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Live Talk: Psychology for a Safe Climate — Impact of experiencing bushfire in the era of climate change

Past guest Beth Hill leads a talk with the vice-president of the amazing group, Psychology for a Safe Climate, for a special episode this week. The topic at hand is bushfire, and the psychological impact they have on those affected. You'll hear first-hand experiences, engagement with the difficulty of how and when to introduce climate change into the conversation, and some starks facts of the ground-truth of Australia's bushfire future. It was great to get to work with PSC, and we appreciate...


Why isn't there a Nobel Prize for Climate Change?

Welcome back to year two of Climactic! To start off the new year we’ve got a first for you in today’s show. Our first overseas guests. Joining us are Helene and Raoul Costa de Bureaugard, a young couple living in my hometown of Seattle, Washington. We talk about their campaign to add a new Nobel Prize, one dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the amazing work happening to mitigate, avoid, and reverse climate change. Enjoy! Credits: Hazel Fidecaro — Producer Rich Bowden — Co-Founder Mark...


The Blunt Report x Climactic - Can Mark sound smart talking climate change?

Hello folks, hope you’ve had a fantastic holidays, and we are so happy to be back with you. We announced in our last episode of 2018, which was a ripper, and if you haven’t checked that out that, you’re missing out on some quality Rich banter, that we’d be back on January 10th. Well, we couldn’t wait. And this was a great opportunity to play you something we’ve been holding onto for months now. Back in August of last year, I had the chance to go on the excellent podcast The Blunt Report...


Let's discuss: COP24, and the End of Year One

It's been a big year. In the cultural awareness and response to climate change, in dramatic moments, slow-burning stories, trends, macro-enomic factors. Sadly, it's also been a big year for emissions. But it was also the year that a new platform launched, that lets people from all backgrounds talk about how they're encountering, and grappling with, climate change. For the whole team behind Climactic, this has been a monumental year. And so we want to say thank you for joining us on this wild...


Paulina Valdes — "Winner of the first Climactic Storytelling Contest"

Paulina Valdes is a pretty amazing person. She's well-travelled, with a great academic career, and extensive volunteering at some of Melbourne's most impactful climate change groups. But, she'd never told a story about climate change before, with an audience, and she'd never been interviewed before. Climactic was lucky enough to help her do both, and the results were fantastic. Paulina's story about her native Chile, and the effects of climate change being felt there today, was stark,...


Jenn Lavers and Annett Finger — "Legends in Ocean Plastics"

Annett Finger and Jennifer Lavers are both top in their fields, of campaigning for waste reform, source reduction, marine plastics, and marine conservation. Which means there's plenty to talk about with these two amazing figures. But, even better, they're old friends, with Jenn being Annett's supervisor during her PhD. So, luckily for Mark's sake, they're not stuck waiting for him to keep up. This episode will take you through the work of a marine scientist, a political campaigner, and all...


Lis Bastian — "The Big Fix"

Intrepid Climactic co-founder Rich Bowden is back in the interviewing saddle this week as he travels up to the Blue Mountains to speak to a local legend. Lis Bastian is a pillar of the permaculture community, and is now in the media game as well through her amazing initiative, the Big Fix. Hear from Lis on topics of sustainability, permaculture thinking, climate change, and the power of media for good, and why we need to recreate it to serve our communities like it should. Special Guest: Lis...


Miniseries - Victorian Election 2018 Episode 9

The day before polling day, here's a final update from Act on Climate, and interviews with voters and candidates on the importance of this election in the context of climate change. Special Guest: Leigh Ewbank.


Beth Hill — "Finding Resilience in Vulnerability"

This chat with Beth goes into a whole new realm of intersecting topics with climate change, the myriad ways we experience and feel it, as humans. Beth is a member of Psychology for a Safe Climate, and we learn about what that group is and how it helps the climate change community. We learn about Beth's work doing an anthropological study in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, about a community recovering from a devastating bushfire. Stay tuned to the end for an update about how other groups...


Plastic-Free Victoria Alliance November meeting

Recorded excerpts from the Plastic-Free Victoria Alliance, November meeting, held at the Port Phillip Eco Centre.


Miniseries - Victorian Election 2018 Episode 8

This week we get a lot more of the collective members voices in the show, as we all pitch in to discuss how the Head in the Sand action went. As this episode goes up, AoC is about to embark on a week full of actions across Victoria, and you can get involved! Check out the links to get in touch and stay in the loop. Special Guest: Leigh Ewbank.


Leigh Baker - "Hacking Human Systems for Climate Progress"

Leigh Baker is a very experienced veteran of the manufacturing industry, and brings this grounded, realistic thinking to sustainability. She's a brilliant guest, a quick-wit, and out-of-the-box thinker, and her first episode ( with us was a listener favourite. Now, Leigh is back to talk to us about human systems, the way we make decisions as human beings, and how we can effectively influence people towards sustainability, and away from the climate crisis. Climate...


Miniseries - Victorian Election 2018 Episode 7

Banter plus a 360 degree mic makes this a lively episode. Leigh gives a great overview not just of where we're at with the election, but of the history and wins of Act on Climate. Great on-ramp for new listeners. Special Guest: Leigh Ewbank.


Tim Lo Surdo — "Campaigners are people that believe in a better world"

Tim has done a lot in 24 years. He's been part of AYCC, ultimately leading one of their groups. He's worked on Senate campaigns across Australia. Jhatkaa, the Getup of India, brought him over to work in Bangalore. Now he's in Melbourne, and doing big things. This is a powerful episode of the show where Tim's passion is on full display. And his story is very replicable. Check out Kate's ( episode out this week as well for a real both sides of the coin look at campaigning and...


Kate Wattchow from Act On Climate — Episode 6 of the AOC Miniseries

We're over halfway through this State Election miniseries with Act on Climate, and we're bringing you something different. Due to a change in schedule last week, the normal AoC meeting wasn't recorded, so instead we bring you an extended interview with Kate Wattchow, long-time activist and campaigner with Friends of the Earth Melbourne, both at Yes 2 Renewables and Act on Climate. We get into the daily realities of campaigner life, what propelled Kate down this path, missed opportunities to...


Brett Hedger — Part Two: " With Eyes Open"

This week is part two of a two-part interview with Brett Hedger, aka Zero Waste man. Find part one here ( Brett is a normal enough guy by day, a Sustainability Officer at council, but on special occasions Zero Waste Man comes out to drop reality bombs, and show a way forward. We are actively looking for more interviewers, in the capital cities, and regional areas. We're eager to train, assist, and work with the right people. Radio or interviewing experience not required,...


Miniseries - Victorian Election 2018 Episode 5

With a few new people joining the campaign, Leigh takes the chance to give an overview of the goals of the campaign. Great short listen this week. Special Guest: Leigh Ewbank.


Brett Hedger — Part One: "Zero Impact Man"

This week is the first of a two-part interview with Brett Hedger, aka Zero Waste man. Brett is a normal enough guy by day, a Sustainability Officer at council, but on special occasions Zero Waste Man comes out to drop reality bombs, and show a way forward. We are actively looking for more interviewers, in the capital cities, and regional areas. We're eager to train, assist, and work with the right people. Radio or interviewing not required, just a desire to converse with the everyday people...


Miniseries - Victorian Election 2018 Episode 4

After an absolutely full-on week for the Act On Climate team, we kick back and talk about the week's events in a more laid-back style. Halfway through the series, and the election run-up, and the nature of the campaign is starting to change. We wrap up the big events and actions AoC had planned, and executed, and note that the action now pivots to a more nimble, reactive role. Stay tuned for a lot of updates, but now, they'll be surprises! Special Guest: Leigh Ewbank.


Damien Cole — Part Two: "Passion in Politics"

Part 2 of Maxine's interview with Damien Cole. Part 1 is here ( In this episode, Max talks to Damien Cole, independent candidate in the November 24th Victorian state election, about running a climate aware campaign. Damien has a refreshing, common sense approach to climate change, development of a fast-growing region, and putting the environment at the top of the list of electoral priorities. Credits: Caleb Fidecaro — Producer Rich Bowden — Co-Founder Mark...