … Continue reading "Episode # 54 Part II of Uptown Funk, Downtown Grand"


Episode # 52 Dice Control- Yes, No, Maybe

Zach Bagan’s Haunted Museum, 600 E. Charleston, Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104 90 minute tour – Ticket Price $44 Phone: 702-444-0744 Part I: Craps Talk: Paying for Dice Control training with hands-on instruction is an expensive purchase. Is Dice Control Possible? Is the training worth the cost? Does the setting of dice and a proper … Continue reading "Episode # 52 Dice Control- Yes, No, Maybe"


Episode # 50 Own the Table?

Part 1. Coach Fav gives his explanation of what “own the table” means and gives advice for pass line players on what it takes to own the table. How? Secure more money with place bets than you have on the pass line and odds bet behind it. When that happens, go “off” on the place … Continue reading "Episode # 50 Own the Table?"

Episode # 49 Grease for Peace

September 27, 2018: Episode # 49 – To ask a question or make a comment, call Casinos USA’s voicemail at 1-724-519-4556. We will give you up to 5 minutes. Thank You Part 1: Grease for Peace – What about all the “Boomer Music, Boomer Musicians” and their longevity is reviewed. So many are found in … Continue reading "Episode # 49 Grease for Peace"


Episode # 47 Golden Entertainment and Rocky Gap

Call our voicemail: 1-724-519-4556 to comment, ask a question, or give a trip report. We offer up to 5 minutes of air time to callers. Join our Facebook group: Casinos USA. Follow us on Twitter @casinosusa2017. Check out our website Part 1: The many benefits of a late fall visit to Las Vegas are … Continue reading "Episode # 47 Golden Entertainment and Rocky Gap"


Episode # 46 Let’s Talk about Comps

To comment, ask a question, or give a trip report, call our voicemail at 1-724-596-4556. Join our Facebook group at Casinos USA. Follow us on Twitter @casinosusa2017 Part I: Caller asks how to parley a diamond status from one gaming company into comps from a different gaming company. Before answering, Coach Fav discusses comps in … Continue reading "Episode # 46 Let’s Talk about Comps"