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Episode 21| "Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?"

With our dating updates we focus on J coming to semi-terms about her relationship with OG Bobby Johnson, and being open to meeting someone new. This week we are going to dive into the topic of dating a good girl/bad girl. Do guys really want the good girl, or are they secretly more excited about being with someone a little more wild? We also ask the ladies what they prefer, and the responses may surprise you!


Episode 20| "The Cheating Scale!"

Hi everyone! Due to popular demand we are going into detail regarding the ultimate relationship killer, cheating. We break down the levels of cheating (there are levels) and which ones are definite dealbreakers. If you suspect your significant other of cheating, is it within your right to dive into their social media to find out the truth? Enjoy the show!


Episode 19| "Dry Humpgate!"

This week our topics went out the window, so we are throwing out the disclaimer right now. We do have a very special guest in the house, A's sister A-squared! The podcast this week can only be explained by a pie chart that includes: 70% dating updates, 20% enhancing your sexual experience, and 10% laughter.


Episode 18| "Shark Week: Ladies Beware!"

Well listeners, do we have a treat for you! We have amazing dating updates from B, who definitely had some explaining to do. We then put the men in the hotseat with questions from our listeners. There was a lot of sweat and backtracking as you can probably imagine. Hope you enjoy our first Q&A podcast!


Episode 17| "Am I Dating a Pirate? "

We switched it up a bit this week listeners! We of course let y'all know what's going on in our dating world, and we're happy to say everyone is moving in a positive direction. Next, the ladies take a step back and let the men ask them questions. B and N want answers from the ladies around commuication, bedroom attire, and why we don't feel the need to finish the job. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!


Episode 16| "Between the Sheets "

We're back! The C&C crew is extremely excited to reconnect with everyone, as it's been way too long. We have our favorite Houston guest Swole in the building, so you knw it's going to get a little crazy. There are some dating updates, most notably A is finally excited about a man. No one saw that coming. Then we dive right into our juicy topic of the night, the bedroom. We discuss our likes, dislikes, things we would like to try, and our most embarrassing moments between the sheets. It's a...


Episode 15| "Dates on Dates on Dates "

This week we have a shorter episode, focused on our dating life. A went out with a very handsome man, B got passed a prospect from N, and J is leaning towards giving OG Bobby Johnson a chance. Thanks for tuning in, and remember we are off for the next two weeks!