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Chatabout Children 007: Food Fuel for Effective Learning

Please join us in this podcast episode of Chatabout Children Podcast as we interview dietician Monica Kubizniak, where we will talk about food fuel for effective learning. In this episode you'll learn:


Chatabout Children 006 – The Bilingual Child Part 2

In this Part 2 of The Bilingual Child, we talk about the ways on how your child can maintain a second language. In case you missed part 1, I highly encourage you to tune in to part 1: Episode 005 – The Bilingual Child Part 1 Now in this episode, we continue the discussion about the bilingual child, in particular:


Chatabout Children 005 - The Bilingual Child Part 1

Today we will give you an introduction and the foundation knowledge to what bilingual language development looks like and give you the confidence to understand what are some characteristics we see when we have a child who has a different language spoken at home. Over the years, multilingual families has increased quite progressively. Collectively Australians speak over 300 languages. In Sydney South, we have 30.5% born overseas and large portion are born in China. Other common languages...


Chatabout Children 004 - Foundations for Reading & Spelling Part 2

Last episode we talked about the foundations for learning to read and spell. In particular, we talked about practical strategies, speech and language milestones for 3-5 year old, what to do if you are concerned that your child is not reaching those milestones, and oral language skills, especially vocabulary. You can go here to listen to Part 1 We also touched briefly on pre-literacy skills and we will dive deep into that topic today. Here’s what to expect in today’s show: Fun ways to...


Chatabout Children 003 - Foundations for Reading & Spelling Part 1

In this episode of Chatabout Children Podcast, we look at the foundations to learning to read and spell with a real focus on preschoolers - children who are from 3 to 5 years of age. This is part 1 of this comprehensive topic, so I hope you stay tuned. Speech and Language Milestones 3 years of age4 years of age5 years of ageSpeech soundsA child speaking another language at home (aside from English)What to do if you are concerned after learning the milestones?6 practical, easy-to-apply...


Chatabout Children 002 - Boosting Your Child's First Words

In this episode of the Chatabout Children podcast, we’ll talk all about first words where I answer the top question I naturally get from parents and educators as a speech pathologist. In particular, we’ll discuss the following in the podcast: Communication milestones from birth to 2 years of ageWhat to expect from children who speak a foreign language outside of EnglishWhat if your child is not reaching those milestones?3 early signs that first words are soon to erupt6 key strategies to...


Chatabout Children 001 - Welcome to Chatabout Children

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic - where we chat about all things children while supporting and empowering you to also grow with the children in your life. First things first, here’s the reason why we started the Chatabout Children Podcast. The Chatabout Children podcast is an extension of, a blog that I started years ago to share to my audience (parents, grandparents, carers and people who work with children) some...