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Episode 26 Adam Porter of Wingclipper - “Ghost Dance”

Sven chats with Adam Porter of Wingclipper to talk about his song Ghost Dance. Find out what all the bright lights in the sky are, is Godzilla really a bad guy, and what amazing musical things are going on at Parkland College! SONG: Ghost Dance ALBUM: Secrets of the Stars BANDS: Mutual Concepts, Wingclipper, Faded Black T-Shirt Favorite Thing: Black Coffee and Berry Pie Photo by: Andrew Waner REFS: Carl Sagan (Cosmos Series) Kaiju Godzilla Ultraman Parkland College Perimeter Road...


Episode 25 Cole Bridges - “Never Been Dirty”

Pull up a chair, crack open a Stag, lean back, and open your ear holes. Sven interviews Cole Bridges about his song "Never Been Dirty." Find out if there is a metal detector, why you should go on tour, and learning to not be held back by your past. SONG: Never Been Dirty ALBUM: (unreleased) BANDS: Since moving to Champaign/Urbana: My Brother, Harrison / Elsinore / The Annas / The Fights / Primitive Lights / Cole Bridges & The Overpass Favorite Thing: Stag Beer Refs: Chris Gaines Ain't...


Episode 24 GATSON - “Draft Day Prelude”

Sven chats with Gatson about his song "Draft Day Prelude" and the upcoming album "Draft Day." We talk about giving up, finding our purpose, and how to truly be successful. Find GATSON on Spotify Gatson's Draft Day album drops October 4th on all the streaming platforms. Refs: Soul Professa (Draft Day Producer) Johnny 'MME' Barber (Mix and Master - Draft Day) Blessed to Become a Blessing A3C Festival Believers Dynasty J. Cole (Dollar & a Dream) Northern Touch Music Festival &...


Episode 23 Rex and Richard of The Autocorrect - “Singularity”

Sven sits down to talk to Rex and Richard of The Autocorrect to talk about their song "Singularity" off the album "Come See the Future." We discuss the pros and cons of dating an artificial intelligence, why Fred is the best cat ever, and the best technique for roasting marshmallows over a cleansing flame.... 01010011 01101001 01101110 01100111 01110101 01101100 01100001 01110010 01101001 01110100 01111001 SONG: Singularity ALBUM: Come See the Future BANDS: Rex: The Autocorrect...


Episode 22 Angie Heaton - “It's Easier When You're Here”

Sven talks to Angie Heaton about her song: "It's Easier When You're Here" off the album "Let It Ride." We talk about death, crushes, and getting crushed to death. Photo Credit: Jim Heaton SONG: It’s Easier When You’re Here ALBUM: Let It Ride BANDS: 40 Daze, Elysian Fields, Cat Gut, Some band in a guy’s basement, So few bullets, Corndolly, Liquorette, Tractor Kings, Angie Heaton and the Gentle Tamers Favorite Thing: Diet Coke REFS: Kurt Bielema The Fiery Furnaces Love Cup My...


Episode 21 Colleen Deremiah of Warm Darn - “YouTube Tutorial”

In this episode Sven sips the darkest of coffees and talks to Colleen of Warm Darn about her song “YouTube Tutorial” off the album “word search.” We talk about her writing process, why Ableton is pure witchcraft, and her favorite non-musical thing. (Ableton, please sponsor Warm Darn) SONG: Youtube Tutorial ALBUM: word search BANDS: Warm Darn, Gogetum, and President’s Select FAVORITE THING: Coffee - black as midnight on a moonless eve Refs: Ableton jeremy's bike badger blanket songs...


Episode 20 Rebecca Rego - “Worst Days”

In this episode Sven opens the bottle of moderately priced pinot noir at the 2019 Hogchute Opry to sit down with Rebecca Rego of Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen. We talk about her song "Worst Days" off the album "Speaking of Witches." We talk about the past, ghosts, and what pairs well with conversation among other things. Cover Photo by: Morgan Ciesielski SONG: Worst Days ALBUM: Speaking of Witches BANDS: Singer/Songwriter, Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen FAVORITE THING: Wine REFS: April...


Episode 19 Miss Pettycakke - “Anger Over Sadness”

Welcome to the crossover episode with "From Heartbreak To Hate." In this episode, Sven shares an A&W and a Crush with Joy (Miss Pettycakke) and Baub. We talk about the song "Anger Over Sadness" from the EP "Not That Bitch." We talk about their Podcast and its roots and Baub and Joy's favorite things. SONG: Anger Over Sadness – Miss Pettycakke ALBUM: Not That Bitch EP – Miss PettyCakke BANDS: Miss PettyCakke (Joy) Creep Patrol (Baub) FAVORITE THING: Root Beer [A&W](Joy) Orange Crush...


Bonus Episode 5: Flor Fest 2019

Welcome to Flor Fest! Sven talks to the organizers, performers, and The UP Center about this annual event. Thank you to everyone who interviewed! Shout outs: William and Nathan from the UP Center for telling me all about the UP Center's services. Be sure to visit their website and make a donation or find out about their services: Edgar and Dania for telling me all about the Flor Fest and also check out the Flor Poetry RSO The Goldstein Sound -- Nick...


Episode 18 Paul Kotheimer "Let's Hang"

Sven hangs with Paul Kotheimer to talk about his song “Let’s Hang” off the album “Terrarium.” We discuss vintage recording, the CU scene, and when exactly is half-past-fuck-this-shit-o’clock. SONG: Let’s Hang – Paul Kotheimer ALBUM: Terrrarium BANDS: MORGAN ORION & the AFTERBURNERS FAVORITE THING: Old Fashioned REFS: Ballad of the Benjamin The Chickadee Sermon Sororise (Ep. 12 -- Emily) Relevator (Ep. 13 – Kenna) Rose Bowl Tavern Girls Rock! CU (Bonus Episode 2) Perennial Sound...


Episode 17 CJ Run - “Indigo”

I met up with CJ Run at an Espresso Royale to talk about their song "Indigo" off the single "747" - Produced by yourbeautifulruin (Allan Xu) We talk also about their recent release “Here for Now” also produced by yourbeautifulruin. Find out what CJ’s favorite CU music scene moments are and what really makes CJ smile. There will be singing, dancing… a secret twin you didn’t know about… 2 weddings… You’re gonna cry, there’s gonna be a fight scene, and then you’re gonna jump on the train at...


Episode 16 Melody Wachtel of This Is A Stick Up! - “Goth Girlfriend”

Sven and Melody nibble on oatmeal cookies and sip mochas as we talk about Melody's song "Goth Girlfriend" off the "Dumpster Punk EP" from her band "This Is A Stick Up!" So get your finest dark clothes, put your Siouxie album on your record player, and find out if there really is a Goth Girlfriend… SONG: Goth Girlfriend – This is a Stick Up! ALBUM: The Dumpster Punk EP BANDS: This is a Stick Up!, Not for the Faint of Heart Favorite Thing: oatmeal raisin cookies and mochas REFS: Goth...


Episode 15 Zoe Willott of Zzo - “Steal the Show”

Sven talks with Zoe from ZZO about her song "Steal the Show" off her album: "Telling Other People’s Stories." Find out about the bizarre history of the word “Jazzical.” Also, why playing classical piano on an upright is just “nuts.” SONG: Steal the Show – Zzo ALBUM: Telling Other People’s Stories BANDS: Zoe Willott Trio/Zzo Favorite Thing: Oreos REFS: Space Song – Beach House Ariana Grande Post Malone Alvvays OHHME Mermaid Heaven Ausar Nectar Pygmalion Frankie Cosmos Post...


Episode 14 Vivian McConnell - "Maja"

Sven chats with Vivian McConnell over some Topo Chico, chips, salsa and guacamole about her song "Maja" off her V.V. Lightbody album: "Bathing Peach." Find out what "Maja" really means--it's not what Sven thinks it means. Is there a multi-VivVerse? SONG: Maja – V.V. Lightbody ALBUM: Bathing Peach BANDS: V.V. Lightbody, Santah, Grandkids Favorite Thing: Topo Chico / Chips / Salsa / Guacamole PHOTO: Nicolette Nunez Photography REFS: 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover This Guitars --...


Episode 13 Kenna Mae - “NBDY'S DRM GRL”

Sven sips some tea and enjoys some brownies with Kenna Mae of Relevator to talk about her song "NBDY'S DRM GRL." We discover Kenna’s favorite non-musical things… Sven discovers that Kenna is also an Ologite. SONG: NBDY'S DRM GRL (Nobody's Dream Girl) ALBUM: Still Asleep BANDS: The FlowerJax, Wagon Fire, Kenna Mae (solo & with Bob Watson) Mae & the Dark Days, Dalipop, SharpDirt, The Impalas, Relevator. Favorite Thing: Chai Rooibos Tea / CHOCOLATE ANYTHING Refs: Wellnus House Loose...


Episode 12 Emily Ann of Whiskey Business - “How I Adore”

Sven brunches with Emily Ann of Whiskey Business and Sororise. We discuss her song “How I Adore,” enjoy some eggs and cheesy grits, and talk about the CU Scene. One of these days Sven will say Sororise correctly… SONG: “How I Adore” - Whiskey Business ALBUM: From Slug Hollow BANDS: Whiskey Business, Sororise, Relevator, Chachi and the Bandidos Favorite Thing: All things brunch! PHOTO BY: Tom Wynne at Tom Wynne Photography Refs: Sororise - “Male Order Bride” ToneGood Studio Urbana...


Episode 11 Drake Maxon of Shouting Match - "Strangers"

Sven sits down to talk with Drake Maxon of Shouting Match and Prevalence about his song “Strangers.” We enjoy some Pandamonium Donuts while we talk about the scene, WPCD, and Drake’s favorite non-musical thing. Check out this episode to get to know Drake Maxon and maybe you won't feel like a stranger anymore. SONG: “Strangers” – By Shouting match ALBUM: (Single) BANDS: Shouting Match, Not for the Faint of Heart, and Prevalence Favorite Thing: good doughnut and coffee REFS: Shouting...


Bonus Episode 4: Heirship Records Farewell 2018

In this bonus episode, we bid farewell to Heirship Records. Sven interviews Heirship Artists and fans of Heirship to talk about what Heirship and Isaac Arms has meant to them. Special thanks to everyone that interviewed with me: Luke Bergkoetter - Withershins/Take Care/Marathon Matt Mitchell - motes Jake Metz - Total Asshole Bryce Hays - Withershins/Dr. Responsible Nick Foreman - Take Care Mike Daab - Hot Cops! Veronica Mullen - Ghoul Jr. Scott Kimble - Terminus Victor Seth Fein -...


Episode 10 Tim McGee of Primitive Lights - "Funeral Attire"

Sven shoots-the-shit with Tim McGee about his song "Funeral Attire" off the "Primitive Lights EP". We sing the praises of Clayton Deering on slide, H/T Matt Talbot of HUM, and Sven uses the term "False Cadencey." We talk about the scene, but then it just comes back to the amazing people and places of Champaign-Urbana. Yes, listener, the bullshit smells sweeter with you around, so give it a listen. SONG: Funeral Attire ALBUM: Primitive Lights EP BANDS: Penny Horses, The Chemicals, The...


Episode 9 Nick Pitingolo of Acidfuneral - "Leaving // Drifting Through a Starless Realm"

Sven interviews Nick Pitingolo about their song: リービング // 漂流間にスターレスレルム [leaving // drifting through a starless realm] as we drink Stone Ripper IPA and sip some sour Destihl: Sychopathic. Are dreams reality? What is Nick's favorite thing? How does Sven say Fataligeist? REFS: Video: Black Astra (Voidbringer): Loose Cobra IMC PHOTO: Emily Sanchez SONG: リービング // 漂流間にスターレスレルム [leaving // drifting through a starless realm] ALBUM: Funeral Horizon...