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CC32 - Growing up with Dyslexia - Now an Author!

Our guest is Paul Russel, the author behind the children’s books My Storee, The Incurable Imagination, and Grandma Forgets. The latter was named a 2018 Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book. In this episode, we talked about Paul’s journey as a dyslexic who found success in the very thing he struggled with: words. Key Learnings Listen to my conversation with Paul Russell and learn: • What inspired him to pursue teaching • His childhood experiences while learning with...


CC31 - Writing! Learning it...Enjoying it!

Today, we’re talking with Dianne Scott, a very experienced and passionate teacher, to tell us more about this important skill that every child has to have. In this episode, Dianne and I talked about: • How she realized she wanted to be a teacher • Why Dianne sees teaching as a way of life • The physical and cognitive skills needed for a child to learn writing • On parents’ fear of their children learning writing very early at school • How to use game and play teaching writing to your...


CC30 - Raising Readers! Nurturing a Love of Children's Books

How do you encourage young children to read books? In the age of the Internet and electronic gadgets, is the library still relevant? Are there practical steps you could take to help your child fall in love with reading books? We talk about these questions and many more in this episode of Chatabout Children. Key Learnings I talked with Megan about: • What led her to become a teacher-librarian • What compelled her to write a book about nurturing a child’s love for reading • How to choose...


CC29 - Bullying! No Way! SUPER AUTHOR - Susanne Gervay

Bullying is one of the most common problems that school children experience. There are many strategies to approach this problem, and our guest for today offers one very effective strategy, and it has to do a lot with books. Key Learnings • How Susanne’s experience as a refugee influenced her writing and work • Susan’s views on bullying • Practical know-how on how kids could help themselves or their friends face bullying • The importance of teaching children the context where they can...


CC28 - Superpower Children's Picture Books!

In this episode, we dive deeper into the countless benefits of interactive book sharing. Here, we also learn how to establish an effective reading or book sharing habit with your children, and, in case you already have one, we also tackle specific strategies you can use to maximize the time you invest in sharing books to them. Key Learnings


CC27 - Spotlight on Children's Author & Illustrator - Kids Mental Health and Wellbeing

How could children’s books bridge the gap between parent and child in communicating emotional states? And just what goes behind the creation of a children’s books? That is what we talk about in this episode. Being You is EnoughMagnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures: Finding the Good When Things Seem Bad


CC26 - Autism Spectrum Disorders - Practical Teaching Strategies

Sue Larkey is an autism specialist who has authored books and resources on the subject of autism spectrum disorders. Having taught students in the spectrum both at mainstream and a special autism school, Sue has a unique perspective on her area. In her work, she combines both knowledges from her practical experience and her extensive research in creating resources and interventions that inspire parents and educators to succeed in helping the children they love who are in the spectrum. Sue...


CC25 - Specific Learning Difficulties

In this episode of Chatabout Children, we talk about this range of learning-related problems that you and your child may already be facing. To talk about them and their available interventions, we've invited Tanya Barber. Key Learnings • The difference between a clinical psychologist and an educational and developmental psychologist • The current state of specific learning difficulties based on Tanya's practice • What specific learning difficulty is • How specific learning difficulties...


CC24 - Keeping our Children Safe on Social Media!

How can we teach our children to be effective, cautious users of the Internet? In this episode of Chatabout Children, we invited Kirra Pendergast to help us understand the difficult-to-navigate world of social media and the internet. Key Learnings


CC23 - Raising Resilient Children

Michelle Mitchell is an award-winning speaker, author, and educator who has incorporated years of grassroots experience into her books. After leaving her profession as a primary school teacher, Michelle focused on helping teenagers, particularly teenage girls, learn vital life skills to support them while at school. Key Learnings • How Michelle transitioned from being a primary school teacher to teaching kids how to be resilient • What resilience is • The importance and challenge of...


CC22 - Spotlight on Children's Author - Robert Vescio

In this episode of Chatabout Children, we talk with Robert Vescio, a children’s book author, about his work and his thoughts on how adults could help children nurture a love for the written word.


CC21 - Exercise and Your Child

In today’s episode, we bring in Todd Widman from CrossFit Headquarters to talk about children and exercise. Todd is a husband and father to three children aged 12, 9, and 2 and a half who currently lives in Montana, USA. Key Learnings


CC20 - Shyness & Selective Mutism

To talk about anxiety, we bring in Dr. Elizabeth Woodcock. Dr. Woodcock is a clinical psychologist who provides treatment for children and adults in her general private psychology practice. Key Learnings • The criteria of anxiety disorder in children • Factors that affect the rise of diagnosis of anxiety disorders in children • The common causes of anxiety disorders in children • How anxiety disorders go across the lifespan • How anxiety looks like in a child • The different kinds and...


CC19 - Childhood Anxiety

To talk about anxiety, we bring in Dr. Elizabeth Woodcock. Dr. Woodcock is a clinical psychologist who provides treatment for children and adults in her general private psychology practice. She the director of the Selective Mutism Clinic in St. Leonard, Sydney, Australia. Dr. Woodcock completed her training at the University of New South Wales, after which she worked with children with severe psychiatric conditions at Westmead Hospital, among her other professional experiences. Aside from...


Managing Your Child’s Behaviour Part 2

In the previous episode, we brought Dr. Helen Tsamoulous to the show to give us an introduction to the most common behavioural problems present among children. In this episode, we take the conversation a step deeper and talk about the underlying causes of behavioural issues among children. How can parents and professionals work together to assure a better future for a child with behavioural issues, either diagnosed or undiagnosed? This question is what we try to answer in this episode of...


CC17 - Managing Your Child's Behaviour

In this episode of Chatabout Children, we talk with Dr. Helen Tsamoulous to learn practical steps we parents can take to manage our children’s behaviour. Dr. Helen is a registered psychologist who has provided assessment and counselling services with children, adolescents, and families for over 20 years. Aside from private practice, Dr. Helen is also a school counsellor and a teacher, helping undergraduate and postgraduate counselling psychology students who are looking to work with children...


CC16 - Autism Spectrum Disorder

In this episode of Chatabout Children, we invited Dr. Virginia Oliviera to give us an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders. She also gives us some very helpful advice on how best to manage the condition, which parents with children diagnosed with the disorder or those who are concerned that their children might have it will find useful. Dr. Oliviera is a consultant pediatrician with expertise in various pediatric fields including sleep, child behaviours, child development, and autism...


CC15 - Sleep and Your Child - Get The Latest!

In this episode of Chatabout Children, we bring in Dr. Dimitrios “Jim” Papadopoulos, one of Australia’s leading sleep specialist, to talk about how parents can help their children get the best sleep they ought to have. Key Learnings • What interested Dr. Papadopoulos to specialize in sleep • How physical issues could affect a child’s quality of sleep • The links between dental health issues and sleep problems among children • Snoring and why it isn’t the only symptom of sleep...


CC14 - Ears, Hearing & Tonsils!

For episode 14 of Chatabout Children, we are talking with Dr. Justine Millar, a trained and accredited ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist here in Australia. She specializes in the management of ear, nose, and throat disorders among adults, but she also works extensively with children and their families. Being a mother of three children herself, Dr. Millar understands the challenges of keeping one’s child healthy. Key Learnings


CC13 - Eyes, Vision and Your Child

While good eyesight is clearly critical for the overall growth of your child, it probably isn’t as important to the development of your child’s learning abilities. In this episode you'll learn: