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Episode 9 Nick Pitingolo of Acidfuneral - "Leaving // Drifting Through a Starless Realm"

Sven interviews Nick Pitingolo about their song: リービング // 漂流間にスターレスレルム [leaving // drifting through a starless realm] as we drink Stone Ripper IPA and sip some sour Destihl: Sychopathic. Are dreams reality? What is Nick's favorite thing? How does Sven say Fataligeist? REFS: Video: Black Astra (Voidbringer): Loose Cobra IMC PHOTO: Emily Sanchez SONG: リービング // 漂流間にスターレスレルム [leaving // drifting through a starless realm] ALBUM: Funeral Horizon...


Episode 8 Isaac Arms of Withershins - "Fire Flies"

Sven says: "Goodbye, for now" to Isaac Arms as they talk about the song Fire Flies off the album Silver Cities performed by Withershins. We talk about the CU music scene, Heirship Records, and of course Isaac's favorite non-musical thing. Grab yourself a Lime LaCroix and a slice (or two) of Oreo Pie from Po Boys in Urbana and check out this interview. REFS: POP! Monster Records, Parasol Records, The Chemicals, Our Landmark, New Ruins, Terminus Victor, Euriah Photo: Veronica Mullen SONG:...


Episode 7 Melvin Knight - "Promised Land"

In this episode, Sven interviews Melvin Knight of Melvin Knight and the Amber Sky about his song “Promised Land” off the album “Shades of Us” PHOTO: Elijah Harris- IG: @flyguybantu SONG: Promised Land ALBUM: Shades of Us BANDS: Church Booty (now Fay Ray), Blackbird house band, backup for Fiona Kimble, Melvin Knight and the Amber Sky Favorite Treat: Grape Juice (Welches) Refs: Fay Ray Blackbird Urbana Fiona Kimble Music James Treichler (Wave Upon Wave) Emily Blue


Episode 6 Kelsey Sharp - "Healing"

Content Warning: Homicide/Suicide In this episode Sven sits down with Kelsey Sharp to talk about her song “Healing.” We talk about loss. We talk about healing. We eat some monkey bread. Photo Credit: Philip Knox ( SONG: Healing BANDS: Tell Mama, Snayl, and Fiona Kimble Favorite Treat: Her Mom’s Monkey Bread Mentions: Wellspring Duo Iron Post CU Change Makers Illinois Summer Youth Music (ISYM) #TSUSRT PLEASE SEE THESE RESOURCES (Provided By:...


Bonus Episode 3: We Are Family

In this bonus episode Sven sits down with Reis and Rick 'Sticks' DeSantis to talk about family, growing up, learning music, and the CU music scene. So sit down with some Ghirardelli chocolate and enjoy this bonus episode with this father and son duo. Interludes by Bristle, Ghoul Jr., and Kassius My Sibella – Ghoul Jr. (EP) Can’t Be Friends – Bristle (ON TAP) Returning a Simple Favor – Kassius (EP) Hibachi – Bristle (ON TAP) Bands: Sticks No Vacancy Cover Band Manaputics Lou Miami...


Episode 5 Sean Neumann of Jupiter Styles - "Baby Steps"

Sven sits down with Sean Neumann from Jupiter Styles about the song "Baby Steps" from the album "Be Good" Hear about why ventilation and looking out for your neighbor are so important. Why love takes work. Why we need to keep growing and love in baby steps. All while eating Ho Hos. SONG: Baby Steps ALBUM: Be Good BANDS: Jupiter Styles, Single Player, Nectar, Ratboys, Easter. Favorite Thing: HOHOs! PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Giannoni Mentions and Refs: Special Death Treadles The...


Episode 4 Kamila Glowacki of Nectar - "Blinds"

In this episode sven interviews Kamila Glowacki from Nectar about the song "Blinds" from the album: "Knocking at the Door" Find out why the box of lemons doesn't exist, where the name NECTAR comes from, teaching at Girls Rock CU, favorite deep cuts from CU music, a CU music scene gripe, and Kamila's favorite non-musical thing... SONG: Blinds ALBUM: Knocking At The Door BANDS: Nectar, Kowabunga! Kid, La Louve, Single Player, Wolf Luv, Chain's Gang, Island of Misfit Toys, Melodica...


Episode 3 Constantin Roman of Edict of Milan - "Servitude (Exploration reprise)"

In this episode, Sven interviews Contantin Roman about a soundtrack project "Beyond Yesterday's Grasp: Official Soundtrack" We listen to one song off the project: "Servitude," talk about it, find out about all the secrets of ACKER and Marathon, and then we talk about how amazing the IMC is and how important it is to the CU communtity. Finally we find out what Constantin's favorite non-musical thing is... SONG: Servitude (Exploration reprise) ALBUM: Beyond Yesterday's Grasp: Official...


Bonus Episode 2: Girls Rock! C-U 2018

Sven interviews members of the Girls Rock! C-U crew. Find out more about this great camp and what makes it so special. Interviews: Emily, Olivia, Amy, Carrie, Isaac, and Christine. References: Riot grrrl Movement: Girls Rock! Movie Trailer: Girls Rock! Movie: Check out the bands of the interviewees: (with links to music if available) Sororise...


Episode 2 Marielle of Etumu Elmari - "Manic"

Sven chats with Marielle about her solo project: Etumu Elmari and her song "Manic." which was recorded live in the Blue Box Studio. We talk about mental health, her writing style, and her favorite non-musical thing. We enjoy a spicy ginger beer. Etumu Elmari is crowdsourcing support for her upcoming album: "Pandora" and she could use your help: ( SONG: Manic (working title) ALBUM: Pandora (working...


Bonus Episode 1: Hogchute Opry 2018

In this bonus episode we talk to performers and members of the CU music scene and find out what is so great about the Hogchute Opry There are links to as many of the bands as I could find. Enjoy! Interviews: Dave Pride: Col. James Presents, Primative Lights, Neoga Blacksmith, The Fights Chris Davis: Finer Feelings, Patriot Patrol Cole: Cole Bridges, The Fights, The Annas Clayton Deering: The Fights, Tractor Kings, Cole Bridges Jeff Brandt: EXILE ON MAIN ST Patrick Lyke: Mille Nomi,...


Episode 1 Elizabeth Majerus of Motes - "Came To"

Elizabeth Majerus of Motes sits down to talk with me about the song "Came To" off of their album "Crash the Day." We discuss her writing style, how the band Motes was formed, and things she loves musical and non-musical. We sip hot tea in a hot studio and reminisce about days gone by in the Champaign-Urbana music scene. LINKS to things we talk about: Windmills: "The Cast Are Now in the Conversation" Angie Heaton: "Trans Am" Joni Mitchell – Blue: “Little Green” Fiona Kimble Emily Blue