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Completely Unprepared Part 2 (ep 24)

As the title suggests, this weeks episode is completely lost in the beginning as the guys did no prep work at all. Fortunately, DJ Ingrahamanam was there to help steer the ship in some direction other than Port Nonsense. The biggest consistent topic is the Battle for Recruitment and how do pipe bands get people in the door and what methods do they use to start them off on pipes and drums. Good luck following the path of this one folks. Special guest: JD Ingraham from the Charleston Pipe...


A Boy Named Clair (ep 23)

This week, the guys review long overdue voicemails and commentary from weeks past. Fast Eddie sends in the first Chanter Rant rap song and Pipe Major McPaddy from the east coast calls in to take umbrage with our critiques of service bands. Local piper Clair, newest member of "the band that shall not be named", joins us for our topic about student pipers and joining an established band while still learning to play this god forsaken instrument. Enjoy! ***Adult language and situations*** ***...


America, F*ck Yeah! (ep 22)

In a special 4th of July episode, the guys take it upon themselves to speak for all American pipe bands and declare their independence from the tyranny of the Brits and their archaic way of pipe band life... well sort of. In true Chanter Rant fashion, they get drunk and abandon the revolution and any sense of reality. They then bullshit with special guest Colin Armstrong, Pipe Major of the Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band about god knows what. There is something about the European Championships...


United States Space Force Pipe Band (ep 21)

On this episode of the Chanter Rant, the guys try their first live stream podcast and go back to the old way of doing things... drunk! Some of the six send in voicemails and the guys respond. Then they get a visit from Tin Foil Hat guy to discuss the idea that the Grade 1 pipe band contests are rigged. We finish off by predicting the San Diego Highland Games as only two ijeets can do. Enjoy! ***Adult language and situations*** *** Opinions expressed here are not representative of any...


The Return of the Cahill(ep 20)

On this episode, Cahill returns from his long journey through the Orient, and has plenty of HPV to show for it. #oneofthesix, Honey Bourbon, sends in a pic of boobs so the boys have to drink in response. Then they go back in time and try to remember what it was like to start this journey to the promised land of piping. Mostly, we sh*it on Angel and Cahill in a veiled attempt to figure out how to motivate people. ***Adult language and situations*** *** Opinions expressed here are not...


South Central Caledonia Chicken and Waffles Pipe Band (Ep 19)

In this weeks episode, we answer some listener mail about our most hated tunes, open a time capsule regarding the UK Championships and respond to some other podcasters in the pipe band world. We then get into our main topic, diversity in the pipe band world. Our token guest this week is Angel, who speaks for all other minorities on the planet. ***Adult language and situations*** *** Opinions expressed here are not representative of any organization of which we belong*** Follow us on social...


Have you SEEN our groupies?(ep 18)

In this weeks show, Meatloaf Kelly rants back at Fast Eddie with a great voicemail about penis size. The boys then discuss the ups and downs of pipe bands starting their competition seasons and go over some news stories. They finish up with a fun interview with Brad Green, piper from Seven Nations and Pipe Major of Rosie O'Grady's Highlanders Pipes and Drums. We talk about life on the road with a touring act, the differences between rock life and the pipe band life, and of course get into...


Dirtbag Olympics Part 2 (ep 17)

In this long awaited follow up to the Dirtbag Olympics, the boys wait three and a half hours to track down Adele and get drunk on Old Smuggles Scotch in the process. They play a couple voicemails from listeners and discuss the pros and cons of putting the word Chanter in the title of the show. Then, Adele is found and they exchange stories both personal and public of horrible pipe band shenanigans. This one is not for the faint of heart! ***Adult language and situations*** *** Opinions...


Big Whiny Bitches (ep16)

We have a Saturday morning hangover show thanks to the crew going out the night before to celebrate Fooko's birthday. Kelly, local musician and booking agent, joins the show and takes issue with the Rant's suggestions for her industry. She brings a gift for Andy to open on the air and things quickly descend into why he shouldn't use the social media when drinking. If you are patient, a special Guest arrives to weigh in on the nonsense. ***Adult language and situations*** *** Opinions...


Product of Bad Parenting (ep 15)

In a very special Mother's Day edition of the podcast, Fooko is off visiting family, so he calls in and they get drunk with their mothers. They review the history of these two ijeets, discuss the lyrics to Beastie Boys songs, and get in to the pros and cons of growing up in the internet era as it pertains to waxing doorknobs. There might be something in there about music but who knows. Special guests Sue and Tori! ***Adult language and situations*** *** Opinions expressed here are not...


The Sh*t Hits the Fan (ep 14)

This week, we interview Buggie, the piping and drumming chair of the LV Highland Games. He rips us a new one for ripping a judge a new one a couple episodes ago. We issue apologies and try to figure out how we got into this mess. Then we go back to a ball-busting comedy show making outlandish announcements. ***Adult language and situations*** *** Opinions expressed here are not representative of any organization of which we belong*** Follow us on social media at:...


Will the Real Joe Brady Please Stand Up (ep 13)

This week, we show some true man love for Joe Brady, as we do a special brunch episode of the Chanter Rant. Joe Brady joins us for the first time as well as the true podcast legend, Big Rab! We get into various subjects like the Jordanian Military Pipe Band, putting your time in at the Worlds and finding out why Joe hates Facebook. Cahill's Corner returns and we play a game of "How Big is Joe's Penis". ***Adult language and situations*** Follow us on social media at:...


They Were Good, Minus the Yellow Flashes (ep 12)

The gents start off talking about what it takes to make the weekly show, then get into discussions of pipe band ex drama and finish up with the story of a sh*thead judge at the Vegas Games. On a positive note, Fooko admits he was wrong... well about one service band anyway. No special guests this week and even Cahill was too hungover to get his Corner done in a timely manner. Could this be the end for our dip loving anti-hero?! ***Adult language and situations*** Follow us on social media...


Masturbating to a Karaoke Track (Ep 11)

The Las Vegas Highland Games are this weekend, so we weren't able to record a new show this week, so instead, you can listen to womansplain the human element of growing a pipe band. Josh and Lauren argue for a bit and then Angel and Lauren argue. We try a new bit called "Yeah We Heard it Bro" and then after that, Josh and Lauren argue again. This is all the stuff we cut from episode 9 for time, but we present it here, in all its glory, for your entertainment. ***Adult language and...


Don't You Know We're Loco! (Ep 10)

Fooko is a bit tired before recording this week, so McGerkin decides to bring Four Loko to the party. As you can imagine this brings all kinds of trouble to the cast, as we discuss Josh's wingman skills, the Band That Shall Not be Named's attempt to pull off AC/DC's Long Way to the Top, and who gets Cahill's money after he croaks. Special guest Sean Cahill of Phoenix joins us for the whole show as we descend into the madness brought on by alcohol infused energy drinks. Or is it caffeine...


That's Us F*cked for Another Year (ep9)

The band that shall not be named has officially pulled itself from competing for the 2018 season, and Chanter Rant discusses how the hell we got ourselves into this situation yet again. Many tangents are taken and road bands pooped on. We finish with a discussion on the one band doing it right! (Hint: it's not us). Special guests Black Thunder (Angel) and White Lightning (Lauren) join us to figure this sh*t out. Spoiler alert: we have no idea what we are talking about. Follow us on social...


Drinking the Haterade (ep8)

The boyz discuss the post St Patrick's Day blues while also attacking the heart of why the hell we do this thing called pipe band. Then they read some listener emails about road bands and dirtbag stories. Special guest and local belly dancer Babs joins the show and shows all future guests what not to do. Follow us on social media at: Join in the conversation with mean comments or #chanterrant!


The Zachening (ep 7-2)

In part 2 of episode 7, Cahill takes us through last weeks episode with some scathing remarks for our hosts, then the guys discuss the drama that happened this week on Facebook thanks to the Pipe Band Fashion Police and Big Rab posting about what not to do in a pipe band. We play some clips of street bands and get the reactions of the special guests, and then we end completely off topic as everyone is so hammered that they can't even figure how to finish the show. This is one for the ages!...


Two F$%king Sticks Tied Together (Ep 6)

In this week's episode, the guys talk about why it's damned near impossible to get a decent reed and the severe emotional and psychological damage caused by running the world's worst bagpiping podcast. Listen to the end for our special interview with Joe Brady! Follow us on social media at: Join in the conversation with mean comments or #chanterrant!


Getting Drunk On Cupcakes. (ep5)

In this week's episode, the guys get drunk on booze-infused cupcakes courtesy of Joe Brady (#loveyoujoebrady), discuss band/life balance (or the lack thereof), why Andy is an asshole. Special Guest Angel! Follow us on social media at: Join in the conversation with mean comments or #chanterrant!